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Gym Class Heroes: Taxi Driver [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Gym Class Heroes’ music video for ’Taxi Driver’ from the album, The Papercut Chronicles — available now on DCD2 Records / Fueled By Ramen. Download it at

I took cutie for a ride in my deathcab
She tipped me with a kiss I dropped her off at the meth lab
Before she left she made a dashboard confessional
And spilled her guts in cursive but whats worse is
I could still see her bright eyes like sunny day real estate
Oh my and in a funny way the ceiling tastes
So high but no chance
My little chemical romance left a bad taste in my mouth
But I approached her like hey mercedes why the long face
Why you cryin? theres no need
Just put on this coheed and fallout
Boy meets girl jimmy eat world
But Schlep eats pills till hes all out
Not once not twice she was thrice times a lady
Mackin on brand new, but I had to
Bounce over to the postal service to
Pick up these pills that take care of my nervousness
And all the way I saw planes and mistook ’em for stars
She played games but she took em too far
At the drive in
Watching soft porn and you can tell
By the trail of the dead, that there was somethin in the popcorn
I hop in my cab destination midtown
Just to get up with some kids that like to get down
I’d made my rounds and that was that
In between the frowns and scraps and heart attacks
And I remember I seen her ass in early november
On a Thursday taking back Sunday for a refund
She shot a wink like no hard feelings
Then she jetted to brazil man them pills had me spun

This is the story of the year right here
This is hot water music
Put ya ramen into it

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

BLUEJAY Gaming 09 мая 2015 года в 03:47 21
So many different band names where named in that song. I've heard of most of them
Jeferson Sodré 27 ноября 2018 года в 11:30
Justin Jennings 22 марта 2016 года в 17:29 17
im almost 23 i used to listen to this when i was 12
Sandy Kandy 04 февраля 2017 года в 04:14
me too 😊
William Pealer 16 марта 2015 года в 20:04 19
Happy 10 year Anniversary to Fueled by Ramen's web ops stealing this clip off of my server. Another example of massive corporations stepping on small time operations with no $ or time to fight for what is theirs. Thanks TWM for the cease and desist.
William Pealer 12 сентября 2018 года в 01:24
I am currently converting all the 2003 DV tapes (18 in all) to h.264. There will be one hella viewing coming up. All OG band. All 2003/2004. Ithaca, Syracuse, Downtown Geneva, 2003 Geneva Lake Festival (whalewatch). Plus 3 tapes of "late night at travies" after party footage.
J Brown 12 сентября 2018 года в 00:45
Sooooo.... viewing party at your house?? I'll bring the pizza and beers
William Pealer 08 августа 2018 года в 15:36
Sure. I may make a long form compilation of the cool or funny parts. You can see some of the finished live videos I made if you search "food for mic skill" or "AWOL from fat camp"
Patches 08 августа 2018 года в 06:27
well i appreciate you getting back to me. much love brother.
William Pealer 07 августа 2018 года в 14:01
Cool. Yeah there is no way to view it, unless your in my house, with all electronic devices turned off. LOL
Mitsuko Ewing 02 марта 2016 года в 18:23 11
Mannnn I used to wear this song out
OPS 2017 26 марта 2016 года в 21:31
Yess I deff met them back in the day love this song
Mitsuko Ewing 26 марта 2016 года в 21:31
you went? it must've been legendary
OPS 2017 07 марта 2016 года в 15:05
right best song ever just had random memory from warped tour lol
A___Tailor 26 июня 2015 года в 11:24 4
This song helped to identify the 'posers' in high school.
Stephii Loveless 07 июня 2016 года в 07:47 3
this song tho! 💕 I love almost all the bands he names in the song.
10songsblog 20 апреля 2014 года в 08:21 4
"'s honestly a feat of emo science that four people could write a song where they namecheck 26 bands they love and the best one is My Chemical Romance--unless you count accidental word bands like "kiss," "can," or "ride." I'm gonna use my check from this article and buy these guys a Neu! record or something. You can find something that rhymes with "Neu," right?"
Evans O 02 июня 2015 года в 20:31 4
All of the bands mentioned in this song except 5 I was already familiar with when I first heard about this song.
