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Опубликовано 18 июня 2015 года
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Memphis May Fire — Stay The Course (Official Music Video)


I am not a product of mistake. I’ve got a purpose & I’m living it out. This life of mine is no coincidence. I’ve seen the world & I will never bow down. So bring your temptation to the table, but I’m not giving in. Tell me I’m wrong because I’m different, but I’m not giving in. Time spent waiting for truth to come out of a lie is time that’s wasted, so waste away but you’re not wasting mine. I am not a product of mistake. I’ve got a purpose & I’m living it out. This life of mine is no coincidence. I’ve seen the world & I will never bow down. Never bow down! I might walk this road alone, but I know that it’s taking me home. I know that you’re bringing me back where I belong. When everyone tells me that I am wrong, I’ll stay strong because I’m on my way home. I have seen, I’ve heard, I’ve felt your unfailing love & I’ll never be the same. Nothing can break me. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. This is a war you’ve already won. So no matter what comes my way, I’ll stay the course. I might walk this road alone, but I know that it’s taking me home. I know you’re bringing me back, bringing me back where I belong. When every voice I hear is saying I’m wrong, I stay strong because I’m on my way home. On my way home. On my way home. On my way home. I’m on my way! I spend my days living for what is to come. No evil can stand in my way because you’ve already won. You’ve already won! I might walk this road alone. I might walk this road alone, but I know that it’s taking me home. I know that you’re bringing me back where I belong. When every voice I hear is saying I’m wrong, I stay strong because I’m on my way home. I’m on my way home.

Directed & Edited by Caleb Mallery
Mixed & Mastered by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

RyanTheGamer 18 июня 2015 года в 21:41 144
Let's be real. True fans of MMF won't sit here and just post negative comments. Doing nothing but comparing them to there older albums...they are not the same they we're you guys not understand that. Bands evolve/adapt to new sounds all the time and personally I loved this song. Loved the integration of a guitar solo too cause I don't think I have ever heard them do one in a song before. Some people will never be satisfied with change. Oh well. Great song!
sasukeisepic 14 января 2019 года в 22:43
I have my favorites of theirs and least favorites, but I'm definitely not comparing anything. The album that dropped in 2018 isn't my favorite of theirs but MMF is still my favorite band!
Ray Mejia 25 августа 2018 года в 11:54
Love everything that this song has, especially what the lyrics are saying. Regardless of the style this band expressed in their songs. Long live MMF!🤘💪👍🤟❤️
Devon Brooks 14 июля 2015 года в 23:43
+RyanMayFire The meaning in their two latest albums have lightened me up, and to look forward in life. I agree, they may be "generic" to people now, but I hear amazing vocals and lyrics of truth and power of the heart and god
Santiago Holder 12 июля 2015 года в 05:12
They've had quite a few solos in their past albums btw
Katie Leverenz 23 июня 2015 года в 17:32 45
I GET IT! The video is referring to Luke 4:4-13
Jesus walked in the desert for 40 days, and the devil tempted him and every time jesus said a scripture, "it is written man cannot live on bread alone"
"It is written worship the Lord your God and serve hime only."
"It is said do not put the Lord your God to the test."
The video is basically a version of that, i guess. We need to stay a course that will get us to heaven.
Katie Leverenz 25 июня 2015 года в 08:56
+Zach Roberts I'm happy i'm not the only person who gets this. I do like this song though 😊🐼. And if i was the only person who got it i would be questioning some people in the world...
Archer Maravilla 24 июня 2015 года в 23:31
I thought this was a love song lol...
Zach Roberts 23 июня 2015 года в 22:31
+Katie Leverenz that's what i got out of it also. Obviously I mean it's not a total reenactment or anything cause Matty isn't portraying Jesus or anything like that but I think it is supposed to demonstrate how we are supposed to walk uprightly like Jesus did before God even in the face of temptations always being equipped with the word of God whenever we encounter any difficult situation.
Ryan AndersEn 18 июня 2015 года в 20:23 273
The Hollow will forever be their greatest album because it was the first album I listened to of theirs. I hate it when a band changes their sound and goes soft, but Memphis May Fire seems to be maturing really well to be honest. They always have a certain unique sound that makes them sound like themselves despite how heavy or soft their songs are, and I admire that about them. I'll never say this often, but I love the sound change and I love this song. Excited to hear new things from them...
Unknown_Hylian 05 января 2019 года в 00:20
Ryan AndersEn How do you feel about Broken?
Liam 17 апреля 2018 года в 14:03
OwenTheBeaner he sounds the same live though
ST6 Zeus Gaming 04 сентября 2017 года в 23:52
he said first album he heard from MMF you goof.
Thecor13 20 апреля 2017 года в 11:44
+Jacob the hollow is definitely not thier first album. They made sleepwalking before that. If we are talking album wise my favorite is unconditional. But Ep and overall favorite playlist from MMF has to be their ep between the lies better
Homura Akemi 02 сентября 2016 года в 08:23 550
If you ever get lost in a desert, just walk 30 minutes in any direction and you'll come across a metalcore band filming their music video.
