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Опубликовано 22 мая 2020 года
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Shinedown — Atlas Falls (Lyric Video)

Listen to "Atlas Falls" everywhere now: Purchase our special Atlas Falls fundraiser t-shirt. 100% proceeds benefit Direct ...


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Reylen Blue 22 мая 2020 года в 16:02 145
i could not be more grateful for this band they’ve helped me through a lot these past few years - i’m 17 now and found them at 12. they’ve pushed me forward every time i’ve found it hard to move another step. this song is a masterpiece and i’m so endlessly grateful for this music. 💕
ZaRackar Gaming 24 мая 2020 года в 21:19
Guys, i hope your doing fine.
But it has to be some serious shit going on there.
Me at 12 was breaking all my bones, and not giving a fuk...
What is so hard at 12 to go through tho? Wait until every loved one lets you down, you can't get a job to feed yourself, you don't see the end of the tunnel of debt, struggle to have a decent living, and so on...Talk about it in 10 years...
Just hold it together, be proud of what you are doing. If your not proud, do something that makes you proud of yourself...You don't owe nobody nothing, but yourself, your life, your decisions, your payback.
Life is a circle, you'll get shit if you give shit.
Andres Valle 24 мая 2020 года в 18:37
Damn I was 15 now I’m 26
Michael RR 24 мая 2020 года в 08:43
They are Awesome they will Never Let you Down. They will be Rocking for you when you are 37:-)
LGEditz 24 мая 2020 года в 05:41
found out about this band via my loving father who adopted me with out this band i would not even be here anymore
D R 24 мая 2020 года в 00:57
Helped me through alot too. I thank you Shinedown.
Dim Pap 22 мая 2020 года в 06:50 207
An amazing Amaryllis-esque song with an empowering message about the current difficult situation! 💪 😷 🌍 Under no circumstances do I undermine their noteworthy initiative, but I'm really glad that they released the full song and, as a result, all of us can enjoy this awesome track! Congrats, Shinedown and keep writing great songs! 🎶 🎵 🎼 🎧
Ben Coker 25 мая 2020 года в 01:57
I'm pretty sure they said when they announced this song was going to be released that they said that it had actually been written when the Amaryllis album was being made, but didn't make the final cut. Another song that was written but never made it onto an album that I love is Never Gonna Let Go, it was on the Japanese (I believe) edition of Threat To Survival, but didn't make it onto the main standard album, but it is an amazing song. I believe it's on youtube somewhere.
CabbageFiles 23 мая 2020 года в 13:09
@Shannon Van Duyn Amaryllis refers to a flower that grows in the desert. It is able to flourish and bloom despite being faced with impossible circumstances.
kwyjibo s 23 мая 2020 года в 11:37
Omg yes . I hadn't thought of it this way. Totally amaryllisesque
Rexy Reynold 23 мая 2020 года в 00:59
Atlas falls lyrics Video
Dim Pap 22 мая 2020 года в 22:07
@William Fernando Pereira I like very much their more classic stuff, as you say, but "Attention Attention" wasn't that bad, to my mind. Lyrically, it was exceptional and, musically, it had several great songs which combined their old sound with new elements.
Asten Creshtes 22 мая 2020 года в 16:28 43
We should be able to like this video every time we watch it. Online or offline. Or any of their songs, for that matter.
Nicole Tackett 23 мая 2020 года в 03:59
Rexy Reynold 23 мая 2020 года в 00:59
Atlas falls lyrics Video
Faith Scars 22 мая 2020 года в 16:58
Agreed! 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Reece Riana 22 мая 2020 года в 15:44 180
Shinedown is one of the most down to Earth bands. It's sweet how they always give to charity and they seem like they'd be awesome to hang out with. It's always a good feeling when bands like this get recognition. Keep it up! Music is great!
A Gaming Mood 25 мая 2020 года в 03:31
Actually met these guys in person backstage at one of their concerts once, and they are great guys. I'll never forget the look on Brent's face when I told him they put on a better show than Metallica, his reaction. Really great, humble dudes, and they deserve all the best.
