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Опубликовано 06 января 2008 года
в рубрике Хард-рок и метал

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Nightwish: Nemo

Live from Salzburg, Austria, 28.December 2007








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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Rodrigo Tenorio 01 ноября 2015 года в 01:26 21
1:36 that was kinda cute :3
Sayeth Vexus 19 октября 2018 года в 06:55
Trollmas Holopainen
Thiago Miguel 30 марта 2018 года в 01:11
I came back just to see kkkk cute
Maria Cecília 16 декабря 2014 года в 21:52 34
Sorry, but in Nemo Anette is better than Floor.
MattThePenguin 20 марта 2018 года в 06:04
lol Anette is flat all over this song
Leonardo Neto 20 марта 2017 года в 03:35
Não, só olhar isso 3:04
Infelizmente a Anette sempre sofreu pra cantar até as próprias músicas, quando o tom da música sobe ela quase explode, enquanto Floor e Tarja cantam com o pé nas costas
Renzo 28 февраля 2015 года в 04:51
Anette is definitely better in this song, well said
Ulthor Ger 09 февраля 2015 года в 20:39
+Thomas Enzo The Floor's performance is rare, it seems that will force her voice. The Anette's voice is sweet like a angel's voice. Floor and Tarja are Fantastic interpreters.
Ruebe B 10 июля 2014 года в 16:29 4
Listened the video without even looking at the dislike-bar.
To enjoy it fully, you should do so too. Yes, it indeed sounds different to the other singers..  but that's not a bad thing, is it?
Atticc 19 марта 2014 года в 11:28 15
Another reason to say that Tarja is Nightwish.
Rodrigo Nocove 14 апреля 2014 года в 12:46
 Any real fan Knows that Tuomas and not Tarja IS Nightwish he is the composer.. the poet and the soul of Nightwish, and now they're doing a lot better with Floor!!
Fer Parra 04 декабря 2013 года в 17:48 7
i love it :D i love this song with Anette :D
Austin Chu 23 августа 2016 года в 06:16 3
When Nemo (Anette's kid) inevitably discovers this video and sees all the nasty comments... XD
blake obrien 12 ноября 2014 года в 23:43 3
i like it i think its pretty awesome :)

