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Frontiers Records January 2014 Releases Spot (Official)

Featuring Primal Fear, Red Dragon Cartel and Ring of Fire.

#Primal Fear (Musical Group) #Red Dragon Cartel #Ring of Fire #Frontiers Records (Record Label) #releases #january #2014

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Luc Daoust 12 августа 2014 года в 00:00 0
I think the next album by Red Dragon Cartel will feature artists and Band Members such as Sara Evans, Members of Iron Maiden, Members of Trivium, Members of Pantera, Members of De La Cruz, Sammy Hagar and Members of Bullet. I think...
Well that song by Ring of Fire reminds me that Benjamin Stilton and Pandora Wuz were both tied up and held hostage in a infected castle by a Crazy and Angry Fairy.