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Nightwish: "Bye Bye Beautiful"

Nightwish "Bye Bye Beautiful" live from Joensuu, Finland








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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Reijo P. 24 мая 2018 года в 09:03 3
In my opinion "Dark Passion Play" is the best Nightwish album ever. It is diverse, it is very emotional, the lyrics are brilliant and Anette slayed on those vocals.
Alexandra Augustin 24 июля 2014 года в 15:49 8
Love this song! Amazing!
Александр Харченко 18 марта 2016 года в 21:04 3
Класс, всю жизнь мечтал увидеть клип Найтвиш с официального канала Найтвиш на Ютубе, снятого с телефона, с последнего ряда через зум. БРАВО! Говнюки ёбаные!
Dynamo 23 июля 2016 года в 07:00 4
Even in the old times you are the greatest band of power metal on the earth :3
张葳 31 октября 2016 года в 00:08
Dynamo TRUE
Jhony Uriel ArT 09 декабря 2015 года в 00:24 0
Grande apresentação. Logo de cara não gostei muito dessa música, mas com o tempo comecei a gostar. Anette é uma ótima vocalista, a minha fase preferida de Nightwish.
Brian Garcia 19 октября 2013 года в 15:17 7
I miss you, Anette :(
Fallen Templar 19 апреля 2013 года в 12:23 0
Now we have Floor...
And she better, than weo oter girls before :)
Now all is good :)
Oceanborn1975 23 октября 2012 года в 21:04 0
yep... Let´s see who´s next.
DarkWingsAscending 01 октября 2012 года в 22:32 1
Bye Bye Anette?
María Marcantonio 01 марта 2012 года в 22:36 0
Sir Fernicus DeathMetal 25 февраля 2012 года в 20:03 2
They're both hot and I'd bone them both
pitker 02 января 2012 года в 09:33 0
Fucking awesome, I just imagine be there!! Nightwish Rules with that Intro!!!
MrCameltoeKiller 31 декабря 2011 года в 22:18 2
This video was shot with a Potato from 3000 feet.
alex voronov 14 октября 2011 года в 19:58 0
девушка которая заменила тарью очень хороша!
Kim Jong Børre 25 сентября 2011 года в 05:36 0
@adartzt Fuck you, Annette is ten thousand times better than Ozzy.
Kim Jong Børre 25 сентября 2011 года в 05:36 0
@bonesoul419 Imaginaerum.
AlmightyGW2 24 августа 2011 года в 20:54 0
@goopah This is exactly the attitude all Nightwish fans need. Tarja singing this album would just be a complete mess. I love the Dark Passion Play album, and i can't wait for Imaginarium.
Adar Tzivion 24 августа 2011 года в 11:06 0
where is the cihks

bruce dickinson is the best vocalist - iron maiden
ozzy osbourne is the best vocalist - black sabbath and ozzy osbourne

please buy new cmaera with better mic
Adar Tzivion 24 августа 2011 года в 11:06 0
where is the cihks