great song 

one of my favs by nightwish :)
Erick Ettore 17 марта 2015 года в 01:05 11
creepy, she´ll never be beter than tarja
王泽鹏 24 мая 2014 года в 11:26 7
the voice is not heavy enough. too thin
angeltensey 24 мая 2014 года в 15:35
her voice is good for studio records not for live
Jesse James 15 мая 2014 года в 08:17 4
she has too happy a voice for this song.
Magic Dan 05 апреля 2015 года в 01:16 8
Anette is NightWish
Кирилл Попов-Дедяев 25 сентября 2015 года в 00:16 2
Голос может и есть но не для данной группы!!!! Tarja лучшая
Andres Felipe Patiño Garcia 10 июня 2014 года в 17:42 4
nothing compered to the original...
SakumaRyuichiNG 21 декабря 2015 года в 03:15 1
For me her version is the best. The same with scaretale... Tarja also sang stuff that she definitely owns like no other, like oceanborn (when her voice was in her finest shape), and Floor also has some tracks she simply do awesome and better than the others (to my ears). Seriously do we need to keep on fighting about their singer? If I were to cry for someone who would quit the band that would be Tuomas... And actually the guys, they are the ones to have been constant.
Steven Hall 21 мая 2017 года в 05:55 1
Flat, flat, flat.
Raul Solis 12 ноября 2016 года в 13:55 2
Leo Oro 10 ноября 2015 года в 04:32 1
Noooo, Nightwish -no se compara nadie con Tarja Turunen, maravillosa!
jason potter 19 ноября 2013 года в 16:47 7
i know she is not the vocalist that tarja is. but alot of people need to get over that. she made this band accessible to a whole host of new fans. i will miss her vocal style, but i agree she struggles live. but im interested to see what Floor Jansen will bring to this. 
tapio1989 26 сентября 2014 года в 03:26
Well the Floor Jansen is amazing 1 
Sara Gaspar 12 февраля 2018 года в 10:20 0
Annette singing live... no thanks. After 03:20 is just really really bad...
Mike Gorgonzola 16 января 2018 года в 13:34 0
Those vocals are a no no
Fonola_ Valencia 17 апреля 2018 года в 03:13 0
Out of tune so many times, so bad
Кирил Кирилов 01 апреля 2018 года в 06:12 0
Suck version..
waza chame 19 мая 2016 года в 15:07 0
Thank for shared video.
I Like #Tuomas Very much.
Kittah Cure-chan 17 апреля 2016 года в 04:47 0
i love all versions equally
uniqueness is KEY!
MazterGuitarz 29 сентября 2013 года в 00:47 0
to say,
good, but not..
Must be hard to fill out a legend.. in soundz
Very Godd
but not the same thing..
Plse just don't blame me.. :)
NW Forever!!!
SPAWN SHEPARD 01 сентября 2013 года в 21:36 0
Где эту аннет нашли,в каком сортире,хорошо что её выкинули с группы.Ей до Тарьи как до луны пешком
cavernio 22 августа 2013 года в 13:47 0
But she's flat...
Lucas Cardoso 03 августа 2013 года в 19:33 0
No. Me too!
Sienixd 02 августа 2013 года в 06:46 0
Haha getting thumbs down xD 70 likes now :D
ilisati 14 июля 2013 года в 08:53 1
She is singing out of tune quite a lot in this video. But thats is normal wen its live. People who can hear wen people is singing out of tune normaly wont like it.
Mike Gorgonzola 16 февраля 2018 года в 03:05
ilisati listen to floor singing it at Wacken 2013. The only way I can describe floors vocals at that show is “Bruce Dickinson with tits”
Aoi Tori 27 июня 2013 года в 14:14 1
Ugh just shut up and enjoy the music. It's easy to not listen to Anette if you don't like her, just click away, so stop complaining.
xxgenisxx 26 июня 2013 года в 17:29 0
Guys how can anyone of you tell she signs the song fine?! She´s off key almost whole time and does "schleifen" german word i dont know the english one, all the time...
The Coolest Person Ever 23 июня 2013 года в 03:24 6
Annette is a talented singer, and she actually did an amazing job on this, but it's true, it's just not her song...
The Coolest Person Ever 22 июня 2013 года в 05:55 0
"I know this comment's gonna get thumbs down."

*64 thumbs up*
Edson Paredes 19 июня 2013 года в 00:33 0
Tarja vuelve pir. Favor
Dying Roleplayer 22 мая 2013 года в 19:34 0
Fecepalm -_-
AlexSanGaming 18 мая 2013 года в 19:08 1
I like her voice on many songs, but this is PAIN.
Dominik Gyarmati 10 мая 2013 года в 14:55 0
samubal 07 мая 2013 года в 09:02 1
btw she is almost unable to sing this,she's voice is false
Benjamin Sohr 25 апреля 2013 года в 19:40 0
I completely agree with Emanuel AleX - although Tarja isn't an opera singer, her voice has got this flair and it sounds better than Anette singing this song. Annete also has got a great voice, but it doesn't go as well with Nightwish as Tarjas I think :)
Sebstarification 24 апреля 2013 года в 14:27 0
1:35 :P so good ;)
Darion 18 апреля 2013 года в 14:14 0
it doesn't sound tragic, but it was much better with Tarja on vocals, it definitely sounded more gloomy.
Juan Bustos 07 апреля 2013 года в 17:03 0
yo creo que si....sos a la única persona que le gusta así XD
arenaskiez 22 марта 2013 года в 03:14 1
I like the part at 4:04. Anette sings it nicely.
Maik. 10 марта 2013 года в 23:42 0
Lara 28 февраля 2013 года в 19:03 1
Ahaha I love it when she's like 'touch me with your looove' and tuomas touches her aw
new future 11 февраля 2013 года в 09:13 3
This song should be singed with an ''opera'' voice in my opinion just because of the sense that is part of the song itself. Anette's voice is just as good as Tarja's voice is. But,what makes the difference in a song like ''Nemo'', is the meaning that the Tarja's voice could give to this beautiful song in my point of view.
Gus Dor 02 февраля 2013 года в 08:15 1
Still I love her voice compared to another singer. She is fit for Nightwish for last 2 albums. And some songs like Dark Chest of Wonder, Everdream and some other.
Max Max 28 января 2013 года в 12:18 0
yes, you're the only one. anette sucks
Immortal ­Hunter 13 января 2013 года в 19:07 0
You guys either are so blind or def, you canNOT compare OPERA singer with POP, Anette is has burried Symphonic metal with her little sweet angelic voice, you can't just put Britney Spears in Metallica.
Kimi FW 11 января 2013 года в 01:46 0
If this is a live performance, please say so in the title.
Richárd Máté 21 декабря 2012 года в 23:59 0
I think this is a very good performance and Anett is pryttie cool, but a little bit wrong. She didn't find the correct tone sometimes.But is liked her...
JazzMan 16 декабря 2012 года в 20:11 0
Well I agree with your comment, just wanted to make a slight correction, because when you said "composed by just Tarja" that implied she was involved with the songwriting, which she wasn't. Otherwise, what you wrote is spot on ;)
JazzMan 15 декабря 2012 года в 15:10 0
"JUST" Tarja? As far as I know Tarja didn't compose jack shit in Nightwish. It's all Tuomas + occasional inputs by Marco & Emppu.
Halfelf Jaheira 08 декабря 2012 года в 19:50 0
i like how ppl are keep comparating tarja and anette or whoever on every videos...
JUKKA U R A MASTER ! hell ye i dont forget u.
Hendrik 08 ноября 2012 года в 18:59 2
This is Tarja's song i think. Holopainen wrote this songs for Tarja's voice, like Imaginaerum for Anette's voice.
torrost7 26 августа 2012 года в 18:51 0
no, 33 are with you :3
Viviana Torres 24 августа 2012 года в 16:01 0
these kind of songs, the old nightwish songs were done to tarja's voice so of course anette sounds not as good as tarja but it isn't so bad XD I like it =D (but anette screams the choirs XD but she is sweet ^^)
arenaskiez 08 июля 2012 года в 06:02 0
I just love Anette's style much better. It's just my personal preference. I actually love this version more.

