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The Vamps

Опубликовано 08 января 2014 года
в рубрике Рок-музыка

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2013 Highlights Video

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Directed & Edited by Dean Sherwood
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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Oriana Brown 31 января 2014 года в 20:21 13
"we got our friend connor to fill in on bass" to "connor will you be our bassist" :'):') cutest moment
laura katie 18 марта 2014 года в 23:49 8
I made a terrible decision on wearing headphones while watching this because the screaming girls practically made me deaf lol xxxxxxxx
Lilli Lukas 15 июля 2018 года в 13:55
Me too😂
Olivia 08 января 2014 года в 19:06 9
Is it me or The Vamps are so much better because there not that famous
Amelia Bocutt 08 января 2014 года в 21:31
So so true! I mean i'm happy for them that they're being so successful cos they deserve it, I just hope they don't get ruined by fame and remember where they started. Anyways congrats to The Vamps for their successes in 2013! :)
Jennifer Cisneros 02 февраля 2016 года в 06:42 7
its crazy how they started the year making covers in Tris' garage and finished the year playing in the O2 arena, I'm so proud of them.x
Gabriella Crewe-Archer 06 октября 2014 года в 19:49 5
Silvileo 31 декабря 2013 года в 00:50 11
Queentico 04 июня 2015 года в 09:06 10
oh how i missed the old days when the vamps is our little secret and i missed them doing covers. now they are busy doing their world tour huhu. ofc im happy for them. just saying that i miss the days back to 2012. love you the vamps forever and always xx
Mélanie Moreira 08 января 2014 года в 19:06 8
Connor's reaction when they asked him to be in the band was just the cutest thing ever <3
Charlotte Cooper/ Sharlie 08 января 2014 года в 21:31 6
I'd prefer to be a family and not an army
But what can I say boys will be boys haXD
love you vamps♥♥♥♡♡♡
casey 15 мая 2014 года в 13:55 7
aw every time i watch them "propose" to connor i cry that is so cute
clara b 08 января 2014 года в 21:24 3
its actually funny how shitty one direction are compared to you guys YOU'LL GO SO FARRRRR LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHH<3<3<3
Amelia Bocutt 08 января 2014 года в 21:32
Soooo true!!
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laureyworey 10 января 2014 года в 00:02 2
erm i think your forgetting a little something called SUMMER IN THE CITY! Me and my friends were so excited when we found out you were going and its the first time we saw you guys perform AND it was bloody brilliant.
Lujain Rawash 10 января 2014 года в 21:55 13
I hope you guys have the same year as 2013 in 2014 with even more concerts! I'm just really proud of you guys :')
Andrea Turbitt 19 января 2014 года в 21:09 2
im just sayin......yous should come to dublin! ;)
sweetbigbrowneyes 11 января 2014 года в 18:43 2
'We started in a garage' my heart dropped
Gabby Turvey 11 января 2014 года в 05:56 2
santi77an 10 января 2014 года в 19:20 5
You're a super band, and I'm so sure God will support you and you'll be the biggest group this years ... Blessings !
Russle Alfaro 10 января 2014 года в 08:16 2
Im proud for the Vamps. I hope, I can see them if I go there.I'm your Philippine FAN!
NIANA 08 января 2014 года в 21:42 1
Wow this really makes me feel a bit emotional.
I am here since the very begining and im so proud of yiu guya. Watching this makes me feel comfy with all.my first thoughts of you, i wasnt wrong. Even though you havent come t my cpuntry i hope soon you will. We need you in Spain. I.LOVE YOU THE VAMPS!!!!
Coley and Jumanji 08 января 2014 года в 19:10 1
It's pretty remarkable that your first ever shows were supporting Mcfly... I mean that in itself is impressive!! You guys really have had some year, and I'm sure it's only the start. Will look forward to seeing you's in 2014! Hope you's have had a lovely holiday time :D xxxx
OhMJB 08 января 2014 года в 22:57 1
i remember when i first found out about The Vamps a year ago. I just happened by their Live While We're Young cover here on YoutTube, and then after that just fell in love with them and their sound :) it's amazing seeing how far you guys have come, and keep on keepin on <3
AllAboutSofy 11 января 2014 года в 16:44 1
Valentina escorcia 08 января 2014 года в 19:05 1
Im really really proud of you guys, love u. Los esperamos en Latinoamerica! besos♥
Simardeep Singh 09 января 2014 года в 23:12 1
You guys deserve it ! You've worked very hard this year and have accomplished so much ! 2014 is going to be even better :))) btw when will you guys come to holland ? :(
Nutria Vega 10 января 2014 года в 17:38 1
O god I literally cried so proud of you guys Please come to Mexico and release the songs here Im a Huge fan of your thanks for the amazing year
xhalfdoomed 08 января 2014 года в 23:16 1
I'm still so sad Wild Heart was filmed literally maybe 10 minutes away from me and I go to that film set all the time :(
But the video is amazing and I love all their covers because that's how I found them <3
Milly 08 января 2014 года в 19:38 1
Vampettes are gonna make sure 2014 will be the year of the vamps! So proud of you guys💕
Ella Court 09 января 2014 года в 19:14 1
It's been such a good year for you guys and I'm happy to say I came in this journey through the while I this year with you I have to see you live again soon!!