Reece Riana 24 мая 2020 года в 16:51
@Rexy Reynold Great lyric video, I made sure to check it out and leave a comment. Have a great day fellow Shinedown fan.
Reece Riana 24 мая 2020 года в 16:50
@Faith Scars I gave it a listen and I do like your songs. Very good job! Just remember, you only need one person to recognize you and your life can change. Keep up the great work, I am now a loyal subscriber. Thanks for responding!
Reece Riana 24 мая 2020 года в 16:49
@Chalie atlas I can see that, I love Crosby Stills and Nash, especially the song, "Our House." Just like them, they tell a story through their lyrics which makes it even deeper than just a catchy beat. Great analysis!
Chalie atlas 24 мая 2020 года в 00:25
a modern day : Crosby, Stills an Nash. with a hint of Zakk Wylde .. Yes i ca agree shinedown can brighten ones spirits ...
carol Rennie 22 мая 2020 года в 07:16 173
I bought the tee shirt and have listened to it non stop, hell I would have paid that for the song alone as it's brilliant xx
carol Rennie 23 мая 2020 года в 12:50
@Colonel Schwatz That's what happens when you post things early in the morning xx
dragonblazer96 23 мая 2020 года в 01:52
Same, I've listened to it almost 200 times since I preordered the shirt. Easily a top 10 Shinedown track
Rexy Reynold 23 мая 2020 года в 00:58
Atlas falls lyrics Video
Colonel Schwatz 22 мая 2020 года в 23:49
You listened to the t-shirt non-stop?
biker 70 22 мая 2020 года в 22:44
Same here. Tshirt just got shipped
nonamerson 22 мая 2020 года в 05:19 44
Woohoo 1 AM nothing like waking up to Shinedown
AC3S N 31GHTS 22 мая 2020 года в 16:10 106
This is history right here you are a legend Brent smith
SissyD61 24 мая 2020 года в 22:34
@AC3S N 31GHTS Welcome! Come on in. You're talking to a Superfan.
AC3S N 31GHTS 24 мая 2020 года в 14:56
I agree to all of y'all's comments dawg
SissyD61 24 мая 2020 года в 04:12
Brayden Zazueta 24 мая 2020 года в 03:28
I agree
Thrifty Headbanger 24 мая 2020 года в 01:42
BrisWiz 22 мая 2020 года в 16:25 48
Atlas Falls is profound, incredibly dynamic & noteworthy.
It's been like the sleeping giant for the past 8 years, waiting for the right time to be woken up and released. And now is the appropriate time.
And I proudly wear my Atlas Falls t-shirt knowing that 100% of the proceeds went to Direct Relief.
To the guys of Shinedown, Brent, Zack, Eric and Barry, I salute you all for your contribution to humanity.
Faith Scars 22 мая 2020 года в 16:48
We couldn't agree more!
Corray Music 22 мая 2020 года в 16:11 31
I got literal chills from this.
Jeremiah H. 22 мая 2020 года в 05:56 62
Who else is waiting on the premiere
Blejku 22 мая 2020 года в 14:44
It's already available in YouTube music 😎
Vanessa Grinnell 22 мая 2020 года в 12:29
SissyD61 22 мая 2020 года в 12:27
You know it!
Robert Shulenberger 22 мая 2020 года в 16:11 47
Metallica has "Atlas Rise" but Shinedown has "Atlas Falls."

Both songs are AWESOME 🤘🤘🤘
Kellie Mclaughlin 22 мая 2020 года в 20:46
Coheed and cambria have a song called Atlas its awesome
Faith Scars 22 мая 2020 года в 16:47
That's wild , both bands have had a huge influence on us, Our guitarist LoganX is a huge Metallica fan, and as a collective group we all love Shinedown!
mulickcole1 22 мая 2020 года в 05:45 91
My father died today. Shinedown was his favorite band. Thank you for giving him this
jet fire 24 мая 2020 года в 18:37
My heart goes out to you. My dad passed 2 weeks ago so believe me I feel your pain. Hope my pops greets yours as a friend on the other side.
