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Jimi Jamison "When Rock Was King"

The brand new video from the rock kings: Jimi Jamison and Jim Peterik from SURVIVOR!

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Angel Kelley 14 января 2014 года в 21:05 6
This is awesome Jimi is an incredible artist and person.  Heart behind all his does. 
Angel Kelley 10 сентября 2014 года в 20:32
+Alessandro cansi da silva
Yes for sure, Heavenly magic going on, The Angels are rejoicing to his Phenomenal sound & heart.
Angel Kelley 10 сентября 2014 года в 16:44
He had a way about him that touched & impacted many lives.  Amazing man.
Angel Kelley 10 сентября 2014 года в 05:11
Im sad too!  He was such a beautiful person thankful I got to know him as I did.  Heaven has an amazing soul
Jamison Dean 26 мая 2015 года в 05:53 1
I agree! What a great album! And this song defines the greats of years ago when rock was king...But I have to agree with a few folks that made some credible statements...So why wasnt Journey mentioned?...They rocked! And had how many hits? They had ballads but they were still the epitome of rock n roll. What about Def Leppard? They probably had more hits then anyone throughout the 80's with Pyromania and Hysteria.... What about Kiss, Asia, The Scorpions and Dokken? And why was Mr Mister even mentioned? They had some good tunes and two hits but did they rock? Mr. Mister...for real? Hardly! Quiet riot? They had two hits...but not as many or had the following that the Scorps had... Dont get me wrong as I love all these groups and some more than others. And you obviously cant mention everyone.. thats why they focused on the groups that had the most hits or were the most popular... Supposedly? Why were some of the top names in rock n roll not mentioned? And is that Elvis listed on the video at 5:20? Inquiring minds wanna know...
vetter92 27 февраля 2016 года в 03:53
+Jamison Dean Listen again. The verse goes, So climb aboard this Starship Rainbow bound, this Journey's gone full circle to the sound.
Zeros Socute 08 февраля 2016 года в 06:17
+Jamison Dean Maybe they were going by their favorite bands, possibly bands that helped inspire them, rather than "The most popular"
Prowlers - Iron Maiden Real Tribute 02 сентября 2014 года в 06:28 2
youll be missed Jimi :(
Zeros Socute 27 ноября 2015 года в 19:15 0
When Rock was King, Survivor(And Jimi Jamison, singer for both after all) was the advisor.
lilewils 18 июля 2013 года в 20:50 0
still are!!!!!
Angel Kelley 03 мая 2013 года в 16:35 0
This is absolutely amazing... Love it !
Daniel Filho 01 мая 2013 года в 18:32 0
allsmiles2002 13 декабря 2012 года в 07:00 0
Carl Österlund 06 января 2011 года в 16:37 0
If I wish I lived during the 80s before, that's nothing compared to what I do after I've heard this song on the Crossroad Moments album!
pamperstring 05 октября 2010 года в 13:06 0
Don't forget Dave Bickler
Jaime 04 октября 2010 года в 17:48 0
I love survivor, and i'm born in 1987...and found this band about 2000, and since that year that i never stopped to hear their songs....Survivor is the discography of life...
pamperstring 01 октября 2010 года в 10:30 1
Survivor is the Best
oracle86_ _ 20 июля 2010 года в 09:32 0
come on jimi you cant leave out journey , the perry era of journey waz the face of rock....
tracyrich 06 июня 2010 года в 14:59 1
Jamo is king!
Sinister ScatPack 21 марта 2010 года в 04:35 1
ol' jamo's still got it !
Siemi93 15 февраля 2010 года в 19:33 0
Lovin' this song, but I can't find the damn lyrics :/
Sinister ScatPack 20 января 2010 года в 01:36 0
such a kick ass song. still wish i was a teenager in the 70's and 80's. what i would give to have been born then.
VanderV 21 июля 2009 года в 02:13 0
So fucking awesome!!!!
darrenfl 04 апреля 2009 года в 17:13 0
Jimi is headlining Rockfest in Dudley England November 21st ...... Wife and I travelling over for the show from Florida .....
swamilee 07 марта 2009 года в 17:32 0
Put your white hood back on and listen to your brittany spears music you nazi.
Porcelain1 04 марта 2009 года в 15:23 0
How damned cool is this!!
A great parady of days gone by
Rod Streeter 27 февраля 2009 года в 23:22 0
Sullivan does suck!!
Rod Streeter 25 февраля 2009 года в 15:57 0
what the fuck is shmegma, are you a stupid jew, because you defenitely don't know music
jkoruty 15 февраля 2009 года в 00:44 0
well, what the hell, it might grow on me
jkoruty 15 февраля 2009 года в 00:38 0
you know, this is strange. I am a fan of this era. by far it produced the most talent and I feel what they're sayin to the point where i want to cry. but I don't like the song at all. the 80's were known for great songs. sorry but this is not an example of that. love the thought though
Rod Streeter 10 февраля 2009 года в 18:58 0
ebrooks.. you must be the most close minded people ever. You should not comment on things you know nothing about. F**k Y*u idiot
Rod Streeter 10 февраля 2009 года в 18:55 0
this is the most awesome song/cd ever...Ilove you ronnie
zapwatt 26 января 2009 года в 03:18 0
So true
Jay O'Rourke 23 января 2009 года в 06:13 0
I love the song, but how about giving the band some?
Ed Breckenfeld, Klem, & Joel brought this to life & gave it it's wings! They are the kings!
swamilee 09 января 2009 года в 21:33 1
Let's be honest, Peterik can't hold a candle to Jamison in the vocals, but the song is great. "If you recall the 80s, were you really there?" Great line. Great song. Great album. Plain and simple!!!
ChicagoJake24 22 декабря 2008 года в 01:35 1
That was so awesome! Its probably as close to a new Survivor music video as we'll ever get, so I'm rockin' out!
slysystem 13 декабря 2008 года в 11:46 0
Great Track but not the best fro its last LP which is just awesome...

Jimi Jamisson IS Survivor !

Still the best Voice of Rock Mainstream.
NickCobra 19 ноября 2008 года в 23:52 0
I agree. I'm 40 and a singer. Jimi and Survivor were one of my favorites. But the best to me....ASIA! Their new cd Phoenix was well worth the 25 year wait! I've seen them 14 times in 2 years! And what a blessing it is to have them back!
Ebony Whitfield 07 ноября 2008 года в 22:21 0
i love this video,
Jimi you can do your thing and you look so good for your age.E.W
Gaetano Degrazia 04 ноября 2008 года в 18:07 1
c'mon guys u can do better than this
greekshark 04 ноября 2008 года в 12:56 0
Those were the best times ever.I hope Jim and Jimmi will return to Survivor and make a world tour!!!!
tigerseye224 31 октября 2008 года в 09:04 0
Rock still is king! This is REAL music! Great to see Jimi, Jim Peterik and Dave Bickler together. It would be a dream to see more songs from that amazing trio! Add in other kings of rock like Don, Mickey and JoLynn too... 80's rock is timeless!
Oberon1981 30 октября 2008 года в 13:01 0
che voci....
Daniel Filho 30 октября 2008 года в 02:06 0
What a Feeling!!! Great music, great memories.
When Rock was king... I think Rock always be King!!!! Thanx jimi, Jim peterik, Frontiers records and all great musicians involved in this emotional song.
NickCobra 30 октября 2008 года в 00:42 1
Awesome! Rock on Jimi! So glad to see you and Jim P back together again! You still have it man! Can't wait to hear the new album! LONG LIVE THE 80'S!!!!!