Mike Stepp 30 сентября 2018 года в 23:18
LMBO! Good one!
toshiro hitsugaya 04 ноября 2017 года в 20:08
Homura Akemi lmaooo
Lucas Ventura 31 октября 2017 года в 18:35
*post hardcore band
Jinxx Radke 08 августа 2017 года в 20:16
"I told you camping in the desert was stupid." kimmi said
"Shut Up." alex replied
"Do you hear that?" alex questioned
"Sounds like Matty Mullins." kimmi told him
*Walks closer and sees band rocking out*
"Do you think anyone will believe us?" alex asked
*kimmi shakes her head*
- 3 Hours Later -
"What happened" they asked sitting up
"You were found in the desert, dehydrated." said the nurse
kimmi looked at alex "to good to be true"
AllforHim 37 16 мая 2017 года в 23:04
Homura Akemi DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joshua 18 июня 2015 года в 20:09 131
Whoa...there is a guitar solo that isnt a breakdown in a memphis may fire song? THERE IS A GOD!!!! This is what i want.
cjbrooks70 08 апреля 2018 года в 21:49
Joshua this is not new I have heard several solos in their previous songs
MrSkyhippowdon 26 июля 2015 года в 08:21
The face with no name
nonchalant beatz 17 июля 2015 года в 20:46
+Joshua breakdown of sanity
xsonicassassinx 20 июня 2015 года в 04:59
+Joshua if only it wasn't shitty and riff built. its a mess. LRN2 guitar
Billy Hutchison 18 июня 2015 года в 22:44
+Joshua its kinda like a breakdown behind the guitar solo, but yeah it is pretty sick.
Oliver-Vic Carquinn 18 июня 2015 года в 20:30 12
These lyrics are so much better in this song than My Generation.
Don'tCallMeStupid 10 августа 2016 года в 05:29 98
>In a desert
>Summer Time
>Wears leather jacket
Chyna Olinger 04 июня 2017 года в 20:17
Don'tCallMeStupid wears all black + leather jacket
Clint Elsik 03 марта 2017 года в 21:04
It gives +5 charisma
Jspau 11 декабря 2016 года в 17:17
josh liddle 25 октября 2016 года в 08:07
+Bloody Septic Eye I get it and screw you Billy
Sergio Castillo 04 мая 2016 года в 05:26 33
Did anyone noticed he's talking about God and His word?
Raider 3359 01 июля 2018 года в 19:23
AssistanttoRM Matty Mullins is Christian
cjbrooks70 08 апреля 2018 года в 21:52
Sergio Castillo he has been doing it since The hollow in several songs... thats not new
Jake Macias 26 декабря 2016 года в 07:36
Sergio Castillo Well this whole album about his Christianity as he says alot in his intterviews
RoboKing 16 декабря 2016 года в 23:21
Yep, and I love it. Very refreshing to see Christians spreading the word on different platforms.
Brandon Pereira 13 декабря 2016 года в 16:35
Sergio Castillo I love that Matty is so open about his faith in their music and in keeping to their metal roots.
Jake Hickman 18 июня 2015 года в 20:07 8
Just when I was losing faith...this is sick! Nice work MMF
Michelle Beauchamp 29 июля 2016 года в 22:51 34
this song is a literal demonstration of perfect balance between heavy music technique
Michelle Beauchamp 24 сентября 2016 года в 20:56
Sorry it was supposed to be techniques. It uses multiple styles all in one to just create this perfect song
Darklaw Swallows 24 сентября 2016 года в 19:41
And style
Ian O'Connor 21 сентября 2016 года в 20:22
Heavy music technique... And what?
Nathaniel J. Rawlins 05 сентября 2016 года в 16:30
I could almost agree.
Girl Mercenary 03 января 2016 года в 04:19 16
nice if you actually listen to the lyrics its heart warming
Arinne H 12 января 2016 года в 04:34
Girl Mercenary 12 января 2016 года в 04:32
Arinne H 12 января 2016 года в 04:31
+Girl Mercenary lol pamela Ballinklebs fav band
bianca g 10 января 2016 года в 07:57
Jeremy Michael 15 мая 2016 года в 04:32 18
No Memphis May Fire song seems to be complete these days without the low beat from 1:10 lol
Josh Abner 23 марта 2016 года в 19:29 5
These guys killed it Monday in Nashville!
Patrick Hogan 18 июня 2015 года в 21:24 103
How are their amps getting power?
FreakFormula 2 14 июля 2017 года в 01:11
solar power
DAS1337 13 июля 2017 года в 00:45
Faith bro
Sebastian Lar. 【ViolinxBass】 20 марта 2017 года в 16:34
Esburrito 05 марта 2017 года в 15:14
Patrick Hogan It's for aesthetic
Patrick Hogan 22 февраля 2016 года в 01:58
This comment put me away in a box on the top shelf of my step-father's storage facility.
