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No Doubt "Get on the Ball" Live 1993

April 17th 1993
Cal Poly Pomona
Pomona, Ca.

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naihanchin Kempo 06 апреля 2017 года в 20:13 5
even then she OWNED the stage
URNOWFREE 08 сентября 2018 года в 06:17 2
I was there and that was a good show! Skankin pickle and No Doubt in the early days! I think it was some sort of fundraiser, there were blackjack tables set up which I somehow randomly ended up being the dealer at one of them (I was 17).. but the show was great, it really opened my world to ska. Oh yeah, and I fell in love with Gwen that night...
John Wood 18 февраля 2016 года в 00:31 4
Amazing !!!!
Robert C 25 апреля 2017 года в 14:50 2
NO more Gwen solo stuff and Pharrell producing how about some NO Doubt what made Gwen cool and bad ass! No Doubt>trending now producing
Leonardo Tofano 11 июля 2014 года в 08:48 2
muito foda!! achei esse ao vivo melhor que a original
adripato1 02 ноября 2014 года в 15:50 1
Buenísimo!! ojalá se les ocurra volver a hacer estos temas...
packit420420 26 января 2015 года в 02:00 2
Mmmmm Gwen get on these balls 😀 .... Please hahahahha I love it!!!!
Tikicuteness 14 января 2019 года в 14:30
Eddie M 04 мая 2017 года в 17:06 0
Best season, more videos like this, please!
Chris Mohrbacher 13 октября 2013 года в 05:33 11
Aaaahhhhh, the days when female artists could be popular without being complete sluts....
sblrox 21 марта 2014 года в 17:23 2
I miss these days, I'm from Brazil and i was too little listening to ska songs with my old brother. 
MrJustapersn 09 мая 2013 года в 07:25 0
you're right, there is no pop no doubt, but there is an overproduced no doubt eg: the new stuff
Annie Lacy 17 апреля 2013 года в 22:44 1
This is so fantastic, would love to hear some early ND live!!
Stephen Walker 17 апреля 2013 года в 21:47 0
Amen to that.
nuttmig 17 апреля 2013 года в 21:46 0
Mig at side stage with stripey shirt at 0:11 and frequently throughout. :D
Raffaele Spennato 08 марта 2013 года в 06:37 2
I was at this show. It was awesome!
chumsyalibumsy11 19 октября 2012 года в 16:09 0
Love you guys that you're back together, but Gwen... come back to real music.
TheRebel84 29 сентября 2012 года в 03:00 1
this is awesome, i live like 15-20 min from cal poly pomona but alas i was only 9 when they performed this. I think most who have listened to No Doubt forever (since tragic kingdom for myself) that the Ska/rock version is better. Tragic Kingdom is a 90's masterpiece, its enjoyable through and through. anyways this is a great song and the debut album is fantastic but tragic kindgom was fantastic
Kimbunny 30 июля 2012 года в 15:01 0
That's what California does to them!
francisco campos 26 июля 2012 года в 22:12 1
ska no doubt, sounds really amazing
Jess McKenna 14 июля 2012 года в 01:36 0
One of my favorites! It's fun to think that I was only 5 when this song came out and didn't hear it until about 9 years later lol. I Love ND!
G. Viana 23 июня 2012 года в 04:35 1
There is no POP no doubt
Bosco Brusnica 05 мая 2012 года в 15:31 0
I love Gwen's pants! :D
Skot 22 сентября 2011 года в 22:41 0
Man ..I remember these days.
Elsa Pena 15 сентября 2011 года в 05:56 0
They were so young, so full of hope...
itsglen9646 22 августа 2011 года в 19:16 0
@jdigory Umm, without ridiculous pants? Like the ones in this video?
SamildanachEmrys 30 марта 2011 года в 21:10 0
I love this album, and Get on the Ball is probably my favourite song on it. I think it's the way the brass sounds in this song.
iamkarenchicago 07 ноября 2010 года в 18:40 0
i miss no doubt!!
Arozua 01 июля 2010 года в 17:01 0
same here. started listening to no doubt after gwen's first solo album. i remember being so naive of not knowing that the girl in no doubt and the solo artist gwen were the same person. i was so naive that even when some girl (who clearly was a true fan) pointed out that "Underneath it All" was a No Doubt song, i still didn't connect the dots. then my sister had to clarify to me that gwen was from the band, No Doubt. O)O (0h)!!!
isabiggles1 15 апреля 2010 года в 22:22 1
I'm properly pissed they sold out. She went from this amazing piece of music to singing wigga shit for RnB twats? Fuck that.
killersgirl2124 17 декабря 2009 года в 10:56 1
So cute! old school..
venus2477 22 августа 2009 года в 15:49 0
I wish I was around for this's too bad I started liking no doubt when Return of Saturn came out...but i've made up for lost time. I know all of their songs and B sides...I just wish I was there when they first came out...oh well!
Ryan Sadwick 14 августа 2009 года в 17:37 1
I love this song. If I ever met Gwen, I sing a verse out of this.
Neo Valis 26 июля 2009 года в 05:15 0
I agree it's all about their first two album's.Tragic Kingdom up is total pop culture crap! I hope they get back to when they were good,and had fun...
Leo Sargento 28 июня 2009 года в 18:30 0
How I miss this No Doubt. I went to their concert here in New Jersey two days ago. And I am so very disappointed, more than that, I am sad. It seems like I lost a friend, an old friend. I was on the third row and was able to see them up close. By my side I had a family of four, their daughters were 7 and 8, on the other side were a group of teens around the age of 13 or 14.
Prr Brr 28 мая 2009 года в 18:08 0
Gwen est tellement plus belle comme ça !
Steven Morrow 20 мая 2009 года в 23:26 0
I remember being at this concert/ was freaking awsome.
mugatu20 05 мая 2009 года в 15:57 0
gwen look very funny in that years hahaha she really was a tipycal i'm just a girl" hahaha but she still cool the way she moved hahah
JayNic737 04 мая 2009 года в 18:37 0
Yeah, the guy on keyboard is actually Gwen's brother, Eric. He is one of the founding members of ND (If not THEE founding member). Oh man, this is from when I was like 8.