bruce dickinson is the best vocalist - iron maiden
ozzy osbourne is the best vocalist - black sabbath and ozzy osbourne
Angelsea 20 июня 2011 года в 09:59 2
GO ANETTE!!! You're just amazing! I love your voice! Nightwish made the right choice!!!!!!!
Norbert Csáno 04 апреля 2011 года в 14:18 0
@gunbladeauto1 The best vocalist was The Rev from A7X :)
Maria Katheleen Brewerton 18 марта 2011 года в 09:34 0
I don't know about anyone else but I am so OVER the constant bitching about the whole Tarja/Annette crap. For everyone's sake, give it the hell up, how many damn years has it been. EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion. You either like Tarja and not Annette or visa versa or like me...a fan of one who can handle some of the other. Just enjoy the band and the music and let it go.
neolitchic 16 марта 2011 года в 19:56 1
I dont see why people still complain about anette,she has talent at what she does and keeping nightwish alive, without anette, no nightwish, get it your heads you haters. I dont see how you haters of anette can call true fans of nightwish. You cant just pickup a true symhonic metal singer like ozzy can just pick out any good guitarist for him.
Mathew Tosh 08 марта 2011 года в 17:27 0
@goopah BEARD METAL!
Iván Feria 26 января 2011 года в 03:53 0
i <3 nightwish
Daniel Hernandez 15 января 2011 года в 04:28 0
Jerome Becks 06 января 2011 года в 22:11 0
@danielbalter Yeahh me niether, But neither did tarja for me. Not saying I dislike any of them...but I have never gotten goosebumps from a singer.
Jerome Becks 05 января 2011 года в 19:00 0
@danielbalter Opinions vary man. I love them both since they both bring something different to NW. But I agree that Annette owns the new songs. And no one owuld be able to sing the old ones like Tarja but IMHO Annette doesn't do too bad.
It isn't an immense mistake really, DPP was their best selling album yet, and considering tarja was going to leave after one last album, it isn't as if they lost anything more.
SeychelleK 20 ноября 2010 года в 06:30 0
This is actually a very good live performance from Annette. She generally doesn't seem that strong when singing live, but I truly enjoyed this.
Daniel L Newhouse 10 ноября 2010 года в 04:19 0
@ClintDuza Jukka is definitely an underrated talent. As you point out, he's a human metronome. Also, he has the physical ability to kick the bass drums like a grasshopper like so many speed metallers, but stylistically he's very diverse.
marcus974ever 04 ноября 2010 года в 20:38 0
@Volkswagon96 Everybody have to respect your opineon:)
Iļdars Akbūtins 27 октября 2010 года в 06:43 0
aaaa if if you will watch carefully you watch how emppu runs being late)))
walter morales 04 октября 2010 года в 23:33 1
let´s say that Anette´s voice is not as good as Tarja´s, (that´s just a difference of opinion) she compensates that with her presence in the stage... now they are really a 5 member band....
ClintDuza 25 сентября 2010 года в 22:30 0
will everyone stop going on about Tarja or Annette cos at the end of the day JUKKA is the thing that kicks arse in Nightwish! JUKKA not annette not Tarja cos they are vocalists that spend more time fussing over they're appearence than being kick arse. Jukka has good timing hes always early on stage! doesnt leave you hanging like these vocalist cunts!
GothPrincess116 09 сентября 2010 года в 16:06 0
good song :-)
But Tarja was better, sorry
Frank Espino 25 августа 2010 года в 22:11 0
Aeon Aeon 25 августа 2010 года в 11:28 0
@goopah Finally the truth.....I absolutely agree with you....The Story Anette vs Tarja should come to an end!
Litsa Tsinaroglou 27 июля 2010 года в 07:07 0
@TraianusCaesar seriously?:P
0XxClaymanxX0 09 июля 2010 года в 16:27 0
Its true, but he always is out of tone.
Mizz Matrix 09 июля 2010 года в 08:55 1
Marco is the KING! He has such a powerful and devil'ish voice, no one can compare to ;)
harrawrson 01 июля 2010 года в 09:43 0
@goopah First off, I do agree, but compare this recording to the studio version, and then Imagine what Anette COULD do to the old songs. The originals will always have a place in our hearts, but I wish I could hear what Anette could bring to Tuomas's words when her voice isn't exhausted from the tour. He chose her because she's an amazing storyteller and is great at telling his amazing stories. :)
0XxClaymanxX0 08 июня 2010 года в 13:00 0
I don´t like marco´s voice, he must learn to sing.
TraianusCaesar 30 мая 2010 года в 15:29 0
I wanna see them live!!!
HeartsEyes 28 мая 2010 года в 21:27 0
@makkolatso I know that they liked her voice from the start, but it still stays a fact that Tuomas didn't want her in the band, in spite of that. He was scared she could be having loyalty problems between the band and her child.
And if you have read all the interviews yourself, it has also been said repeatedly that the new album was already written before Tarja was fired.
akkito1911 22 мая 2010 года в 00:45 0
HeartsEyes 18 мая 2010 года в 15:43 0
@makkolatso DPP was written even before that.. it was written when Tarja was still in the band. Logically thinking, maybe Bye Bye Beautiful and Master Passion Greed were not, but the rest was.

