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50 Cent

Опубликовано 17 июня 2009 года
в рубрике Рэп, хип-хоп, R'n'B

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50 Cent Premieres War Angel LP on Hot 97 | 50 Cent Music

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50 Cent on Hot 97 with Funkmaster flex
Premieres new mixtape War Angel LP
talks lil wayne, Tia, Rick Ross, Method Man Joe Budden and more

About 50 Cent:
Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, investor, and actor. This is his official YouTube Music Channel.

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50 Cent Premieres War Angel LP on Hot 97 | 50 Cent Music

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Random Coments 20 марта 2017 года в 06:31 4
good times, when Drake was the "new kid" 5:35 I miss those days.
George Clark 20 февраля 2014 года в 17:18 3
BikeLifeEze 10 мая 2014 года в 08:18 1
18:45 that day was classic!! Us Staten Island boys was in there low key lol never forget Good times
MotherTouching-Ninjas 09 августа 2012 года в 18:13 0
flex is way too old for this, SHUT THE FUCK UP GRANDPA
dudewithalaptop 03 августа 2011 года в 05:25 0
@SoooooRich flex is fucking annoying
countgreg95 03 апреля 2011 года в 02:11 0
@bluecafe69 I'm really surprised that 50 didnt lose his temper on him.
MuggaReik 15 марта 2011 года в 20:52 0
@kingxzibits jimmy iovine
Bowman Hath 18 февраля 2011 года в 10:50 0
flex one loud fucker
DonJibreen 15 февраля 2011 года в 11:38 0
Funk Flex shut the F up and let the man make a full useful sentence without interruption !!!
Aldo Nolasco 06 октября 2010 года в 23:18 0
@berniepara Really close.I live in Jersey so Flex im use to and its funny when him and 50 are together cause Flex laughs so much.But Khaled is on the songs and sounds stupid as of late.lol
Aldo Nolasco 06 октября 2010 года в 23:17 0
@bluecafe69 But dont lie it makes it better though cause its so funny.lol.But I feel ya.
illmaticJJ 16 сентября 2010 года в 02:59 1
Tell the camera man to stfu with all that damn breathing in the background. Fat ass.
Johannes 666 05 августа 2010 года в 20:23 0
@bluecafe69 agree ha ha
ryan rogers 17 июля 2010 года в 08:55 0
@berniepara both lol
Bernard Benjie Paraiso 14 июня 2010 года в 19:52 0
who is more annoying Funk Master Flex or Dj Khaled? haha
kalpal67 25 мая 2010 года в 18:02 0
@tonytonytonytony222 just bein honest
brandon m 03 апреля 2010 года в 12:24 0
lol he was already up on that Dirty Money Angels shit b4
LB23cav 20 марта 2010 года в 22:38 0
hell yeah man
Lyriad Dash 03 февраля 2010 года в 01:36 0
BEST 15 yr old rapper ALIVEEE!!!
check me out yall!!
J Evan87 30 января 2010 года в 20:14 2
50 goes hard on war angel mang!
Niggaz Wit Avenewz 08 января 2010 года в 04:28 0
shawn wytch 26 декабря 2009 года в 11:31 0
i wouldnt say 2pac but he just wanted to be his own man. but still you have a role and you have to work your way out your deal not get a buzz and just go crazy
Elijah barber 26 декабря 2009 года в 06:32 0
no one's 2pac if he would have lived he would have had to swicth up to biggie started doing it on life after death hypnotize is not a shoot em up kill em up track
Elijah barber 26 декабря 2009 года в 06:29 0
true game fucked up shit because he thought he was 2pac so when 50 started to say no he got mad and started dissing
shawn wytch 21 ноября 2009 года в 17:22 0
Myself i think 50 cent extreamly smart. soulja boy is also. i know alot will hate on it but its just facts.
shawn wytch 21 ноября 2009 года в 17:21 0
i feel you what game was doing lets say me and you are mcs and you was under me. we go to the studio to work we make a track and 50 is like were not releasing nothing till you come out. game was just taking the tracks and just runing in the streets im signed to gunit heres my songs all on the radio with shit that wasnt coming out for months and 50 like damn we cant even make no money on the tracks now. you know how the bootleggers gone do they will sell the shit the day it hit the radio.
