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GIG-VID / Cherokee NC

Road and Show footage from Cherokee NC July 4th-5th 2008

#Trace #Adkins #Country #Concert #Backstage

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Pam Knowles 16 января 2019 года в 05:59 0
Awesome, you guys are in my neck of the woods, beautiful North Carolina
Kendra Hope 26 марта 2012 года в 02:36 0
Awesome video, it looked like you guys had so much fun!!! Kendra Hope!!!
Nivasi 08 июля 2008 года в 19:10 0
After two days of Cherokee, I did wonder how long it would take to upload- Good to see everyone works at making it look easy!

Fire alarms went off cuz the 'hottest guy around set 'em off'!

I saw the birthday girl! *waves to Cindy*