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Official music video for FEAR FACTORY’s "Dielectric" from brand new, ninth studio album, GENEXUS.
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The pioneers of industrial-tinged extreme metal return with their ninth studio album and Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut, GENEXUS, out now worldwide.

Website: http://www.fearfactory.com/
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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Thew Adams 07 августа 2015 года в 17:15 343
So guys, how much did it cost to ship all your gear to Cybertron?
Joshua John 01 мая 2018 года в 01:55
Space Bridge
Michael Doherty 28 апреля 2018 года в 22:32
Cybertron got a hefty bill for transporting all their gear & props to the Fear Factory for the recording... .
Most of their gear n shit didnt make it out alive..😖
R% 21 марта 2018 года в 18:13
The lyrics , techno mix , double bass drumming like an automatic weapon,how machines working and legal involvement Instead of Illegal involvement and standing up for your self. is right up there with Obselete and digimortal. no1 makes lyrics mixes or sounds liek Fear FActory , Industrial nu metal foer the win!! this album is Alternative techno Nu MEtal . Fear Factory + wayne static and Tera for ever!!!.40 belwo summer!.-R% team
Nate Zsido 03 февраля 2018 года в 07:21
I heard they own it.
The One Above All 28 января 2018 года в 06:34
That's a good question sir.
Metalhead4life\m/ 17 января 2016 года в 19:43 153
I'm I the only person who thinks this band should be waaaaaay more popular?
Eddie Venkman 18 декабря 2018 года в 12:19
James P Woods, come on dude don't be a dick. There's plenty of that elitist shittaking about bands in metal already so don't add to the cancer. Besides, there is no "best", there is only "favourite".
Speedcore Jihad 18 сентября 2018 года в 08:32
@James P Woods yes its FF´s Masterpiece
Sir Rorschach 29 июня 2018 года в 04:10
FF is my fav band by far. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE album they have ever made. There are literally no songs I dislike from them. EVERY album...… Metallica has a lot of BORING meaningless albums after first 3 or so. Black and Mag are the two newest that are worth listening. Their Master of Puppet days are over. But FF keeps bringing the fucking pain every damn time. It's amazing \m/
Sir Rorschach 29 июня 2018 года в 04:08
No =(
Jeb Wright 19 марта 2018 года в 03:00
Fucking A.
busnut33 12 февраля 2017 года в 07:35 73
I never knew this awesome album was out until a week ago. God damn how I hate the mainstream music popularity culture!!!
GothicGamer XIV 18 августа 2018 года в 09:42
Wow, hello there, Busnut! Didn't expect to see you here. :)
Jessy KERIAN 30 июля 2018 года в 07:59
Nuclear Blast has to promote FF better than they actually do! FF deserve better than that!!
EQOAnostalgia 27 мая 2018 года в 20:04
That's because they sing against Globalism bro. All of this music has been suppressed. The last time they let music like this get popular was in the 90's.
W i s h m a s t e r 01 марта 2017 года в 03:37
Yupp, you go into your YT app and see promotion for Drake and fucking Miley Cyrus....... that shit ain't music
dha12oks 13 февраля 2017 года в 22:17
Damn son where you been!?
Mr. John 18 апреля 2016 года в 02:21 35
Fear Facotry = Matrix and Terminator transformed into music
Miguel 10 декабря 2018 года в 00:54
..and don't forget Blade Runner
I.Games (off) 07 мая 2016 года в 16:00
lol, hell yeah
NewstedGaming 07 августа 2015 года в 15:03 273
For a minute, i thought i was in 1998.
David Theisen 16 октября 2018 года в 20:46
+Meme Bump I LOVED demolition Racer!!! Total destruction!!! And the best name for a video game move: DEATH FROM ABOVE!!!! Hey that should be the title for a new FF album!!!
Richard Sanders 01 августа 2018 года в 07:24
You are in 1998... It's better than ever for the real ones!!!
NewstedGaming 15 мая 2018 года в 23:21
Gannicus it wasn't, and deep in your heart, you know it.
alegrin1 04 мая 2018 года в 03:45
And there was pantera, and meshuggah 🤔
Meme Bump 07 сентября 2017 года в 04:29
Fuck yeah space ghost, let's play some Demolition Racer.
AJ the Marauder 04 февраля 2016 года в 01:47 165
Like Schwarzenegger said in Terminator Genisys: "Old but not obsolete"
Lonny Ray 17 декабря 2018 года в 03:30
Hellyeah I've always thought that the whole concept & art work was like the terminator.
