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Cobra Fantastic — Funkabopulation TFP9 Teaser #3


→ T O U R D A T E S ←⠀
14 JUN : L’Alimentation Générale, Paris⠀
20 JUL : The Grape Room, Philadelphia (with EDO & the Satans)⠀
8 AUG : The Loading Dock, Littleton⠀
19 AUG : Rek-lis, Bethlehem⠀

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Words and music by Big Daddy Fantastic (aka “David Garlitz”)

Cobra Fantastic is : 
Big Daddy Fantastic — guitar & vocals
AliSunshine Fantastic (“Alison Young”) — vocals
Saralicious Fantastic (“Sarah-Lane Roberts) — vocals
The Fantastic Merrywoodweatherson (“Josiah Woodson) — trumpet
Prezident Fantastic (“David Prez”) — tenor sax*
Thumpasaurus Fantastic (“Simon Tailleu”) — bass
Karlitos el Fantástico (“Karl Jannuska”) — drums

Recorded and mixed by Nicolas David at Studio Quadrature. 
Mastered at Studio Sequenza by Thomas Vingtrinier. 

Filmed and edited by Big Daddy Fantastic. 

© 2019 Planet 9 Productions, Giant Monster Robot Records, Cobra Fantastic, and David Garlitz
All Rights Reserved
by order of the High Command of Planet 9

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

surbvk bnc 11 июня 2019 года в 16:23 0
Bro i have one question for u, i can whatch your video of Texas Blues - Feel the Blues because you have activated the SME, can you put off or tell me what sons are on this album? i like very much the songs and now i can watch it.
Chilling Music 07 июня 2019 года в 14:23 1
Can't wait!
Sitzkrieg 07 июня 2019 года в 17:30 1
What is he playing?
Cobra Fantastic 09 июня 2019 года в 09:24
Hi Sitzkrieg! That's a partscaster guitar built by the mad genius Dandy Job - reverse headstock, hand-made pickups, and some other cool stuff under the hood. We like to call it the Fantasticaster :-)
Guilherme Sôfa 07 июня 2019 года в 14:06 1
Bom dia