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Опубликовано 10 января 2012 года
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Aerosmith New Album Update 2

Tom Hamilton is back with Aero Force One and another new Aerosmith album update.

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

quibto 02 апреля 2012 года в 18:33 0
Yes, he means MAY 2012.
HighbrowAlcoholic 01 апреля 2012 года в 22:36 0
As I watch this, 1st Apr, the view-count stands at 1,329. This is crazy. For me, this is the most exciting video I have found on the 'tube in about six months.
k1darkknight 29 января 2012 года в 14:58 0
so...if the last one was recorded in early Sept, after 6 weeks of recording, and this was after 2 1/2 mos, then this should've been around early October. So...March or April for the release? Can't wait!!!
Michał Tokarzewski 13 января 2012 года в 01:16 0
MAY 2012 u say?
dancebrittany23 11 января 2012 года в 02:29 0
Next spring?!
I hope he means spring 2012
Andrea Quintero 11 января 2012 года в 01:08 0
tom is sexy and he know it (; haha xoxox
Brandon Bolderoff 11 января 2012 года в 00:44 0
this channel is so great. it's videos from the bandmembers themselves. overal, my favorite thing about this channel is seeing tom. your my favorite bassist, you inspire my bass playing, and really enjoy when you play your basslines in these videos.