Lord Xenomorph 09 августа 2017 года в 04:36
Perfect music where Terminators have wars with Xenomorphs and Predators
chrisxdeathxinfiniti 24 сентября 2016 года в 22:48
hahaha good one
Anthony Williams 14 мая 2016 года в 07:21
+ajmaroudas i thought that movie was awesome
GTA Online Hackers Name and Shame 06 мая 2016 года в 06:42
+nroks your mom is crap
Tuke Lee 30 ноября 2015 года в 22:24 37
You know what's funny. people that think that djent is some new genre. or even a genre. fear factory has been shredding industrial metal to this style of guitar since the 90's. just saying.
Eddie Venkman 18 декабря 2018 года в 12:24
Just becasue they have a theme about machines doesn't make them industrial. Industrial bands largely use machine samples, drum machines, loops and have a strong EDM influence. The production tends to change from song to song as well. A few keyboards here and there doesn't qualify for that and FF always have a very uniform sound to their production. They've got more in common with tech-death metal than industrial.
jim lotus 18 июня 2018 года в 08:37
Spenjira 21 апреля 2018 года в 21:44
Meshuggah started djent. Fear factory good tho
andré pereira 22 января 2018 года в 00:27
The best comenmt right here,sorry i just arrive now!!!! Finally someone who thinks what i always think!!! They"started"all this djent shit in early 90's,they should get much more credit and respect!! Peace.out
DiruMede 03 февраля 2016 года в 20:43 72
Man, the melodic parts of Fear Factory songs always pay off so great.
Vic Deakins 10 августа 2018 года в 02:12
Enid Creech 16 мая 2018 года в 19:05
damn right they do
saber wolfe 07 августа 2015 года в 15:43 255
The Machine Is STILL Alive!
Sol Pd 07 августа 2018 года в 13:07
Hell yeah! \m/
R% 21 марта 2018 года в 18:13
The lyrics , techno mix , double bass drumming like an automatic weapon,how machines working and legal involvement Instead of Illegal involvement and standing up for your self. is right up there with Obselete and digimortal. no1 makes lyrics mixes or sounds liek Fear FActory , Industrial nu metal foer the win!! this album is Alternative techno Nu MEtal . Fear Factory + wayne static and Tera for ever!!!.40 belwo summer!.-R% team
AlienOrchestraOfficial 07 сентября 2015 года в 20:33
+saber wolfe long live Fear Factory!
saber wolfe 02 сентября 2015 года в 00:38
+polyrhythmic1 fuck yeah man, cant wait!
polyrhythmic1 31 августа 2015 года в 07:57
+saber wolfe  Hope Meshuggah's new album is released in 2016.  Your Nothing avatar......
Shagrath06 07 августа 2015 года в 16:31 45
Fan since 1995. 20 years later, FF are still kickin' ass! Brilliant atmosphere, great machine gun style riffs, great double bass sound and Burton's vocals!
Grimmwood 11 августа 2016 года в 14:42 62
i feel like I'm back in 1998
jim lotus 18 июня 2018 года в 08:34
meshugeah 30 марта 2017 года в 15:25
meshugeah 01 февраля 2017 года в 22:18
loved when insanity was in music, not all around us
Jakamo Griffith 17 августа 2016 года в 01:15
The good insane 90s
Henry14arsenal2007 08 августа 2015 года в 07:11 383
Finally a good metal music video, old-school style, got tired of live footage and lyrics videos.
Demonized Moreras 04 мая 2017 года в 06:23
Pero que Rosquete xD !!!
SlyFoX351 12 марта 2016 года в 02:33
+Jesus Krist I totally agree. Well said :)
Nathan Hanley 19 февраля 2016 года в 01:23
Listen to pantera R.I.P Dimebag Darrell
Dustin Bannister 28 ноября 2015 года в 08:21
+Jesus Krist I don't mind the art music video trying portray something happening, Do The Evolution by Pearl Jam was a cool video. I liked Weak And Powerless by APC too, watching insects breakdown larger animals and shit. Some of the funny ones are good too. Another thing that factors in to a good video is that some of them are made by directors that are young and just getting out of school or still in school, so they put their own money and effort into the music video.
MoonstruX 10 ноября 2015 года в 18:13
+Henry14arsenal2007 \,,/,
Ted Smith 12 июля 2016 года в 10:19 15
Keep waiting for him to yell "Shock" at the end.
patwaters68 21 ноября 2016 года в 04:08
Ted Smith
The Major 22 октября 2016 года в 22:43
ha! See what you mean dude!