Anette sent demos of old songs in 2005, but she was refused first, and the decision to pick her was made one and a half years later, in 2007. So 2005 is not the valid date for Anette here.
uzumakiarual 07 мая 2010 года в 01:00 0
@AlldaylongRock i'm with you!!!
Jorge M 30 апреля 2010 года в 22:36 0
take annete's songs to Anette and Tarja's to Tarja, don't put anette singing tarja's songs that's suicide
xxAtlantianKnightxx 27 марта 2010 года в 20:04 0
Very nice song, I really like it.
Joyce E. 21 марта 2010 года в 23:48 0
those lights make me dizzy o.o
gunbladeauto1 11 марта 2010 года в 19:43 1
I think Marco is the best vocalist by far. Im sure thats arguable but still hes such a bad ass!
JordanMcCoyFan94 10 марта 2010 года в 21:30 0
@goopah You are absolutley right
Beniamin 02 марта 2010 года в 13:53 0
Tarja < Anette
fibreoptik 01 марта 2010 года в 20:23 0
LOL cool!
guskill 27 февраля 2010 года в 01:39 0
this song is the f u c k i n g Awesome!!!
mattagol 28 января 2010 года в 21:56 0
sorry but...tarja is 10000000 times better!!!
HeartsEyes 25 января 2010 года в 13:02 0
The new ones aren't made to suit Anette's voice yet, Dark Passion Play was still written for Tarja. A lot of them are not comfortable for Anette's vocal range, but we can't hear that because she sings them really well and we never heard Tarja sing them, so we can't compare. That probably shows how much the difference is actually in our heads. ;)
The upcoming album will be the first one written for Anette.
Alexander Swedish Pagan 15 января 2010 года в 20:32 0
she has great voice u biatch! dont fucking mess with sweden...
AgentGustavo 14 января 2010 года в 02:29 1
He is always like that, he should get more credit than he does. Nightwish drums never dissapoint.
goopah 09 января 2010 года в 09:25 1
Tarja will always "own" the older songs, no doubt. But Anette totally owns the Dark Passion Play songs. Can't even imagine anyone else doing those. Either way, this is a great band. And of course, Marco will always own whatever he sings. He just plain ROCKS!
kittycathappy 09 января 2010 года в 00:10 0
they are two different voices. the old songs suited Tarja for her voice and the new ones (i think) are made to suit Annette voice. you cannot take the fact that when you hear annette sing a song that was made for Tarja that its off cause you already know how the song sounded with the old singer
1kolima1 17 декабря 2009 года в 20:05 0
I agree!
spartan4126 17 декабря 2009 года в 00:46 0
I like annette's voice actually better than Tarja. Maybe I'm alone in this view, but Tarja has a deeper voice, while Annette has a more upbeat and fun voice good vid
kalizmace 08 декабря 2009 года в 17:28 0
Even it(he,she) does little we form(train) a band and you are our inspiration we wait algun day to be so good as you soon we will raise algun video of a cover of someone of his(her,your) songs
kalizmace 08 декабря 2009 года в 17:25 0
en colombia tambien te escuchamos
son mi banda favorita.
In colombia also we listen to you they are my favorite band
Ibrahim Burhan 07 декабря 2009 года в 21:45 0
If I must be honest, I think Annette fits better in Nightwish then Tarja, but we all have memories on her that's why we want her back hehe.
I'd prefer Annette though.
bukojuko 03 декабря 2009 года в 01:00 0
this is just the opening of the concert if i remember correctly from the one i went too..they opened with 7 days to the wolves tho but this opening was the same
Lauren Nolan 24 ноября 2009 года в 04:09 0
Anette is a million times better thean Tarja!!!
RumikXxeno 15 ноября 2009 года в 18:13 0
my words ! :)
SerasTasha 14 ноября 2009 года в 21:25 0
Anette sucks, she sang Poet and the pendulum on playback! she ridiculously sings Tarja's songs.
SerasTasha 14 ноября 2009 года в 21:22 0
Tarja IS BETTER...
alan933 14 ноября 2009 года в 03:32 0
This is really a great song though these recordings aren't very good. Annettes voice is good in this live one, others where she isn't was probably a sound/monitor problem.
And where are the (2) keyboard hits leading into the verses? Don't hear them on the live one. Just a silent part instead.
Klemen 11 ноября 2009 года в 13:42 0
i soooo love this soundtrack :D and yea Anette kinda rocks live... like u werent watching the same person as on the youtube videos

