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GIG-VID / Sweet Home OR

Road and Show footage from Sweet Home Oregon Aug 3rd 2008

#Trace #Adkins #Country #Concert #Backstage

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Nivasi 24 июня 2013 года в 05:59 1
Love the GIG-Vids some of them crack me up even if they are a few years old.. The VERY first one had me on the floor.. Y'all were playing Poker ..
andara 06 октября 2009 года в 01:33 0
This is awesome! I was definitely in the line when the bus pulled up. Such an awesome show.
Fred Flintstone 19 сентября 2009 года в 07:22 0
I use to live in Sweet Home 20 years ago..Where was this show..Looks like a great time..
Nivasi 16 сентября 2008 года в 21:52 0
Not sure how I missed this one, hmm.
At any rate, glad the crew can tolerate each other long enough for a 'lesson of how to by the big guy while holding his coffee" (what a pose!)
LOL someone get that man a cup with a necklace attached hahaha.
Great vid as always guys!