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Energy by Keri Hilson (Yahoo! Who’s Next?) | Interscope


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Energy by Keri Hilson (Yahoo! Who’s Next?) | Interscope

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Dynez Dennis 01 февраля 2018 года в 01:29 4
Aww RIP Leah
TrinMoze VEVO 11 апреля 2018 года в 19:19
Dynez Dennis OMG!! This is the Lea that died 💔 damn man!
Raywen Fred 15 ноября 2017 года в 10:58 1
Still watching 15/11/2017
Aravia Newton 26 октября 2016 года в 22:28 1
watching in 2016 love it go keri!!!
leejae. 05 февраля 2015 года в 19:05 1
Aww this cd ❤ .. brings back memories
booempressnc 18 июня 2013 года в 04:52 4
Keri need to burrow some energy from her band.. amazing energy from everyone performing. Especially the drummer and the guitarist.
Eric Dante Pitt 07 июня 2018 года в 13:43 0
Did @WNBA see this lead Singer finger role assist to her Female band lead as director prior to males in back. This aggression continues extremely unfamiliar with @WNBA current team sportwomenship practices. @ESPNW that finger role @JemeleHill
Cam Yarber 01 июля 2015 года в 04:50 0
I did a remix version with a Prince loop to make a remix. So Keri or whomever in her band hear this and used it at the beginning of her song as an "I noticed you" back in 2009. Now that it moved from the Yahoo page to the Interscope its gone.
I'm very disappointed. That was a bow to my tribute remix. I wish I could have shown you all.
Alexa Andrea 13 мая 2015 года в 16:14 2
Still watching 2015!
r hood 02 ноября 2013 года в 06:30 1
leahhhhh labelle !!!!!!
Blanca Balenciaga 15 ноября 2012 года в 21:17 3
the background singer is killinnnnn it
Gentrae' Rogers 17 мая 2013 года в 00:33 1
Gotta love Keri
fredstah714 16 мая 2013 года в 00:52 0
The back-up singer stole the show! Give her a contract, please!
dillon lynch 18 апреля 2013 года в 00:19 0
The best
LILLYWAYNA 16 марта 2013 года в 18:17 0
itsnanyabusiness 10 февраля 2013 года в 12:16 0
Great band! And singer! Amazing performance!
Ediones Randall 19 мая 2012 года в 16:51 0
Muito maneiro! Rsrsrs
TheFear1611 11 апреля 2011 года в 21:32 1
Wow Keri can really sing nice live.
jabari7 15 января 2011 года в 05:05 0
best live version of this song i've heard so would be nice to see people work more on singing, though, and less on tryin' to be cute.
GetnFunky 26 ноября 2010 года в 03:02 0
nice autotune haha, id prefer Leah singin lead. K go home
philly sanchez 15 августа 2010 года в 15:18 0
get it margis i see yuh in the back lol
ColorMe Meezii 08 апреля 2010 года в 06:35 1
OMG I Love this performance!! & Im a big fan of Keri & Leah as well!!
Soulava music 31 марта 2010 года в 07:11 0
man at 2:36 it jus melt me away...
Crisu20 10 января 2010 года в 14:47 1
and the band also does an amazing job.
Crisu20 10 января 2010 года в 14:46 0
this version rocks and vid too
Clarissa360 04 января 2010 года в 03:35 0
keri's hair is really pretty!
lmuti8 01 сентября 2009 года в 22:08 0
dang the girl singing in the back is hella tight... first time seeing her and dang what is she doing sing in the back ??? She should be the one singing in the front..not to be haten or n e thing love keri hilson's music but dang get a ugly girl that can sing in back of no for reals...hahaha
Maurice 30 августа 2009 года в 14:39 2
Props to Leah LaBelle for singin behind Keri. Keri is mad talented...and beautiful. I saw her live on the Keyshia Cole tour this spring.....she is too damn HOT!!! Great album too...I don't know why folks are tryin to hate her. Go Keri.
Ashlie Johnson 29 августа 2009 года в 18:48 1
shes really pretty!and yes the bitch can sing!
Dejay So Fresh 10 августа 2009 года в 17:53 0
damn buddy on da drumz killed it.probzz
ajay jones 28 июля 2009 года в 17:50 0
Dawn Gilfillan 25 июля 2009 года в 12:44 1
blatino06 24 июля 2009 года в 23:28 1
Keri Hilson is soooooooooo beautiful and talented!!!
HOMIEiGoHard 18 июля 2009 года в 18:59 0
Who gives a shit.... she still needed lil wayne for a hit. Am i right or am I wrong? I'm right and there is no research thats needed to be done.
HOMIEiGoHard 17 июля 2009 года в 22:12 0
Video hits??? that's new... I never heard of a video chart on the Billboard. dumb ass. LOL. Stop trying to give her extra shit. She only had two hits. "No Energy" flopped... "Return the flavor" flopped... "Turning me off" flop... I guess she got tired of flopping so she asked wayne to hop on the remix so it can chart. damn shame... den her album flopped. and Kudos to her first BET award... Too bad she didn't win the others.
Niawich Chute 17 июля 2009 года в 07:23 0
LMAO youtube beef is so childish
HOMIEiGoHard 16 июля 2009 года в 22:40 0
If you not starting shit... why you replied to my comment... my opinion... adding fire to gas? My point exactly... Keri Hilson only had 2 damn hits... both of them with the help of hit makers... A voice does not get you hits these days... and CLEARLY... Keri Hilson is an example of that. Hell... i bet i can make a hit with my non singing voice. Let me hit up Lil Wayne, Kanye and T-Pain. Aint no one hating on that bugged eye girl.
HOMIEiGoHard 16 июля 2009 года в 19:17 0
If i could sing... I probably could do better. But on that note... I can't. But still... her voice is nothing special and she's wack and boring. Just my opinion. Another thing... Hating is form of jealously... Sorry... I'm not hating. If she had a voice... it'll be different story.
luisreloade16 16 июля 2009 года в 17:22 0
i dont know why she kinda scared to hit some high notes..
I know shes capable of it.. cauz in the real song she ssings higher
TrinMoze VEVO 11 апреля 2018 года в 19:20
luisreloade16 this is what annoys me about her!! She just uses her head voice and not her full voice! Come on Keri!! But hey..
MusicRules4Us 15 июля 2009 года в 22:00 0
that's not her real hair , that's wave! -
so if she wants she can do the same model-
HOMIEiGoHard 15 июля 2009 года в 18:36 0
I agree... her voice is weak and nothing special.
anisemifightio888 12 июля 2009 года в 03:29 0
I workout to this song on repeat. Gives me anger to fuel my will to not stop because get the lyrics.
Graham W 11 июля 2009 года в 21:24 1
strawbell29 10 июля 2009 года в 22:08 0
dammnn im LOVIN DEM SNEAKS!!!!! DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUT u shuda worre diff pantsz.