shawn wytch 21 ноября 2009 года в 15:08 0
myself i dont respect the game because he a sneeky cat all working with the people his boss is beefin with he was just doing some crazy shit but he was young and trying to work with as many people as he could and trying to get his music out but to me im like i understand that buzz makes money but not if you make buzz then have nothing to sell.
shawn wytch 21 ноября 2009 года в 15:06 0
i have a good memory i know game was making tracks and just going to the hood playing them. if you remember 50 would have told him we going to put this out and game would go on the radio and just play the song. and you know what happens when you do that it ends up on youtube. after it hits here cant make money he was just moving like a solo artist. he did have a different deal that the rest but still. this is a money making business and he would just give the shit away. when 50 said no.
joecandito 20 ноября 2009 года в 21:00 0
he already did. "lousianimal"
shawn wytch 20 ноября 2009 года в 18:12 0
@joecandito nigga wayne cant fuck with 50.
shawn wytch 20 ноября 2009 года в 17:56 0
@MrJamell21 no thats call thats ya fuckin boss you dont try to go over your boss try and do that shit right now see if you dont get fired from your job right now the 9 to 5 you got. whats up with this shit of black people are to big to do what the boss says. this issuse is bigger then 50 cent. the shit people try to put on him. like its a bad thing for him to be smart and make that water deal now hes not street because he smart. lol thank about why people hate him
GreekNeek 21 октября 2009 года в 16:03 0
no flunky could go platinum, yet yayo has.
Jorge Mendez 19 октября 2009 года в 16:28 0
que pedos con ffity men
Badluck got cash 17 октября 2009 года в 16:46 0
lol@that nigga wasnt worth no 2 million
joecandito 14 октября 2009 года в 00:24 0
anser to 50 cent's question at 0:49 is "louisianimal"
futurecct 10 октября 2009 года в 02:49 0
ladies n gents we have a youtube thug....ill stop searching his name as soon as yo hop off his dick.. r u getting paind to ride hi like this wow... FYI i type in hot 97 dickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Brak215 10 октября 2009 года в 00:47 0
but your still on youtube watching his videos, you do realize its a choice to watch/listen to his shit, you can make him go away real easy.......sotp searching his name you fuking noodle
Geolink2349 08 октября 2009 года в 23:23 0
50 Cent and his flunky Tony Yayo, where's Lloyd Banks?
futurecct 03 октября 2009 года в 21:36 0
why is 50 still out ... he is not relevant ..if there is no one to battle hes nothing....and hes not making songs like his first mix tape... go away 50
redcanvaskiller 01 октября 2009 года в 07:26 0
lol@50 contemplating shutting flex up a few times but let him over talk
JL 614 25 сентября 2009 года в 14:21 0
And Yayo's too...
libra1524 19 сентября 2009 года в 01:47 0
Flex needs to learn how to conduct an interview. "I'm keeping it 100" lol
COLTSHEEBS34 18 сентября 2009 года в 02:37 0
flex should shut the hell up everytime he ask a question he cuts him in the middle and starts talking shut up and learn how to do a interview
Fab Gee 10 сентября 2009 года в 05:21 0
how flex keeping it 100 wit that fake ass laugh..
kayhan82 09 сентября 2009 года в 05:53 0
flex acting like a bitch trying to start drama about mase and wont stfu!
1qalo92ws 05 сентября 2009 года в 17:00 0
oh yea flex keep a lot of bullshit in the air to
1qalo92ws 05 сентября 2009 года в 16:55 0
flex wanna be a star he should shut the fuck up real talk
Rob Lett 02 сентября 2009 года в 03:53 1
Flex talks WAAAAAY too much. He stopped 50 several times before he could even complete a thought.