Nightwish for Eternity!!!
RumikXxeno 01 ноября 2009 года в 18:20 0
Anette is good but tarja was better !
Claudiu Alexandru 28 октября 2009 года в 07:42 0
wow great performance! Nightwish is still nightwish even without tarja. When Sami (ex basist) left non of you said anything but when tarja left everyone "anette sucks blah blah blah" I think anette rocks the sings awesome and i love her voice.
Claudiu Alexandru 28 октября 2009 года в 07:40 0
si mie imi place Anette si cred ca ea canta destul de bine XD
Louis Drust 26 октября 2009 года в 08:26 0
This is great. I need to see them live.

The drummer is rocking the FUCK out.

Amanda Dedino 24 октября 2009 года в 14:08 0
Annete is a good singer! And beautiful. I like her.
Sam Fouani 24 октября 2009 года в 04:33 0
Damn those were some serious pyros in the beginning!
Malik82691 19 октября 2009 года в 22:55 0
The new lead singer is and talented AND gorgeous!
Rekotsu 19 октября 2009 года в 16:11 0
Finally someone with common sense.
kristofer woolverton 02 октября 2009 года в 18:39 0
Damn, she is hot and can sing too....greetings from america
BowtiesAreCool 29 сентября 2009 года в 18:45 0
BowtiesAreCool 29 сентября 2009 года в 18:45 0
the sound isn't great but i love nightwish and annete song really beautiful

Hi From Romania
Otis M. Tovani 25 сентября 2009 года в 16:52 0
zeramino 11 сентября 2009 года в 21:26 0
why are they only clapping? how about jumping or moving around? and Annette's outfit is NICE!!!
Michael Welsh 05 сентября 2009 года в 21:00 0
To the nightwish fans: stop comparing Tarja to Annette. Their singing styles are completely different, you can't compare them. Tarja has a powerful voice, but Annette is a more powerful stage persona. She sounds and looks like a genuine metal-singer.
And to the Tarja fans who refuse to change with the times: Get over it and go listen to her solo-career.
Intrusive_Wombat 31 августа 2009 года в 09:41 0
Annete sounds better live, tbh.
Justyna Warzocha 30 августа 2009 года в 01:31 0
I love her outfit =D Go Anette!
Anduy 29 августа 2009 года в 17:31 0
still awesome
but their old music is better
DCDUO 19 августа 2009 года в 23:32 0
The song previous to that was from the credits of the Passion of Christ, for the record. John Debney is an awesome musician.
Alexander Swedish Pagan 13 августа 2009 года в 21:02 0
fuck fucking blame anette and dont tell that shes sucks that just because u guys like tarja but i tell u guys to go and lisen on her new band. because we real nightwish lowers dont care we love them anyway
Mina 13 августа 2009 года в 10:43 0
no fucking shit, the energy is awesome!
boomtakjes 11 августа 2009 года в 20:50 0
anette sucks real hard and nt only becuz shes swedish, also cuz she just cant sing.

we love you TARJA
Iván Wayland 10 августа 2009 года в 14:25 0
Annette is better actually!!
Iván Wayland 10 августа 2009 года в 14:24 0
It's Master Passion Greed
jonathan carballo 03 августа 2009 года в 06:28 0
PaulusAlone 03 августа 2009 года в 00:06 0
Yeah.... Point Taken! I am by no means a Fan of His 'Voice.' - But I may have been a Little Harsh There.
Stanley Pěčonka 02 августа 2009 года в 11:42 0
why ?? she is bitch ... hear you about her something ??, oh sorry just a fucking bad version of Poison .... she ist bitch .. and tarja´s low voice was so bad ... my ears are falling down when i hear her fucking voice !!!!
LunaticCalm 31 июля 2009 года в 19:05 0

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