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The Academy Is...: Big Mess (PREVIEW)

A preview of The Academy Is...’s song, ’We’ve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands,’ from the album, Santi — available now on DCD2 Records / Fueled By Ramen. Download it at

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Sam B 07 марта 2017 года в 23:49 0
daniel cloud campos, eh? same guy who did This Is Gospel
Alexandra Anaya 23 мая 2014 года в 23:48 0
janedoeunknown 24 марта 2011 года в 05:52 1
To be honest I liked the meaning in the real video a lot. I do like this one but I think I like the other one better :) Just my oppinion though
rararad 04 января 2011 года в 14:10 0
Omg Daniel Cloud!
B Bon 13 ноября 2010 года в 02:58 1
alyssasheridan 19 августа 2010 года в 19:34 1
Did The Butcher REALLY say "excitable"? Oh, yupp, he did :)
anotheranomalie 20 июня 2010 года в 20:34 1
I'd give anything to have this video on my iPod... and William Beckett in my bedroom... wait, what?
Seriously though. The official video's got competition. <3
thevatsavitsa vitsa 20 января 2019 года в 23:35
i wonder if your still using that ipod
Emily 20 июня 2010 года в 12:27 0
I barfed when American Idol sang this song.
Mitchii96 06 декабря 2009 года в 14:15 1
0:26 aww sooo cute
Naomi SV 20 ноября 2009 года в 06:31 0
Ah, back when Sisky still had the Dead Ferret...
XxrubberxduckyxX 19 декабря 2008 года в 05:24 1
Who cannot love this guys? At least, I can't. Amazing song. : D William is love~
cacarazymary 06 декабря 2008 года в 18:02 0
same feelings but yeah :D
cacarazymary 06 декабря 2008 года в 18:00 0
no way :/
william is so much HOTTER!
madasrabbits06 04 декабря 2008 года в 01:32 0
that would have been so cool
i love how they made the chairs' shadows move with the light
that seriously would have been a sweet video! :/
madasrabbits06 03 декабря 2008 года в 01:16 0
was this going to be the first music video??
before the one released.
madasrabbits06 03 декабря 2008 года в 01:16 0
yeahh :[
william is still amazing though
if you've ever read his blog....
it's amazing!
madasrabbits06 27 ноября 2008 года в 04:55 0
so when fast times was coming out
i got so excited
because i love this band!
and when william posted lyrics on his blog i knew it would be good because the lyrics were amazing!
but when the album came out
it's like it seems like they are just like every other pop band?
like they lost something that made them unique?
but it makes me sad
but i still respect this band so much!
and i wish them the best :D
madasrabbits06 27 ноября 2008 года в 04:52 0
i love this video!
but... ugh idk....

ok so when i started listening to TAI...
i was in like 6th grade
and i LOVED almost here!
it was like al i listened to!
then santi came out and at first i was like
meh it's kinda metal-y
but then i actually listened to the songs and the LYRICS!
and then THAT was all i listened to
(not literally.... i just listened to it a lot :D)

(continuing in a reply....)
madasrabbits06 27 ноября 2008 года в 04:41 0
"it gets me feeling exciteable"
me too butcher... me too :D
rachael west 27 октября 2008 года в 17:04 0
omfg they look toatally insane but they are still the sexiest people alive!!
Shelby 22 октября 2008 года в 19:34 0
Emily Miller 21 октября 2008 года в 20:12 0
hehe i love 2:18-2:22
heheh mike is mega cute:]
Maria Jose Lopez Cordoba 07 сентября 2008 года в 05:21 0
can i find this video somewhere?? i mean without the interviews and stuff... just the video... plzzz can someone tell me...??
Grace McKendry 06 сентября 2008 года в 06:46 2
this video seems more ..... mentally unbalanced. that's what I like about it. It's sort of like the insane kind of mess. like where he's in the small room and the shadow's, everything's just kinda trippy and you don't know what's really going on.
Lady Michaelis 31 августа 2008 года в 02:04 0
this video is kick ass, i like the reflection version fav parts are 5:19, 5:36, and 5:43
ey oi 29 августа 2008 года в 16:35 0
LOL they dont seriously consider themselves emo. just because their little myspace genre says emo they just say that for shits and giggles.
Marissa Kirk 13 августа 2008 года в 04:22 0
That, and I really like the shadow stuff.
It looks neat...
Marissa Kirk 13 августа 2008 года в 04:20 0
I like this version better because there isn't as much... talking in it. D:

I dunno... that is what annoyed me about the other video for this song... don't get me wrong, I love Tai... but. xD
I just wanted more of the music in the other video, I guess.
Eleanor_Belle 13 августа 2008 года в 04:17 0
They call themselves that. If they call themselves emo and their fine with then yeah they are.

Eleanor_Belle 13 августа 2008 года в 04:17 0
I messaged Fueled about it. "Andy" replied, (Sisky maybe, a random dude named Andy working for Fueled, possible)

They say that this is just a teaser video, there was not real video of this, that the "evil william" video was the only WGABMOOH (long title) video.




mostly cause it has all of the band members in it (no offense william, we all love you) And in the 'Evil William' one its mostly just Will.

