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Опубликовано 14 января 2020 года
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Ardours — "Therefore I Am" (Lyric Video)

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ARDOURS is a new alternative/gothic metal band formed by Tristania singer Mariangela Demurtas and multi-instrumentalist/producer Kris Laurent. The lineup on the album is rounded out by Mariangela’s fellow Tristania member Tarald Lie on drums, who also wrote the lyrics for the songs. The end result is an exciting and creative album with a fresh sound straddling the lines between rock, metal, and gothic atmospheres with prominent vocal melodies and hooks.

In the words of singer Mariangela Demurtas, "[t]he album is a carousel of fatalism, confusion, insight, enlightenment, self-deception, bitterness, loss of faith, apathy, closure, and hope of a new dawn spinning relentlessly towards the looming contours of the end. Or the complete opposite. We definitely like to leave as much free interpretation as possible to the audience."

Fans of The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, latter-era Tiamat, and newer artists like Idle Hands will find much to love hear and should keep their ears open for Ardours.

"Last Place On Earth” tracklisting:
What Else Is There
Last Place On Earth
Last Moment
The Mist
Therefore I Am
No One Is Listening

Produced by Ardours

Band members
+Mariangela Demurtas: vocals
+Kris Laurent: guitars, bass and keyboards
+Tarald Lie: drums
+Nico Etelavuori: bass on “Design”

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