Ryan Savas 23 мая 2020 года в 23:51
I’ll prey for your family and remember death is only the beginning God Bless
Effie Mavros 23 мая 2020 года в 08:06
@Rhonda Minor That's a very nice, thoughtful message. Good to see people exercising empathy for one another. Well done to you, I hope it's repaid to you tenfold, be blessed always xxx
Rhonda Minor 22 мая 2020 года в 17:01
So very sorry for your loss. I know the pain of losing a parent. I have lost my parents & my step mom. If you need to talk, please contact me. I know the timing of your loss makes things more difficult, with all this quarantine and social distancing due to the virus. We members of the Shinedown Family stick together, and I am truly here for you.❤️💙
Effie Mavros 22 мая 2020 года в 16:59
Peace and strength, may he be remembered always and may your life glorify him xxx
Jaime Rosas 22 мая 2020 года в 16:06 15
This song made me cry so I will donate money for the cause!😱😭
Isabella P 24 мая 2020 года в 03:26
Lost1 this song was released a few weeks ago as a way to profit to donate to an organization called Direct Relief. I believe it was 50$ for the song and a t-shirt and 100% of profits got donated. They finally released the song to the general public.
Lost1 22 мая 2020 года в 19:09
What cause?
johnny finn 22 мая 2020 года в 16:15 22
IT'S SO GOOD OH MY GOSH,, just the song we need right now. it makes me feel so hopeful, which can be hard during this pandemic. thank you, shinedown :^)

also, thank you for donating proceeds to direct relief!! that is so rad of you all.
Faith Scars 22 мая 2020 года в 16:51
We feel the same way, such an incredible song for these trying times
Chrisie013 22 мая 2020 года в 16:04 12
_ skidge _ 22 мая 2020 года в 16:05 21
Ive been listening to Shinedown for about 10-12 years. My go to, favourite band.
Spencer Perry 25 мая 2020 года в 04:16
Same bro absolute favorite band ever
NAJA Warrior 24 мая 2020 года в 13:58
Me too, one of my favourites !!
Simply Sleepy 22 мая 2020 года в 21:00 8
How can anyone dislike this what the hell
The Devil’s Intern 22 мая 2020 года в 04:45 20
2:00 am...... yeah imma still stay up for this
Jillian Williams 22 мая 2020 года в 05:05
My guy! 😎
jim keegan 22 мая 2020 года в 16:31 18
Shinedown, thank you for always bringing it for the betterment of the human spirit. As a soon to be retired firefighter (July 2) our brotherhood benefits from people like Brent, Zach, Barry and Eric.
SD Nation 4 Life
jim keegan 22 мая 2020 года в 17:38
Faith Scars:

Thanks Brandon. Must be the name, that’s our son’s name. Here is to a great future for your band.
I will check out your band!!!
Be well
Faith Scars 22 мая 2020 года в 16:56
That's incredible, thank you for your service! -Brandon (Bassist of Faith&Scars)
Randa16 22 мая 2020 года в 08:42 18
This is gonna be epic...
Zero SixDel 22 мая 2020 года в 16:50 8
Reminds me of old Shinedown. Finally a song that speaks to me the way I see the world right now.
chris borchert 22 мая 2020 года в 12:43 19
Finally I get to hear the full song
Kandi Hinshaw 22 мая 2020 года в 16:38 10
Beautiful song with an amazing message mr. Smith the lead singer of Shinedown that man puts chills in my bones every time he sings
22TinyNinja22 23 мая 2020 года в 20:28 1
I rarely comment on anything but, whoever dislikes this has literally no soul.
Tomasz Jarno 23 мая 2020 года в 12:43 3
Maybe Shinedown's style has evolved into something bit different but man, Brent's voice is a killer!
Charly Lawrence 22 мая 2020 года в 06:48 12
Roll on 5pm UK time! My fave band and soo glad got to see them last year with Alter bridge 🤘😍❤️
Beneath The Embers 22 мая 2020 года в 18:21
Was a great show 👍
Iona Gibson 22 мая 2020 года в 16:37
Me too!!
