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Official music video by Nightwish’s Tuomas Holopainen, taken from his solo project ’Music Inspired By The Life And Times Of Scrooge.’ Order at: http://smarturl.it/HOLOPAINEN-Shop
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Nuclear Blast: http://smarturl.it/HOLOPAINEN-Shop
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/HOLOPAINEN-AMZ
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/HOLOPAINEN-iTunes

The Life and Times of Scrooge, out on April 11th (EU), April 14th (UK) and April 15th (NA) via Nuclear Blast Records.

More info at: http://smarturl.it/HOLOPAINEN-SCROOGE

’A Lifetime of Adventure’ is taken from the upcoming solo debut ’The Life and Times of Scrooge’, which is out in April 2014 via Nuclear Blast. The cover artwork on both the single and the album is by Don Rosa, the illustrator of Disney’s Duck characters.

Directed by Ville Lipiäinen, incorporating Mika Jussila’s photos of Tuomas Holopainen and Don Rosa in the recording studio, and featuring Finnish vocalist Johanna Kurkela.

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Killigrew - Chillstep Artist 07 февраля 2014 года в 15:14 505
Tuomas, without you I would never even have touched a piano. Now I have released 4 albums and music is my life. I have a little bit of Nightwish deep down in every song of mine. You are a true inspiration, I hope to meet you one day. This song was magnificent <3
Aidkit 12 января 2019 года в 10:00
Killigrew - Chillstep Artist Wow! First time a comment like this, which at first sounds like self-promoting, leads me to an awesome channel. Epic Chillstep - Fireflies hits you the first time on the first page and sounds really good! \m/
Maria Valkama 14 ноября 2018 года в 18:25
Finally someone who understand me ❤
Patagonia Remises 11 апреля 2018 года в 05:03
tutto . .!!!
Enzo Iannucci 25 января 2018 года в 00:32
Sublime voci incantevoli lui è un genio
Paul Soldner 06 апреля 2017 года в 03:10
Thanks to this comment, I'll be checking out the albums that you cut. Must hear the music inspired by the great Tuomas. Off to your channel now!
Crowley9 10 июля 2016 года в 21:44 234
I admit it, I cried.
Angela Mendonça 30 октября 2018 года в 02:39
Me too
LordTchernobog 01 июня 2018 года в 20:46
Still crying, every damn time I watch the video, or just listen it.
Mikko Saarinen 27 января 2018 года в 08:39
Me too
MetalJuggler 09 октября 2016 года в 01:57
Spot on mate. Still, Toumas' wife beautiful voice rips your soul apart aswell while enjoying this album!
Oxymoron 05 октября 2016 года в 12:11
Oh yes, normally I don't have to cry when watching videos. Even the most tearjerking movies leave me cold, and instead pieces like this and mostly children's movies manage to bring out the tears. I don't know why that is, but I suppose the reason for this is explained in this very song's lyrics "To be rich is to still remember
To treasure your first dime
To have a chance to say farewell ... To be rich is to seek
To relive the memory" You know, when I am old, I would love to be like Don Rosa, looking back at my lifework with a smile and enjoying every smile it brought and still brings. And like Tuomas I would like to have the opportunity to bring my childhood memories back to life like this. This song and video just hits every spot there is to hit for me.
MioRaem 17 апреля 2014 года в 20:39 234
I own the graphic novel as well and I gotta say Tuomas is right. It is beyond fantastic. This is different from every single other Disney comic. In fact, forget what you thought you knew about Disney comics, about comics in general. This isn't just ' a comic' for kids and nerds. Don Rosa created something special there. You gotta realize that he has drawn the entire life of Uncle Scrooge, mixing places and persons of our real world with the Disney fiction on such a high level it is unimaginable. If you ever wondered, why the Beagle Boys became Scrooge's arch enemies, how Ducktown came to be, who his parents and siblings were, what his childhood and youth was like, when and where he earned his first million, and the things he did, discovered and experienced, the countless people he met and places he saw long before Donald Duck was even born, it is all in there. It's no comic, it's a chronicle. And a terribly sad one, a tale of countless hardships and especially losses. And Tuomas music catches that perfectly. After you read this, Mickey Mouse will apear boring and pale to you compared to Scrooge. It will change your point of view on practically everything you thought you knew about the character who is so much more than just a very rich duck.
And Peggy Jansen 04 августа 2018 года в 13:59
I have it too! I see it in a totally different light now that I’ve read it.
Amanda E. 07 апреля 2018 года в 08:51
I'm from Sweden and i don't see this passion for cartoon characters here (or the stories behind them), people are very cynical and boring in that sense. However many people here love their norse mythology and folklore, but not anything that can be perceived as "childlike" or cartoons, in other words. Only nerdy people with Asperger's seem to appreciate this here (uhm, that includes me). Oh well, their loss.
Jógvan Thomsen 21 ноября 2017 года в 01:43
It is possibly the imaginative nature of the Scandinavians, compared to the conservative Britts and Yanks, that are the reasin for this cultural difference. After all, it is Scandinavia and Germany that are the birthplace for most of the Fairy Tales, Sagas and Legends that are commonplace in most Comic Novel and Movie Franchise Universes today.
I am brought up on Donald Duck Comics and especially the Don Rosa and Carl Barks ones. They are masterpieces, each and every one of them. The storylines are incredible, even for adults. The pictures are telling several stories on their own and the artwork is amazing.