Sellsbells 13 августа 2008 года в 00:27 0
they're not emo
Marissa Kirk 10 августа 2008 года в 01:23 0
They should release this video too.

This is cool. xD
yoitsdarp 31 июля 2008 года в 23:17 0
i agree they really arent. you want emo listen to new noise by refused.
2horsesforme 27 июля 2008 года в 23:24 0
TAI is amazing. :]
mooniQas 20 июля 2008 года в 19:30 0
tai aren't emo!
good God...
Clare Liddy 19 июля 2008 года в 06:51 0
amazing band (:
Mariana Franco 18 июля 2008 года в 04:45 0
I think this video is muuuch better than the "real" vid for this song.

The Academy Is... are amazin in every single way :)
Eleanor_Belle 15 июля 2008 года в 00:08 0
dude I so like this vid better...the real one is rocker but this is emosilverrocker!!
doitwithhelp 11 июля 2008 года в 22:50 0
taifobchick480224 02 июля 2008 года в 19:00 0
oh well, i cant buy anything which really sucks!
but your freakin lucky you found that!
taifobchick480224 02 июля 2008 года в 04:17 0
really? is it for free?
Julie Ressalam 26 июня 2008 года в 20:51 0
i love this song. one of my favorites on Santi!
taifobchick480224 05 июня 2008 года в 14:23 0
dudeee, i wish the vid was like this one.
AsmatulPammine 28 апреля 2008 года в 15:20 0
i think i wont know them if it was'nt b'coz they're connected to fueled by ramen...but if i discover them on my own,ill still love them!!!!
emancipatethepiggies 17 февраля 2008 года в 12:21 0
That's so, so true. <3
emancipatethepiggies 17 февраля 2008 года в 12:20 0
I LOVE THIS VIDEO. I like this preview better than the actual thing. :D
William here is walking sex. <3
Diana Argueta 11 февраля 2008 года в 20:39 0
omg i know how you feel! like i know people who would talk crap about them and i felt like telling them off but i was like .... don't overreact its just a band haha
Diana Argueta 29 января 2008 года в 07:48 0
those words like perspective or whatever when they talk reminds me of those videos you watch in health class about sex haha
Zora Chung 17 января 2008 года в 03:05 0
I would've told her right then and there. Hahaha I'd laugh so hard if I were you.
Zora Chung 14 декабря 2007 года в 00:41 0
yeah, exactly. then it's really funny when you pull these mad questions. Like WOW! What's your favorite part of Release the Bats? Mine was when Pete drank his pee and barfed it all out!!! haha I've done that before and the prep's face was like o.o *EWW!* haha it's hilarious.
Zora Chung 05 декабря 2007 года в 05:10 0
I still love them. I try to block that all out. Think of yourself as a true fan if you really care.
Zora Chung 17 ноября 2007 года в 21:23 0
Yeah, I go to school with all these people that apparently "LOVE" Fall Out Boy, Psshhhh. I bet they can't name all the songs on all they're albums in order! HA! I always stick it in their face. They don't even know that they had an album before From Under the Cork Tree.
Zora Chung 06 ноября 2007 года в 06:20 0
I really know what you mean. when you discover an unknown band, then they blow up thanks to people who don't really know the words... I loved Fall Out Boy before they were famous, I still do, but I wish people wouldn't ruin it for me by saying, I'm their biggest fan ever when they only know the singles.
sjfnumber10 20 октября 2007 года в 20:48 0
at 00:20 he looks CRAZILY like Damian Kulash
(lead singer of OK Go) wow, and that's god, seeing as they are both incredibly sexy.

yeah, i agree too, i hate preps, they are sheep, they listen to whatever everybody else listens to, why don't you just listen to things you like?
Zora Chung 19 октября 2007 года в 05:17 0
Haha, I don't want them to be too famous, preps will pretend to like this band like they did with fall out boy. I love this song, it's my ringtone :D I bought their CD when it came out and it's been playing ever since
strokedXonXjulian 14 октября 2007 года в 10:28 0
i lovvvve tai.
they are all wayy sexy.
sisky and butcher always make me laugh
rosie4queen 13 сентября 2007 года в 05:07 0
they are all awesome, the music is fantastic. but i must admit michael guy chisslett is in my opinion the hottest with william coming up a close second, but thats just me
Lilyandretti 12 сентября 2007 года в 06:40 0
ahahh :]
i think they're all hott.
william and adam. :D
Mariah Masell 09 августа 2007 года в 04:25 0
ohh yeah....
and I like this version better than the video they released I think.
wish they would have shown the whole thing.
Mariah Masell 09 августа 2007 года в 04:21 0
"It gets me feeling...excitable."