Gem Cuttell 22 мая 2020 года в 14:36
SAME!!!! at the o2!!<3
Mason Cardona 22 мая 2020 года в 20:45 4
Just hoping when I come back from deployment that I can see them. They’ve been my biggest musical inspirations since I bought MX vs. ATV in 2004. I’m 20 now and they’re playing in my hometown in August four days before my birthday...just praying I can finally see them for the first time.
Kez Frenk 22 мая 2020 года в 19:54 4
Chills through my whole body from the moment the song starts to the end. Stay stong, stay safe everyone. Remember, Covid-19 will also fade one day. Nothing lasts forever.
Jayme Griffiths 22 мая 2020 года в 15:55 20
So beautiful, this song just touches my spirit💗 RN of 22 years and our current situation has called us to step up. This song just reminds of our determination to sustain and keep moving forward! We've got this and we will continue to stand strong for ourselves and for the ones who can't. SHINEDOWN reflects that spirit! LOVE you guys, you're forever my band💗🤘❣🤟🌍🗽🌟🥰
Coen A 22 мая 2020 года в 22:39 3
“How did you love” and “What a shame” have gotten me through grief, “Get up” got me through finals, and now I have this to get me through quarantine.
“Don’t give up now, there’s already so much at stake” is honestly my new mantra. I’m only sorry I couldn’t give more to the fundraiser.
Shinedown music has meant more to me than all other music combined.
SkyrimGameplayFr Qc 22 мая 2020 года в 23:27 35
I don’t know how 38 people disliked it. Don’t they have a soul? A heart? Do they have a IQ above 30?!
SkyrimGameplayFr Qc 25 мая 2020 года в 01:15
125 retards 🤦
Sad Hoshi 25 мая 2020 года в 00:11
124 as of my reply
SkyrimGameplayFr Qc 23 мая 2020 года в 21:21
Sten47 hahaha si true best comment here hahaha 🤣🤣🤣
SkyrimGameplayFr Qc 23 мая 2020 года в 21:20
SanicStudios not if this is a bad one in this situation
Sten47 23 мая 2020 года в 21:18
94 psychopaths now
everybody hates me Hate on haters 22 мая 2020 года в 16:09 5
I'm buying a shirt next month!!!! Brilliant song & we will move past this madness!!!! Stay safe everyone
Faith Scars 22 мая 2020 года в 16:50
They are truly an incredible band, their song writing is truly out of this world, they've had a huge impact on us.
Faith Scars 22 мая 2020 года в 16:07 30
Here at 921 views! Who else was here before 1 million views?!
Dat Handsome Troll 23 мая 2020 года в 01:33
I'm here at 47k.
pat rick 22 мая 2020 года в 19:53
Herw at 25,521
Faith Scars 22 мая 2020 года в 16:09
Cerebral Assasn 22 мая 2020 года в 08:49 7
Im so pumped for this new song
SissyD61 22 мая 2020 года в 15:59 7
"You keep this grannie rockin!"
SissyD61 22 мая 2020 года в 21:19
@LeAnne Harvey YAY! Two of us!!!
LeAnne Harvey 22 мая 2020 года в 16:26
Same here❤
Nathan Nuttall 22 мая 2020 года в 16:15 6
I'm so glad they fully released this song, since I saw they were fund raising with it. And I couldn't buy the t shirt bcs im a kid ☹️🎸
FallingStar8885 22 мая 2020 года в 22:51 6
Who the hell is downvoting this?!?!
Cameron Ash 22 мая 2020 года в 04:55 10
Midnight yayy
war Reding 23 мая 2020 года в 04:36 1
The people who disliked this have a extra chromosome
The Burg 23 мая 2020 года в 00:19 2
This song needs to be on the National News, Shinedown is amazing and there are people right now who haven’t heard this and they need too! They just don’t know it yet.