If you have never read these, I can strongly recommend their combined Collective Works. I guarantee you will not be dissapointed.
jezkn 19 апреля 2014 года в 15:42
+Flingship373 Actually you have explained that really well and quite movingly for those of us over here UK and US) who are much more cynical about cartoon characters - not seeing the real people they represent.  It is a cultural thing - and we are probably the poorer for it over here (and take ourselves far too seriously). I have certainly had my eyes opened by reading the thousands (literally) of comments on this upload.and the passions aroused !  
jezkn 19 апреля 2014 года в 15:25
+Flingship373 Yes - great orchestration from  Pip and the London choir he used too. I just  hope he gets the audience reaction over here for it - but I suspect he'll be struggling sadly. (and in the  USA too  even though they 'hatched' Donald from a Disney egg over there!)
Chirodip Basu 05 марта 2016 года в 16:14 390
If only more people knew about this guy...
Josue Saban 11 декабря 2018 года в 11:09
+Giang Nguyễn Thị Thu you're right dude
Giang Nguyễn Thị Thu 21 сентября 2018 года в 12:34
feel like i am the only fan in my town :(
Giang Nguyễn Thị Thu 21 сентября 2018 года в 12:34
well :v his songs are hundred times better than things that youngs are listening now :v he deserve more :<
Domen Strmšek 15 сентября 2017 года в 07:47
Asko Troberg z
Asko Troberg 24 августа 2017 года в 23:51
Tuomas is living in Finland ..city kitee. the land of metal music in the world.
LordTchernobog 26 февраля 2014 года в 15:46 142
Hey, Disney, do you hear that? It's a sign for a movie based on *Life And Times Of Scrooge*, using traditional animation, not that CGI Pixar/Dreamworks wannabe you tries, but failed many times (excluding some surprisingly good movies, like Wreck-it Ralph, Tangled).
It's time for a decent hand drawn animated movie, huh?
The Dark One 25 декабря 2018 года в 02:38
"CGI Pixar/DreamWorks wannabe you tries but failed many times"
I don't think I ever facepalmed so hard in my entire life. You're on a total different level of dumbass sir, congrats...
Federico Tauceri 24 ноября 2018 года в 17:10
A film could not represent all the scenes of the Life and Times of Scrooge. A TV series by Netflix or Amazon would be better, because I think it would be amazing to have REAL actors.
LordTchernobog 01 июня 2018 года в 20:45
Oh my goodness, what the hell was I started??? :D (but that ol' comment still applies, and also: I'm very pleased with the DuckTales reboot, like or not.)
MilvenTheDwarf 15 января 2018 года в 20:18
Wanted to say, that not every anthroduck of Duckburg speaks with duck voice. Daisy has common human voice. It's just Donald & Nephews thing
Lucius I. Patriot Bygotte de Aquitas 06 июня 2017 года в 18:06 54
Johanna is cute and gorgeous here :-)
And Tuomas is the best living composer in the world. I love everything made by him :-) From Angels Fall First to Endless Forms Most Beautiful and his solo career as well. Amazing man!
Sol Holow 20 декабря 2018 года в 18:31
Same. He is amazing and his music has always been beyond emotional and meaningful. Awesime Lyrics as well. True poetry
Георги Пеев 21 августа 2018 года в 14:56
*Cough* Morten Veland is better than him in a lot of aspects... And in choirs... GOSH, Veland destroys him in the vocal harmonies/choirs cathegory.
Markus Gylphe 14 февраля 2015 года в 21:23 252
Proud to be born in Finland to share the best music artist in the world :) :)
And Peggy Jansen 04 августа 2018 года в 14:00
🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮 Amen
Artistic Fur 24 февраля 2018 года в 08:13
Take me to Finland! Bitch i need more of this music
Olivia Smolander 10 ноября 2017 года в 20:02
I am from finland too :)
finky gsd 08 июля 2017 года в 00:17
my ears bleed when i hear finnish rap.. or any other rap!
darbnamrehs 09 февраля 2017 года в 05:21
moonshine man Any suggestions?
Sela Nova 23 февраля 2015 года в 03:45 445
Stunning. I've been a Nightwish diehard for ages, and this is absolutely Tuomas, brilliant, BRILLIANT composing. The ladies voices are nothing short of angelic. Please, if I go to Heaven, let Tuomas be the one that composed the music I hear when I get there. He is an un-appreciated genius living in his own time.
Iiro Mäittälä 12 июля 2018 года в 19:57
Jappe Aho 07 июля 2017 года в 21:19
Mormorda 666 07 июля 2017 года в 04:53
Did you know that she is Thomas's wife 🤘
Jappe Aho 13 апреля 2017 года в 20:21
I could not agree more!!!
Eric Jacques 23 октября 2015 года в 02:50
+Asny Haakonsdottir He is definitely appreciated. After a decade of listening to classic rock because nothing in North American rock caught my ear, Nightwish got me back into the world of music again!
Teodor Kasabov 09 февраля 2014 года в 17:36 49

"To be rich is to still remember
To treasure your first dime
To have a chance to say farewell

Story of your life
Time of solitude and strife
Freedom of an open road
Hope, and many miles to go
Promises to keep
Countless goldfields to reap
To be rich is to seek
To relive the memory

Far-off lands quests of old
Self respect true grit
Never cared what a fortune might buy
To seek is to be rich

Story of your life
Time of solitude and strife
Freedom of an open road
Hope, and many miles to go
Promises to keep
Countless goldfields to reap
To be rich is to seek
To relive the memory

All the strangers on your path
Crossroads, the letters from home
The coolingembers of a Yuletide hearth
All the songs of wilderness
The truth in which you roamed
Now your lost Rosebud has brought you back home

Story of your life
Time of solitude and strife
Freedom of an open road
Hope, and many miles to go
Promises to keep
Countless goldfields to reap
To be rich is to seek
To relive the memory”
demonizer123 15 октября 2015 года в 05:16 125
The singer, Johanna Kurkela, is Tuomas' current girlfriend. I know I'm crushing all the female's fans of Nightwish dreams by telling you this.
farkas419 12 декабря 2018 года в 17:30
Nah... my love for Tuomas goes much deeper than a romantic love. I'm in love with his lyrics and the beauty he creates. I'm glad his wife shares that vision!