Miriam Palme 16 июня 2016 года в 19:42 8
the video reminds me of Chelsea Grin's Don't Ask Don't Tell
Michaela Bennett 14 ноября 2016 года в 01:16
Miriam Palme and Hollow King by FFAK
Michaela Bennett 14 ноября 2016 года в 01:16
Miriam Palme and Hollow King by FFAK
Selma jaHoi 17 сентября 2016 года в 13:27
omfg I was just reading the coments to see one like this XD
Hollow 09 августа 2016 года в 10:54
Holy shit true xD
Demetori 25 июля 2016 года в 04:50
same.. I too XD
Ghost Killer Entertainment 18 июня 2015 года в 20:51 6
What was Matty doing at the old house where Attack Attack! filmed Stick Stickly?!
Kikicore 12 января 2016 года в 00:24 5
Comprendo que la gente se queje del cambio de estilo de BMTH, de OM&M o del de CTE, quiero decir, ya que pasaron de hacer metalcore a hacer otra música totalmente diferente en caso de BMTH rock alternativo y en el de OM&M y CTE nu-metal. A mi también me molesta eso. Pero que os quejeis de que MMF evoluciona... Lo siento pero es que no lo entiendo, es decir, son fieles a su género y a sus fans, no han dejado de hacer metalcore ni se han vendido. No entiendo la oleada de comentarios negativos quejándose del sonido de MMF, cuando realmente no es TAN diferente del de los primeros álbumes, solo que obviamente han evolucionado por que esta claro que no van a hacer una réplica continua de los dos mismos álbumes, pero esto, es MI opinión, claro.
Little Weeb Idiot 18 июня 2015 года в 20:18 78
A Guitar Solo!?!? In an MMF song!?!? Is the world ending or something?
Santiago Holder 12 июля 2015 года в 05:08
They have guitar solos in alot of their songs. Like listen to the albyms sleepwalking and challenger
Sgt SkySyndrome 10 июля 2015 года в 13:06
+dougbigjog​ nah bro. I am being condescending in response to your conceit which kicked this off. Plus, how could I be butt-hurt? I couldn't care less what you think...also you split an infinitive in that last comment.
Sgt SkySyndrome 10 июля 2015 года в 12:58
+masonsolimineyes you're a commie
masonsolimineyes 04 июля 2015 года в 04:28
+Sgt SkySyndrome you smell bad
dougbigjog 02 июля 2015 года в 22:17
+Sgt SkySyndrome Well, first, you're being hypocritical by initially calling me condescending when you're clearly being that way here. I think it would be exponentially beneficial to, instead of blatantly giving nonconstructive opinions, provide something helpful. You're being unreasonable, so I think you are the one who is "butt-hurt."
e.g. John e.g. Smith 18 июня 2015 года в 20:14 6
So what Matty's lyrics are simplistic. He's doing a he'll of a lot more for his listeners than other bands. I love bands like Asking Alexandria that don't necessarily contain positive messages in their songs but music is even better when bands like MMF and The Amity Affliction create songs with inspiring lyrics that promote life, individuality, and the belief that everyone has worth and deserves to be heard. MMF's lyrics are 10 times as simplistic as its rival bands, but they hit home harder than all of those other bands combined. If you're gonna hate on simplistic lyrics, hate on Attila.
The Wise Man's Fear 18 июня 2015 года в 21:27 8
Was really hoping the hooded figure would turn out to be Darth Maul, the desert would turn out to be Tatooine, this video would turn out to be Star Wars Episode VII, and Matty and Maul would duke it out with sabers.

Great song anyway!
honey 27 июля 2016 года в 20:43 4
does anyone know if they're gonna make a new album?
Josué Alcívar 31 июля 2016 года в 06:47
New album will be released in October.
Juli M 20 апреля 2016 года в 02:25 8
1:50 - goosebumps
love you guys <3 <3 <3 keep doing what you're doing, God Bless !!!
bullfis 18 июня 2015 года в 20:05 8
Jesse Peters 22 декабря 2018 года в 08:52
No, Just wait 3 days!
desistx1 10 июня 2016 года в 16:32 6
I remember when this band added me on Facebook in 2007 when they had 500 some odd fans. Been with them ever since! People give them shit for writing "religious" lyrics, when in actuality you can apply that to anything in your life. Matty is a great dude and is genuine in his lyrics. If you don't like their new music, listen to the old. If you don't like the old, listen to the new. And if you're like me, listen to it all! Stop trying to be a critic and just listen to the great music.
Jspau 11 декабря 2016 года в 17:21
Thank you for being an old school fan but respecting their new music too. :D
I love all of their albums. ;)
Cmhowerton1998 10 июня 2016 года в 00:38 5
I have to say I know people say the Hollow was their best album and I agree cause it's my favorite but to me honest I love every album and the only really bad doing is My Generation everthing else is fantastic...
Jspau 15 июня 2016 года в 19:16
+Cameron Howerton It's OK I just don't like the cheesy lyrics that much.
Cmhowerton1998 15 июня 2016 года в 19:08
Agreed I haven't heard their first EP and plan not to but I do like Generation: Hate even though it is far from their best.
Jspau 15 июня 2016 года в 18:20
The only song I don't really like is Generation: Hate.