Gianni Gattuso 22 мая 2020 года в 10:57 4
Darren Diggle 23 мая 2020 года в 16:36 2
Don't give up there is hope for us all and a light at the end of the rainbow
K o k a 22 мая 2020 года в 17:25 3
This song almost made me cry, I’m angry I missed the live stream. But this almost made me cry because of how true this song is, and how helping it could possibly be. You made my day, and this encourages me to help and have hope, that we can fight and make it out alive together with eachother.✨💛👍🏼🦋🌈☀️⭐️✨
Papa Squatchgames 22 мая 2020 года в 23:22 2
I love this song so much I love how it’s about our doctors and other people helping to fight covid19 shinedown has always made great music and I love how there songs have certain messages behind them
Cayejay 22 мая 2020 года в 18:05 2
Funny how the song fits the problems at hand and the cause it's been released for. Thanks for the great song as always Shinedown and I'd love it if more songs that haven't been able to make it in an album to be released either for charity cause or as singles.
Lydia Dollar 23 мая 2020 года в 00:41 2
This song brings so many emotions, and I sit here crying from the memories of the past 11 weeks. How you managed to capture the souls who are on the frontline is beyond me. They are warriors, they are heroes that have never given up on us.
Shannon Van Duyn 22 мая 2020 года в 18:45 0
I can hear the aliens in the background singing. Makes me think of Home.
Faith Scars 22 мая 2020 года в 17:05 8
This track is amazing, I remember discovering Shinedown after hearing "Fly From The Inside" on Mx vs. ATV unleashed as a kid, I was wondering, how did everyone else discover the band?
-Brandon ( Bassist of Faith & Scars)
Cheesy Mac 23 мая 2020 года в 15:39
"Fly from the Inside " from Leave a Whisper was the first song i heard i believe, but when I heard "Save Me" from their US and Them album, I was definitely hooked and went back to listen to both albums in their entirety , and have been purchasing their albums with each new release, listening to them fully, and attending every concert i can. They are an amazing band live, and just in general. All time fave band! 🤘
Faith Scars 23 мая 2020 года в 05:13
@Nick Kilis That is awesome! I remember being in my gold 1994 Jeep Cherokee out in CA when I first heard that song after leaving a friends house in the morning after a party. Good times!
-Brandon (Bassist of Faith & Scars)
Faith Scars 23 мая 2020 года в 05:11
@Ebrahim That is Awesome! I love hearing all of these stories, it's things like this that bring us together as a people! I think you will really like our sound as well, check out our song Never The Same,
Faith Scars 23 мая 2020 года в 05:08
@Jonny Dornan Yes! We are huge wrestling fans ,Our vocalist especially! I think you will really like our video for Breathe! 😉
Faith Scars 23 мая 2020 года в 05:06
@RavenArya That's awesome! That song had a huge impact on me, helped me through some hard times -Brandon (Bassist of Faith & Scars) I think you may enjoy our song "Never The Same"
emo goddess 23 мая 2020 года в 05:01 1
shinedown: to the unknown

disney: *chokes on iced coffee* excuse me?
somethingcool 23 мая 2020 года в 16:13 2
Brent's voice has aged like fine wine.
Tammy Phillips 22 мая 2020 года в 19:37 2
I love you guys so much. You guys are the most caring group I have ever know. You definitely know how to bring me to tears. Having to live thru these troubled times in the healthcare community I worry every day about getting the virus. I am the only family my son has left. My father passed away in January from what I feel was the virus. Went thru the full military funeral. Now I cry every time I hear Monsters and now Atlas Falls. Can't wait to see you in Lake Charles, LA in August. I am praying you do a meet and greet.
Cody McGregor 23 мая 2020 года в 04:35 1
I've been a fan of you guys since I was a goofy kid, my dad introduced me to you. He died a year ago suddenly, I was torn into pieces. I went to your show in Michigan, you were incredible and you lifted my heart and carried it with every word of every song... Thank you, proud to be a member of Shinedown Nation!!
