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Luc Daoust 11 августа 2014 года в 23:42 0
Boston's Song reminds me of "How the spirits of the Heavens got in contact with Sonic and the Freedom Fighters", Royal Hunt's Song reminds me of "How several Witches and Wizards assaulted Sonic, Mighty, Ray, Tails, Princess Sally and Cream at Knothole Island", That song by Angelica reminds me of "How Mighty the Armadillo was brokenhearted when he discovers his missing youngest sister Matilda pledged her allegiance with the Corporate Alliance and she doesn't remember him at all, and how he was critically brokenhearted when he discovered his Mother was killed by the Order of the Black Circle", Some of the Songs from Benedictium's New Album reminds me of "Sonic's Hatred and Rivalry against Thrash the Tasmanian Devil for his actions, and how Sonic and the Freedom Fighters helping Mighty, Ray, Elias Acorn and the Military defend King Acorn's Kingdom from several Wizards and Witches of the Black Circle".
autonomicus 24 декабря 2013 года в 00:15 0
Frontiers Records bring back some really great bands. REO sound surprisingly good the singer's age.