I also don't like their very first EP, before Matty even came along. But I LOVE Sleepwalking! But other than that first EP and the "Generation" songs, all of their music is great! :D
Cmhowerton1998 10 июня 2016 года в 00:40
Nate Annen 19 июня 2015 года в 05:23 16
This is their best song since the Hollow. I lost all hope with "My Generation". But this song gave me hope again. Guitar solos?!?!? This could be a turn for the good
Tyler Robinson 09 июля 2015 года в 00:02
Ugh unconditional was amazing home boy
Nate Annen 21 июня 2015 года в 15:38
Although Vices is up there, I really love that song
Nate Annen 21 июня 2015 года в 15:37
Yes I have heard all of those, I own all their albums. I follow MMF carefully. However, in my opinion this song is a lot better than those.
Ismaël Boudissa 21 июня 2015 года в 05:47
+Nate Annen best song since the hollow? Have you heard alive in the lights, red tooth in a claw, vices, sleepless nights? Better songs IMO.
qq More pls 19 июня 2015 года в 06:29
+Nate Annen Agreed
Mario Cipriano 19 июня 2015 года в 12:19 66
Does this video remind anyone else of Chelsea Grin's Don't Ask, Don't Tell video?
mikogord22 21 сентября 2015 года в 16:45
I was about to comment this
waphlesauce 17 сентября 2015 года в 20:59
that's also an epic song!
GCA Mommers 17 июля 2015 года в 22:21
Reminds me of caves from chiodos too
Peef Rimgar 17 июля 2015 года в 01:56
+Mario Cipriano deserts are metal
AFLYINGTURD 11 июля 2015 года в 01:27
+soulsmusic15 how do you copy what God created?
Chloe Sanderson 29 декабря 2015 года в 23:08 29
This is the first song I've heard by them...DAMN I've found my fave band.
Lee Bragg 27 июля 2016 года в 00:07
I know right? haha
Teufelshund 23 июля 2016 года в 10:12
Santiago Medrano 09 июля 2016 года в 20:38
Go listen to The Hollow in it´s entirety! For most of MFF´s fans, The Hollow represents their best work.
Xander RAPANUT 01 марта 2016 года в 16:27
same here
but I think pierce the veil is awesome
Braulio R. 18 июня 2015 года в 23:53 42
Nice and Jesus-y. Not bad, I suppose.
Ramzi Ali Basir 10 марта 2016 года в 15:54
+Eben Koen not fully, most of their songs are about general well-being, but that well-being is influenced by christianity
Braulio R. 24 августа 2015 года в 23:47
+Eben Koen Yes, for better or for worse. 
Eben Koen 24 августа 2015 года в 21:00
Just to clarify - is MMF a Christian band?
Benjamin Vanderheide 27 июля 2015 года в 01:44
+Lou Dicks not going for arguements here but i laughed when i read your comment because your name is lou dicks. just found it funny
Jonathan D'Orazio 04 июля 2015 года в 08:10
Well i never said i liked them. Can't educate on what you don't
▼ Big Bang Nightcore ビッグバン ▼ 28 апреля 2016 года в 17:24 8
I just found my new favourite band.
Yonkecon 18 июня 2015 года в 20:33 4
After hearing this, I'm so ready for a new album. i like this new sound from this song. Despite what people say about "The Hollow" being the only good album, this right hear is definitely comparable and shows how much you guys have matured and grown.
Klark Kent 24 февраля 2016 года в 11:27 3
This band saved my life. Drug and alcohol addicted, broken hearted, faithless, contemplating an early clock out, and imprisoned ... they brought me back to my senses with their music and let me know that all I had to do was step out of the darkness into the light to end my suffering. Thanks again guys. Keep shinning the light, because without you guys I may have never found my way out of all of that darkness.
Winter's Inferno 26 февраля 2016 года в 19:21
Stay strong bro! Very inspiring and touching story.
Sarah 18 июня 2015 года в 20:48 3
This song is so good WTF and the lyrics...😍
Giovanni Rodriguez 18 июня 2015 года в 20:12 120
WAY better than my generation
Teufelshund 30 июня 2015 года в 20:26
+Find Out 
Teufelshund 30 июня 2015 года в 20:26
There only two singles in deluxe edition, the other two are fucking acoustics for two songs they've made last year (not the deluxe). Anything before Unconditional is fucking dandy, after, fuck off.
Teufelshund 19 июня 2015 года в 21:02
+Shawn Hunter Isn't obvious to you already that I'm a big fan of MMF and that I'm just butthurt that they made a terrible album when we all know they can make a better one. It's just sad..
Shawn Hunter 19 июня 2015 года в 20:29
+ThoseTwoDudes It is extremely annoying when you're commenting on multiple comments saying that they enjoy the song with the same cynical bullshit about how it sucks. We get it, you don't like it. Why don't you quit trying to start drama and go listen to something you enjoy then?
XZYLO Savage 19 июня 2015 года в 21:37 4
Yo his screams here sound so much better than in the last song. Love the more raw-ish sound (but not really) that he's doing.