Cerys Jeffries 31 декабря 2013 года в 00:11 1
It's scary to see how much you have like changed since you started out! I hope you wouldn't change a thing ilysm you mean lots to me :)😚
Chloe Lording 09 января 2014 года в 21:52 1
Whenever I watch where con is asked to be the bassist I always get tears in my eyes
Billie-Jo Moorhouse 12 января 2014 года в 00:24 1
Ive watched this like 50 times and I have cried every time! I'm so proud of you and you are my world <3
Anna L 10 января 2014 года в 22:35 1
Aw they've come so far this year! When I first subscribed they only had two videos!
Katie Gleaves 31 декабря 2013 года в 00:14 1
So proud of you guys. <3 You all have come so far and I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for y'all. :') Just keep doing what you do.
Katie 11 января 2014 года в 17:34 1
I'm so proud of how far you guys have come, it seems a long time ago since you released Can We Dance <3
Kirsty Lamb 10 января 2014 года в 00:12 1
Please tour Ireland and come to where I live in Dublin so I can go to see you's because you's are amazing!👌❤️
Steph McVey 09 января 2014 года в 17:25 1
Is anyone else crying? xxx
Hidden Larry 08 января 2014 года в 18:51 1
I watched all and I can't stop my tears sjkdhaskj
"We started in a garage
We finished 2013 playing Arena shows" ♥
Nicola Coombs 08 января 2014 года в 19:16 1
Just laughing at the 10/10 would bang sign in Manchester! :D
Aleigh Davidson 31 декабря 2013 года в 01:59 1
And to think... I was there from the start. =''']
Garazi Ibañez 10 января 2014 года в 23:26 1
I kind of want to keep them as a secret...
annanas 03 января 2014 года в 19:17 1
my headphones allmost crashed down when the mini tour part was haha
ptvxsws 10 января 2014 года в 10:51 1
Victo Guerrero 08 января 2014 года в 23:15 1
prim rose 11 января 2014 года в 22:02 1
You're gonna be bigger this year <3
Olivia 09 января 2014 года в 20:22 1
You work so hard! And you guys really deserve all this. I hope your 2014 will be even better! Keep up the good work, you guys are amazing! Lots of love 
MacKenzie Payton 08 января 2014 года в 18:55 1
Tour in Michigan !!! Xx
k iad 09 января 2014 года в 19:31 1
ELyia BuBbLeS 10 января 2014 года в 23:01 1
Just perfect 😍😘😊
Lauren Fitzgerald 09 января 2014 года в 02:09 1
us tour please
Susana Parga 01 января 2014 года в 19:19 1
2014 Year of The Vamps. You're awesome, we'll be here forever! Vamps Army is gonna rule the world!:) with chips
Ella Keeton 09 июля 2015 года в 21:03 2
Love you💜💜💜💜
Sabcode 15 ноября 2015 года в 13:38 1
I'm crying.
ida is actual trash 08 января 2014 года в 19:10 2
i don't know why but i cried alot watching this. 
Edith Urbano 23 января 2014 года в 04:46 2
i seriously cried ♥ 
Hannah Bergin 08 января 2014 года в 19:00 0
so proud of yous<3 happy new year best wishes x
Bianca Romans 09 января 2014 года в 08:54 0
I feel like crying while watching this maybe because i never had a chance to see you personally and watch your gigs live. If only I could fly wherever you are right now i'll hug every single one of you. I love you guys!!!! Keep making music!!! I promise i'll support you until the end. Btw i'm your fan from the Philippines. Hoping you guys will fly here soon!!!! Love love ♥
Elise Poret 09 января 2014 года в 05:39 0
This was such an amazing year for The Vamps. I'm so pumped for this year now! Maybe some music will be released in the USA...?