Knih Boh 17 октября 2018 года в 21:04
agree, marketing :-)
aspiring concept artist 08 ноября 2017 года в 15:00
Title of *current* girlfriend doesn't carry much weight. Things change :P
Gestina30 25 июля 2017 года в 15:20
are you blind? his wife is a real beauty.
Marze Umaña 03 июля 2017 года в 13:39
Aren't they married?
levtomas1998 10 февраля 2014 года в 09:18 53
the chorus sounds like it would be written for Anette Olzon
LAM TK 09 января 2019 года в 00:27
It would be written for his wife instead
Power Metallistic 27 декабря 2018 года в 16:38
CyanH 15 февраля 2014 года в 14:55
IIHOGZBREATHII 14 февраля 2014 года в 08:01
Yes indeed!
Fernando Angeles Soto 24 апреля 2014 года в 20:42 83
He is not receiving the attention he deserves.
mc23243 19 февраля 2014 года в 21:28 103
Tuomas Holopainen's music never fails to impress me, there is so much personality and sincere emotions in it. Is it metal song, a ballad or a soundtrack Tuomas's music is beautiful, truthful and wonderful, I can only compare this music with life itself, it's like the energy of life running through human veins 
BoUrnNe26 26 февраля 2014 года в 19:48
On another note, I definitely agree with you about Tuomas' music in general.  I find myself having this song in my head all the time now.  Really wish I could sit and have a beer or two with the guy.
Edward Richtofen 26 февраля 2014 года в 06:59
Definitely, definitely, definitely far from a metal song. 
BoUrnNe26 25 февраля 2014 года в 22:21
+rstrosah  I haven't read the comic either but my guess is because it is one of his favorite stories as a kid and wanted to write music that to him, paid tribute to the story and is his way of showing his appreciation and respect to it.
rstrosah 24 февраля 2014 года в 19:25
+BoUrnNe26 Yeah… I personally went from incredulity to amazement. I may have to get the comic just to see why it deserves this epicness…
BoUrnNe26 22 февраля 2014 года в 02:53
Honestly, when I saw the news of this album on Nightwish's website, I wasn't sure what to make of it.  After watching this video, I now want to get the album.  Lol
As Vol 13 октября 2015 года в 09:35 124
Tuomas is a pure genius...
Siko1000 23 января 2016 года в 11:22 27
Tuomas song writing is unbelievable....
SinisterSkip 17 февраля 2014 года в 20:49 12
I just LOOOVE those vocals, fits the song beatifully. Huge atmosphere a well.
Alex Storey 18 декабря 2014 года в 09:29 33
I only exclusively listen to power/death metal and was recommended by a friend to listen to this. The first few seconds I was like "NOPE!!". I eventually put my morals of what I thought was good music aside and started with the beginning of this album and listened the entire way to the end. Let me tell you, this just blew me away!!! I never thought that something like this would captivate me and excite me this much. One of my all time favorite albums of all time, Not Kidding!!! And I haven't even read the book, can't wait to experience the adventure the way it was intended.
RAYhallista pelaamista 05 ноября 2018 года в 14:20
Have you listened any Nightwish songs?
Steven Lornie 26 марта 2015 года в 13:10
So basically you admit you're a narrow minded, naive fool? :P
Daniel Subroski 04 января 2015 года в 00:09
Alex if you enjoyed this music from him, listen to his score for Imaginaerum!
Joachim van Zoelen 01 января 2015 года в 20:18
Good for you, Alex! That's what music is all about - opening up horizons for new experiences. I wish everybody would have the power to open up like you did...
sacrament48 20 декабря 2014 года в 02:55
I know! even the instrumental album is amazing... 
Zoltan Szabo 09 февраля 2014 года в 14:18 9
Have been listened to million and billion songs, however listening to this since uploading day, by day, hour by hour again, again, and again, can't wait the whole stuff! April looks so far away from now!
Novus Grimnir 08 марта 2016 года в 02:57 94
Albums like this make me wish Tuomas would work on solo projects between every Nightwish album.
Margo Belle-Fleur 08 января 2018 года в 13:56
Tuomas, Troy and Johanna have combined as Auri to release an album coming out this year (2018). I can't wait for it!!
Mormorda 666 19 января 2017 года в 09:40
Novus Grimnir do you realise how busy nightwish are with their global tours lol
Markku Siira 15 октября 2016 года в 12:43
I´m quite certain there will be an album. Solo of some sort.
Olorin Elior 12 сентября 2016 года в 11:33
Well, what about next year. Nightwish's doing a year long pause.
FowlManor 20 декабря 2015 года в 21:35 49
I am speechless. The music combined with the beautiful drawing of Don Rosa... it's just... perfect.
High Warlock 06 апреля 2014 года в 14:13 51
Choirs, piano, some "bells", sweet climatic vocal, Toumas... masterpiece. 