Philia // Phobia 18 июня 2015 года в 20:11 135
Amazing song! Can't wait to hear this on Warped!
Zack Nordsell 03 февраля 2016 года в 23:20
+ExtronMadosOfficial ya they were i didnt know my generation when i saw them live but it was awesome
Philia // Phobia 27 июля 2015 года в 05:36
for real dude i saw them at warped in Ventura it was amazing
Brent Smith 08 июля 2015 года в 04:48
If the rest of the band aren't religious or Christian why did Kellen and Anthony both thank God in their thanks in their album booklet?
Vik Brummer 28 июня 2015 года в 12:35
+Jason LovesPWD You think it's stupid that the rest of the band is okay with the fact that his lyrics are religiously influenced when they're not religious? I agree entirely! I mean how dare they be tolerant of a band member! Seriously what scumbags. /sarcasm
Kayla 28 июня 2015 года в 00:09
Who gives a fuck if they aren't Christian? They write amazing music, are fantastic live, and they are really nice in general. If it makes them happy they should do it. That's all that matters.
Tactical Axe 17 ноября 2015 года в 00:25 26
R.I.P. the tree from no ordinary love
I know I'm not the only one who thinks that the videos are very similar, am I?
AmIalive 19 августа 2016 года в 13:19
i feel like thats why its taking them so long for a new album. challenger and unconditional had such a small gap between them, and they were almost the same album
Devin Sorensen 10 мая 2016 года в 03:52
All of their music sounds the exact same as of recent too
Martin Vetere 17 марта 2016 года в 20:22
+tactical axe not me
Evelyn Zarate 12 февраля 2016 года в 22:54
+tactical axe Pensé que era la única que veía tanta similitud. Siempre los confundí por sus videos.
Rabbid 18 января 2016 года в 03:55
I do too 🙋
Jack Crane 22 июня 2015 года в 13:07 2
I'm not saying Matty has to write about anything thing else but what he wants, and not that it's not good, but I feel like lyrically he's starting to become a bit predictable. I understand he has strong faith and that's something he cares a lot about. But I wish he would write about a wider range of things. I feel like Challenger was a pretty diverse album lyrically. Or at least more so than what he's been doing lately. Either way, instrumentally it's still good ole' Memphis and the screams are still killer. It just starts to feel a bit preachy after awhile, especially being a non christian fan.
Delaney Hicks 18 июня 2015 года в 20:08 4
I love how Matty looks so hardcore but he's actually really sweet and caring
IProdigious 18 июня 2015 года в 21:15 3
Amazing work. You guys just keep getting better & better. From the first song you guys released until now. In the end it isn't what your fans want to hear that's important it's what YOU guys want to play & share with us. It's clear to me that you all as a band understand that/ Keep up the amazing work!
Julián Hernández Contreras 28 июня 2015 года в 03:25 2
Un Matty 2.0 mas afinado con mejores agudos y graves... Grabando a pleno sol, ya decía yo que tenían que tomar color.. Pero no se que es mas candente... El pelo del Matty o la arena en que graban xD esta genial!
Mr.AMC 18 июня 2015 года в 23:46 2
Good song, but can we say they're a Christian band already...I'm seriously list to theses lyrics, but good song none the less.
Dave Fernandez 19 июня 2015 года в 02:23 4
This is Memphis May Fire
Great song
Great solo
Great everything
Sheree Ashley Arend 18 июня 2015 года в 20:52 2
This is an amazing song, and I love the video!! I can't wait to these guys at Warped this Tuesday.
Ryan Cromer 19 июня 2015 года в 03:30 3
That was a huge surprise! Sounds like a classic MMF but improved! I absolutely love it. Great comeback guys!
Shawn Secrets 19 июня 2015 года в 05:35 18
Mind Blown. Beautiful music video. Beautiful music.
VERIDIA 18 июня 2015 года в 23:18 261
Straight killed it! Love it, guys.
LaylasAdventures 19 марта 2016 года в 05:22
Yeah, I will! ^-^ Thank you, sir! 
underwaterglass93 S 15 марта 2016 года в 21:10
try getting used to some of the other bands screamers first :p then come back here.... and you'll see what I mean (: stay up, Miss
LaylasAdventures 10 марта 2016 года в 05:16
Yeah, I just need to get used to them. 
underwaterglass93 S 09 марта 2016 года в 01:14
+LivingLifeAsLayla he's a good singer, but his screams are perfect..... a majestic voice paired with the edgy highs. perfection.
LaylasAdventures 29 февраля 2016 года в 08:14
+Solarc12 I didn't even know he screamed in Break The Cycle? I love his clean vocals, but the screaming will have to be an adjustment.
Erick Montejano 16 апреля 2016 года в 22:48 5
this song alone is getting me through some tough times man...
Ty Rivera 05 мая 2016 года в 03:11
agreed . this is also my get sh*t done song lol
nathan benson 18 июня 2015 года в 22:26 2
That was amazing.Matty I love your lyrics to your songs they are so positive and pointing kids an adults towards Christ.Thank you and you band
The Great Saiyaman 18 июня 2015 года в 20:08 46
I'd like MMF to go back to what in my opinion was there prime. I'd like to see them go back to their style in "The Victim". But TBH this song is really good regardless of its their old style or not ( which it is kinda heavier ).