BrankoP85 15 апреля 2016 года в 09:23 12
FF has THE best sounding drums in the entire Metal genre!!!
W i s h m a s t e r 21 декабря 2016 года в 04:02
+Mario S. Yeah Gene Hoglan is beast
Mario S. 26 ноября 2016 года в 09:52
Never forget, Gene Hoglan did Mechanize. Think of the record what you want, but the man is legit an atomic clock. He's proven it on enough occasions.
Stephen Cox 16 августа 2016 года в 04:58
has for years man. ray was the shit. this guy does a great job as well
devicedd 08 августа 2015 года в 02:15 79
The way he changes from screaming into this soft singing is awesome!
Lost Khajiit 04 декабря 2018 года в 06:00
Enjoy it on the albums because the live shows have been a raging dumpster fire since BCB blew his voice out in about 2002. He can't make the transition between the dirty and clean vocals live anymore, let alone hit the notes on the clean vocals live and he needs every digital trick in the book to do clean vocals on the albums as well. For a band so interested in the singularity, their vocalist is now more machine than man in a vocal booth, ironic no ?
jim lotus 18 июня 2018 года в 08:31
Rancel Llorente 20 мая 2018 года в 02:00
He's the Dry lung vocal martyr
Enid Creech 16 мая 2018 года в 19:03
always loved when they went heavy to singing in the same song
WanderingGhost77 14 декабря 2015 года в 15:47 8
I think that Fear Factory and Meshuggah should do a co-headlining tour together if they haven't done one already. Would be such and experience to say the least because of what they can still do live even after all the time that has come to pass.
saber wolfe 07 марта 2016 года в 12:46
+WanderingGhost77 would be my dream tour
Anthony Ciminera Jr. 22 декабря 2015 года в 06:33
Been thinking the same thing for years now.. It be kickass
Nelson Oyarzun 12 августа 2015 года в 18:53 19
I will never fake
My real sis - the pay
Whale, improve my face
Die electric train
Korsgaard 07 августа 2015 года в 22:44 9
They are one of the most underrated bands in the industry.
Kenny Benny 30 июля 2016 года в 11:24 12
Dino Cazares and Tony Campos together in Fear Factory! Watch out people!
Attila Cserős 06 декабря 2017 года в 12:25
At least now they can do authentic Asesino covers on FF tours :)
Mister 47 17 апреля 2016 года в 01:13 7
Tony Campos basically lived the life I wanted. Playing bass for not only Static X but Fear Factory. Dammit.
Mister 47 05 мая 2016 года в 14:49
+Nuno Fangueiro Haha exactly! For me personally, playing for Static X and FF would be a dream come true. Both easily my favorite bands.
Nuno Fangueiro 05 мая 2016 года в 02:54
+Ty Carpenter And Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Asesino, Brujeria... ;)
UltraTaco223 17 июня 2016 года в 06:08 60
Its funny, when I first heard this band as a teen, I thought they were waaay too heavy. This was like 10 years ago. I still liked some of their songs, like Dark Bodies and Body Hammer, but now that I'm older I decided to give them another shot and goddamn... FF is a fucking masterpiece. I've gone through 4 albums so far and theres some solid gold hits here.

Its funny, I was listening to Zero Signal while tripping on acid and it just clicked... they're a Terminator 2 themed heavy metal band! And I fucking love T2!

Most bands age like shit *cough Sepultura*, but FF is still going strong. Genexus kicks ass.
UltraTaco223 18 июля 2017 года в 10:28
1 year later and I've listened to all their shit a million times through. And here I am back at Genexus. Such a good album, I'll be rocking this years from now
Gareth Alan 13 мая 2017 года в 17:28
When I was a teen 58 years ago, I thought Fear Factory were well too heavy. Then 98 years went by and I changed my mind.
UltraTaco223 30 января 2017 года в 11:58
Scar Symmetry - Limits to Infinity is pretty good
Jasper Jaffe 28 января 2017 года в 22:22
I found these guys (They are pretty good from I heard) when looking up bands like Scar Symmetry and Sybreed... both are good, and if you like Fear Factory, you should go check them out...
Ken Thomas 08 августа 2015 года в 12:37 20
Well, I've got bad news for Fear Factory. This is going to be an extremely hard album to beat. Bravo, guys. You now have two official masterpieces under your belt. The whole album is an adventure from beginning to end. The ladder half of the album especially blew me away. I can't even compare it to Demanufacture. Genexus stands tall and proud on it's own. Demanufacture is no longer the lone legendary FF album.
