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Опубликовано 14 мая 2007 года
в рубрике Хард-рок и метал

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Official Behind the Scenes 5 Video Journal with Behemoth
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Making of The Apostasy
Photo Session

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Przemek Ostrowski 24 июня 2013 года в 20:09 0
title of song 0:24 please
FixxxeR208 20 марта 2012 года в 17:47 1
those are so badass pics, but I feel a bit bad for Seth who is only a session member. He should have been there and posing with the band.
Dalton D 07 февраля 2010 года в 21:24 0
I found his ebay store!!! hes really cool.
piotrek7286 28 сентября 2009 года в 10:19 0
Nergal's father - Zenon Darski used to do it for them often:)
piotrek7286 28 сентября 2009 года в 10:15 0
they used here a kind of word-game, "to po marlborku" means "lets take a marlboro (Marlboro- company of cigarets)", or "its after Malbork [~the Malbork loses~] (theres also a city in Poland called Malbork which have castle in too." Sounds the same:]
Nayomi S 12 апреля 2009 года в 12:32 2
yes adam you are a very handsome man...i want to chew on you lips!
666RebelAngel666 02 марта 2009 года в 18:39 0
Dave M. 19 января 2009 года в 20:24 1
why is seth not on the photos?
tm_drummer 13 января 2009 года в 22:41 0
0:53 "na niemca, kurwe"...hahaha!!
Dawid Kruczek 13 ноября 2008 года в 22:03 0
Bardzo przystojny z ciebie mężczyzna Adam. ^^
wolfoftthedead 29 августа 2008 года в 10:20 0
are the band that stoped me from going insian the masters horns up
CHAOSDEATHCULT 05 июля 2008 года в 22:26 0
their* songs. Gotta love the whole "you must not understand the music if you don't like it" retard argument. Kill yourself.
GAANEESAA 05 июля 2008 года в 09:46 1
just because behemoth is above your comprehension, dont be a bitch on one of their videos
CasusLuciferi 04 июля 2008 года в 04:34 0
Vesania does own indeed ^_^
CHAOSDEATHCULT 30 мая 2008 года в 22:15 0
LoLoL. This is the level ov intelligence of the Yaehovah-hemoth fanboys. Petty assumptions that I must be a "hip hop bitch", a "poser" (poser to WHAT?)?

It was just a joke anyways, they're a good band. A few of there songs will always be "up there".
CHAOSDEATHCULT 09 мая 2008 года в 03:17 0

Gayhemoth. Done.
Lordwarship 14 марта 2008 года в 09:19 0
;) not bad ;)
evilmick66 09 февраля 2008 года в 21:29 0
No, I LOVE the creepiness; it's really brutal! I'm just recognizing the scariness, 'cuz I know that if any non-metalhead were to see Behemoth for the first time, they'd piss their pants at that very moment.
evilmick66 01 февраля 2008 года в 21:02 0
Behemoth looks so fucking scary with their costumes and make-up! It's AWESOME!! They're look like completely different ppl!
Sur-jeet 28 января 2008 года в 09:28 0
You said Seth isn't in 'a' band. Did you mean to say that Seth isn't in 'Behemoth'? Because he has his own band called Nomad. And they're fucking awesome.

And for those that do not know, Orion has his own band as well called Vesania.

Both bands are simply amazing.
Michael Miller 26 января 2008 года в 20:15 0
TOTALLY! such a sick song all around
Mathijs Ignoul 10 января 2008 года в 21:33 0
Did Seth feel discriminated ?
art graz 07 января 2008 года в 16:20 0
"Uwielbiam kurwa takie dziecia" To mnie rozwalilo. Hail Behemoth
TTKIN 05 января 2008 года в 04:57 0
At The Left Hand of God...

