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Cole Swindell

Опубликовано 16 января 2014 года
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Swindell Vision 2014 Episode 1

First installment of Cole Swindell’s "Swindell Vision" of 2014. It’s going to be a huge year. Be sure to pre-order the debut album now at iTunes http://smarturl.it/coleswindell and get "Chillin’ It" and "Hope You Get Lonely Tonight" instantly!


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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Tanya Costa 30 января 2014 года в 04:28 1
Saw you the 1st time with Luke in Valdosta,you got this buddy!!!just chillin it #1
Mary Helen Ritchie 18 января 2014 года в 16:17 1
Christy Burnett 16 января 2014 года в 02:32 0
WOW!!!! i got chills and tears of joy for you!! you rock Cole!!! Good Luck even though i know you don't need!! we love you from VA #chillinit  :)
Mrs Ostentatious 16 января 2014 года в 13:42 0
wow congrats cole, this is YOUR year, altho I'm still mad u didn't put "nothing but love for ya" and "ready" on that album....bonus tracks? its not too late!!!! I heard "hope you get lonely tonight" here in vegas for the first time today on the highway on my way to the dentist, i was so excited i tweeted you the pic, i guess the fremont show was my last front row seat show since ur gonna blow up I'm gonna have to bribe my way to the front from here on out!!! :) xoxoxo
paige Bottorff 16 января 2014 года в 00:45 0
Tears of Joy !! U DESERVE IT !!! Congrats !! See ya in Memphison the Tmkon tour w LUke and Lee!!!
Gabriela Shimizu 16 января 2014 года в 18:47 0
This is gonna be a good year for you! Congrats, you deserve it! 
Amanda Brooke 16 января 2014 года в 00:09 0
Awesome!:) You will do great! Look forward to more of these! Glad I had the chance to meet you! Now I just gotta meet Luke!:) Even though I seen him up close and personal in Valdosta:) Love the song Chillin' IT:)
Alyssa Rule 16 января 2014 года в 06:28 0
Cole... You are such a goofball!!!! But I love it!!! It was so much fun to see you perform at 8 Sec in Indy!!!! Can't wait to meet you someday!!! :)
Rachel Hunsell 16 января 2014 года в 05:13 0
Hopefully the tour swings through Southern Illinois for a good time. Can't wait for the album to drop! :)
Will Oglesbee 16 января 2014 года в 01:00 0
nice thats awesome,i met him before hes cool guy!!
wildboy26mn 16 января 2014 года в 07:10 0
CONGRATS DUDE!!!! Wish all good things to ya!!!! Keep on doing it!
Nessa P 16 января 2014 года в 23:57 0
I will DEFINITELY buy his album.
Sheng W. 16 января 2014 года в 00:44 0
Can't wait to see Luke and you in Madison Square Garden! 1/25!!
Liz Schillo 16 января 2014 года в 02:00 0
Rock it Cole!  You truly are an inspiration to all.  So blest to know you.
dogzrmewith23 16 января 2014 года в 05:23 0
Cheap Seats song sounds super!
JJ Chedz 16 января 2014 года в 00:12 0
Awesome!thank you
Turice Peterson 17 января 2014 года в 23:11 0
I'm actually a little choked up right now. Cole, I'm so proud of you. It is a pure joy, watching what you're becoming. Congratulations. Really. I love the relationship you've got with Luke, and I cannot wait to see the two of you in 29 short days.