Speedcore Jihad 18 сентября 2018 года в 08:39
nope only 1 guys ur mad as fuck 4 or 2 MP´s no way Demanufacture is the only 1 With That was created a new Genre Industrial Metal they never had that same sound on their other albums
Pete Lehner 03 сентября 2018 года в 09:24
Demanufacture and soul of a new machine. That's my shit.
downphoenix 26 июля 2018 года в 18:06
Ken Thomas I would toss Obsolete into that crowd too, imo just as good as Demanufacture, maybe I'd give Demanufacture a slight edge though since Obsolete had a couple of meh songs.
Everything. 04 июня 2018 года в 21:32
Ken Thomas >two masterpieces
Bruh they have like 4
Ayan Senroy 09 апреля 2017 года в 08:26
Old FF fan too, mine's Obsolete.
ShallowDepression 11 августа 2015 года в 16:59 7
The new album is pretty good, reminds me of the Demanufacture days, good luck to them!
Stevie Wolfe 17 июня 2016 года в 03:57 68
Jamming inside a level from the new Doom? METAL.
alfredo 25 июля 2016 года в 02:04
That's what brought me here...
Xeranxies 07 августа 2015 года в 17:48 46
This album has some of the best music I've ever heard, period.

I love how this band can change their sound so dramatically and evolve over the years but still keep the core sound and theme intact. Fucking incredible.

Also, what's the deal with Enhanced Reality? Talk about going in a completely different direction, it's so fucking insane, I love it.
StickSh1ft 03 мая 2016 года в 19:53
+XerxiesLv426 Lol me too not gonna lie! I just hate when people say that (insert pop artist here) is better than (insert metal artist here) just to rustle jimmies.
Xeranxies 03 мая 2016 года в 03:28
+Eren Çelikkanat I actually like Rihanna XD

Ain't nothing wrong with any type of music. It's all about what the listener want's
StickSh1ft 02 мая 2016 года в 02:27
+Eren Çelikkanat Please see yourself out
Sir Rorschach 01 мая 2016 года в 05:21
+Eren Çelikkanat Rihanna is a fucking piece of shit. You should leave now. 
Eren Çelikkanat 30 апреля 2016 года в 23:42
+XerxiesLv426 if you are joking, its not funny. If you are not, its still not funny. rihanna is more metal than this crap. listen some old school thrash than you'll see.
Psykrom 09 августа 2015 года в 18:54 5
just epic! I watched it 10 times already and still can't get enough!
pineapplepeanuts 13 сентября 2017 года в 01:38 4
Great shit! This band always seems to kick ass. The only album I didn't really get into was Transgression, but even they admitted they rushed it. These guys always seem to return with a vengeance.
RezaMatix 29 декабря 2016 года в 05:11 7
Can someone please put BLACK socks on the tour rider for the bassist?
jeffrey raphael 01 января 2017 года в 05:47
RezaMatix you saw that HA ha
Pipita Higuain 27 декабря 2016 года в 04:10 11
Electricity run my body
Serpico's Beard 04 ноября 2015 года в 21:47 3
Listened to the album last night, it's really damn good. Fear Factory fell off my radar for a few years but now they're definitely back on it.
Dong Dong Will Never Die 29 января 2016 года в 07:23 5
The music itself is amazing, but the production is bad. That kick drum is way too high in the mix and the compression of the masters sounds shithouse. I have no idea what the producer was thinking. From all the albums I've seen him work on, with bands like Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Kreator, etc. he's been over-compressing and dulling mixes for a while. Most of his albums I can find get really terrible dynamic range ratings, for good reason clearly.

With that out of the way, this album is really well written and the riffs are fucking sick, good to see FF are going strong again.
Jesus Palacios 26 мая 2016 года в 19:54
+Long Dong Never Die your welcome, never is too late to rethink things
Dong Dong Will Never Die 26 мая 2016 года в 04:52
+Jesus Palacios I'm sorry that you feel that way, Jesus. Clearly I'm a poser for disliking one thing about an otherwise great album and should go home and rethink my life. Thanks for showing me the light.
Jesus Palacios 25 мая 2016 года в 22:33
poser pussy
çelikten kılıç 19 июля 2017 года в 12:44 4
What an awesome masterpiece, pure perfection!! \m/\m/
Jesus Palacios 16 августа 2015 года в 12:04 5
The old FearFactory is back!
Patrick Trygg 07 августа 2015 года в 14:17 16
Old school!!!!
Jake Hayden 05 мая 2016 года в 04:55 10
How does a gear work?
Fear Factory.
