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Whitechapel "Brotherhood of the Blade" DVD Trailer

Order at: http://www.metalblade.com/whitechapel
"Brotherhood of the Blade" is an audio/visual apex that fans won’t want to miss. Shot and directed by Mathis Arnell for Naughty Mantis, with live show audio recording, mixing, and mastering by Audiohammer’s Mark Lewis.

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Ass Muncher 07 октября 2015 года в 19:19 3
ik you guys are releasing a new album next year plz don't make another JentChapel album my opinion but gg for you guys
Franco Andres Jara Romero 12 октября 2015 года в 00:52 1
Men i love this band but i the good way i mean im from chile and this band never has failed to me despised the fact of the time its awesome .. sorry if my english is not too good but i understand everything you guys say and i support you in everything
Niger 07 октября 2015 года в 19:03 1
Блять, как-будто трейлер к какому то фильму)
Jhonny Candido 13 октября 2015 года в 05:56 1
pls, sell this with portuguese legends guys