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Cole Swindell

Опубликовано 10 января 2014 года
в рубрике Поп-музыка

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Swindell Vision Is Back!

A lot has happened since Cole signed his record deal... Swindell Vision starts back up 1.15.14!

Get Chillin’ It on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/chillinit

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Amanda Brooke 11 января 2014 года в 02:19 0
I met you at the Dallas Bull in Tampa!:) You did great and will do just fine chillin' it!:) I love that song and finally getting to know all the words haha. And you're so sweet in person. Don't ever change!:D Look forward to hearing more from you!:) P.S. Luke Bryan is amazing, he will teach you all that you need to know!:) Have a great day!:)
Raymond Depew 13 января 2014 года в 23:01 0
You're amazing man I saw you at tge Rusty Spur in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Love every song you've done! Keep doing what you're doing your music always cheers me up and make me homesick for summertime! Can wait until "Brought to You by Beer" hits the radio! God Bless!
Michael Babstock 11 января 2014 года в 17:40 0
Saw for 1 st time when Thompson squared could not open for FGL and Luke in Mansfield ma can't wait to see you in AC with lee Brice and Luke
wildboy26mn 12 января 2014 года в 08:01 0
Awesome Dude! keep goin and do it!! I said before... your next NEW ARTIST.... get ready for the NOM and hopefully WIN
Tessa Reed 10 января 2014 года в 20:16 0
I can't wait to see more, and even maybe catch Cole on tour! He's gonna be huge!
Tyler huffman 10 января 2014 года в 21:04 0
A bunch a buddy's and I wanna come see you live! Hopefully you tour with luke and it'll be a big ol party!
Boots n Bikinis 15 января 2014 года в 17:45 0
what is the song in the start of the video. The background music? anyone know?
Kristen Alexandra 10 января 2014 года в 21:58 0
You've come so far Cole. Couldn't be more happy for you bud!! :)
KMcD2819 10 января 2014 года в 20:26 0
:-) love it Cole!!!!! Each week? Love it
MALIK 10 января 2014 года в 23:43 0
Keep up the good work Cole 
schleychick 13 января 2014 года в 04:46 0
Can't wait to see you out on the road!!!
Jar Head 11 января 2014 года в 15:59 0
Cool Cole.
dogzrmewith23 11 января 2014 года в 20:55 0
They play your song like crazy on K-frog!  Enjoy the new tour & stretch Swindell Vision beyond your wildest dreams - that's what Rev. Joel says!  Hey!  Need me to fill your previous position? 
Lauren Altman 10 января 2014 года в 21:47 0
Who wrote the letter?  We couldn't hear the ending......
Lauren Altman 31 января 2014 года в 14:17
It was.  I got an email from Cole's mom.  I grew up with Cole and graduated high school with him.
KMcD2819 10 января 2014 года в 21:57
may have been his father... sent to Cole before he died in early september.... not positive though