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Praying Mantis — "Highway" (Live Music Video) #PrayingMantis

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Recorded live at Frontiers Rock Festival V in Milan, Italy on April 28, 2018, this brand new live release shows PRAYING MANTIS offering the crowd a setlist of new songs and several classic tracks, including selected cuts from the now legendary debut album, “Time Tells No Lies". An awesome release, showcasing the repertoire of one of the most consistent British hard rock bands around.

Originally formed in 1973 by the Troy brothers, Tino and Chris, Praying Mantis became one of the most influential bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). The band is also one of a very small number of bands from that era to have remained an ongoing concern over the intervening years, and to still record and appear live regularly. The debut Praying Mantis album, “Time Tells No Lies” (Arista) was released in 1981 to critical acclaim, and it remains a significant milestone in the history of NWOBHM. Following a short-lived reformation of most of the original line-up of Praying Mantis in 1987, the band went back on hiatus until offered the chance to play in Japan with ex-Iron Maiden members Paul Di’Anno and Dennis Stratton in 1990. This experience injected new life into the band, and also marked the beginning of a productive 15 year partnership with Dennis Stratton. The band’s second official studio album, “Predator in Disguise” was released in 1991, and the band have continued to write and release new material every two to three years ever since, with a shifting line-up which has featured the likes of Doogie White, Gary Barden, Bernie Shaw, Bruce Bisland, Mike Freeland, Gary Mackenzie, and many other figures from the cream of Britain’s rock fraternity. Following another major change in line-up (including the departure of Dennis Stratton), Praying Mantis signed with Frontiers in 2007 and recorded the album “Sanctuary”, which was released in 2009. The album, considered to be one of the finest of their career, has received consistently positive reviews, as have the follow-ups, "Legacy" and "Gravity".

Whether gigging in support of their latest releases, writing new material, or re-visiting other songs from their extensive back-catalogue, the Troy brothers, along with guitarist Andy Burgess and newest recruits, John ’Jaycee’ Cuijpers on vocals and Hans In T’ Zandt on drums and vocals, remain committed to the blend of melody and power in their music that has become a trademark of the Praying Mantis sound, and, some three decades after forming, the band is still completely dedicated to entertaining a seemingly ever-growing army of fans across the globe.

Check out Praying Mantis live on tour:

Wed 6th November — The Cavern Freehouse, London
Thurs 7th November — The Brickies, Norwich
Fri 8th November — Hard Rock Hell XIII
Sat 9th November — Classic Rock Weekender, London
Sat 30th November — WinterStorm XiX, Troon, Scotland

1. Captured City
2. Panic In The Streets
3. Highway
4. Believable
5. Keep It Alive
6. Mantis Anthem
7. Dream On
8. Fight For Your Honour
9. Time Slipping Away
10. Children Of The Earth


John ’Jaycee’ Cuijpers — lead vocals
Andy Burgess — guitars
Tino Troy — guitars and vocals
Chris Troy — bass guitar and vocals
Hans In T’ Zandt — drums

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Debbie Athy 09 октября 2019 года в 12:32 9
Cool I never heard of this band this guys voice reminds me of Steve Perry from journey very cool song I will have to check out more songs by then they have the classic metal band look but they sound really like journey mixed with a heavy metal band I like it very cool
Rosario Verano 10 октября 2019 года в 07:10
Guitar brings in some Def Leppard feeling as well.
D K Man 09 октября 2019 года в 13:07
Yes they are cool band melodic rock.
Big Dave Kilbride 09 октября 2019 года в 17:05 2
Absolutely brilliant now let's have the live album.
HP MAN 09 октября 2019 года в 13:55 1
Sounds like Lynn Allen from the QUAD CITIES 😎✌️👏👏🤘👍👍😎😎🙌🙌🙌
Vicky Inc. band 09 октября 2019 года в 11:22 2
Craig J Todd 09 октября 2019 года в 17:18 1
Not my favourite Praying Mantis track, but a great performance nevertheless. Hopefully, more live tracks to come...
Roberto Menescal Menescal 09 октября 2019 года в 13:08 3
Finally a "live video" with a "live audio"...
MaciekGMP40 09 октября 2019 года в 14:20 1
Been there, sung all songs, waiting for this release!
Christian-Albrecht Groddeck 09 октября 2019 года в 20:39 0
Hammer playing and great Voices from you all.
Eva 09 октября 2019 года в 19:13 2
Genial band. I love
Super version!
Erickson Paraguassu 09 октября 2019 года в 15:25 1
Finally ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Lronardo Lopez 09 октября 2019 года в 11:05 2
Mucha clase!
C. Fitzpatrick 09 октября 2019 года в 21:08 0
Great British band, have had their album Legacy (2015) and really like it, nice to see them here.
Christian-Albrecht Groddeck 09 октября 2019 года в 20:36 0
Again amazing as I know from you, many thanks my friends!
petewoodroffemusic 09 октября 2019 года в 15:50 2
Great vocals
danger winger 09 октября 2019 года в 15:00 0
Absolut 09 октября 2019 года в 11:56 3
tzoker13 10 октября 2019 года в 11:36 0
Love from Greece ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Orion Roos 09 октября 2019 года в 23:00 1
Jerry Thomas 09 октября 2019 года в 13:48 2
Horrendous. Fake crowd. They don’t have a clue who this is and either do I. Don’t want to be a troll but that’s god awful.
Mattimm 11 октября 2019 года в 06:23
they should have filmed at a small venue with their own crowd. I went to two concerts in Hamburg now and the Crowd was going absolutely crazy!!