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Опубликовано 28 февраля 2020 года
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The Acacia Strain — Seeing God feat. Aaron Heard

The Acacia Strain new digital drop ’D’ available now with "Seeing God" featuring Aaron Heard of Jesus Piece and Nothing! Pre-order the 7" and stream now here:

Children of the cloven hoof; bathe the cross in your father’s blood.
Unholy priestess deliver us.
Glory from a poisoned mouth.
Formed underneath the earth. Prisoner of purified dirt.
It grows. Try to hide your terror, but it shows.
The blood solidifies. The plants and animals die. This ground is cursed.
Spreading for miles under the earth.
No shelter from the fury. The end of all things.
Inevitable. Indomitable.
Seeing god.
We didn’t sell our souls we gave them up for free.
We fear the dark, but it’s the light that exposes the true horrors of this world.
Catch your breath. Clutch your chest.
Catch your breath. Drop fucking dead.
Gazing into nothing we finally may see the truth.
Where do your loyalties lie?
This version of the world exists out of spite.

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