Elias Gregory 06 марта 2018 года в 07:23
I'm legit impressed. I just made a playlist with 4 or 5 songs from each band and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the bands I didn't know.
Dana Condo 18 октября 2016 года в 21:26
Evans O r
TheBgsbgsbgsbgs 23 февраля 2014 года в 17:41 4
STOP LISTING MY FAVOURITE BANDS! I'm trying 2 take it ONE awesome song at a time
Jarrett Spinks 13 августа 2016 года в 07:28 3
I play this song every time I get close to a girl but right now I'm listening for memories of Gym class heroes
tha Real Mike Zee 29 октября 2017 года в 23:47 1
Sweet! Piracy!
Vertigo Low 17 ноября 2017 года в 12:09 1
Been a long time
Emily Anne 14 октября 2014 года в 05:46 1
I probably would have thrown in something about a punchline or the "cutie" being my paramour. Or viewing a very cinematic sunrise. Or running from some stray light. Or being startled by the sound of animals fighti--I should stop. Having some D.R.U.G.S? Wow. I'm not much for the SOUND of the song, but this is hilarious. Took me twice to catch that SOTY reference at the end there. And the "ramen" made me laugh as well. I love this, this sounds like something I would have written. Wish I had. WHY have I just now found this?
Jacob .Russell 23 января 2015 года в 01:51
and before DRUGS, they were not around till 2011
Emily Anne 23 октября 2014 года в 05:02
+tspencer227 Fair point, it was like a year too early. 
tspencer227 23 октября 2014 года в 03:06
This was way, WAY before Paramore- from the Papercut EP, in 2004.
elif 25 июля 2016 года в 15:45 1
Matt Block 06 ноября 2016 года в 13:15
el fi
alyisdead 26 ноября 2018 года в 09:59 0
The things I’d give to go back and relive the moment I feel in love with this band
Marcos Jordan 09 ноября 2018 года в 03:13 0
Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.
crypto 09 октября 2018 года в 14:37 0
this takes me back to my early teenage years :(
Lil rome 26 августа 2018 года в 05:16 0
Good old days
Mmazipan Rammstein 06 мая 2018 года в 17:00 0
Classic! I miss GCH :(
Joseph S 05 февраля 2018 года в 17:37 0
The good days.
Nota Timetraveler 06 февраля 2017 года в 02:33 0
Okay so like why does this video look like it was put through a blender?
Travis Porter 09 сентября 2017 года в 17:31 0
God they are So Corny! Lol but real talk this song got me into alot of fun band.
Beastly G 18 июня 2017 года в 07:45 0
A true friend plays backup guitar in a tree for you!
nekoyawn 09 января 2018 года в 19:39 0
the same guitarist is in ra ra riot!
Andrez Delafunk 06 августа 2015 года в 20:37 0
this video deserves a remake... awesome song!
Fabian Diaz 03 ноября 2015 года в 09:20 0
GCH one of my favorite bands
Mauro Murrieta 16 апреля 2017 года в 02:09 0
2017... Alquien :D
Matthew Schmidt 16 мая 2017 года в 03:02 0
I am up to 26 bands I counted that I could pick out. How many are there?
davidROWDIE 16 августа 2017 года в 05:27
28 I believe.
emocobra666 23 февраля 2015 года в 00:21 0
happy 10 years to this album 
Kevin Ferraro 29 сентября 2017 года в 00:09 0
I picked schleps nose in 2004
Tony Chan 13 ноября 2013 года в 02:10 29
Loving the 240p. Always an awesome feeling of nostalgia coming back to this song, makes the guys seem so down to earth; just a couple of guys having fun.
o 18 октября 2013 года в 19:10 0
Tnx 4 spell checking my comment broskie.
Argy Maltezos 18 октября 2013 года в 15:34 0
i am taxi driver who listening to pop punk!
SpaceC4se 17 октября 2013 года в 21:29 0
BEST name drops ever :D
o 06 октября 2013 года в 16:08 0
Most name drops ever.