And I can't believe this is from Cal Poly Pomona, like literally down the street from me. hahaha.
BlahBlahMoose 28 марта 2009 года в 11:18 0
To be totally honest , I am a blues rock music fan myself , But I am taking a liking to this early No Doubt stuff , Untill recently the only songs I had heard and liked were Trapped in a box and Don't speak . But No Doubt's first album I must say is great stuff , so up beat and what I guess you could call fun music . The guy on Keyboards didn't he end up an animater on the simpsons? thats cool I love that show I grew up with that show .
tlamblet88 01 марта 2009 года в 06:06 0
One of my fave songs of theres! Nice pants Gwen!....
MetalHeart8787 09 января 2009 года в 04:39 0
yeah i think they soldout when they got popular & wanted to do pop/listen to managers
95-99 were good for ska & Music
jdigory 01 января 2009 года в 06:51 0
She looks better without the REALLY fake blonde hair and ridiculous pants. She looks kinda normal and cute for once.

The ska version of No Doubt is vastly superior to the pop version.
JonHawaii2003 31 декабря 2008 года в 09:20 0
Great stuff, thanks for posting.
Karen Bard 24 ноября 2008 года в 06:43 0
This song would've been so cool as a single!
justafangirl 04 октября 2008 года в 20:14 0
Adrian said on interview that they're gonna try some new ska songs, so we have a one reason more to hope for it..
Zeldafan1981 23 сентября 2008 года в 06:49 0
Yes! Love this song! Please guys more ska!!
Fernando Da Silva Oliveira 08 августа 2008 года в 21:19 1
Awesome song!!!it's funny to see how the band grows...and i hope they back to their ska origins.!!!bye and...say hello to Brazil!!!keep skanking!!!!
F.50 01 августа 2008 года в 10:20 0
Please tell me you have a live version of Brand New Day!!??

