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Fear Factory

Опубликовано 05 июля 2015 года
в рубрике Хард-рок и метал

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FEAR FACTORY 2015 European Tour — Episode 1 — With Full Force Festival

First show of the Summer 2015 European Tour — With Full Force Festival — Roitzschjora, Germany — July 3.

New Album "Genexus" available August 7, 2015
Order at: http://nblast.de/FFGenexusNB
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The pioneers of industrial-tinged extreme metal return with their ninth studio album, GENEXUS, and Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut! Out on August 7, 2015 worldwide.

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Dejoblue 07 июля 2015 года в 13:20 8
DINOOOOO! Such an underrated soloist, of course equal/better than Hetfield as far as rhythm but damn look at him warming up scales and just talking to us. The alternate picking master!
Yves Heinrich 18 апреля 2017 года в 07:23
+Dejoblue Dino is an innovator and proudly the best rhythm guitarist alive since ever!
The Driver 05 июля 2015 года в 18:20 8
It's awesome to see bands like you guys, Machine Head, Meshuggah and others posting videos of studio work or touring. Enjoy Europe, Happy 4th and see you on the US tour \m/
ChaosPotato 06 июля 2015 года в 08:35 6
Why would anyone hate on Mike Heller seriously :( He looks like a chill dude, and a great drummer
Arthur Pieroni 20 декабря 2015 года в 20:33 5
Dino make a diet please
UberMikeSocal 27 мая 2017 года в 13:53
Arthur Pieroni He is working on it. It is called Soul of a new Diet, ending with Final Burrito.
GrandMasterTRS 05 июля 2015 года в 20:07 3
F*cking Awesome \m/ Any chance to include a Bonus DVD after your tour with this in a later Special Edition of Genexus?
I love "Behind the Scenes" footage like this.