Rob Lett 02 сентября 2009 года в 03:22 0
If there's anyone out there who knows Flex personally, tell him something for me...

verdadero209 21 августа 2009 года в 21:08 0
check out 50 cents girl type angelina g unit remix in the youtube search

she good 50 real dope!
Killa Klan 15 августа 2009 года в 22:51 0
SdM 91 15 августа 2009 года в 16:32 0
not tim westwood ?
Knox Nelson 14 августа 2009 года в 00:48 0
Im with you blue, Flex talks too much,fuken annoys me to death. He is real corny too. fuk outa here
Al Pacino 06 августа 2009 года в 00:57 0
Funk Flex may just be the most annoying fucker on Earth...
OMAR NOIR 04 августа 2009 года в 10:36 0
Varnell Hill 30 июля 2009 года в 11:40 0
seem like he felt bad for max b
YOLO ROLO 29 июля 2009 года в 04:05 0
who the fuck is holding the camera darth vadar! all i can hear is heavy breathing ^^
Jay Yola 21 июля 2009 года в 18:56 0
for EVERYBODY das a TRUE FAN of 50 check out my new joint 24Seven I GUARANTEE U GONNA DIG IT. Punchlines and flow is CRAZY! Trust me on dis...thanks! 50 went in on dis doe lol..
Derek 21 июля 2009 года в 17:19 0
3:30 since i laid eyes on hip hop and fell in love with it.