High Warlock 17 апреля 2014 года в 08:14
+niklas nykänen Yeah <3 \m/
jezkn 28 октября 2014 года в 09:59 177
To the person below who asked what genre this is -
it's Ductile Metal
And Peggy Jansen 04 августа 2018 года в 14:01
Disney metal.
Ilona Suruna 28 августа 2017 года в 19:31
Pepík Kája
Nauroin ääneen
jezkn 06 марта 2017 года в 07:06
+Pepík Kája        Ducney Metal 
Pepík Kája 28 февраля 2017 года в 07:51
It is Disney Metal!
AuntMarchy 30 января 2015 года в 01:31
+jezkn   Don't say that. Some idiots think he spoiled Metal by creating this album
LucklessCope 11 января 2016 года в 14:47 28
Not sure if I should like this because of Don Rosa tribute, The Life And Times Of Scrooge tribute or Nightwish tribute. Too bad I can't triple like
LucklessCope 11 июня 2016 года в 22:06
+Alex Foth I'd appreciate if you actually read the comments you're replying to.
Alex Foth 11 июня 2016 года в 21:07
but it aint a tribute, he is in Nightwish
LucklessCope 06 июня 2016 года в 17:18
Tuomas Holopainen. Don't nitpick my poor choice of words :)
I enjoy his work.
Francesco Razzetti 05 июня 2016 года в 23:55
How is this a Nightwish tribute?
Mitchell Bird 09 февраля 2014 года в 22:09 10
Props for Don Rosa (seriously that is a kick ass name) for coming back and doing what is probably his first big project since he left Disney nearly ten years ago. But Don Rosa we miss your fantastic artwork. Tuomas, thank you for giving the legend the theme song he deserved. 
GangstaWarrior2012 11 февраля 2014 года в 12:52 8
Nothing less expected from Tuomas. Magical, wonderful, sweet, travelous.
Respect from Greece
BlondyIronBlood 01 апреля 2015 года в 12:19 7
Damn...this was really enchanting to watch and listen to, it was like I felt myself being sucked into the world of music and art, seeing the video on my laptop it was almost like..I was in it for a second, that's how well this beautiful piece of both charm, music and art could catch me.
- The person who just found the most enchanted thing on the internet
Tony Gazza 20 февраля 2015 года в 18:17 45
sometimes i'm really fucking curious to know how can some artists make just perfect choices, in choosing the right singer, orchestra, and whatever attached to it, it must probably be a strong personality serving the purpose of doing what they really want
Tony Gazza 12 мая 2015 года в 19:46
+Dmitrij Bugajev a perfect choice doesn't involve work, just intuition and personal taste, leave mental masturbation out of this
D 08 мая 2015 года в 15:44
+dimetonn There is a lot of hard work behind everything that looks like just a "right choice" for an outside spectator.
Tony Gazza 13 апреля 2015 года в 14:38
this is a very intelligent statement
Grim Reaper 13 апреля 2015 года в 11:33
+dimetonn Tuomas at least said that he creates his songs from stuff that are really important or bother him very much and that the making of a song is not  a one way process. The song from the demo changes a lot until it becomes the final form that we fans hear.In a interview he said " I gues we try to create music that we ourselves ( the Nightwish band ) wanted to lisen to but there was nothing similar on the market. "
KingOfBlades27 04 апреля 2014 года в 12:10 35
This song literally brought tears to my eyes that is how awesome this track is :) Can't wait for the album! <3 <3 <3
killer92173 09 февраля 2018 года в 20:50
This makes it even more magical to find out that Tuomas and Johanna are actually married!!
Lena Pietrzak 14 апреля 2014 года в 18:47
Mee too ^^ I'm Polish :D
OlleEcke09 11 февраля 2014 года в 21:53 6
Thank you Tuomas for creating this masterpiece of music! The song is just amazing. Don't really know what to say about it because it's so fantastic.
Pan Rysownik 08 апреля 2014 года в 20:18 129
All this praise for Tuomas is to be expected, but I have to ask - how many of you, after hearing this song, will try and read 'Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck'? Please, give it a try, people. And listen to this soundtrack while reading!
Dornogol 05 октября 2014 года в 20:28
+Rebecca Gunn
Here in Germany it's 30€(around 37,50-40$) and available everywhere a full collectors Book with the Life and Times of Scrooge...
Barbara 27 сентября 2014 года в 10:51
+Rebecca Gunn what, seriously? I bought it years ago, along with the comapnion (more stories, yay) for a third of that.. Mine is a paperback from Gemstone Publishing. Looks like it's become a colletor's item, huh. 
demonkoryu 26 августа 2014 года в 15:09
Of all the comics and mangas I have owned (500+), I have retained only the original serialization of the Life and Times. Speaks for itself i think :)
Axel Mairtons 20 июля 2014 года в 16:51
+Harry Kiriakopoulos εγω τα ειχα παραγγειλει και το Ο Βιος και η Πολιτεια του Σκρουτζ Μακ Ντακ και το Χαμενα Επεισοδια απο την Νεα Ακτινα αε (αυτη δεν ηταν που εβγαζαν το περιοδικο?εχουν περασει χρονια και το εχω ξεχασει :Ρ) βεβαια τα δικαιωματα τωρα εχει η Καθημερινη :( μπορει να κανουν καποια επανεκδοση οπως εκαναν με τις ιστοριες του Καρλ Μπαρξ παντως ειμαι σιγουρος οτι σε μεγαλα βιβλιοπωλεια και στα Public θα τα βρεις
Avrell Flagg 16 июля 2014 года в 19:26
Yea,it's bits and pieces make an awesome and surprisingly moving story. ...Though I'm quite sure it takes some measure of ermm..Duckism to truly feel them feels.
jerryteacup 30 августа 2015 года в 14:24 196
This still sends chills down my neck...
finky gsd 08 июля 2017 года в 00:16
neck can be long tooo.. so spine neck .. not bad ..
jerryteacup 07 марта 2016 года в 14:00
+Luke Horror Crap... Yes. Spine. Thanks.
