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Enrique Iglesias

Опубликовано 11 мая 2009 года
в рубрике Поп-музыка

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Happy Birthday Enrique

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

EDGARDO EGOAVIL 08 мая 2011 года в 15:02 0
Happy Birthday Enrique
Xena198875 18 февраля 2011 года в 14:28 0
I trembled inside. can not be a love like this. awesome. live very long. And I love you.
Hildeke3 08 мая 2010 года в 19:39 0
Thanks for sharing Fernando ! That's so sweet of you ! I just love it ! Happy Birthday Enrique ! Have a blast on your special day !

Hildeke !
Fanny Cervantes 10 ноября 2009 года в 00:55 0
io le kiero cantar!!!!\]
k genial
Hannah Elisabeth 10 октября 2009 года в 12:20 0
i cryed when i first saw this video lol
RedKyra 18 мая 2009 года в 07:10 0
Happy B-Day Quique!!!
Wish I been there.....
yuliyarusa 17 мая 2009 года в 20:45 0
Ellyee1 16 мая 2009 года в 20:14 0
oh my gawd...I wish I could be there...
Hannah Elisabeth 12 мая 2009 года в 16:28 0
i cry when this video comes on :(
Heidimia 12 мая 2009 года в 14:28 0
Hey, Enrique had got this man and his wife up onto the stage and they were all sat down just talking and Enrique said hey it's my birthday I'd better have a drink ( or something like that) Then he ran to this guy who gave him three shot glasses one for him and the guests on stage. There was a count down on the side screens and when it hit 0 the music came on and we all just started singing. It wa amazing :-))))
Sandra Kalk 12 мая 2009 года в 12:55 0
how did that happen? i mean did enrique said something that: sing me happy birthday song or did they just start to sing it??
IaraGhost 12 мая 2009 года в 11:29 0
omg that was so sweet :D
Kanya Ghosh 12 мая 2009 года в 11:19 0
wow! wat a great video! enrique must have felt so special tht night...13000 fans saying happy b'day....i wish i was der too
LAURA MALKIN 11 мая 2009 года в 22:01 0
amazing atmosphere! loved it... would soooo go again if it was at manchester again
poppadoms01235 11 мая 2009 года в 19:41 0
i was there that night, what an awesome atmosphere and a great show!
Karolina D 11 мая 2009 года в 19:15 0
Yeaa ... me too ;D. Kike rocks ;** LY <3
Lunaa Limbu 11 мая 2009 года в 18:34 0
happy birthday enrique ;p