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Duran Duran

Опубликовано 11 июля 2019 года
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Duran Duran — John Talks about 1969 Moon Landing of Apollo 11

John talks about the day a man landed on the moon as the band prepare for their once-in-a-lifetime performance at the Kennedy Space Center on July 16

Film by Gavin Elder

Connect with Duran Duran: http://DuranDuran.com http://www.facebook.com/duranduran http://www.twitter.com/duranduran http://www.youtube.com/duranduran http://instagram.com/duranduran

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mastiff people 11 июля 2019 года в 13:12 5
What an honor to play at Kennedy....couldnt think of a better band
Stefania Campus 11 июля 2019 года в 18:55 2
Great Duran Duran. Great John Taylor. I'm your fan forever❤❤😍😍😘😘
Sherrysugar41976 11 июля 2019 года в 19:31 2
Always enjoy listening to John, especially when he talks about music. Thank you for sharing! 😊
chrisbacos 11 июля 2019 года в 13:21 3
John was lucky. He saw it in the daytime while many Americans were asleep.
Angelia Gurner 11 июля 2019 года в 12:41 6
I could listen to John talk all day.
Sue Childress 13 июля 2019 года в 19:48
Me too!! The best band and music ever!! Saw them in May 2008 in Boca Raton, Florida. Front row standing right in front of the stage!! When it was over and they were leaving the stage - John took my hand and held it for a second. He has to be the cutest Britt ever!!! ❤😍🎸
Annita russo 11 июля 2019 года в 15:14 2
Love him,,, forever my eternal love,, John
Ramona Leigh B 11 июля 2019 года в 18:53 0
Can you imagine if the moon landing was done for the first time in today’s world? Naw. It would be all CGI stuff anyways. heh heh
Javier Szapari 12 июля 2019 года в 02:33 0
Wooooww!!!, this is a great honour!!!! I would like to be there!!!
the51project 11 июля 2019 года в 13:19 6
Duran Duran never happened. They were completely faked by Stanley Kubrick in a small shed, just outside Radlett in Hertfordshire..
eb49273 11 июля 2019 года в 15:51 1
And I'm leaving with......an astronaut
BEHEDETY 11 июля 2019 года в 20:44 2
Ground Control to Major John
Marcela.Const 11 июля 2019 года в 12:44 4
He's so perfect
KooMikko OvimikkoKriitikko 12 июля 2019 года в 21:09 0
well, Warren disagree :D
Gavin Shirey 11 июля 2019 года в 12:35 5
Too bad to was fake
Fred Cink 14 июля 2019 года в 18:11
Too bad you are a total, complete, absolute and utter moron. Are you ever embarrassed about being SSOOO shamefully uneducated, abysmally ignorant, LAUGHABLY STUPID and hopelessly delusional? Go ask mommy to change your diaper you pathetic moron, you absolutely STINK of stupid.
really me 11 июля 2019 года в 19:18 0
We don't really care
We're watching cartoons
Ronaldo Oliveira 11 июля 2019 года в 12:36 3
Hello,Duran Duran! l'm your fan!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😄Strong Hug!
Ronaldo [From Brasil] 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Fernando Zornosa 11 июля 2019 года в 13:44 1
Warren with 911 and John talking about the man on the moon, this is the planet earth ruled by the union of the snake (Bilderberg)😊
German Soler 11 июля 2019 года в 16:14
Mk ultra! Andy and roger splits for that reason
Chuck Mangino 14 июля 2019 года в 12:05 0
When Neil Armstrong 1st. step foot on the Moon , I thought the neighborhood crowd that had gathered was take my Dad , Charlie Mangino and put him on their shoulders and parade him around the block. everyone there was cheering for him. We were at a family gathering - reunion at my Aunts Joe's house in Chicago in July 1969 . We were watching the event on a small T.V. on the Picnic table outside . My Aunt had called all her friends in the neighborhood to come and watch it there and my Dad had worked on the Apollo project at A.E.D.C. in Tenn. Everyone came all around to watch the 1st. step on the Moon , meet my Dad and yes have free all you could eat Pizza. My Aunt Joe had my dad on a pedestal . everybody was asking my dad questions. We all gathered around the small T.V. and when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon the crowd went uncontrollable . People were screaming , crying and hugging each other and WE did it . America did it . Then there was silence , then everybody had to shake my dad'a hand and the woman gave him a big hug. At one point I thought they were going to actually put him on there shoulders and parade him around. That was 50 years ago but to me ,it was like last night. My Dad , Charlie Mangino was at A.E.D.C. from 1959 to 1992
C Kyle 11 июля 2019 года в 12:31 2
The US moon landing was faked. It never happened. The Russians beat us.