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CYHRA — How The Members Got Their Start In Music (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

The members of CYHRA about their musical backgrounds. Get the new album ’No Halos In Hell’: out November 15th. SUBSCRIBE

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Directed, filmed & edited by KJ Melgoza

CYHRA’s line-up:
Jake E – vocals
Jesper Strömblad – guitars
Euge Valovirta – guitars
Alex Landenburg – drums

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Burak Gulguler 08 октября 2019 года в 11:17 9
It is so good to see Jesper! In Jesper we trust!
heavierthanmetal0 08 октября 2019 года в 13:40 6
Pretty clever putting Jesper in the thumbnail, otherwise I'd never watch this video.
Marionettetc 09 октября 2019 года в 02:12 0
Is jesper still in the band? i've seen pictures from recent tours and I haven't seen him
Yohanes Widiasmoro 08 октября 2019 года в 15:40 2
In Jesper We Trust
Bryan Martin 08 октября 2019 года в 15:55 0
hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muhammad Rony 08 октября 2019 года в 11:31 1
love the snakebyte 🤘🏻
LAVERNA 595 08 октября 2019 года в 13:32 4
It's soooo funny that old In Flames are worshipping Cyhra so much, complaining how bad and edgy is new in flames but actually Cyhra is more commercial and sounds like Amaranthe ( disco pop metal)
Adrián Pedreño Olmos 09 октября 2019 года в 17:17
Yes, in flames have good new songs but the way jesper composes is something else, the structures the melodies are so beautiful and melancholic and i like how jake sings with passion and feeling this melodies and he also is an excellent composer and Alex is an excellent drummer and euge is a beast with the guitar and also composing, i'm sure it's bound to be an excellent album but we need to think that they are cyhra not in flames or amaranthe or something else
Blow Violence 09 октября 2019 года в 17:06
I think part of it is because of Jespers melodies at least for me.
Though I'm still digging some of the last In Flames Record
Adrián Pedreño Olmos 08 октября 2019 года в 18:40
I think that they are a mixture between melodic in flames of clayman era in music with the melodic voice of jake, they have create something different and the melodies have the in flames melodic essence, maybe not their harder side but the beautiful melodies without a doubt they keep it