ChadwicKed 02 октября 2015 года в 19:41
+jerryteacup +William Sonnecti My balls!
William Sonnecti 18 сентября 2015 года в 22:08
+jerryteacup Just your neck? Even my toes are tingling from this.
Passebosc Jihaif 31 августа 2014 года в 08:24 8
Une pure merveille , vocalement et musiquement =)  Tuomas Holopainen le meilleur
CaporalAlbinuta 04 марта 2014 года в 19:43 9
Speechless ! Outstanding and excellent seems no longer good enogh to describe this song <3
punkkero77 06 февраля 2014 года в 13:07 17
esta genial, el siempre dijo que esto no tenia nada que ver con nightiwsh o el metal, esta basado en un comic y  aun asi puedes notar que esta su esencia .
Igor S 13 февраля 2014 года в 12:31 4
Да, красиво... а еще впечатляет, что человек создает что - то прекрасное из своего детского впечатления, своего таланта и желания. Несмотря ни на что - что не формат, без оглядки на то, что не поймут, не примут. Просто захотел - и создал, задействовал массу людей, талантов, закрутил всё вокруг своего стремления что - то создать. Круто.
Beau Edwards 11 февраля 2014 года в 23:29 22
What an amazing, powerful voice behind this expertly composed piece of music. This is not my type of music (normally only tolerate metal) but it was so brilliant I had to listen multiple times.
Johannes Silver 29 июня 2017 года в 21:01 6
This is one example which proves how GREAT musician and genius artist Tuomas is.
Pablo Roberto 09 февраля 2014 года в 21:07 6
Tuomas Holopainen and Arjen Anthony Lucassen are my favorite composers =D
toni tomppa 17 апреля 2014 года в 08:44 5
It seems that mr.holopainen never cant be amazed me,this album is one of your best creations,johanna is so fragile and so pure,ever couldnt imagine that she can heard this good with english vocals.thanks Tuomas,to give me these shivers every time.
zipkivol 16 июля 2016 года в 16:32 25
A anime movie about the Scrooge's youth with this music! PLEASE!
ez0950 27 июля 2016 года в 01:59
if Tuomas writes it, it will be golden. The man is talented for sure.
Broderick Siz 25 июля 2016 года в 21:28
You know what? I don't even watch that much anime, but I would definitely love to see that realised, if they put a whole lot of care into it
Abrimaal 11 февраля 2014 года в 21:20 15
Her vocals remind me of Mike Oldfield's songs. Great work.
jezkn 12 марта 2014 года в 01:26 19
...... There is NOTHING like this being composed in the U.K. or U.S. or of this quality in a 'Classical (Symphonic) Rock' genre. We seem to have totally lost the ability or inspiration (or the plot), in this country (UK) - or maybe even the market, which is tragic, at the moment !! You Finnish have taken centre stage and have cornered the market - or atleast Tuomas has. GOOD ON YA oh my Finnish friends !! (it keeps my passion for music alive for starters !!).
jezkn 17 марта 2014 года в 07:30
+Hack Dandy I don't understand your point. Do you? Or have you even understood mine? Kip Whoever's compositions has nothing to do with it (and he hasn't written a symphony).. His stuff is not in this genre nor indeed remotely related to it. I'm no snob - I listen to anything. But I do appreciate quality, ORIGINALITY and something truly inspirational when I hear it. If you read the comments on this page, which are popping up every few hours (there are 1200 of them already in TWO months !!!!), you can't fail to see the excitement, pleasure and inspiration this Holopainen masterpiece has brought to people across the world. And it's fully deserved.
Hack Dandy 16 марта 2014 года в 23:18
If you are really a snob about music - then check out Kip Winger's symphony. No it isn't rock, but it is composed in the US.
jezkn 15 марта 2014 года в 08:55
+Kevin Ramsey And it doesnt find Donald Duck so inspirational - (even though it created it).
Kevin Ramsey 15 марта 2014 года в 05:45
The UK and US doesn't have Tuomas Holopainen. That's why.
jezkn 15 марта 2014 года в 09:16 12
Don't know about you, but I'm waking up to that amazing structured lead guitar solo (at 5.14) every day. It's constantly on my brain - like an ear worm, I keep humming it (and doing guitar actions to match !!). I love every nuance, every phrase. It's becoming one of my all time favourties. It;s NOT about numbers of notes and flash playing. Its about economy of notes, the RIGHT notes, the right build, the right (fuzz) sound, the way he bends the notes (as at 5.06 and 5.22), and that devastating use of controlled feedback (as at 4.40 - WOW !!). Also that wondrous bit at 5.01- where it goes into a chunky slap rhythm, but then stops after two bars (I could have listen to a track of that just on its own!!). And the way the strings behind it echo the rhythm of the guitar as a 5.14..And the way he uses the full, amazing range of the  instrument, soaring up to the heights at 5.30 - yet plumbing the depths at 4.20 where it blends gorgeously with Joanna's voice. Sheer genius (yet with restraint).
