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Trace Adkins RAW- First Amendment

Trace gives his thoughts on the First Amendment and what it means to him.

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David Powell 04 февраля 2017 года в 03:59 1
Milo Yianoppolis, eat your heart out.
David F 29 апреля 2018 года в 22:04 0
According to facebook, twitter, and You Tube the truth is hate speech I was banned on twitter for these tweets when it was based upon an article about knife attacks done by Muslims and people from the African continent "

"If they did not allow Islam to exist, no Muslim no knife or gun crime as well not allowing People from the continent of Africa to settle since they already had ill will towards England for colonization blaming everyone but themselves for their problems."
"So Muslims are making things easily predictable by doing the terrorist attack on anniversary dates."

Look at what is going on in South Africa, Europe, and other places especially when you get a huge influx of Muslims 55 cities in Sweden are Muslim controlled no go zones, not even the police can go into those areas, and firetrucks have to have a huge police escort.

Yes, the 1st Amendment protects American citizens from being silenced by the government but now the government is using private companies to silence people and when Facebook went public they are no-longer a private company or private own business.

"Now one of the most sinister stories of the past year was hardly even reported. In September, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook at a UN development summit in New York. As they sat down, Chancellor Merkel's microphone, still on, recorded Merkel asking Zuckerberg what could be done to stop anti-immigration postings being written on Facebook. She asked if it was something he was working on, and he assured her it was."

So either facebook, Twitter, and You Tube do away with the comment features or a law has to be passed extending the protection of the Freedom of speech to Social media websites or new companies has to be created that truly does no censorship at all.
Nob the Knave 12 сентября 2018 года в 01:47 0
I love directing alt right trolls to this video. "But.. but muh nuzismsms. Muh free hate spechezes".
Pam Knowles 06 октября 2018 года в 20:05 0
Trace Adkins well said!🇺🇸
Ella Johnson 01 марта 2018 года в 21:43 0 are so funny Trace
LanieB95 20 сентября 2016 года в 19:30 0
The best!!!
David Mack 01 июня 2012 года в 21:34 0
The first amendment is not there to protect popular speech.
It's there to protect unpopular speech, which is usually deemed unpopular by the government.
The elcted officials who swear an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution are usually the first ones to infringing on the very basic principals it's there to protect.
You see, the Constitution does not provide LIBERTY, it's there to PROTECT and DEFEND LIBERTY.
Legalize Liberty
Defend the Constitution
Restore the Republic
Ron Paul 2012
Levi Heckman 28 января 2012 года в 08:03 0
Trace Adkins, more powerful than the U.S. Government
Leland Fritz 25 января 2012 года в 02:30 0
@yhprum79 He isn't from Texas, hes from Louisiana, dumbass.
CeepingitKlassy 12 ноября 2011 года в 19:49 0
Yeaup All I needs is my moonshine and my cousin/wife and mah truck. Don't need to government, don't need no taxes, don't need no mex-i-cans. *insert bango twang here*
pseudohippie55 16 июня 2011 года в 05:48 0
@mustangsolor the idiotic ramblings of a brain dead chimp. So entertaining
pseudohippie55 16 июня 2011 года в 05:47 0
@yhprum79 I think he used too many big words for a little dip shit like you. He's far smarter and much more intelligent than you will ever even hope to be.
Go back to KFC and clean those bathrooms, genius.
fr0wn town 21 мая 2011 года в 15:14 1
@SojournerOnora in what way does this make him a patriot? I have nothing against him, just your statement....
hillbillyprofane 03 января 2011 года в 07:27 1
@CR8VDO There are a few conservatives in this world who run their mouths the same way you're saying liberals do, CR8VDO. I can name a dozen people, liberal and conservative who need a beat down.
Unwelcome1776 28 декабря 2010 года в 05:16 0
i Like him, But remember that according to LAW you can not attack/harm/threaten any person(s) without a threat to your/someone's life, However! That still wont stop me, Just aint...Legal... In the eyes of most other ppl >_> In Accordance to the First Ammendment It is your right As an American Citizen (used lightly) Fought and Paid for in American Blood
Ponylove42 24 ноября 2010 года в 22:24 0
Stingray8854 16 октября 2010 года в 03:17 0
An enthusiastic, stand-up-and-cheer, loud and proud, HELL YEAH!! Well spoken Trace!!
VictoryFire88 09 октября 2010 года в 18:08 0
wooo Trace you are kick ass! :D
CSUTAMTAM 20 сентября 2010 года в 09:33 0
Joshua Harkins 10 сентября 2010 года в 17:40 0
@SojournerOnora i absolutely agree with you nice way of putting it
god bless everyone
Dave McFarlane 14 августа 2010 года в 16:55 1
Trace, what men should act like
Firearms Training Channel 11 августа 2010 года в 04:24 0
'Trace is the fucking man!
3lullabies 29 марта 2010 года в 07:17 0
now im starting to believe in the 2012 stuff.not the end of the of world wise.but a empire will fall and a new power will take over.i came to this conclusion by watching the way our citizens are tearing our country killing kids in school halls.lack of police.and the buncha rednecks in the N.R.A. turning a blind eye to the truth so they can go kill something.meanwhile,your nieghborhood grocery throws out tons of meat.GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY!!!!
caper2x 25 апреля 2009 года в 23:10 0
Amazing, and by your words alone you demostrate to the whole community who really is the fool and hick.

Go, trace, we got your back here.
SojournerOnora 14 декабря 2008 года в 08:36 0
Trace's got it right. I absolutely loathe racism and inequality, just like the "tolerant" folks. But when they can burn the flag, curse at our troops, and insult my God, and still have the nerve to call me "intolerant" or "ethnocentric" or "ignorant" for believing in my God, admiring our troops, or loving my country, then they've gone WAY out of line. Makes me wish I was less tolerant so I could "discuss" things "out back" with them. Oh well.

God bless America and God bless her patriots!
Lisa Huston 23 ноября 2008 года в 22:26 0
yup...hmm do u think this video would count as part of a bibliography for a history report? lol
Guns Motorcycles Faith 06 апреля 2008 года в 20:55 0
What does he think about the second amendment?
Paulette W 06 апреля 2008 года в 15:21 0
AMEN! Tell it like it is!
Steve Jeffrey 14 марта 2008 года в 01:41 0
OMG! AMEN - Love ya!!!!
Sue Ashe 27 декабря 2007 года в 02:52 0
Probably brave on internet - not so in front of the MAN
Mojack420 17 ноября 2007 года в 00:34 0
thats what is missing to many people get away with running their gums and not getting the ass kicking they are really begging for.
I am so going to push this clip