Racechick20 22 мая 2020 года в 16:05 3
I made a donation to thank you for releasing the song to everybody. I heard it on Spotify at 00.01hrs this morning and have had it on repeat for ages. 🤣 ♥️ Love to the Shinedown family and to all the fans. ♥️
Tyler 24 мая 2020 года в 01:51 2
Absolutely NEEDED to hear this today, struggling so so much with my depression and it was hard to manage before this pandemic......
Cody Malo_25 22 мая 2020 года в 05:23 10
Trevor Willette 24 мая 2020 года в 02:00 1
I preordered the T-Shirt, so I had the full song, but I was waiting for this to release, because I wanted my shirt, but more than that I wanted to add this to my playlist so I could annoy my wife! That said, this week has been a whirlwind. A guy I grew up with, who became a psych PT of mine passed last weekend, had a great uncle pass yesterday, and my second daughter born today. The official release of this song just adds to the joyous side of my week. Gonna enjoy a long weekend, my new daughter, and this amazing, wonderful, touching song.
Stacy Russell 22 мая 2020 года в 19:04 4
Excellent song. Gives me chills. Great job by a wonderful band.
Donna Prentis 22 мая 2020 года в 17:26 3
Shinedown's songs always have such powerful meaning. Thank you for this timely song and message! Much love!!
Ian Kentch 23 мая 2020 года в 02:20 1
Shinedown, thank you for the past nine years of my life. Ever since I was 10 you all helped me get through the darkest of times and continue to do so. All I have left to hope for is that I can meet you all someday. I love you guys. You saved me forever.
Alicia V 23 мая 2020 года в 20:57 2
I have been listening to this song on Sirius XM Octane channel for a few weeks now. It's such a great song with a powerful message. I think it's so ironic that this song was written 8 years ago and didn't make it on the album, but has hit the airwaves through a pandemic. I guess timing means everything. Atlas Falls will forever be memorable. Thank you Brent Smith for writing another awesome jam! Shinedown rocks!! And to all the readers, stay safe and remember we are all in this together. ... Don't give up now, there's already so much at stake...❤
Martin Conev 22 мая 2020 года в 17:05 4
I have one Word for you RESPECT🙌👏👏
monique walsh 23 мая 2020 года в 14:48 1
One of the only bands that can touch your hearts and souls... lyrically and musically uplifting.... Shinedown always seems to me morally sound and has helped so many through difficult times... My boys did it again, love you guys #shinedownrocks
Billy Dee Cig 22 мая 2020 года в 09:08 4
“Just Hold On”
NotoucheExE 22 мая 2020 года в 19:36 2
You can always count on Shinedown to lift our spirits
James Martin 23 мая 2020 года в 20:22 1
got chills when they showed the picture of Atlas
Dee 22 мая 2020 года в 19:52 3
Am crying,no your crying,love it!💞 Shinedown never disappoint ..Turn it up!
I can listen to this all day.💛💛💛💛!
joan Jett 22 мая 2020 года в 22:08 2
Always a amazing gift from these guys.. their music has such a amazing meaning in every song... 🖤🖤
Oatmeal 693 23 мая 2020 года в 02:36 0
This song was so moving that I actually cried and I've never actually cried to a song
Infamous Man 24 мая 2020 года в 03:58 1
We all needed this song in this time of crisis because the best medicine is music.
Rose Collazo 22 мая 2020 года в 19:46 2
This song touches my soul . Thank you guys for being so empathic with all we've been living through this adversity.
Fiddle sticks 22 мая 2020 года в 18:14 2
As per usual with any shinedown song a masterpiece
Fritz Colburn 22 мая 2020 года в 20:17
Something you can't say about many bands these days. I don't think I've heard a Shinedown song that doesn't mean something to me.
Dorothea Schneiter 23 мая 2020 года в 09:12 1
I work all day in a biological/chemical fume hood, building the covid 19 test kits for Mayo Clinic. The psychological trauma the front lines are facing is presenting in multiple ways. Thank you, from all I have for keeping me sane in an insane world.
The Chain Reaction 22 мая 2020 года в 16:19 3
Dang I love Shinedown so much my real dad liked them to I wish I could have met him
Anthony Long 22 мая 2020 года в 16:13 1
I love this song so much. So who actually wrote this song Brent?