It's so exhilerating, it leaves me breathless and I can't get it out of my head.
Does anybody know a cure?
jezkn 19 марта 2014 года в 01:07
+Pitwulf I used metalhead in answer to Edwin's comment because he said he was one. In no way did I mean to put a label on Metalheads. There are many different types of 'Metal heads' (and they don't all agree!).
 You will no doubt be looking forward to the Uilleann pipes player Tuomas is bringing into Nightwish!
I second your request to find 'music similar to this'. i haven't found any ... yet (well not of this quality).
Pitwulf 18 марта 2014 года в 16:09
+jezkn Why do you say a Metalhead in your second sentence? I'm pretty sure metalheads in general pay more attention to the music than the singing compared to most normal "plebs" who only pay attention to the singing or to the catchiness of a song,
In any case it is always nice to see an (musically) intelligent comment. I also think this is wonderful music. I am as fond of music like this (also artists like enya, loreena mckennit, sarah mclauchlin, tori amos) as I am of celtic music and metal.
The solo follows a little bit too much the vocal melody I think but still very nice. If anyone knows music similar to this let me know :)
jezkn 17 марта 2014 года в 19:33
+Edwin Mwinne I SO appreciate your comment. It is GREAT that a Metalhead can say this. Tuomas is a metalhead of course (turned on by seeing Metallica in US when a teenager). That's why he formed Nightwish. BUT also very skilled at orchestrating and classically savvy. But this is not Metal - and some 'metalheads' don't like it because it's not heavy enough (hence the dislikes), BUT Tuomas is doing what few others are doing (or can do) - and that is bridging the gap between classical (orchestral) sound and a Rock genre (yes - and Metal too). People like you get that. From the other side classical fans are getting it too (although many ARE snobs - it's true). But Tuomas has taken the classical/symphonic/rock/metal genre into new territory with this masterpiece and it will generate much broader appeal as a result - hence the phenomenal response on these pages'.. That's why it's so brilliant. And the detail matters !
Edwin Mwinne 17 марта 2014 года в 18:55
after all there is hope in humanity .... sometimes I wonder if people really listen the music and not just the vocalist and then... this comment.... I am so agree with your comment and gald that people really care for this details... the whole song and structure is amazing and if this song is just a taste just imagine what kind of masterpiece there is in this album-soundtrack
I am a metalhead... is in my veins but this is amazing ...thanks Tuomas for that  
Strawberry Banana 11 февраля 2014 года в 01:05 8
This is a food for the soul, takes my breath away!
Nothing. 15 февраля 2014 года в 22:07 27
There are no words to describe how amazing this song and video are.
jessica alarcon galindo 31 декабря 2017 года в 15:08 6
hermoso, perfecto, melodioso, gracias Thoumas.
Animagladius 06 февраля 2014 года в 22:50 32
To be honest, I didn't expect much out of a Tuomas Holopainen solo album, because I didn't know at all what to expect. But damn, he really never disappoints when it comes to music. This is amazing.
Виктория Пасюк 09 февраля 2014 года в 16:54 4
Очень понравилась песня. Браво, Туомас!!! 
Tohtori Kuka 16 февраля 2014 года в 01:58 6
Bring on the Scrooge McDuck movie!! We have the artist, and the soundtrack!! ;) :)
TheBlackSquirrel 09 февраля 2014 года в 23:33 53
This is genius... This is EPIC! (O.O) But to be honest, I don't really know any word that can truly describe this piece of amazing music. The lyrics, the melody, the visuals in the video... I can't do it. I love it. That's all I can say.
... Seriously, I think I forgot to breathe for six minutes.
Martin Moravčík 11 февраля 2014 года в 19:53
I feel it same,man.Amazing piece of work.After seeing Imaginaerum and listening to this,Tuomas is a musical genius for me.
Red Rose 26 марта 2014 года в 18:26 5
This man is amazing and the woman sings like an angel:D
I love it!!!!
Nadia 13 апреля 2014 года в 12:30 5
I'm crying right now. The Life And Times of Scrooge McDuck and the rest of Don Rosa's stories had such a huge influence on me as a child. This album is like a dream come true for me...
Ata R. Karimi 20 апреля 2014 года в 15:35 5
Holopainen is truly a genius. That's all I can say about him.
samuli summala 04 апреля 2014 года в 19:18 5
At first i thought this was crap.. After listening over and over again, i realized this is a combination of the world's best composer's and cartoonist's masterpieces.
_Saiko 11 февраля 2014 года в 20:23 15
My God, this is pure magic. I will buy this album!
jezkn 01 марта 2014 года в 01:38 9
I adore the guitar solo and the way it builds and then  cuts back to the bassoon, then choral section at 5.37. Its brilliantly constructed.
Tell you what - there's been some money spent on this arrangement. It's lavish !!
Ix Suomi 06 апреля 2014 года в 14:53 56
Hieno homma että päädyin tänne, meinasi jo multa mennä muuten ohi. Respectit Don Rosalle ja Holopaiselle.
Stephen Kimball 27 марта 2018 года в 16:49
Ix Suomi j
Janzerfaust 13 мая 2014 года в 04:04
Donas Rosapainen
Ix Suomi 25 апреля 2014 года в 18:24
Pakko olla lähes samaa mieltä kun ''ýhteisöpaine'' on niin kova, lisäisin vielä nimilistaan Giorgio Cavanzzanon, hän on ollut suosikki piirtäjäni ainakin tuon 20 vuoden ajan, omaltaosaltani siis. Yli ei pääse, kuittaan.
otan haltuun 13 апреля 2014 года в 14:29
+Kuukuzzu Rosa & Barks. Siinä on parhaat, siitä ei pääse yli
Kuukuzzu 11 апреля 2014 года в 22:38
Don Rosa on kyl parhain sarjakuva piirtäjä.
