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Nightwish: "The Poet And The Pendulum" Part 1

Live from Salzburg, Austria, 28.12.2007.

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Valerie C. 13 августа 2016 года в 04:44 8
She sounds like the studio version in this one why are people complaining? It's very beautiful
Slapnutts McGee 04 декабря 2018 года в 04:36
There's nothing really wrong with her IMO, she's a pretty good vocalist. She just doesn't fit Nightwish's style. Honestly when I first heard her I cringed, she sounds too "pop" if that makes sense. Her voice just doesn't fit. And there's nothing wrong with that, this just isn't her genera.
Anibal Tafur 25 ноября 2015 года в 19:21 9
I love her voice
Daiane Aparecida 08 марта 2015 года в 04:04 3
Uma das melhores canções do Nightwish! 
Shafitya 04 декабря 2017 года в 12:21 2
This is the soundtrack of the book what I've write. Thank you for this your song!
Ulthor Ger 29 мая 2015 года в 03:52 2
Matthew Russian 08 декабря 2018 года в 08:34 0
Needs to be the full version not just part....dislike only for that reason
Pepe Vargas 19 декабря 2018 года в 06:48 0
Can Nightwish please record this album again but with Floor??????
Rubens Medeiros 26 марта 2018 года в 22:45 0
Evidente que ela estava pedindo pra sair
NorthernKing1981 21 июля 2013 года в 19:10 4
Anette is 1000x better then Floor
TheMorrigan13 10 июня 2013 года в 18:24 0
Such a horrible voice!
Jonathan Corral 15 мая 2013 года в 04:12 0
Actually by a soprano boy.
AjaxTGF 21 апреля 2013 года в 03:53 2
Floor > Tarja+Anette combined
Katze 19 апреля 2013 года в 02:44 0
omg even i am taller than Emppu XD he's like 1,60~1,65 i guess. He looks really short on stage :3
Pertti Yli-Öyrä 12 апреля 2013 года в 05:33 3
Anette´s vocal in this songs´ studio version is one of the most beautiful I have ever heard. At least at the last part from 10.00 to end. Have you heard "Cathedral walls" by Swallow the sun?
MrMetaldoom 31 марта 2013 года в 13:51 0
Anette With this song sounds good, but imagine the voice of Floor Jansen or Tarja? I'm sure it would be a real masterpiece and (IMO) the voice is very important not know who was the ridiculous idea that the voice not matter!?
Miroslav The NightMaster Gothique 06 сентября 2018 года в 22:26
We already heard Floor's vocal on this one, but Tarja's operatic vocals and singing technique wouldn't match this song emotion. It would not be the same song.
MetalFunebrero1969 30 марта 2013 года в 23:07 0
opino igual que vos, tarja-floor, anette es buena cantante pero no para esta tipo de genero musical.
JuliaLaCelta 06 марта 2013 года в 21:06 0
Amo a Floor , amo a Tarja , pero Anette definitvamente no es para esta banda. No digo que sea ''mal cantante'' pero se nota que hace muchísimo esfuerzo para que la música no la ''tape'' y encima necesita ayuda de Marco ...definitivamente despues de Tarja con Floor volví a escuchar NW
Claire Hendrickson-Jones 02 февраля 2013 года в 02:07 0
It's nice to come here and see positive comments :) Even though Anette is gone from Nightwish I still love her voice and especially in this song... It's perfect :)
JazzMan 16 декабря 2012 года в 20:18 0
The part that starts @1:32 is made of nothing but pure win. As a matter of fact, the whole song is.
TheAvallanche 29 июля 2012 года в 19:09 1
it is their best song...for me:D
Saúl Ordóñez 03 апреля 2012 года в 21:01 0
Anette's arrruina la canción...!!! que maloooo!
Jan Šmucr 25 апреля 2009 года в 20:51 0
Seems like someone's standing on the boy's balls :)
NiniLaFrench 17 апреля 2009 года в 15:21 0
A qui tu demande ça lol?