arenaskiez 03 июля 2012 года в 07:13 0
Nope, you're not the only one.
陳泰旭 20 июня 2012 года в 04:09 0
I love Marco :-)
Alexia Faith Lee 16 июня 2012 года в 16:44 0
Lol Tuomas & Anette ^^ :P
Alexia Faith Lee 16 июня 2012 года в 16:43 0
No you're not,lol,there are many people ^^
Alexia Faith Lee 16 июня 2012 года в 16:42 0
She sounds good but not as Tarja ^^,I love her outfit.
Don't know why but she kinda have something special while pronouncing words (not an accent,i don't know how to describe it lol)
But it's really decent for "a belted version" cause this song's chorus is seriously not made for belting but for lyric singing.
elpelucagarcia2 01 июня 2012 года в 05:03 0
zzzz i expected the tarja version ;(
Alejandro Martinez 27 мая 2012 года в 05:29 0
what a skinny girl she was
Jhonatan Vieira 23 мая 2012 года в 23:20 0
Nemo with Anette = not bad
Nemo with Tarja = JUST PERFECT!
Leonardo Acosta 11 апреля 2012 года в 16:07 0
ya no es lo mismo sin tarja D:
comicozy87 29 марта 2012 года в 22:09 0
She was loosing it towards the end...
Peter Spindle 14 марта 2012 года в 20:11 0
1:34 ??? :D
Crazy JLovatic 26 января 2012 года в 16:47 0
@MrDajx I have seen very bad comments to Tarja's videos...Believe me...But ppl don't answer,they just thumb down the comment in order to dissapear it...
Crazy JLovatic 25 января 2012 года в 21:35 0
@MrDajx Look,not everyone has the same opinion...Respect the difference...You can't call someone "deaf" because they haven't the same opinion as yours...!!! Whoever doesn't like Anette's voice it's THEIR opinion,they don't hurt anyone....and those who do not like Tarja's voice again it's THEIR opinion...Accept the difference !!
Crazy JLovatic 25 января 2012 года в 21:32 0
@MrDajx One questions...Why are Anette's fans on Tarja's videos ? Only Tarja's fans are the bad ones ? Nothing against Anette and her fans,I really like her job with nightwish...But lately ANNETE'S fans have started spamming Tarja's videos...But never,NO ONE said anything about the....!!!
Deborah Edelen 23 января 2012 года в 14:58 0
All the good that has been said of Anette's singing is defensive *things you say about a karaoke singer when you don't want to hurt their feelings*. I love Nightwish, I love music, I can find something to love about everybody and everything. But Anette's vocals are one thing I really don't like that are truly bad. It's a shame, embarrassing to NW. She seems nice, I feel so bad for her and the flack she takes. She truly should not be in NW though.
MasterFhyl 16 января 2012 года в 08:49 0
She isn't terrible, but Anette is clearly singing a song written out of her range. Rabid Targa fans need to remember that she doesn't have the best track record of singing live songs either.
The one thing Anette does that I can't stand is when she adds in improvised talking in the middle of songs where it doesn't belong.. "I need your help now, I want everyone to put their hands in the air, everybody say hey hey" in the middle of an otherwise passable live version of Sahara.. No thanks Anette.
Igor bol'shikh 08 января 2012 года в 11:52 0
1:35 lol
Julián Lozano 08 января 2012 года в 04:23 0
This is sad
GreenJokerXI 05 января 2012 года в 22:44 1
anette can't sing tarja's songs,but tarja can't anette's too.......
mucalai 19 декабря 2011 года в 03:42 0
i guess nightwish couldn't work cause tuomas wanted tarja but she doesn't. instead of him she got another one.
JklLaniFilms 17 декабря 2011 года в 14:05 0
@Feanor2345 Agreed..
Scimitarmoon 28 ноября 2011 года в 07:54 0
I don't give a crap about Tarja coming back to Nightwish, but I give a crap about Anette's lack of live vocal resonance. For someone over 40, her voice is sadly underdeveloped and that is NOT a good thing. With her shouting, she'll be out of a singing voice in 5 years.