Lyn Plott 22 мая 2020 года в 19:12 4
This is an amazing song
Michela Biondi 22 мая 2020 года в 16:26 2
6pm here in Italy! This song, omg I cried
Whosur Caddy 23 мая 2020 года в 21:56 0
I prefer post-grunge Shinedown to Imagine Dragons Shinedown
Jae Etchell 22 мая 2020 года в 22:09 2
Love this song already. Well done boys.
Abdullah Msaeed 22 мая 2020 года в 16:07 4
What an amazing song!!! Stay strong everybody love you all ❤️❤️
Black Parade 22 мая 2020 года в 17:19 2
Hannah wolf 22 мая 2020 года в 21:10 3
I have goosebumps 😂 Brent's voice is so amazing and this song is beautiful
Nick Beast1330 24 мая 2020 года в 14:14 2
No sex
No drugs
No cursing
100% real music
Jake Parnell 23 мая 2020 года в 14:17 0
Shinedown just simply kicks ass and reminds me that Rock music isn’t dead!!!
Rodeo Angel 22 мая 2020 года в 16:30 1
Please let your soul discern this message, it's more important than most realize. Be blessed!
al suth 22 мая 2020 года в 16:08 5
Brilliant !
Ренат Ах-ов 23 мая 2020 года в 05:28 2
This song is awesome. Hello from Russia!
Eddie Beberniss 22 мая 2020 года в 22:02 1
Does anyone else get the feeling that this might be a final goodbye?
Sawyer Matecki 24 мая 2020 года в 05:47 2
This song made me feel inspired in some way
gamers delight 22 мая 2020 года в 07:40 39
Good job people no dislikes!
Larry Mckeoun 23 мая 2020 года в 17:31
One of my best concerts ever i watched shine down blow away sully and godsmack you could tell sully was pissed off
Autumn Harriett 23 мая 2020 года в 14:11
Now there is 75😢
Tomasz Jarno 23 мая 2020 года в 12:41
Any dislike without a solid argument is simplyworthless. Especially when talking about music, where emotions are so subjective!
gamers delight 23 мая 2020 года в 02:37
I'm disappointed in some of the youtube community for disliking this. :(
Ralph Cummings 23 мая 2020 года в 02:33
57 now
Sweet Chilli Peppa 22 мая 2020 года в 11:24 13
Man I love young and aspiring artists. These guys will definitely go far 🤘🏼👍🏼
mahiwagang mothball 22 мая 2020 года в 05:45 8
Waiting.. ❤️
Robert Markham 23 мая 2020 года в 03:25 2
Love Shinedown. Always will. Awesome band that has music with a message for all.
Michael Paulin 23 мая 2020 года в 03:47 1
Couldn't been a better time for a song to even fit even the small picture.Thank you for this!!
Layne Jones 25 мая 2020 года в 01:45 0
I can see how this would've been part of Amaryllis. I wish it was. It is so beautiful but I'm also glad its not. I think this is the perfect song for everyone to be listening to this moment. I hope that everyone is doing amazing and none too you have known or lost someone during this time. I pray you all are okay and safe.
Autumn Harriett 23 мая 2020 года в 14:10 0
I’m listening to this non-stop,this is one brilliant song🎶
baykan 23 мая 2020 года в 02:20 0
I’m glad that it’s uploaded here I couldn’t afford the tee
Nathan Holanda 22 мая 2020 года в 21:14 0
Cadê os BRs que tbm gostam de Shinedown?🤘
Saurav Banerjee 23 мая 2020 года в 03:26 1
Goosebumps all the way through the song
Ryan Cooper 22 мая 2020 года в 21:35 0
Already listened to this over a dozen times and I am in love, it's so emotional. The more I listen the better it gets. I can't wait for then to go back on tour in the UK, I will be there.
Jose Cruz 24 мая 2020 года в 03:13 0
1:06 I see the Puerto Rican flag up there ✌🏻