Emilym Weber 15 апреля 2009 года в 12:43 0
she has no presence...
Chenase Sokataly 15 апреля 2009 года в 09:19 0
vous avez 1 problème avec le français?
coreysod 11 апреля 2009 года в 22:05 0
i hate rap soo much! y do so many ppl like it? y isnt nightwish on this list? i am SOOO copying and adding stuff to it then pasting
Julian Abrogena 10 апреля 2009 года в 18:36 0
i just noticed :))
Luiz Paulo C.E.C 02 апреля 2009 года в 17:03 0
doiiiiidooo dmais
Lady.Jordan 01 апреля 2009 года в 12:25 0
but the first part until 1:30 it's recorded? cause it sounds the same in every live.....
Amanda Moreira de Sá 29 марта 2009 года в 14:31 0
Muito bom... O.o
EagleKhorn 28 марта 2009 года в 19:08 0
Correct, fucking correct.
Pavol Rajnič 28 марта 2009 года в 14:32 0
If U R fans of Tarja, not Nightwish let`s chceck her own videos..I loved nightwish because of Tarja, it ` s true But mainly because of Music and Lyrics and it is still same...And noone could wait that they will another "Tarja turunen" into band...If Anette was original singer of Nightwish everyone will be saying that sarja sucks...I love anette too...sorry about english... :) i`m only beginner
pulvaris 27 марта 2009 года в 18:33 0
She should have been singing in the upper register between 5.02-6.35 just like she did at the songs opening, she struggles to keep in tune when singing that low, it might be easier, but she doesnt sound as good.
ranma3656 20 марта 2009 года в 05:49 0
i still say tarja is better than anette not to say that anette is a bad singer but she cant compare to tarja.
mrEmu7 19 марта 2009 года в 00:55 0
dont be a nark, they didnt get rid of Tarja because she wasnt good enough, it was because her jackass husband poisoned her mind and made her think more about the money than the music
wernerforce 13 марта 2009 года в 17:17 0
I want Tarja,people like you just make me sick you know,NIGHTWISH DON"T WANT tarja ANYMORE.Face the fact she is not good enough
Frostbourn 07 марта 2009 года в 19:21 0
yes ! go away ! run away Annette Olzen !

I want Tarja because she have very beautiful voice
John P. 06 марта 2009 года в 02:55 0
haha, i alrrady use glasses, cmon, its just an opinion, such as some people say my girlfriend is horrible
DAOW17 05 марта 2009 года в 16:05 0
somebody hates anette?!
nightwishfan60 04 марта 2009 года в 22:56 0
You need glasses. and Internet standards for the loss
cetilitec 04 марта 2009 года в 08:08 0
I hope that there will be a new album in the next year. Dark Passion Play was not written for Annete so it's harder for her to sing the DPP songs, maybe an album, which is adapted to Annetes voice & her style will sounds much greater.
But they don't want to say anything about an new album ;) That's meaning only one opinion... -.-
MusicSoul139 02 марта 2009 года в 18:34 0
She sang this pretty well. This song kicks ass. My favorite from the new album :)
John P. 27 февраля 2009 года в 07:16 0
with no ofence to anybody, i think anette is physically horrible, her body is like the one of an elder when she sings, with a hump and everything, i know alot will troll me and so, but i had to say it, i could stand that hump anymore, btw, nice song
Chris Jesus Deaken 17 февраля 2009 года в 20:17 0
so full of feelings
Josh Muhl 16 февраля 2009 года в 22:05 0
this is fucking bad
Rhazael 16 февраля 2009 года в 14:49 0
fuckin tasty song :]
Fernando Belaqüa 15 февраля 2009 года в 20:27 0
this is song is fuckin taisty
starsearchreject 08 февраля 2009 года в 07:47 0
Toumas is amazing...So is Marco :)
Kelly Brys 01 февраля 2009 года в 23:14 0
Emppu looks always to active on stage but that is so absolutely cute!