he holds his hand out to yayo and says that looking at him.
kinda gay? i think so
Derek 21 июля 2009 года в 17:16 0
he really is. yayo is pure garbage. lloyd is falling off too.
yungjj84 21 июля 2009 года в 17:15 0
He renamed it Forever King
Lord Bemysavior 20 июля 2009 года в 18:49 0
this dude 50 is crazy...unfuckwitable!!!!!!!!
Sukarie James 20 июля 2009 года в 18:20 0
50 cent is hot at making hit songs but free styling is a different story he cant free worth a shit
Damu InDiego 20 июля 2009 года в 03:54 0
Yo !!!! did you guyz hear him toss in the Pink truck diss on the sly !! lol,.. 50 is a true shyt starta !! you gotta love him ,.. ( no homo),..he ripps niggaz yo !
J. Wolf 19 июля 2009 года в 02:33 0
Sincerely Yours part 2
oe4 18 июля 2009 года в 08:05 0
its obvious u didnt understand da fukin comment he made over 100 million but ALL from vitamin water i said he made none on his own can u fuckin read?
oe4 14 июля 2009 года в 21:39 0
dis nigga fake he dont do none of da dat gangsta shit no more now dat he losin money he goin bak 2 da gangsta shit it might b banging but he should of stayed wit it at 1st dont bring up da forbes shit either bcuz he only got da shit cuz coke bought vitamin water he made none of dat on his own
craymon 14 июля 2009 года в 00:02 0
im in the hood 2 but it dont matter cuz white people buy all the music ne ways!
Sunoco Smilez 13 июля 2009 года в 15:59 0
50 garbage man he WAS hot but now he not and he not beating Rick Ross by talent man he just humiliatin him man if u compare 50 cent's talent againgst lil wayne or rick ross, he can'y honestly compare man dat nigga 50 wack, i live in da hood and i cant honestly remember the last time somebody listened 2 50 cent
craymon 13 июля 2009 года в 15:18 0
u sound like game confused hahahahahaha!
peruface 13 июля 2009 года в 04:50 0
Funkmaster flex loves eating 50cents Ass
Sunoco Smilez 13 июля 2009 года в 04:26 0
50 cent garbage man he need 2 realize that his career is over man i live in the hood in cleveland and i can tell you that dont NOBODY period listen to him. That's why he hates on lil wayne and other people to try to spark a buzz man lil wayne is more lyriclal ,has a better swagg ,and makes better songs, 50 cent cant let go of the fact that his career is over"
Semir313 11 июля 2009 года в 21:57 0
Ohhh yes I am more of the game fan then 50 Cent..
Semir313 11 июля 2009 года в 21:51 0
Really...I dont tell me what real hip hop is...I listen to Eminem and Nas my top 2,,,I also like Kanye(no singing)...Lil wayne...Lupe Fiasco ..Ludacris and bunch of underground Detroit rapper..2pac and biggie...NWA D12....I mean if thats not good Hip-Hop then I don't wanna listen to good hip hop..il just stick to bad taste lol...we all got our shit..and yes I do like 50 Cent too
Semir313 11 июля 2009 года в 21:06 0
Right u Dont listen to 50 Cent...I am the only one who buys his 20 Millions copies he sells...Go ahead do a search on your computer type in 50 Cent and tell me how many files come out....
Semir313 11 июля 2009 года в 04:15 0
then why u watching his video..and I bet u got 50s cds on your computer...and u bump his shit now and then...I am not a real 50 Fan I am nas fan...but I cant lie 50 is hell of a rapper. and u know it thats why ur checking this video out
Maladora 10 июля 2009 года в 21:29 0
lol 50, the king of rap. please. gillie isn't even relevant, no one outside of PA has ever even heard of the dude, he hasn't done shit with his music. he made a small name for himself by trying to beef with weezy. lil wayne isn't the best rapper, not even close, but he's a hell of a lot better than 50
FRANK NITTI 08 июля 2009 года в 02:34 0
click my name and listen to my music/// GO AHEAD GIVE IT A TRY YOU KNO YOU WANT TO
Teague27 08 июля 2009 года в 02:25 0
that nigga flex is sooo loud im like dang dude shut up 4 a min so fif can get out a word god!!!
Darth Beerus 08 июля 2009 года в 01:21 0
where can i get these mixtapes
Bielette Dia 07 июля 2009 года в 20:15 0
that nigga Flex forever yellin tho lol
J L 06 июля 2009 года в 10:16 0
Maan...flex is a lil 2 giddy around fif.
I bet yayo was thinking shut the f*ck up flex!
Tony Davis 05 июля 2009 года в 15:58 0
50 need to stop playing and sign Tony Stanz!! That would be a real MC upgrade..
FRANK NITTI 05 июля 2009 года в 15:07 0
mysterymediacorp 05 июля 2009 года в 01:14 0
Why would anybody stand with next to Budden against a legend like Meth
GoatcowSandwich 04 июля 2009 года в 05:40 0
flex is annoying. Let 50 speak idiot.
JRL 04 июля 2009 года в 00:35 0
Ross should have adressed that he was a cop before he got into a beef with somebody.
illuminous09 03 июля 2009 года в 22:23 0
yo what the fuck flex, let the general speak man, it aint all about egos and shit, i wannna hear a good interview, but flex buttin in learn 2 listen my g
minitah 03 июля 2009 года в 12:31 0
I can't hear anything on this interview, flex keeps talking. He answers his own questions.
Kay Apps 03 июля 2009 года в 10:35 0
Rick Ross 'forgive me' lol... Offier Ricky is finished!!!
Caspar Wilson 02 июля 2009 года в 18:50 0
this guy is a terrible, terrible interviewer/ presenter
BIGRODSIC 02 июля 2009 года в 15:37 0
na Joe aint put in the work Meth has
jessica rosenberry 02 июля 2009 года в 01:57 0
i love his humor lolz
Troll Phace 01 июля 2009 года в 18:51 0
funk flex is stupid interupting 50 everytime..
Aniekan Udo 30 июня 2009 года в 16:55 0
FLEX needs to shut his fat mouth sometimes
learn2swimb4usink 30 июня 2009 года в 07:22 0
50 whack as hell...everyone knows it... and that dis Lil Wayne had on him was funny as hell.

I dare 50 to go hard on Lil Wayne with a song (not some bullshit article) and then see who eats who for lunch.

But I'll give him credit, 50 know better than that.
hotnickZ 30 июня 2009 года в 06:36 0
funk sounds like such a dik rider
TheXbox360 29 июня 2009 года в 20:04 0
I'm not no big fan of 50 or anything like that, but I gotta admit that Flex came off like an annoying lil' biatch.
greekmavros 25 июня 2009 года в 23:56 0
honestly how hard was it to end ja rule career....?? let's be honest
mclaren911 25 июня 2009 года в 21:28 0
flex is stupid as fuck.