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Опубликовано 02 марта 2009 года
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Seven Days of No Doubt — Vol. 2  — New

Seven Days of No Doubt — Vol. 2 — New

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phosgene2 07 мая 2012 года в 14:33 1
definitely a fave. probably the song where i realized what a good rock singer she is. it showcases her voice well and it rocks. funny that adrian says it got voted on the record and apparently tom was not there...gwen really comes across as so down to earth in the interview clips, plus is gorgeous.
Cc Smith 13 августа 2011 года в 14:37 0
shes so beautiful and shes like 40 something years old and has 2 kids I hope she stays like this
NiGHTSaturn 02 сентября 2010 года в 04:25 1
How is the mother of lord is Gwen already 40 years old... OH MY GAAAD! Not only her, the guys has grown REALLY WELL TOO, but especially for gwen, I hope she will look that good for many years again, she looks like a 25 year old woman!!!
serenamea 09 сентября 2009 года в 18:44 0
Oh the Goddess!!
trickpanda 09 июля 2009 года в 05:50 0
can't wait for the new album. they're one of the few bands that i love every single song on every album they put out.
yaboyeric 08 мая 2009 года в 21:56 0
FAIL you just FAIL
Steven 04 мая 2009 года в 03:12 0
youvwe never heard of no doubt :0
beepah 30 апреля 2009 года в 15:45 0
javier celis castillo 23 марта 2009 года в 02:09 0
Carina M 15 марта 2009 года в 05:19 0
love the "new" song and the video is just as good :D
jjlwis 13 марта 2009 года в 20:14 0
lolz aww Poor Addie!!!

ahaha both Tony and Tom are all "oh it's my favorite to play live" and Adrian was all... "Yeah, I hate it"

miss you guys!
can't wait to see you all again!!!!
Ruben Pérez 13 марта 2009 года в 00:32 0

Espero que puedan venir a Venezuela...
niki j 12 марта 2009 года в 15:11 0
Sharon Jasneski 11 марта 2009 года в 19:10 0
"New" is such an awesome song!!
xXfallingapartXx 10 марта 2009 года в 01:03 0
yes! he seems, its hard to explain...what he says, he might mean to be serious, but it comes across as funny? lol...
Dan Stevens 09 марта 2009 года в 04:06 0
You're sooooo new.
Victoria Butler 07 марта 2009 года в 07:31 0
My favorite No Doubt song <3
Monorail Blue 07 марта 2009 года в 00:04 0
"That's one of my favorite ones to play live."
"That's...physically challenging."

Chrixtal 06 марта 2009 года в 23:34 0
it is so exciting to know how bands do their music, now days is more about the celebrity status, oh.
justanewgirl 04 марта 2009 года в 23:59 0
favourite forever: NEW! ... and I can't believe it! NO DOUBT is back
Kenneth Newnum 03 марта 2009 года в 17:07 0
always loved "New" one of my faves... are all these songs going to be in the tour or just maybe??
Maria Carlsson 03 марта 2009 года в 13:42 0
I love New! It's my fave song of them. Love it.
mike198932 03 марта 2009 года в 07:37 0
LOVE "New". Not only one of my favorite songs off of ROS but just in general. It has a really cool sound.

<3 Marissa
alicia ruiz 03 марта 2009 года в 07:18 0
"New" is my favorite song on that album!! im glad their doing youtube videos!! so fun to catch up on them and know whats going on in their life and stuff. can't wait to see them live!
CelticJobber2 03 марта 2009 года в 06:05 0
God I wish they were coming to the New Orleans area on this tour.
sirdaveysockrocker 03 марта 2009 года в 00:42 0
new is one of my fave songs from return to saturn <3
Carissa Anderson 03 марта 2009 года в 00:28 0
so stoked for their concert :) !!
Julie Dyson 03 марта 2009 года в 00:27 1
They better come to the UK or there will be severe hell to pay...

Also, Gwen is the hottest almost(?)40yearold on the planet. Every aspect of that woman is INCREDIBLE!
May Alvarado 03 марта 2009 года в 00:06 0
May Alvarado 03 марта 2009 года в 00:05 0
OMG every day im so happy for no doubt!!!!
I LOVE NO DOUBT!!!!! its the beast!!!!!
Melywa 03 марта 2009 года в 00:04 0
I had no idea Tricky had some influence over this song. Nice. I love New.
WinstonsHitman 03 марта 2009 года в 00:01 0
Nice, there's something about that song that I just fell in love with.