Yes!!!! I'm at 17:36 at Mama Burrito's Booth, thats like Christmas came earlier this year.
It was a REAL PLEASURE to meet you guys at my first Fear Factory show ever.
Hope to see you soon. Rock On \m/
dha12oks 05 июля 2015 года в 18:02 3
Cannot wait for the new album D: wish this month would fly by already, though then again it has so far this year
Shaun Bukuth 05 июля 2015 года в 20:01 3
Wish i'll get to see them live and even meet them one day.
Lost Khajiit 04 декабря 2018 года в 03:59
Don't see them live, seriously, it's bad since BCB blew out his voice in 2002 or so.
Reality Programmer 21 июля 2015 года в 02:44
+Shaun Bukuth I met burton and dino 5 years ago. one of the best f-n days of my life.
Metalweasel 05 июля 2015 года в 22:28 4
Would love to see more of these, especially if you get a professional crew like Frameshock to follow you around and make vlogs regularly.
BigStevie93 06 июля 2015 года в 17:05 2
YOU'LL NEVER TAKE MY SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DreamWizard9 07 июля 2015 года в 22:17 2
"You'll never take my soul !!"
Looking forward to the new record! Bring it on!!
nacho9010 17 августа 2015 года в 14:39
me too.
L1NCHP1N 06 июля 2015 года в 02:20 2
That burrito is legit.
nate309200 06 июля 2015 года в 04:43 2
Andrea Beyl 11 июля 2015 года в 22:45 1
@with full force was awesome. thank you, for the great show
Sunsetter 25 августа 2015 года в 16:30 1
go to pension
RobinMaes2300 07 июля 2015 года в 12:07 1
Great video, thanks for putting it out here! Great to follow you guys live down the road!
Can't wait for Genexus, "Soul Hacker" sounds great!
A Adu 06 июля 2015 года в 13:03 1
Some of those toilets can really flush you lol
Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟɪʗ Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟᴇԇ 14 июля 2015 года в 06:41 1
Sooooooo cool!! do more vids like this please
Владимир Викулин 07 июля 2015 года в 05:44 1
When will we see Fear Factory in Russia?
Edgars Bistrovs 05 июля 2015 года в 19:51 0
I like these kind of videos from you guys. This gives a good perspective on what goes around before and after shows. Watching it I felt like I was right there without me actually being there. Anyway, keep it up guys. Can't wait for your new record and thanks for all the amazing music that you've been creating for all these years. Greetings from a fan from Latvia!
Your Mother 05 июля 2015 года в 19:24 0
Now the question is, how do I listen to Genexus for my first listen, CD player cranking, Earphones on for ultimate deafness, or in the car where I shall risk an accident. Any suggestions? I'm thinking probably cd player with copius beers and a bbq cooking in the backyard.
L8dyAriel 05 июля 2015 года в 20:08 0
Dino, Fantastic art! She's a real beauty..May she handle the road well.Thanks for the festival bathroom lessons-hehe.That's when those packets of handi-wipes are your best friend in the back pocket. (& Oh yeah, Hey Burt! Happy to see the documenting!) Both of you stay safe/sleep deep & enjoy the road!
metalfreq1 25 июля 2015 года в 00:34 0
totally killer hearing pro pain killing in onstage while FF is backstage.  Pro Pain is one of my favorites...killer jams...song after song.
Albert Leal 29 августа 2015 года в 13:45 0
thank you fear factory for playing at scout bar last night. I really had a great time. I have been a fan for 25 years. you guys can still bring it. I hope you guys come again. Dino I must say u r a amazing guitar. player. thanks for the shredding
Mahmoud El Arch 29 июля 2015 года в 12:38 0
14:57 that car with so many autographs !
Must've been tripping all over Europe and signed by hundreds of Metal bands !
Imagine how much it will cost if sold !!
codycw015 05 июля 2015 года в 18:44 0
I love videos like this, you should do more, I think I just like how casual it is just showing your day to day, also Genexus can't come out soon enough
godwrote01 06 июля 2015 года в 01:13 0
thank you for sharing this!!!!! I just got home from WFFF and thank you for Playing Linchpin !!!!! Greatings from Germany !!
Lord speXt 11 июля 2015 года в 16:59 9
Good Doc. more bands need to film their shows and back stage stuff.
AWESOME!! get a new camera guy.
activemessiah 05 июля 2015 года в 18:43 0
LOL he always holds his guitar like an assault rifle :P
AghastRaven 06 июня 2018 года в 22:19 0
I like Dino he is a nice guy
Funeral Editor ⚰️ 29 августа 2015 года в 07:23 0
FF Listening to LB's Rollin how epic is that
Jake Harris 06 июля 2015 года в 06:36 0
Cant wait foe australia's turn
daneofurexistence 05 июля 2015 года в 20:53 6
That burrito was girthy.
daneofurexistence 27 мая 2017 года в 19:26
+UberMikeSocal No, but what can you tell me about the Four Wude?
UberMikeSocal 27 мая 2017 года в 13:48
Dane Tucker Are you still looking for that guy with the tattoo?
BigStevie93 06 июля 2015 года в 16:58 0
FREEDOM OR FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patricio Emputado 15 августа 2016 года в 11:22 0
Ese Dino es todo un galanazo :D 15:00
nacho9010 17 августа 2015 года в 14:54 0
Burton + glasses = Bill Gates.
Your Mother 05 июля 2015 года в 18:59 0
hah, I judt saw Tony and was like, hey that's Tony Campos, forgot he's just joined FF.
Your Mother 05 июля 2015 года в 18:59
+Your Mother Just*
Timothy Quinn 01 марта 2018 года в 22:54 0
7:44 Scumgrief! :D
Benoit Adam - adam0509 06 июля 2015 года в 01:23 0
saber wolfe 28 июля 2015 года в 05:14
+adam0509 mines signed by the original lineup
Jonbal McDaniel 07 июля 2015 года в 00:59
+adam0509 Yep, that's correct!
Oldman music 30 августа 2016 года в 20:53 0
Dino es papá de los ridículos de Korn, Dino a father of Head and Munky korn. Fear Factory is a machine of perfect extrem metal.
Davis Letal 12 октября 2016 года в 04:19
Decilo hoy sin llorar trolazo jajajaja
Dethsyndrome Offical 17 мая 2017 года в 16:28 0
I love your ibby collection, cant wait for the next album
UberMikeSocal 27 мая 2017 года в 13:50 0

Who can eat more burritos in a burrito eating contest....
Dino? Or Tony?
James 27 августа 2017 года в 10:28 0
Dino is one sick moe joe cracker!!!
Charles K. 27 ноября 2015 года в 09:26 0
Dino is <3 such a sweet little MASS!
maladjustedtv 20 августа 2016 года в 16:13 0
i didn't know Kerry King was in Fear Factory
AghastRaven 06 июня 2018 года в 22:17
maladjustedtv its olde wolbers kerry kong the roadie:p
DUTCH 0UTL4W 11 февраля 2016 года в 21:37 0
is 18:50 Parkway Drive on the background?!
kakswell 10 марта 2016 года в 08:01
+TheJensXD no worries.. glad I could clear that up for you
DUTCH 0UTL4W 11 февраля 2016 года в 21:38
Okay, nevermind it is parkway drive. Cool video btw!
Ricardo DSR 24 января 2016 года в 04:30 0
Campos, where are your backings?
Ricardo DSR 18 апреля 2016 года в 20:58
I mean Asesino's backing vocals
PrometheusX9 21 ноября 2015 года в 02:03 0
Dont ban or copywright ban Expiration date! it is the best song you guys made and the ticket for people to listen to your music. you just cut of your own head. i will still like ur music though
Chuloloc 07 октября 2015 года в 23:19 0
Awesome, guys. I can pretty much relate to trying to successfully move forward in negative situations despite any difficulties. Stay safe. Time for Episode 2. Hail Fear Factory.