And I hate her stupid "Hep"s.
WormyWormboi 27 ноября 2011 года в 21:31 0
@Sitexful I think this comment should be in every single Nightwish video!
Jesse Feng 23 ноября 2011 года в 03:28 1
I like how Annette sings Sacrament of the Wilderness, but I don't like how she sings this, doesn't give the feeling. But her version of Sacrament gives the feeling much better than Tarja
Bleudour 10 ноября 2011 года в 08:18 0
1:35 xD
RedGleek 28 октября 2011 года в 15:42 0
Ok, this is not like Tarja's version, but is fantastic in its way :3
Pugg3nton 28 октября 2011 года в 04:10 0
497 people are Tarja fanboys.
doris fog 23 октября 2011 года в 19:38 0
I like her scream at 3:00 ;)
eadgyth gc 23 октября 2011 года в 04:40 0
Sieghart 17 октября 2011 года в 22:03 0
@scuba369me Just like Amaranth is a song made for Anette and Tarja can't sing it.
FadeStepChannel 03 октября 2011 года в 16:16 0
@Sitexful huahauah pseudo metal, u think Annete is making metal hauahuahauah dude go and listen some rap :D
Ilja Nazarov 26 сентября 2011 года в 21:36 0
like a gril :D:D:D gime back taraja :)))
krustttyyy 20 сентября 2011 года в 20:38 0
the vocalist of my band sing better see watch?v=b9mt9I5Sx58
scuba369me 12 сентября 2011 года в 06:17 0
This Tarja song NOT Anette song.....Anette killed this song 100% Why is Anette sing a song she can not come close to singing just listen when she hits the high notes .. not even close to sounding right.. : ( ...I think I am just going to stick with the old Nightwish....Sorry Anette fans...Anette can not sing good enough for my listening pleasures
scuba369me 12 сентября 2011 года в 06:16 0
This Tarja song NOT Anette song.....Anette killed this song 100% Why is Anette sing a song she can not come close to singing just listen when she hits the high notes .. not even close to sounding right.. : ( ...I think I am just going to stick with the old Nightwish....Sorry Anette fans...Anette can not sing good enough for my listening pleasures
mixuli1966 11 сентября 2011 года в 20:40 0
patopunk2 01 сентября 2011 года в 23:47 0
que "diferente "qe suena sin tarja, diferente x no decir chto.
dasaintsman5121 15 августа 2011 года в 16:43 0
:50 emppu trying to look serious
kelvin klein 14 августа 2011 года в 23:18 0
the perfect
kronos444 14 августа 2011 года в 20:04 0
@metalk1tt3n What spider?
Majo Alzaga 14 августа 2011 года в 03:51 0
i love you Anette!!!!!!