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Keith Sweat

Опубликовано 13 февраля 2020 года
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Keith Sweat — Harlem Romance (Full Album HD) (Keith Sweat Best Love Songs)

Official full album for Keith Sweat — Harlem Romance: The Love Collection (2015)
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1. Make It Last Forever (with Jacci McGhee) 0:00
2. Right and a Wrong Way 4:57
3. I’ll Give All My Love to You 10:12
4. I Want to Love You Down 16:44
5. Give Me What I Want 21:51
6. Keep It Comin’ (Smooth Version) 27:17
7. (There You Go) Tellin’ Me No Again 32:33
8. Get up on It (Feat. Kut Klose) 37:42
9. Grind on You 42:49
10. Come into My Bedroom 47:54
11. Yumi 53:20
12. Come with Me (Feat. Ronald Isley) 57:41
13. Nobody (Feat. Athena Cage) 1:01:37
14. Chocolate Girl 1:05:48
15. My Body — LSG 1:10:34

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The Keith Sweat channel is the official YouTube home of multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter, and producer Keith Sweat. While signed to Elektra Records in the 1980s and 1990s, Keith Sweat helped define the New Jack Swing sound with a string of irresistible hits like “Twisted”, “Make It Last Forever”, “Make You Sweat”, “I’ll Give All My Love To You,” “Keep It Comin’” and “Nobody,” a platinum single that features singer Athena Cage. Sweat also discovered the Atlanta-based vocal quintet Silk, for whom he co-wrote and co-produced “Freak Me,” which hit #1 on Billboard’s “Hot 100” in May 1993.

A remarkably prolific artist, Sweat has released more than 15 albums over the course of his career – 6 of which were awarded platinum status by the RIAA. Since 2007, Sweat has hosted ‘The Sweat Hotel,’ a nighttime show on iHeart radio that blends a grown & sexy R&B playlist with relationship advice from Sweat himself.

And when he’s not on the air, he’s on the road. Sweat continues to perform his music live for fans across the United States week in and week out. Visit to find a date near you.

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