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Опубликовано 03 марта 2009 года
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Seven Days of No Doubt — Vol. 4 — Simple Kind Of  Life

Seven Days of No Doubt — Vol. 4 — Simple Kind Of Life

#No Doubt #Simple Kind of Life #Simple Kind #Return of Saturn #The Return of Saturn #Gwen Stefani #Tom Dumont #Adrian Young #Tony Kanal

Комментарии к видеоклипу

Mike Youngblood 13 апреля 2018 года в 23:35 0
9 years later...things are way different for the band
maskbanana 01 февраля 2013 года в 04:01 0
Relax song Sweet love
Fran Carabajal 13 июня 2012 года в 19:24 0
Wow! calm down hahaha you're thinking TOO much
Hayden Oran 08 декабря 2011 года в 00:36 0
Only she is THIS gorgeous at 40! (:
passion1 08 июля 2009 года в 12:14 1
wow. so why aren't the return of saturn recording sessions out on DVD? and if they are, why don't i have them??
XsamgX 07 июня 2009 года в 13:48 0
So yeah...thanks again for clearing that up.
XsamgX 07 июня 2009 года в 13:47 0
No, really. Ever since watching this video I have been uneasy about the fact that Gwen plays guitar. It could not be! Why even have another guitarist in No Doubt? It made no sense whatsoever. And from there, it dawned on me that if she could play guitar, then she could probably play bass and drums. Then I thought, THAT'S IT, EUREKA! That's why she and Tony broke up and the band essentially dissolved. She was taking control of everything. Because she was too talented. This really bothered me.
XsamgX 07 июня 2009 года в 04:22 0
Thank you for straightening that out for me. I'm sure I'll sleep much better now.
negrophiliac 22 марта 2009 года в 04:48 0
haha you took the words out of my mind
freddieelm 14 марта 2009 года в 15:58 0
One of my favorite No Doubt songs! I can't wait to see these guys live!
kbd23 13 марта 2009 года в 21:43 2
Wow, mad respect for Gwen. That's such a great song.
XsamgX 13 марта 2009 года в 01:49 2
I didn't know Gwen plays guitar. I have so much more respect for her. She is truly talented.
Monorail Blue 07 марта 2009 года в 00:06 0
Love this song! It turned me onto No Doubt.
Liesbeth Verbiest 04 марта 2009 года в 09:10 1
that must be the first time that i see Gwen playing the guitar
mike198932 04 марта 2009 года в 06:42 1
I'm definitely getting tickets on the 7th!

I love this song.

By the way, Gwen looks gorgeous.

<3 Marissa
ohhepburns 04 марта 2009 года в 04:33 0
Andree 04 марта 2009 года в 01:58 0
definatly anaheim is the home to many of ur biggest fans
nodoubter9204 03 марта 2009 года в 22:55 1
really cool to see gwen playing guitar she should keep it up and she did an awesome job on simple kind of life
May Alvarado 03 марта 2009 года в 22:32 0
omg thats my favorite song ........ i love
simple kind of life!!!!!!
Luciana Matos 03 марта 2009 года в 22:17 0
I'm so happy that No Doubt is back!! How about a world tour??!! Please come to Brazil!!
missy morck 03 марта 2009 года в 21:09 0
AHH! I'm so excited I have tickets to 3 shows!!!!
Bosco Brusnica 03 марта 2009 года в 21:08 0
awesome!! I'm your lifetime fan ... come to croatia, please :/
Sebastian Birr 03 марта 2009 года в 20:27 0
Great video...I really like those videos of making the songs!

But please come to Europe(Germany) on your tour! Pleeeaasse!!:-(