I didn't realize that was a word, Butcher. hmm.
Carly Corona 28 июля 2007 года в 20:56 0
i love them so much they are my fav band in the world
stjimmy1010 27 июня 2007 года в 14:28 0
i got to meet him 2 nights ago at fall out boy
Calla P 20 июня 2007 года в 02:46 0
LittleMissSuki 31 мая 2007 года в 08:03 0
William is so awesome!!! Im glad they came out with Santi its like a whole new sound. So different yet good...
Lisa Fife 13 мая 2007 года в 08:21 0
William needs to know he's sending a huge message. Pure talent. Huge. He rawks!
seqmaster 13 апреля 2007 года в 23:23 0
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10 are sleeping
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Mireille Pio de Roda 13 марта 2007 года в 09:45 0
william looks like one of the weasley twins now. but he's still gorgeous x)
jnixi2 12 марта 2007 года в 22:01 0
i hear this song on the radio all the time and now i wanna get the cd
Teagan Holt 11 марта 2007 года в 19:09 0
whoa, the ending was a total checkmarks flashback.
I am absolutely stoked for this album.
i already pre-ordered and everything!
Lisa Fife 09 марта 2007 года в 10:30 0
Yup! Totally agree!
These guys have a chemistry, energy, sound that works.
I have to laugh 'cause I'm over 40 and saying to my kids "what do you mean you haven't heard them?!"
Aleyda Rocha 05 марта 2007 года в 23:22 0
love them, Im so happy they are back
Laura Alcantara 04 марта 2007 года в 01:10 0
i love love the academy is!
C 03 марта 2007 года в 10:56 0
Matthew Vargos 03 марта 2007 года в 02:50 0
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melifob 02 марта 2007 года в 14:33 0
omg so looking forward to the upcoming album...TAI YAY
sari goldsmith 01 марта 2007 года в 03:30 0
MAYY !!!
there amazing
Allie N 27 февраля 2007 года в 03:05 0
this gave me chills. i'm fucking excited!
amyoley 25 февраля 2007 года в 05:40 0
i no hes not british, im not that stupid. but during the first album it sounded more like he had an accent
amyoley 25 февраля 2007 года в 02:33 0
I LOVE TAI! and this soing but didnt william Beckett have mor eof an english accent during the first album?
kelmac72 23 февраля 2007 года в 11:52 0
I think I agree...I like the old stuff know what they always say, change can't always be for the best...but, I'm not sure yet-if I listen to it a bit more then I'll get used to it!
game2go 21 февраля 2007 года в 22:39 0
eh. It sounds OK. Not their best though. I think I like Slow Down better.
Pilar C. J. A. O. 21 февраля 2007 года в 18:29 0
It's really cool
Tommy Bozarth 20 февраля 2007 года в 19:03 0
sounds great. Keep up the good work.
MutantEnemyGirl 20 февраля 2007 года в 17:43 0
I'm can't wait for Santi to be released. And I personally have liked all the new songs that I have heard.
kArPe 20 февраля 2007 года в 12:33 0
that chair part is lovely
wondererx 20 февраля 2007 года в 12:16 0
huh, so far i think the songs from their previous album sound better....
ah well, i guess the new ones will grow on me in time...
madeleine newell 20 февраля 2007 года в 11:29 0
pretty good song. it really reminds me of This Providence, A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing. tbh.
cheffie 20 февраля 2007 года в 04:42 0
Santi is going to be ground-breaking. I swear. And I though Almost Here was amazing, just listen to this song...
RAWisJericho 20 февраля 2007 года в 04:29 0
Bad for me.
speede179 20 февраля 2007 года в 02:46 0
awesome. those dudes rock.
nadine miller 20 февраля 2007 года в 02:39 0
I<3this song!
Squall Cloud 20 февраля 2007 года в 01:34 0
Over the past few days I've been exposed to "Big Mess" which I'm assuming is the first single. It didnt' grab me immediately like LAX but now I'm really appreciating it. It sounds old but in a good way. Beckett is doing some interesting things with his voice on this album and that's of the good. Different looks. Different members. It's all good. It must be odd/exciting/vindicating for all the FBR bands to be kinda blowing up around the same time. Good luck guys!
Celestina Rusin 20 февраля 2007 года в 00:46 0
this video was perfect cause it got me way too excited about this cd... and the video :)
Kristin Stigaard 20 февраля 2007 года в 00:16 0
amazing! i can't wait for 4/3/07!!!!
ouroboros78 20 февраля 2007 года в 00:05 0
i want teh new CD....NOW!
xcompletexsilencex 19 февраля 2007 года в 23:28 0
I cannot wait for this video.
imamonster108 19 февраля 2007 года в 23:27 0
almostrox 19 февраля 2007 года в 22:33 0
yay i wanted to see this video somewhere other than their site. i can't wait for santi, 'big mess' and 'lax' are both awesome.
salinejoy 19 февраля 2007 года в 20:05 0
I am so, so excited for the new album. And the video looks damn cool.
Lindsay Milligan 19 февраля 2007 года в 19:34 0
this cd is gonna kill