Not so scene 19 января 2016 года в 20:35
+Sammy Katzman They still are southern metal, Kellin just writes in a lower key now so it doesnt stand out as much.
Sam Katzman 10 октября 2015 года в 00:10
I'd personally like to see them go back to their roots a bit and bring back some of the "southern metal" elements like in north Atlantic vs north Carolina and cowbells making a comeback
The Great Saiyaman 29 июля 2015 года в 21:59
+Anthony Armstrong I wasn't offended and I'm sorry if it seemed that way. I didn't say you insulted me until you just called me a dumbass. All I was saying was if you don't like the message of the band then you don't have to listen to them. No reason to start an arguement here.
Anthony Armstrong 29 июля 2015 года в 21:54
+The Great Saiyaman It's a comment you jackass. I wasn't being rude or insulting you. I am allowed to voice my opinion, which is exactly what you were doing in the first place^^^^^^^. Since you're too dumb to take your own advice; Youtube comments are not exclusive for people who like what what is featured on the page. FYI I was a huge fan of this band from when they started which is why I am disgruntled about their new style. So go ahead and cop out of the argument by saying that because you don't have enough intelligence to formulate a response. It's that simple.
The Great Saiyaman 29 июля 2015 года в 21:15
+Anthony Armstrong If you don't like it then don't listen to it. It's that simple.
Steve Aboagye 18 июня 2015 года в 21:55 91
I still think MMF's best work was The Hollow
ThrashingSalmon 28 марта 2016 года в 18:28
+start/end I like the melodic qualities of Challenger better tbh
ConverseBarbie93 18 июля 2015 года в 02:30
+Steve Aboagye Agreed! Although Undconditonal deff served it's peroose👌
jord zwaan 15 июля 2015 года в 12:57
+Troyb0 amen to that man
Steve Aboagye 30 июня 2015 года в 05:55
+havoren Long time no see 
yanksandrushfan 19 июня 2015 года в 04:40 2
So much better than my.genrstion. killed it guys great work
ThatKiDwiththeDrums 18 июня 2015 года в 21:26 37
Can't see myself listening to this, so mediocre compared to The Hollow and Challenger.
Shireen Lilith 03 июля 2015 года в 19:06
+ThatKiDwiththeDrums That's cause it's not those albums, bands evolve. I love The Hollow and Challenger but I love this too
cxrb 25 июня 2015 года в 22:31
+Paul Dragon This, is not heavy. It's good! Just not heavy
Cruz Majeno 22 июня 2015 года в 00:05
This is unconditional, you fuck.
CJ Hemple 19 июня 2015 года в 09:37
+ZDuality This is on the same level religion-wise.
Jamie Hebert 19 июня 2015 года в 19:59 2
I seriously can't stop watch this,its absolutely breathtaking.
Michael Faulkner 18 июня 2015 года в 22:00 2
This is Amazing so worth the wait and they have such a wonderful God given talent to make great inspirational songs!!!
rcb3000 13 марта 2016 года в 01:55 2
Powerful in so many ways. I love it.
18 июня 2015 года в 21:33 3
Great song and positive Christian lyrics !
I think Matty want to share his religion in his recent songs, it's not bad:)
MrBeastofeast123 30 июня 2015 года в 17:30 2
This is a really good song actually. The part at 1:51 reminds me of the band Famous Last Words
Joey Chavez 22 декабря 2016 года в 08:16 2
wow, first time hearing this song. My favorite song of all time now
John Howe 18 июня 2015 года в 20:39 4
Excellent colour grade!
Avexyz 18 июня 2015 года в 20:39 10
First BFMV, then MMI, now MMF :D
SolarGaming 20 июня 2015 года в 05:26
i know right! no way out is (learned the whole song and solo 2 days after release) fun as fuck to paly on guitar <3 and its a great song 
Definitely way better then Temper Temper (still an alright album but not good enough) 
lmlBFMVlml 19 июня 2015 года в 05:31
+Ethan Glammeier Cant fucking wait for Venom
winter 19 июня 2015 года в 04:37
+Jose Durazo AA? Denis being in the band makes me want to avoid buying any new material, but I'll wait for more songs before judging entirely, "I Won't Give In" was pretty awful though.
Jose Durazo 19 июня 2015 года в 03:46
+KMSCovers Don´t forget August Burns Red, Asking Alexandria, Blessthefall, WCAR, Northlane, BTBAM, TDWP. And possibly BMTH?
SolarGaming 18 июня 2015 года в 23:24
+Ethan Glammeier well for me it was
BFMV (preodered that album stright away <3)
MMF deluxe album (pre-ordered the biggest package the two shirts with eveything)
then Parkway drive
miss may i
man this year is gonna be sick!!
Nick Damjanoff 19 июня 2015 года в 03:39 2
This song absolutely kills! I love it!
