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Опубликовано 17 октября 2008 года
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The Dears — Money Babies

"Money Babies" [video] — From the Album Missiles

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

leariox9xxx 02 апреля 2011 года в 00:45 0
@TheBigR441 gang of losers came out before missiles
Ragger Jonkers 25 января 2011 года в 10:53 0
@stickerdear agreed.
earl hicjkey 21 августа 2010 года в 14:51 0
yo dat maaahhhh girl;)
supernovalty 27 января 2010 года в 20:01 0
this reminds me of the situation in palestine vs. Israel.
Hanan Gruhonjic 25 мая 2009 года в 14:10 0
No, but this "war on terror" is in place of that. Other than that, the recession and the need to trade in place of buy are the same. Also the Christian radicals are equally insane.
Hanan Gruhonjic 18 мая 2009 года в 21:58 0
Whats happening to America now is exactly what happened to Rome before it fell.
dNanooo 03 мая 2009 года в 21:49 0
Nice.Same here xD
Jenna B 03 мая 2009 года в 01:15 0
Alexandre Poulin 25 января 2009 года в 22:02 0
Very nice video. Am Seeing them live in Quebec City on January 30th! Will be madness!
musikTECH 13 января 2009 года в 02:52 0
well if you think about it, The USA has practically stuffed up the rest of the world. please do your reserch. and people dont bother replying to this, cause you will be showing the truth.
gusslover 12 января 2009 года в 23:13 0
hey!! i live in the us and right now it really is a shit country. we are so close to going into another depression.
BaronRolfan 12 января 2009 года в 22:19 0
FUCK you dkfan4lyfe, and fuck everyone who say so. YOU are a gang of losers.
Reality Sandwiches 09 января 2009 года в 15:31 0
love it
Yoga1978 29 декабря 2008 года в 02:45 0
I came here for the same reason! this band is freaking great and when i look for stuff on youtube, i barely see any view counts. it's a shame, because this band really rocks! 3 great albums.
rfranco19 20 декабря 2008 года в 04:32 0
i just read the new rolling stone...i think it's a shame bands like the dears and the rosebuds will never get the recognition they well more for me
gusslover 15 декабря 2008 года в 04:21 0
diddo my brotha!!
Jessica Divine 21 ноября 2008 года в 03:05 0
The song isnt that spectacular kinda of repetitive but the imagery (spellcheck) is quite brilliant. it reminds me of the human soul leaving purgatory and entering heaven...however suberbia (spellcheck) isnt quite what i pictured =)
Thomas Germann 14 ноября 2008 года в 10:59 0
They are constantly compared to other large name acts but I still hear, especially in this song, a Low-esque Alan Sparhawk-ian lyrical styling. Almost creepily so...
Tyler Brillhart 13 ноября 2008 года в 05:21 0
Don't remember the song, but the video was good haha.
Leon Richard 05 ноября 2008 года в 06:21 0
You sure he didn't cross into Canada?
Anyways does it really matter?
I'm going to have to dig deeper into this album before I'll buy it. I really like The Dears, but this song doesn't do it for me.
dnl 28 октября 2008 года в 19:02 0
Lyf Stolte 27 октября 2008 года в 14:34 0
actually their 5th
propheticpoetic 20 октября 2008 года в 17:35 0
the video captures the current climate so perfectly it seems prophetic. the visuals are amazing and the stories are really engaging. great work to the band, the crew, and the director!
michael junior 18 октября 2008 года в 20:42 0
The video is about some broke Wall Street stockholders living in ruins and finally one American decides to cross to Mexico to live the better life where the Peso has more value than the US dollar. Great video!
Lord Seb 18 октября 2008 года в 10:36 0