Love him!
And love the song too. But I realy need tu buy DPP 'cause I'm tired of hearing the song in two parts
TheAstoundingJake 30 января 2009 года в 05:10 0
You wouldn't move much either if you had to focus on a good vocal performance. Bruce Dickinson always runs around, and as a result his performances sometimes suffer.
Josip Orac 26 января 2009 года в 21:46 0
Song is greeaat
CaitieLou 23 января 2009 года в 05:09 0
Wow, your recorder handled the sound of the concert very well.
Amria 22 января 2009 года в 01:02 0
You must need some hearing aids Loladdin because she sounds beautiful. You trying to insult her singing or something? She is great just like Tarja was tyvm.
Jesh 21 января 2009 года в 15:48 0
I agree with WhiteAngleFyre21 Totaly
Fade Walker 18 января 2009 года в 19:47 0
etsi leme...
Anastasia Dawn 18 января 2009 года в 17:11 0
ayto to apokalei tragoydi??
nebblu 18 января 2009 года в 15:49 0
this proves tuomas is the fuel to nightwish's magic not tarja :D
WhiteAngelFyre21 18 января 2009 года в 05:23 0
I like both Nightwish singers. They are powerful in their own way.. They are different, and should not be compared to each other...because they both have different singing styles.. Nightwish was good with Tarja, Nightwish are good with Anette.. it does not make you any less of a fan to like them both.. appreciate their differences, and just enjoy the music! ^_^
UTUU94 11 января 2009 года в 18:41 0
this is a masterpiece. O______________O
NovelWhoop 10 января 2009 года в 14:30 0
Yeah,Its thrue,I was in bulgaria last year. :)
NovelWhoop 09 января 2009 года в 16:07 0
Really ? How ?
NovelWhoop 09 января 2009 года в 12:00 0
In the Czech language :) And "pivo" is beer ;o)
NovelWhoop 08 января 2009 года в 16:02 0
It means - I dont like it.
NovelWhoop 06 января 2009 года в 17:01 0
jeremyfonseca7 25 декабря 2008 года в 23:25 0
What the heck is the keyboardist doing??? The band is playing with the backing track of the orchestra and the keyboardist is tripping as if he is playing it!!!
But no doubt this band is friggin Kick ass.... This song in particular, according to me is one of the best orchestrated metal (melodic metal) songs ever done.
NovelWhoop 22 декабря 2008 года в 08:31 0
Tarja was better,her voice was amazing and the songs are symfonic-metal,Anette isnt good as Tarja and I dont like her,but she is better and better,and this song is sing good.
theunnameddemon 14 декабря 2008 года в 03:47 0
Your voice is amazing here!
Lauri K 12 декабря 2008 года в 13:43 1
Anette sing so beautifully!! I love it, I love it!! ♥☻♥☻♥☻♥
Rômulo Ellery 09 декабря 2008 года в 05:45 0
ConcBL7LukasR, I totally agree with you!
xXLtDudeXx 08 декабря 2008 года в 06:37 0
the best vocalist in nightwish is Marco duh
Newcrwelt 07 декабря 2008 года в 05:24 0
y donde estaba cuando empezo la cancion??
RodCU 04 декабря 2008 года в 22:19 0
was this the first song of the night?

I love The Escapist from the new album and this song and Sahara
zielaczek1993 01 декабря 2008 года в 14:59 0
fals fals fals fals fals
wtf omg
Nightowljrm 30 ноября 2008 года в 05:11 0
Anette's always been good, but she's improved a lot since the date of this video. Put up some new ones, Nightwish!! She's a lot better now!! <3
Eleni 27 ноября 2008 года в 02:05 0
i agree that the The Poet And The Pendulum is a good song but Sorry in my opinion you can't compare it with Bohemia Rhapsody is sacrilege.
Zarobien 26 ноября 2008 года в 21:14 0
Shes really good on this one.
Michael Welsh 24 ноября 2008 года в 21:18 0
Both singers were great, and this song is fucking awesome!!!