Brad Glenn 19 июня 2015 года в 02:28 2
Keep getting better Matty I love you guys c:
Devan Palumbo 19 июня 2015 года в 02:24 3
U FUKIN WOT M8 18 июня 2015 года в 20:26 7
U FUKIN WOT M8 19 июня 2015 года в 10:07
Arthur Ramalho 18 июня 2015 года в 21:37
+Elan Jones You again ? nooo . But I like the screams " "HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGG"
I Garcia0930 02 октября 2016 года в 08:37 3
Its a fake dessert because it doesn't have any cactus
M Dzul Nur Faisal 15 августа 2018 года в 23:46
Iris Garcia there's no cactus in arabia, only has palm trees
Justin Dade 20 июня 2015 года в 14:14 2
GOD IS GREATER! Love this Matty.
Tanner Drage 18 июня 2015 года в 23:34 2
This is literally the exact same thing...
Athina Alba 09 декабря 2016 года в 13:07 2
I love this scream🙈😝😙
coleslawishaw 18 июня 2015 года в 20:08 97
TDWP and MMF today. MMI yesterday. Good shit Rise. Keep it up.
Pete Guajardo 19 июня 2015 года в 18:35
Alex Carrillo 19 июня 2015 года в 16:38
For real, Rise are releasing a lot of new music also including Miss May I
Troyb0 19 июня 2015 года в 04:08
simon2712 18 июня 2015 года в 22:35
+ThoseTwoDudes Good old "Epic Rap Battle of History: Quotes":D
Teufelshund 18 июня 2015 года в 20:47
+Matt Collishaw Ehh, the new MMI track is not bad. TDWP is on a whole other level. MMF today, well. Their music is the soundtrack to a vasectomy.
Basu 18 июня 2015 года в 20:17 6
guitars, bass and drums are on point, the singing and screaming is great, but come on matty, these lyrics
Trini Gambos 25 июля 2015 года в 15:20
+J- Rich Matty Said That It Wont Be A Christian Band. This Whole Album Was Written About the Past Year That He suffered With depression, Anxiety ect.. And thats why the songs are so god orintated because during this time his connection with god was stronger. In the next album there will be diffrent type of songs but some god orintated because god is #1 in mattys life so keep that in mind.
Matt Jackson 19 июня 2015 года в 13:33
I greatly appreciate how he writes about his beliefs. But he even did it back in the Hollow on The Sinner and they hit so much harder then than they do now. I love it I'm just sayin there's a way to make it less cheesy ya know.
Basu 19 июня 2015 года в 13:24
+tdwpvsabr to each their own I guess
tdwpvsabr 18 июня 2015 года в 22:34
+Basu117 Whats wrong with the lyrics ? When you encounter Jesus and see what he's all about outside of what man says, then you'll understand. He changed Matty, so Matty wants to write about his love for him. Honestly I love a band that shows their faith boldly. Seems like so many "Christian Bands" are afraid to stand out rather than look and sound like the world. MMF? They're not one of them.
Basu 18 июня 2015 года в 20:30
+J- Rich
 I'm not hating, but IMO the band is not heading in a good direction with the "Christian Hopecore Band" thing.

I will still listen to their songs and go to their shows, I'm just posting my opinion
Sam Blaylock 19 июня 2015 года в 03:01 2
I personally love this song. No one has to, but I, personally, think it's amazing.
Estanislao Martinez 19 июня 2015 года в 02:37 2
I love this song. I love how Matty switches from Screams to Cleans. The Guitar solo was unexpected, but certainly amazing! Drums are great great as usual. The bass wasn't audible like you guys did with all of unconditional.
MxHC Music Promotions 18 июня 2015 года в 21:28 2
I've been a fan since the beginning and the progression you guys have gone through is amazing.

To be honest, one of the few big bands in this genre that deserve to be that big.
Color Me Leighzy 19 июня 2015 года в 13:34 3
I'll stay in course!
ali sheikh 18 июня 2015 года в 23:36 2
Teufelshund 18 июня 2015 года в 20:09 58
Teufelshund 23 июля 2016 года в 10:08
They did not need to change. They had such an awesome thing going in 2012. Nothing will ever change my opinion about Unconditional. Want to know what's cringe worthy??? When a band decides to shit on the OG fans, and I mean we're talking a fat, steamy shit on the fans' faces. They pulled a CTE, and there's no way CTE is ever coming back to being "exceptional". How are we supposed to grow with a band when they just make huge amends?
Law Dawg 29 мая 2016 года в 02:27
Jerad Scharrer 18 мая 2016 года в 04:41
+Teufelshund It's called Maturity. It's also the direction the band wants to take. Bands need to change. The Hollow is my favorite album from these guys, but they continue to be exceptional. People who cry over change in music makes me cringe. Learn how to grow with a band instead of complain they don't settle for the same sound every album to satisfy your pathetic ears.
Silas Heap 17 января 2016 года в 12:04
I agree with you completely my favorite off the hollow is the sinner and the abandoned
Sean Thompson 14 октября 2015 года в 18:10
+Find Out you don't know shit! I appreciate all music that dares to be different. This is good I already said that but it doesn't do anything different. You missed my argument all together.