I swear that is the best song you guuys have ever written (imho of course)
Yaers 21 июля 2008 года в 06:50 0
it's amazing her voice still sounds like this
tempus71 09 июля 2008 года в 20:24 0
Thanks for the video!! Nice to see Eric Stefani in action!
Ryan Fitzpatrick 18 февраля 2008 года в 08:01 0
really? well - i guess when you get on the back end of a bus you always prefer the shittier ride
whoopiedoo 10 февраля 2008 года в 19:06 0
could not agree more
hands down, their best album
showcasing lots of different songs
its my fav
groundhog713 26 декабря 2007 года в 00:43 0
Now this is the No Doubt I remember. I saw these guys in '93 and '94 when they did more ska/rock...
transact06 11 декабря 2007 года в 20:42 1
I love this song!!! I hope No Doubt's new album will be more like this!!!
audiochick 14 октября 2007 года в 09:03 0
ohh those must be the security in the crowd.. didn't notice until later in the video
audiochick 14 октября 2007 года в 09:01 0
Curse those that turned their backs on ND! I love this song, one of my faves from them. I like how they are having so much fun on stage even though some people are looking elsewhere. <3 Can't wait for their new album either
Bat Caver 11 августа 2007 года в 08:46 0
I think that RETURN OF SATURN is their best album (including b-sides of course).
AniRosi 21 июля 2007 года в 16:28 0
Yeah!! offcourse, I love that album!! i almost forgot!
^ ^
Jackie M 29 июня 2007 года в 10:53 0
This is the No Doubt I fell in love with
AniRosi 25 июня 2007 года в 10:49 0
yup, that would be
No Doubt self titled
The Beacon Street Collection
Tragic Kingdom
Return of Saturn
and RockSteady
and of course the singles collection.
Bosco Brusnica 20 июня 2007 года в 18:05 0
fun times :)
venus2477 16 мая 2007 года в 21:40 0
God I love them
AskAlice24 02 апреля 2007 года в 18:25 0
Well, I'll believe it when I see it and hear it.
Justsai 01 апреля 2007 года в 21:48 0
no doubt isn't broken up... they're supposed to be doing a new album sometime in 07 or 08
AskAlice24 30 марта 2007 года в 06:17 0
Oh my goodness, is she wearing bloomers? LOL I love them!
AskAlice24 30 марта 2007 года в 06:15 0
Aww, I know how you feel. I wish No Doubt would get back together. Gwen is just having a before mid life crisis, I think.
skovacs13 21 марта 2007 года в 20:36 0
I think I was there good show, Skankin' Pickle was good that day also. Gwen's bro should have never left the band.
RockTheOffbeat 21 марта 2007 года в 07:48 0
About six years ago I was addicted to buying VHS copies of old No Doubt performances on EBAY. I can't get enough of this stuff. Glad to see that you'll be posting some rarities on here!
pubbygeorge 19 марта 2007 года в 04:36 0
I'd love to see their music more like this again.. I mean i'll always love No Doubt!! Have done since I was 6! lol but I have to say I prefer their older stuff..
AskAlice24 18 марта 2007 года в 06:33 0
Wow, this is so cool! I wish I knew about them before too. I started listening when "Tragic Kingdom" came out.
phosgene2 17 марта 2007 года в 04:35 0
i was, but sadly, i was not "hip" enough to know about these guys until "return of saturn". just a tad behind the curve :(
phosgene2 17 марта 2007 года в 04:33 0
thanks for sharing this stuff. hoping for more soon. those outfits: precious!
Rachel Moss 17 марта 2007 года в 03:48 0
Jess Johnston 17 марта 2007 года в 01:14 0
Great to see.