William Pealer 25 сентября 2013 года в 12:35 0
This quality is poor because GCH, as agreed when we produced this video, was obligated to stream this clip from hyper-activemedia d o t c o m, the production company's web servers. This was to barter for exposure for the crew that made it. GCH was broke college kids back in 2003. So they could not afford to pay competitive rates for production. Fueled by Ramen and Warner Music Group invaded the servers at hyper-activemedia d o t c o m took the low quality file, and moved it to youtube.
John 20 сентября 2013 года в 04:22 0
your smart
Trovah 17 сентября 2013 года в 00:00 0
Anyone notice the top comments are both incorrect on "you're?"
William Pealer 09 сентября 2013 года в 13:38 0
Anyone interested in 20+ hours of GCH concert footage, behind the scenes footage, and house parties featuring the original band? For Sale. Shot on Sony PDx10 and Canon GL1? Contact me.
William Pealer 09 сентября 2013 года в 13:37 0
They can't. not this video. I made it. Back in 2003. Fueled by Ramen and Warner Music Group are snakes. They basically siphoned this file from MY servers where it used to stream (as agreed by Gym Class Heroes, because they couldn't pay me very much, so they agreed to let me host the file as advertising) , Fueled by Ramen, uploaded it to you-tube, then made youtube give me a strike, and deleted my quality clip that I had on youtube. GCH, sold out to their friends, long before they made it big.
PaperclipChoreo 05 июня 2013 года в 11:25 0
Fuelled By Ramen, Please upload all your GCH video's in higher Definition!! :)
Hook1m 27 марта 2013 года в 16:20 0
Damn you 240p !
Alexx Irigoyen 05 марта 2013 года в 03:36 0
240p poop
Dionel 31 января 2013 года в 07:37 0
man miss these days use to skate to this song back in the day
bonbonboogie 08 июля 2014 года в 04:19 3
lmao at ugly chick in the passenger seat, and um...its crap quality on purpose for those who are simple minded..
Sam Johnson 31 января 2013 года в 02:11 0
was this filmed with a potato?
Shanty Saniko 22 января 2013 года в 02:03 0
all people like you taxi drive INDONESIA
2013 ... the best song
Laksana wati tri 22 января 2013 года в 01:59 0
i'am from INDONESIA

I think this song is very good in 2013
Rajai Barakat 31 декабря 2012 года в 21:16 0
like if your listening in 2013 !
Jordan Burney 02 июня 2014 года в 08:54 9
Get away new kids. This is my biz back when I was a youngin.
Fet Mass 23 декабря 2012 года в 23:46 0
240p we meet again!! :/
Faro 11 декабря 2012 года в 20:48 0
I think it just a regular toaster
cody johnson 19 ноября 2012 года в 02:52 0
FYI not emo bands Indie bands
bluenoserflatlander 11 ноября 2012 года в 04:41 0
what kind of toaster was used to record this!??
bstokeling91 03 ноября 2012 года в 01:54 0
00:58 HOTTIE.
nihilistcipher 17 октября 2012 года в 05:30 0
he named a bunch of old emo bands in a very cool way...
liancho philliph 15 октября 2012 года в 11:44 0
full hd nooo just 240p wtf
Cogitatio023 11 октября 2012 года в 04:12 0
This makes me want to go back to my days hanging at at The warped tour.
priimalhunter 07 октября 2012 года в 02:11 0
Sorry I am in the year 3000 BC on my fucking iStone.
doodeguybruh 30 сентября 2012 года в 07:31 0
you forgot bright eyes
Nico Destroyer 29 сентября 2012 года в 23:55 0
*Brand New was in there
Vincent. 24 сентября 2012 года в 08:21 0
BOOM ii 08 сентября 2012 года в 04:17 0
you obviously dont get the joke
Yeahhshiftyeahh 02 сентября 2012 года в 13:36 0
You're an idiot. The art style of the game has nothing to do with the video resolution. Its blocky because that's how it was designed, you can play the game in hd
Corby Horton 02 сентября 2012 года в 02:41 0
You're an idiot... this song came out so long ago that it didn't have the higher shit for it at the time
terr bear 20 июля 2012 года в 00:10 0
It's really clever how he put the band names in
treyCcatastrophe 17 июля 2012 года в 19:43 0
for those of you who don't know this video was made when they first got started in their home town. So its not top notch quality. Everyone's gotta start somewhere.
iDEBStv 05 июля 2012 года в 14:34 0
STFU! sterio heart people, this is the true GCH! i hope we wont lose them.
taintedpyro813 23 июня 2012 года в 19:53 0
how is this the "official video" if it is only in 240p im sure they could do better than that -_-
TheFestrea 16 июня 2012 года в 19:57 0
240p we meet again!!!!