Spider-man 18 июня 2015 года в 20:04 2
Best song you've guys have ever made wow mind is blown keep up the sweet music
Triston Bourque 18 июня 2015 года в 23:29 5
I enjoy seeing all of these hate comments.  People tend to forget that if a band CONSTANTLY writes the same material, you receive no gains.  

All I see Memphis doing is maturing as a band, and that's great for them.  This music isn't bad, it's just not what we're all used to
Brad Kessler 03 ноября 2018 года в 14:37
Triston Bourque it’s actually way better than the old stuff IMO
qq More pls 18 июня 2015 года в 23:47
+Cuminder Sheprd Then that's just what it is, a personal preference, an opinion.
Tanner Drage 18 июня 2015 года в 23:34
+Triston Bourque Or the music's bad. Personal preferences, my friend.
Camille Morin 18 июня 2015 года в 20:08 2
Good job. I had low expectations but you really surprised me! Cheers
Thais Renata 09 февраля 2016 года в 11:42 2
panchnl 14 ноября 2015 года в 12:46 1
Still a pretty good quality band, but it's getting too generic. Even now, I still play the shit out of their self titled EP, that's really something else. You can tell the difference between bands like PWD, ABR and these guys. They just don't get out of their comfort zone and still make the same stuff.
Zachary Stewart 19 июня 2015 года в 07:08 1
This song is about this comment section. Standing up for what you believe when everyone is convinced you're wrong. This is one of the best metalcore songs I've heard. Everyone else would be saying the same if it had no reference to faith. Just close your eyes and listen to the emotion, the instrumentation.
P.s. I'm digging the guitar solo
Music is a World Within Itself 18 июня 2015 года в 20:38 1
You'll never enjoy a song if you keep comparing it with the rest. The first song I heard by MMF was The Victim and I fell in love with their sound... and back in the time I'd love this song too. I agree with the fact that The Hollow was an amazing album, and they have the potential to do another one just as good as that one, but they're choosing to explore new sounds, and in my opinion, it's working with most of their new songs... they're a great band, stop complaining.
Kristen Slyter 30 декабря 2015 года в 05:25 1
Not necessarily my favorite song by Memphis May Fire, but very inspirational and hits close to home for me. It seems that every time I've hit an interesting transition in my life, one of MMF's new songs has popped up and somehow really relates to it. Gaaaah, I'm really pining to see these guys live someday.
Evanz111 21 июня 2015 года в 08:45 1
I won't pretend that The Hollow isn't 100x better, but I still think this music is alright. Every band needs to change and go in a new direction eventually, so we should do our best to get used to it. As long as they keep making music, I don't care <3
nomorecakes 23 августа 2016 года в 03:09 2
if you are lost in the desert walk any direction, you are bound to find a metalcore band recording a music video
Danny 7Point0 29 ноября 2017 года в 23:44 1
This is the best cover of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" by Chelsea Grin ever.
Fil4 24 апреля 2016 года в 04:41 1
Have heard a lot about Memphis may fire but like many bands i had avoided it. this song ain't bad, but i can't say I'd listen to it often, anyone have some more work by them worth checking out?
Clear Adventure 14 сентября 2016 года в 09:19 1
Loving the music! I think this singer has SO much talent! I like when he sings more than when he screams, but I am old-school, and digging it!!!
Zach 18 июня 2015 года в 21:00 1
I like this song but based off of this one and My Generation, I'd say The Hollow is still their best album. I thought Challenger and Unconditional were good as well but not as good as The Hollow
jazz |-/ 11 октября 2015 года в 12:53 1
When I was like 7 to me this type of music was all screaming and I  thought it was awful and 8 years later I scream along and freak out over it lmao how times have changed
ChrizDolphin 06 января 2017 года в 09:37 1
Memphis May Fire has helped me out through so much and they have never fell short i will fallow them till the such an amazing real band
Jordan Delmonte 04 октября 2015 года в 03:30 1
This kinda reminds me of Chelsea Grin's music video for Don't Ask Don't Tell
Scott Powers 21 июня 2015 года в 22:18 1
Every band changes. Just be happy MMF aren't getting worse like some bands. They're still releasing great music
Alec Hendrickson 29 августа 2016 года в 20:41 1
Love the guitar solos! Would REALLY love to hear more intricate fret work to showcase their skill like the days before they had a formula
Jose Camacho 18 июня 2015 года в 23:12 1
Ahhhh!!!!! This is so perfect!!!!!!! I freaking love Memphis May Fire!!! Goshhh the guitar solo freaking made me question life cause of how good it was mmfff
Loren Tears 18 июня 2015 года в 21:48 1
Es lindo oír y ver esto, y recordar por qué son mi banda favorita, go mmf!.
Jspau 27 января 2016 года в 23:55 1
They finally reached 1 million views! :D
aaron fleegle 22 июня 2015 года в 02:32 1
none of us Christians have this kind of music, let us have one band XD