Ivana Ivancevic 09 января 2014 года в 14:30 0
i feel like i havent been helping becouse i havent went to any of your gigs becousei live so far away and it sucks,but i really have been suporting you,well hopefully you feel the same! love u to the moon and back! THE VAMPS ARMY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333
molly loverance 31 декабря 2013 года в 00:56 0
Crying bc at the beginning of the year, and just before, nobody knew who these boys were and they were my little secret, almost a year later and they're on top of the world, smashing it like they planned. Proud to say I was here before the fame, when they were just a little 3 piece garage band and I'll be with them until they're one of the biggest boy bands around because deep down they will always be my boys, all four of them. I love you guys, keep making us smile!:D
Olivia Rowe 17 января 2014 года в 06:09 0
I was crying watching this I'm beyond proud of you guys and it doesn't feel like only a year ago I was waiting for you to relase your next cover you filmed in your garage, instead I'm waiting for your album, your DEBUT ALBUM!! OMG!! I can't wait for you to take over 2014!! Love you lots xxx
Laura Buhagiar 09 января 2014 года в 03:17 0
My God I love these guys. The first time I sought them out, I looked at Bradly and instantly thought it was my friend Henry. You know how there are supposedly 7 people who look like you? Well, I just found a Henry & Brad look-a-like. <3 love you boys. Come to SOUTH AUSTRALIA!!!!!!! :)
Grace Seaton 03 января 2014 года в 12:04 0
so proud of u guys :) I have been a massive fan ever since I found u which was when u uploaded ur 2nd video onto yt :) I have seen u live at wembly arena on the mcfly tour and at summer in the city and u were sooo amazing :) ur videos r amazing :) u r such nice guys :) and I wish u all the best for a smashing new year :) <3
R Schristov 08 января 2014 года в 19:41 0
i love the Vamps sooo frickn much :)  Its amazing how far you guys have become !! Couldnt stop smiling while watching this video <333 - South Africa loves you.
Guadalupe Sánchez 08 января 2014 года в 19:17 0
this video made ​​me cry a lot, because I saw them grow in the music! a year that i support them long ago. :'D im so proud of the vamps.
Megan Hackett 09 января 2014 года в 17:50 0
This video proves how far they have come in just one year! i'm so proud of them and i know 2014 is going to be amazing :) I know that this year i will see you live and i will meet you because i have followed you from the very start! i love you guys so much xx
Bri Fisher 09 января 2014 года в 15:08 0
I love you guys, you inspire myself, and so many other people, you inspired me to start playing the guitar and started putting covers up on YouTube, I just want to thank you for changing my life. <3
Afsha Rehman 08 января 2014 года в 23:16 0
That was such a cute montage! You guys had an amazing 2013 let's hope 2014 will be even better and bring you even more success. We love you lads so much, have an amazing new year.
P.S Connor is so cute! ;) <3
megan gillies 08 января 2014 года в 22:13 0
I saw me :3 at the O2 glasgow,,,, love you all, please come back? <3
Ruth Torres 19 марта 2014 года в 01:47 0
jajaja, si no fuera por este vídeo jamás me hubiera enterado de que en el cover de 22, Tristan uso ollas y sartenes.. LOL como los amo.
CaseyC 09 января 2014 года в 02:10 0
I love you guys and your music!! Can't wait until your songs are released in the US!!!
Laura Hirst 09 января 2014 года в 14:21 0
Where was Sheffield light switch on then boys;)?
Jade Tran 11 января 2014 года в 06:09 0
I cant believe how far you've guys gone. I was here from the very beginning when you had 27 subscribers and when you got signed and all of the wonderful other things that has happened. It just makes me want to cry to know how far you've guys come.