PeeTheStain 04 июня 2012 года в 22:26 0
Fuck you.
Jaylon Martin 26 мая 2012 года в 03:36 0
Go gym class heroes
Busola Laditan 15 мая 2012 года в 08:21 0
fucking 30 second ad for every 4 min video!!!!!!!
jennifer foshee 09 мая 2012 года в 14:41 0
you forgot cursive
blades0019 04 мая 2012 года в 05:05 0
@jsilva450 was? they still are!
Caleb Cochran 20 апреля 2012 года в 17:16 0
And "Spilled her guts in 'CURSIVE'"
Sara Hoover 14 апреля 2012 года в 16:57 0
Like if your listening in 2012!
Christopher Tetreault 05 апреля 2012 года в 16:51 0
2012 and still watching all of Gym Class Heroes videos.
BI6ED 23 марта 2012 года в 01:50 0
thank u HD for making change in our life !!!!
what the hell we were watching ???
yomman123 08 марта 2012 года в 18:37 0
@ImPoe its 6 years, that's pretty long in my opinion
Jesus Jones 08 марта 2012 года в 07:13 0
@yomman123 shit man, I'm watching in 2048 with 12010340 7q... QUALITY IS SO GOOD
ImPoe 07 марта 2012 года в 05:29 0
Lol's at people saying "those were the days" as if it was so long ago...
FunkMasterKRoc 05 марта 2012 года в 00:50 0
dam its soo different from there music now. miss these days
Juan Salazar 19 февраля 2012 года в 02:30 0
wow HD fuckkk!!!!! this
bdemonstoy 18 февраля 2012 года в 22:50 0
@maureenamc I agree. Miss those days. Love seeing Geneva in a Video though, shows where they come from.
C. Bone 14 февраля 2012 года в 19:21 0
fueled by ramen really needs to UL higher res videos of these older ones
Kaleb Button 01 февраля 2012 года в 23:00 0
dude jets to brazil is the shit, if this is the music he still listens to (which i doubt it is) thats would be tight
FunkySkunk55 30 января 2012 года в 02:43 0
The quality is so shitty that every s sound sounds like a lisp
Swag McSwaggy 26 января 2012 года в 01:46 0
is this actually gym class heroes in the video? I wouldn't think that Travie Mckoy would make a joke about his pill addiction at 1:13
Jon3718 19 января 2012 года в 00:58 0
anybody else think that the gym class heroes are some good sick shit???
excellent music
rad iohead 16 января 2012 года в 22:04 0
@williwin12 people in 2006 when this video was uploaded.
Titancrusher18 08 января 2012 года в 03:18 0
who uses 240p anymore
VerbotenDonkey 23 декабря 2011 года в 19:55 0
One of their most under-rated songs. I love it.
R Bernard 21 декабря 2011 года в 05:47 0
damn classic gym class heroes. They sold out but this brings me back to the old days.
qcchristy 16 декабря 2011 года в 19:20 0
damn this brings me back , seriously one of there best tracks
Lordsbassman 14 декабря 2011 года в 23:54 0
@diantc333 and I'd be super high.
TianaJanelle 02 декабря 2011 года в 00:18 0
@katesmcgates I think you missed Cursive, but well done. :)
tallicdeth 30 ноября 2011 года в 23:06 0
@diantc333 Get it right, you'd be getting a refund!
tallicdeth 30 ноября 2011 года в 23:06 0
Jesus christ, this must be 244x176...freebie cell phone.
Arthur C 23 ноября 2011 года в 11:52 0
240p? Whats this? Minecraft?