Alice 02 мая 2014 года в 07:49 15
Tuomas... =')
This is fantastic
You are a true Artist Tuomas 
LoptukqrickL11 17 февраля 2014 года в 09:11 5
This guy blows my mind.  Everything he does is gold.
kat herrera 01 апреля 2014 года в 03:03 5
What a masterpiece, beautiful and enchantress...Tuomas you're a music genius:)
DeliriumRecordz 07 июня 2014 года в 18:27 6
I very sad.. Because scroodges adventures are unbelievable.. From a shoeshining-kid to the richest man of the world... He loves all he's coins because of the Memory.. beautiful..
jezkn 13 июня 2014 года в 19:13
They're unbelievable because he's a duck.
Karloz Höffer 31 января 2016 года в 15:23 41
This song has a soft atmosphere, and Johanna voice is perfect to this kind of music.
pekko68b 09 декабря 2016 года в 19:23
Both Johannas ;)
Bao Le 06 февраля 2014 года в 01:37 32
he never disappoint me ... NEVER !!!
luis alejandro castellanos oviedo 11 февраля 2014 года в 16:21 5
there is no words for this spectacular song, simply a masterpiece 
Lilly Pink 27 марта 2016 года в 19:54 4
What on earth like thisss!!!
what have I been?? why i just ve found this one so late
Ok, then become my fav song ^^
SMPMS8389 02 марта 2014 года в 02:30 8
This is simply beautiful
Thomas Struszka 19 августа 2016 года в 23:52 21
Two of the greatest artists of all time joined. The ONLY CD I own still. Don Rosa made Scrooge Epic, what Barks only laid out in scratch. It is wonderful to read and tuomas' soundtrack does it all the justice it deserves.
Lunatique 06 февраля 2014 года в 00:28 13
The beginning of the song reminds me of the song that plays in Burmecia in Final Fantasy IX, which is a good thing in my opinion!

... I'm so happy for Tuomas, it must be incredible to have Don Rosa do the cover artwork of his album :)
Peg Eliza 27 марта 2014 года в 10:20 46
I love this it is enchanting and beautiful :) why is everyone so upset about tuomas enlighten me? This song gives me hope and inspiration! X
Steve T 14 апреля 2014 года в 09:14
+JessyBee1313 I listened to Showtime Storytime just once on here and then ordered it straight away! This is the most balanced line up Nightwish have had.
JessyBee1313 12 апреля 2014 года в 16:54
+YouCursed CursedYou  They just released a live album with Floor...I LOVE it, you should give it a listen...she's the perfect balance between old Nightwish and newer Nightwish
Leon Stone 12 апреля 2014 года в 15:25
+Karhu Saakelinpalvaaja
Yup. Need to add that I remember "Whoever Brings The Night" to be written by Emmpu though :D
Nordling-Rites Ov-Karhu 02 апреля 2014 года в 17:39
+Janis Haug  The songs are 100% Tuomas and have always been(okay, a few by Marco). Tuomas' band all the way. And besides, Floor is a magnificent vocalist.
J Mabruk 01 апреля 2014 года в 10:15
+YouCursed CursedYou
Same with me. I don't know why everyone is so concerned about the singers anyway? Luckily Nightwish is still a BAND and not a singer with accidentally the same musicians playing the singers songs all the time.
And if there is any "Head" of the band, in a way that it is a unreplaceable person, it is Tuomas in my opinion! Nightwish without Tarja, anette, floor, whoever is still Nightwish. Nightwish without Tuomas is only Tarja, Anette or floor with companions. Isn't he the composer of nearly all the songs? and doesn't he also created most of the lyrics? I don't want to derogate the other members of Nightwish. all of them are great musicians and artists. But Tuomas is THE artist in the group. My opinion. ;)
Joakim1400 29 октября 2014 года в 17:59 12
I'm not gonna lie, this is honestly one of the best music videos I've ever seen. Also, the best homage to Scrooge McDuck and Don Rosa for all time!
Moa Peraccini 04 декабря 2014 года в 06:37 5
Beautiful music, wonderful work, awesome video! Congrats for all staff, in special to Tuomas Holopainen and Don
Moa Peraccini 04 декабря 2014 года в 06:39
and Don Rosa!
BroonierWorld 10 февраля 2014 года в 00:15 14
It's probably the best thing i've ever seen in my life.
Nancie 07 февраля 2014 года в 12:32 19
But...I...I.....*Cries* There's so much magic in this man's mind! Seriously! <3 <3 <3
Abstract Viking 19 февраля 2014 года в 07:41 6
The Donald Duck commics are immensly popular in Norway and among the most popular comics are the ones done by Don Rosa (check him out, the attention to detail is stunning) and his biggest work is "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" which is the entire life of Scrooge, from when he was a poor little lad in Scottland to when he is old, gray and have seen all of the world.
Seeing that Toumas is doing this fills me with some happiness I havent had since I was a kid./fanboizm
Daniela Sanz García 18 февраля 2014 года в 11:17 5
Simplemente deliciosa. Es una preciosidad.