One of their best ever in my opinion.
Paweł Niedzielski 02 января 2008 года в 20:55 0
Na niemca!!
Lissette Luna 02 января 2008 года в 18:53 0
They look great !
MolotovAL 20 ноября 2007 года в 17:09 0
Too right mate
Refery5 11 сентября 2007 года в 09:31 0
Yeah, it`s fvcking great! Awesome, amazing, beautiful work!
kilj0 09 сентября 2007 года в 02:22 0
lol u suck, u will all be consumed by satan u noobs. BEHEMOTH RULEZ!!!! ARARRRRG
Gideon McAdams 02 сентября 2007 года в 01:50 0
i mean NOT satanist
Gideon McAdams 02 сентября 2007 года в 01:49 0
to the guys before me, behemoth is satanist, they are PAGAN! big difference.
Paul C 16 августа 2007 года в 21:26 0
muslim....dude i think its pretty much obvious they arent muslim lol
MrAske 18 июля 2007 года в 22:55 0
This album is the best album ever. EVER!
TTKIN 16 июля 2007 года в 09:19 0
Its true. This album will completely blow away what you think it will be. The album is so good, it completely blew me away.
mały 666 08 июля 2007 года в 21:39 0
it's AZARATH, our Polish death metal pride :)
Fernando Salazar 07 июля 2007 года в 05:53 0
what are the band of the shirt of inferno?
Kentirir 28 июня 2007 года в 16:05 0
They got the coolest promo pictures ever!
thegodofdisco 24 июня 2007 года в 12:57 0
Behemoth kicks serious ass!
dhaav 09 июня 2007 года в 23:01 0
Is Chevy Chase playing drums on Behemoth?
Stingaxe 09 июня 2007 года в 01:29 0
I don't think that it is. The album was put together by the same studio that made Demigod, and I think its the promo version. also the sound quality doesnt compare to the sound on this
Inhuman0 02 июня 2007 года в 16:10 0
Prometherion,on the ozzfest official website,please somebody can tell if it's the final sound ?
TTKIN 31 мая 2007 года в 00:18 0
I cant fucking wait for this album to come out. The music ive heard off of it is so makes demigod look like shit. and thats my favorite album from them.
droglii 29 мая 2007 года в 15:25 0
Resemblances performs in all bands. Check for example drumming in Vader-Epitaph and Nile Sacrafice
at the beginning.
droglii 29 мая 2007 года в 15:25 0
How could you rate "The apostasy" if you don't hear final version, but only unmixed/unmastered promo ?
Before Apostasy Behemoth was aslo influence for example Middle-Eastern influence of Nile, but Behemoth have own style characterized by the drumwork and vocal.
Today Fear Factory don't play death metal. They also change genre but for groove metal on Demanufacture.
I don't think that Behemoth borrowed something from Krisiun,this band is less well-known from Behemoth.
droglii 29 мая 2007 года в 12:48 0
If for you it is "commercial shit" why are you here ? Every well-known group which made a success we can call commercial music. There are plenty death metal/black metal bands who are more commercial than Behemoth for example: Dimmu Borgir,Cannibal Corpse,Immolation,Hypocrisy,Entombed,Children of Bodom,Morbid Angel etc.
Your brain is also commercialized, because you used such word as maggot.
Is visible that you are fucking commercial NU-METAL Shit-knot fan.
Goatchrist 27 мая 2007 года в 18:04 0
Heal great I want a Flag like in the Vid... were can I get this great thing?
mfg Goat
dvo9 26 мая 2007 года в 13:18 0
i listened to the apostasy (sorry for pirating), it seems so great (no mastering), i wait for the record, i will buy it
Eadrin 24 мая 2007 года в 18:42 0
Just add, I'm gonna buy a new album when it's released. I just give this link for all those who can't wait to hear it.
Eadrin 24 мая 2007 года в 18:40 0

you can download it from here
Ruben Wijlacker 24 мая 2007 года в 13:27 0
lol i am gonna buy it, cuz i'm a big fan
GladRags 24 мая 2007 года в 00:00 0
Don't poke your nose into music, if u can't understand that some people like different music than you. U pathetic little shit.
Baga Inferno 22 мая 2007 года в 15:50 0
ha ha i already have the new albom...
you can fuckin download it on the internet..
Gideon McAdams 22 мая 2007 года в 10:40 0
Can. not. wait. to. see. them. at. ozzfest.
Slimhorse 22 мая 2007 года в 05:33 0
how come they never include seth in the photo shoots?
Delur Delur 17 мая 2007 года в 16:37 0
very short video :<
i'm proud, cause Behemoth is from my country, Poland !
Stingaxe 16 мая 2007 года в 22:12 0
I refuse to listen to it until something official comes out. For some reason it wouldn't seem right.

This albums going to kickass
Rhadamanthus 16 мая 2007 года в 16:03 0
AAAAARGH! Come on, Behemoth! Leak a single or something! I love your music so much I physically ache for this album!

Don't worry, Nergal, this doesn't sound mellow at all.
Tommy Tenenbaum 16 мая 2007 года в 12:06 0
No it doesn't !
It's a fucking awesome album - I think it's a little bit melodic...
caasddg 16 мая 2007 года в 11:07 0
and at the end is a part from the song pazuzu
caasddg 16 мая 2007 года в 11:06 0
the song is called slaying the prophets of isa,and the album really sux
isaiasguilarte 16 мая 2007 года в 08:15 0
Nah, Seth is just a session member of the band. I guess Nergal wants to keep it down on responsibilities and payment :)
SLIPI 15 мая 2007 года в 20:17 0
awsome promo pictures.. but they look like those from demigod
reav3rtm 15 мая 2007 года в 16:56 0
well, in Polish the word 'kurwa' or 'ja pierdolę' has the same purprose as saying 'fuck' or 'shit' in English - you know, to show how fascinated, pissed of, frustrated or happy you are :)
JohnDemolition 15 мая 2007 года в 06:29 0
wtf is with the guy saying whore when he wants to say fucking?
necrophagist00 15 мая 2007 года в 03:45 0
I still don't know why Seth is almost nowhere except for live performances?
smigacz 14 мая 2007 года в 19:20 0
ja chce juz kurwa album !!!!
droglii 14 мая 2007 года в 17:27 0
Quite nice video, but where is Seth ?
Inhuman0 14 мая 2007 года в 17:24 0
It is the final mix ?
The final sound ?
caasddg 14 мая 2007 года в 16:29 0
is this song from the apostasy album ????
isaiasguilarte 14 мая 2007 года в 15:35 0
I love them so fucking much!!!!!!!!!!!
Berfouille 14 мая 2007 года в 15:11 0
Me too!!! Your music is very brutal!!!
elhuesos 14 мая 2007 года в 14:55 0
can't wait to get that album.