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Michael Ray

Опубликовано 14 января 2020 года
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Reacting to the "Her World Or Mine" Official Music Video | Michael Ray

The music video for Her World Or Mine is so special to me. I wanted to watch it with y’all to help to explain some of the nods to my grandmother and to share some of the behind the scenes moments. Thank you for letting me go there with this one. Love y’all.

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Momma To The Crazies 14 января 2020 года в 23:39 2
He has such a beautiful soul. Touched my heart so much
Jaefa Shields 15 января 2020 года в 16:21
alright and so did he
Mallarie Lowe 15 января 2020 года в 14:15 0
When my great grandmother got to the point of leaving us I remember having a conversation with her and she handed me a dime and she said I’m gonna send you dimes from heaven so be on the lookout That was 2014 and I cannot count the amount of dams that I have found at random since that day I love this video it really reminds me of my family Great job Michael
Just Joy 14 января 2020 года в 23:10 4
Wow! He is straight gorgeous 😍
Debbie Smitherman 14 января 2020 года в 23:22 1
Thank - You Michael for this one amazing song. Her World Or Mine is so very beautiful. The video I enjoyed sooo much. When I was growing up I had a hard life growing up and I always stayed in a room to myself . It was always just mama and me. As long as I was in that room by myself it was my World the perfect world with pretending everything was OK and we all were a family. I used my writing to pass the time. After I grew up I got married and it was verbal and abusive relationship. I felt less than nothing. He cheated on me and was into his drinking more. Also recently I lost my mom my best friend. Now I'm back into my little world again. So I get the meaning of this song. In many cases I too lived this song. A job well done. God Bless you Michael. Your grandmother is so very proud of you. I made sure my mom had her rings on her when she passed. That's what she wanted. I love you Michael you're the best. Best wishes to you and Carley. Sorry about your grandma. Just know she loves you and loves the amazing job you're doing. She's looking down on you always. We your fans are very blessed to have someone like you. All you do is so appreciated and songs like this says it all in one word : AMAZING!!! 🙏🙏😁
RedneckTravisMusic & More 15 января 2020 года в 02:39 0
more artists should do these reaction things
WhileWild 14 января 2020 года в 22:55 1
Hello Michael! First, I want to say that I love your videos, I watch them often and suddenly I wanted to write to invite you to discover my world. I am a pop music composer from France and I do all of my music and music videos myself. Each month, I make a new clip in a different country I hope you read this comment and that you will like 🙏 Thank you for your attention

UrbanRoad Bikers 16 января 2020 года в 01:19 0
This made me cry because iv felt the way he has and it just brings heart to a level that gets me thinking im not sure how others Feel this way but when loosing someone it just hurts them but some can get over it some cant and im one of those that Cant Handle loosing a person we love So i can relate to him~~
TikTokVidz 93 14 января 2020 года в 22:55 0
💖💖💖💖 love you Michael Ray!!!💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕
Mike or patty Rhoades 14 января 2020 года в 23:22 0
Great video michael! I have lost so many family, friends, and even animals! So thanks. Every family has there issues. Loved it!!! Been married 35 years and counting. I told mike the other day I'm leaving you and that lasted 5 minutes. We always work things out.
Lewis Cates 14 января 2020 года в 23:28 0
Hi Michael I seen you at Kjug in Visalia,Ca when you first came out it was such a pleasure seeing you play and answering questions Im so proud of your success keep up the great work young man I’m a big fan love the video we used a penny in our family also
Imam Malik 14 января 2020 года в 23:14 0
I REALLY love the song..... but tbh this song and even the video make me remember something i dont wanna remember.
Osama Satari 15 января 2020 года в 02:31 0
Great Video Mr. Michael, My Grandfather Passed Away In 4 Years Ago At 2016 & I Feel Misrible For Him & I'm Gonna Miss Him So Much
Leslie Davis 15 января 2020 года в 02:00 0
Wooow love this very good💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Siddhant Chaurasia Videos 15 января 2020 года в 06:53 1
I love your songs💓
Love from India
jason ford 14 января 2020 года в 23:41 1
wow man. you sir are awesome to be able to sit there and get through explaining everything blows me away that song means so much to me i went through alot of the same things you did especially with parents divorcing its very hard as a child to see your parents go through that
colleen rhodes 15 января 2020 года в 01:47 0
Wow omg tears thanks for telling us your story I seen you in concert and you sang that song a lot of emotions you are so awesome keep up the great singing!
RedneckTravisMusic & More 15 января 2020 года в 02:39 0
i can see why you get along with Brantley
Rosemary Monreal 15 января 2020 года в 01:37 0