Ilona Suruna 28 августа 2017 года в 19:28 6
Tämä on viimeinen albumi jonka olen ostanut, miksipä niitä enää ostaa kun ei ole laitettakaan, jolla kuunnella. Tämä biisi sykähdytti suuresti ilmestyessään, ja yhä rakastan.
Mace 2.0 24 июня 2015 года в 21:02 7
Almost made me cry... even though I don't cry, ususally
MeanArmadillo 01 марта 2014 года в 23:54 6
I fucking love Don's smile, it makes me so happy
Alexandra Sandoval 02 марта 2014 года в 13:49
Oh god, i knoooow *cries*
LightsOn 12 апреля 2014 года в 07:27 5
Nyt on niin kova juttu kyseessä että oksat pois. Walt Disney Co. teki ISON virheen ettei lisensoinut tätä.
IceSorceress 22 ноября 2014 года в 11:25 5
I love this one so much... Makes me dream.
Etienne Leclerc 14 февраля 2014 года в 04:18 4
Neat! I love the delicacy of the composition, the vocals, and the instrumentation. I can't wait for the full album :)
OliverHCameron 07 февраля 2014 года в 08:39 15
My two idols Tuomas Holopainen and Don Rosa in the same music video. Now that we've seen this wonder it is just reasonable to start waiting for Tuomas pairing up with Hans Zimmer! :-)
Amanda Singh 07 мая 2014 года в 15:19 4
I like the way he's using Johanna's vocals here :) A mastermind!
Urho Lehtinen 22 февраля 2014 года в 19:38 4
ISOO kiitos Tuomakselle tästä tarinasta!!!!!!!!!!!! Upea sävellys ja sanoitus, mahtava idea videoksi ja upea toteutus! 
benight 16 февраля 2014 года в 09:34 7
Don Rosa's a living legend, for those who grew up with Disney. It's a shame he's almost unknown in the US...2 metal horns to Tuomas for fulfilling his dream and for honouring Rosa's life work,
Roman Farid Saavedra 10 февраля 2014 года в 11:34 4
It's just me or Don Rosa looks a bit like Scrooge McDuck?
TheDustyForest 22 февраля 2014 года в 23:46 4
I seriously didn't think I was going to like this album, but I'm so glad I actually listened to this song because it sounds amazing
Foreign Film Fanatic 03 декабря 2014 года в 21:42 12
My favorite Disney song
Foreign Film Fanatic 06 декабря 2014 года в 04:34
+Techno Anarchist
Foreign Film Fanatic 06 декабря 2014 года в 04:31
This is my favorite Disney song, tied with "Cold heart of the Klondike"
Rezart Husa 16 апреля 2014 года в 14:33 4
... just , Super Work , Great Work ... Super Sound , Great Melodi !!
Belell Kaeh 30 марта 2014 года в 17:28 7
i would just once like to look at a video on this site, about Tuomas or Nightwish, that doesn't include so called "fans" whining and crying about SOMETHING. If you dont like the music, don't listen. if you don't like a singer, don't listen. i personally, love Tarja, Anette and Floor. And now Johanna. Each is interesting and dynamic in very unique ways. i also would have trouble singling out a song that Tuomas wrote that i don't love. So do the rest of us a favor that enjoy this band and writer in all the available aspects...SHUT THE FUCK UP!
wi5hmaster 06 февраля 2014 года в 11:14 12
Once again Tuomas is proving his musical genius. And for that, I'm grateful. This is most likely the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.
toni tomppa 17 апреля 2014 года в 08:48 4
Hear Johanna Kurkela`s songs,even that they are finnish..
Andreas Tsiro 19 марта 2014 года в 14:31 3
Γι'αυτό σε πάω με 1000 ρε Tuomas. Θεά και η Johanna!!!
imarianaguim 06 июня 2018 года в 15:49 3
Comic writers are simply not recognized enough. I've always read Uncle Donald, til today, I'm with the Life of Scrooge in my hands now, and have been listening to Nightwish for a while, and I'm surprised. Tuomas gave a value to Don Rosa that is simply out of the norm. He gave to Don an out of norm happiness, for valuing so much that. Even a hole album was made, just for his work.
Show him drawing is extraordinary, I always wanted to see this.
It's just a pity that Carl Barks is not here anymore to enjoy this, I'm absolutely sure he would have loved it. Thanks Tuomas, that's really beautiful, and as an assiduous reader, you've done amazing, I can really feel Scrooge in each of his steps. :)
SkyLight Gameuse 04 марта 2014 года в 21:40 7
Magnifique as always <3
Ohris 16 сентября 2016 года в 11:42 7
So glad this was made... Epic!
Saara S. 18 апреля 2014 года в 23:32 3
When I was a child I had a dream that someone would make a soundtrack for Uncle Scrooge's life and all of his adventures. Then Holopainen appeared and just.. did it. This is amazing. Don Rosa's art and this music by Holopainen. It's just full of emotions and dreams. Holopainen & Rosa, that is just so good. So damn good.
ReptileGuys 17 апреля 2014 года в 08:09 4
What a beautiful song! :)
Don Rosa is the best.
Aichra95 13 мая 2014 года в 10:44 4
This is like a dream, romantic, clean,quiet and perfect. Very delicate vocals and very good movie. Is very beautiful. Good job Toumas. You are amazing and very good  artist.
Soraya Maribel Ríos Fuentes 06 февраля 2014 года в 22:29 16
no hay palabras para describir lo que uno siente ante tremenda obra siempre te admirare Tuomas Holopainen
Soraya Maribel Ríos Fuentes 07 февраля 2014 года в 15:22
ahora entiendo todo eso de los sueños............