hcrawr25h 17 января 2014 года в 08:56 0
I knew The Vamps,the day before yesterday‼︎
But I come to love your songs at a glance❤︎
Thank you♡I love you‼︎

Please come to Japan this year❤︎🇯🇵
Camila García 10 января 2014 года в 06:08 0
se viene un buen 2014 con The Vamps, seguirán creciendo como lo han hecho hasta ahora :3
anna lou 08 января 2014 года в 19:41 0
this video made me so emotional i'm literally crying over here. i'm so proud of you guys, you're so amazing and you deserve everything you've gotten. i'm so sad i couldn't come to any of your concerts or meet & greets, it's way too expensive to fly all the way from finland haha. i love you guys so much and i can't wait 'til you release your album! xx
Solène M. 13 июня 2014 года в 22:18 0
The Vamps' story is incredible ! <3 I'm so glad for you guys :D Thank you so much !! <3 <3 <3 
Alisha Shrestha 09 января 2014 года в 00:06 0
0:57 it sounds like taylor swift's come back be there
Jasmin Carsana 14 января 2014 года в 08:33 0
Me vuelven loca, dios mio. Son hermosos<3
Y Brad te amo <3 
No se, no se, yo en uno de mis sueños lo besé jajjaja xD
Fernanda San 09 января 2014 года в 23:22 0
Entendí la mitad de lo que decían pero se que son los mejores (: Los amo! 
Catastrophe 08 января 2014 года в 19:43 0
I think meeting taylor swift is a huge highlight xD no but i love you guys and im so proud you made it this far <13
agrummo 08 января 2014 года в 21:41 0
I'm so proud of you boys. You've done so much this year and I'm so happy to be a part of it. From when you started in the garage just the three of you, to now. I really hope 2014 will be a great year for you guys! Love you :)
Tan 31 декабря 2013 года в 00:30 0
I love this video so much and the progress these four boys have made is incredible I love them sooooo much and can't wait for them too continue in 2014 :-) Thank you xx
Grace Hope 14 апреля 2014 года в 22:02 0
This makes me cry everytime xxx Im so proud of you boyz and look at you now releasing ur album and last night xxxxx ilysm xxxxx
CRAZYDIRECTIONETTE 31 декабря 2013 года в 00:33 0
I love you guys soooo muuch!! Cannot wait to see ebat awesome things come for you all next year. It would mean loads if you came back to wales. It made my year seriously. Looovee yooouuu
CRAZYDIRECTIONETTE 31 декабря 2013 года в 00:33 0
I love you guys soooo muuch!! Cannot wait to see ebat awesome things come for you all next year. It would mean loads if you came back to wales. It made my year seriously. Looovee yooouuu
kitkat ansell 08 января 2014 года в 19:33 0
I love you guys so much !!! I have loved you since the real beginning !!!!!!!!!!!
U are amazing and so so so talented <3 so much love to you
deehazwani 09 января 2014 года в 03:38 0
I'm so proud of you boys! Can't wait for you to come to Singapore!!
Lucy Pedley 08 января 2014 года в 18:49 0
ohmygod, so proud of the vamps, crying whilst watching this, it unreal how far they've come but they truly deserve it, love you my idols <3
sunny blue 08 января 2014 года в 20:24 0
I still remember your cover of 'Little things' popping up in my subscription box - so proud of how far you guys have come!!! :) <3
Lucia S 08 января 2014 года в 21:58 0
It's amazing how far you've guys come in just a year! All of you definitely deserve it :) You guys should really go on tour here in the US, though. Specifically on the East Coast. We need a little Vamp love here too c;
Ana Bunns 09 января 2014 года в 04:12 0
I've been following them since they're 1st cover, its amazing how they have been improving! Keep it up!! :)  
GabyGonzalez 16 января 2014 года в 08:11 0
OMG!! What an awesome year! So cool that I know about u guys!! many more years like this to come, and ever better! :D love you!
FELIX SANCHEZ ALCARAZ 08 января 2014 года в 20:19 0
I want to tell you a massive thank you for this amazing 2013. Thanks for make me laugh and smile. You have reached very high. I can't wait to see you someday. I love you so much xx
Frankie Lait 08 января 2014 года в 19:15 0
Preordered! Love you guys! Can't wait for more to come!
Kimberly D 08 января 2014 года в 18:59 0
I love you guys so much. You're my sunshine when I feel bad. Thanks for everything. I hope you will come to Switzerland one day and that you would follow me on twitter (@pizzadellouis) :) xx
Farzana 26 июня 2014 года в 22:33 0
Wow they've become really successful! Love The Vamps! :)
Ester C. Aguilar 11 января 2014 года в 00:33 0
Omg tears are real!!!
Times fly i was here since "rockin robbie cover" and now you're such a big talented band!!!! :') SO PROUD OF YOU!!! :*
Nunzia Bos 14 января 2018 года в 14:18 0
When they asked connor if he wants to be their basist😍
TheBubalindaa 08 января 2014 года в 18:49 0
You guys have worked so hard to get where you are now! you deserve to get what you want, can't help but feel proud. Well done for everything <3