Daniel Bastos 21 ноября 2008 года в 17:20 0
Fuuuuuuck... =O I have no words to say about this... It's pure beauty...
mutajuusto 14 ноября 2008 года в 20:01 1
Ok, since 1998 I have thought that Nightwish sucks, the music haven´t been so great. And I really hated Tarja´s voice. So the new singer sounded good, but nothing special. Until I heard this song! Anyone who dares to write such a pompous song has some balls! This song can be compared to Queens´s Bohemian Rhapsody, and I still can´t say which one is better. They both have an arrogant attitude and still sound amazing.
Krizue 08 ноября 2008 года в 02:32 0
i liker her more with each passing day!
shes awesome!!
scarrobin 31 октября 2008 года в 19:54 0
I think this song is based on the story 'the pit and the pendulum' by Edgar Allen Poe
LProcker9798 31 октября 2008 года в 18:37 0
If I was really old and rich, I'd write Nightwish into my will so they could have the live orchestra. They really are the best band everrr
Mundane05 27 октября 2008 года в 23:36 0
The instrumental's playback though... straight from the album.

Hell if KISS can use a symphony in a live concert, then so should these dudes.
Mundane05 27 октября 2008 года в 23:30 0
What's that sound at 5:35 ? It's in the album too. Like the closing of a big heavy door or something...
Michael David 27 октября 2008 года в 05:17 1
damn Anette's voice is beautiful. :')
bagheera101 26 октября 2008 года в 16:49 0
They played this live in September at a concert I went to. I just about *cried*, it was that amazing... and live performances don't tend to have that effect on me.

It was incredible. Nightwish, you are as amazing as ever, and Anette, you're doing great too. Ignore all the nay-sayers -- I'd be willing to bet that 98% of them have never seen a live concert with the new Nightwish!
thefallenmyst 25 октября 2008 года в 18:16 0
Exactly. Hey, even Metallica did it (even if it didn't work so well there). But Nightwish should do that.
pksmb1120 24 октября 2008 года в 17:16 0
As much as I love Nightwish, I just wished they'd have a live orchestra with them at their concerts. It's probably out of the budget though. Just one live performance and put it on DVD kinda like Within Temptation did and I'll buy it!
Emily Duncan 21 октября 2008 года в 18:20 0
I'm disappointed that she sings that one part at the end..i like the little boy doing it on the cd....
Sapristi07 21 октября 2008 года в 15:28 0
That's amazing!
In this video she sings very like an angel... that's simply perfect.
Whereas I usually don't like when Anette sings in live, for this time, it's perfect.
(But I've seen another live version of the song... horrible!)
Blothmath 20 октября 2008 года в 20:50 0
Pls, say me she's not singing playback, because this is AMAZING!!!!!
mituma 03 октября 2008 года в 11:46 0
The best fucking song in the world.
vgs sdg 26 сентября 2008 года в 02:10 0
The boy's name is Tom Williams
Rachel Seagroatt 19 сентября 2008 года в 20:55 0
This song gives me shivers :)
PhantomGCX 16 сентября 2008 года в 15:16 0
is it me or emppu looks a little lost in this song hahaha
PhantomGCX 16 сентября 2008 года в 15:10 0
Agree Epic!!! And this is the difference between this and the old albums. i beliene tuomas has put more OST and classic parts than metal. And because i am fun of both styles i love this album. And the old ones of course.
rocketman5988 12 сентября 2008 года в 01:24 0
so are they going to do another tour schedule performance in the us anytime soon? anyone know?
Hecg 77 09 сентября 2008 года в 00:31 0
i think that in the intro isnt annete
VanillaPink13 05 сентября 2008 года в 17:31 0
Anette singing the intro. her voice is different, but amazing! Luv nightwish forever! BEST BAND EVER!
R Frederick Bradshaw 04 сентября 2008 года в 11:58 0
You are the best metal band in 30 years! HANDS DOWN!!!!!