Journey The Crab 28 мая 2016 года в 18:37
Glorious_Dominator16 05 сентября 2015 года в 04:47 5
Obsolete, Demanufacture and now Genexus. Uses to think Obsolete was their magnum opus... Demanufacture was their Black album... Genexus is proof they are still innovative.
Barney Panofsky 09 декабря 2015 года в 13:52
+ThaSilverblack Demanufacture was their fucking best album, the most aggressive one aside from their debut, and it has nothing to do with some sort of black album. Maybe Digimortal should be compared to that, since it tried to be successful from a commercial prospective.
revivedfears 16 октября 2015 года в 16:51
FF have nothing to innovate, they've carved their niche and they fill it brilliantly. Having said that expiration date and enhanced reality are fairly innovative in a sense, at least along today's metal acts.
Gigerian 09 сентября 2015 года в 23:18
+ThaSilverblack Demanufacture was their 'Master of Puppets.' (Epic, complex, and innovative) Obsolete was their 'Black Album' (stripped down but most successful.) I love Genexus but sorry, this album is far from innovative. I could sit here and pull apart piece by piece a ton of stuff they have copied from their other albums on this one. This stuff isn't innovative anymore.
VortechBand 09 сентября 2015 года в 16:38
+ThaSilverblack Does that make it their "Lulu"? ;)
Dozer Roman 09 сентября 2016 года в 03:09 6
Bell is just...amazing. The tone shifts on this album (not to mention the tempo changes and that percussion!) are just wonderful. FF will always have a place on my playlist, whatever device I happen to hold music on.
Legna Zeg NCM 05 декабря 2016 года в 06:18 4
excellent! great sound, great song!
DRAKONOLUS 07 августа 2015 года в 22:43 4
Jennova's Reborn !!!!!
ChaosPotato 18 января 2016 года в 14:39 7
Really like Mike Heller, he's doing a great job at reviving the old Fear Factory days :D
EZ Assegai 05 сентября 2018 года в 10:18
+Spit Sticks \/

Heller is a cleaner player though and he is more consistent live so I dont see what you are talking about. You could literally program drums on all their records and there wouldnt be a difference
Spit Sticks \/ 08 мая 2018 года в 23:04
ChaosPotato. , I'd say a good job he can't fill Raymond Herrera shoes sorry my opinion .
GetchaDEAGLE 09 августа 2015 года в 08:13 4
Plain and simple, the men who stand behind Fear Factory are legends and I am proud to support them.
demonprojectvideo 07 августа 2015 года в 20:05 10
Feels like I play "Descent" game once again :)
NickBarkyBark 20 марта 2016 года в 20:36 3
I can't believe I've never listened to Fear Factory until now...these guys fucking rock!
Big Perm 08 августа 2015 года в 14:52 5
Old FF is back baby!! Great cleans by Bell, as always!
pendarr 01 февраля 2017 года в 08:42 3
Haven't really listened to these guys since I was a kid, was a big fan of a couple of their albums, particularly "Obsolete". Just decided to randomly look them up just now and holy cow, they are still doing great it sounds like. Immediately loved this, definitely going to check out the album.
joe y 13 апреля 2016 года в 22:36 5
where have I been that took me so long to discover this band
Patricio Emputado 07 сентября 2016 года в 21:01
Andre Gautron 08 июня 2016 года в 23:04
approximately 24 years late. But better late than never.
El Barbon86 30 июля 2016 года в 20:21 2
These dudes never disappoint me! FEAR FACTORY FAN FOR LIFE!!!!
Jay Bomb 18 января 2018 года в 17:25 2
still here, and still appreciate real music
Mark Teal 19 сентября 2017 года в 10:15 2
Jesus, they still got it. What a badass riff.
jesse douglas 11 августа 2015 года в 04:54 4
the new album could be a sequel to Obsolete. it reminds me of that albums a lot.
J Cole 18 августа 2015 года в 23:10
And Thank GOD for that
Wrathchild1995 07 августа 2015 года в 17:04 3
Fucking love this song :D
Piroclanidis 18 марта 2017 года в 21:47 2
reminds me of fulgore's theme
Saxton Hale 03 марта 2018 года в 07:51 2
This is such a great album.
SPOTCHECK Videos 30 апреля 2017 года в 23:15 2
Hell yeah! Haven't heard them for a long time. Back on the FF trip right now, hearing all of their albums up and down again.
carlos mejia 18 декабря 2017 года в 01:24 2
Fuckyng awesome
cris harvey 29 декабря 2018 года в 06:44 1
los de Chile somos los mejores grandisonamos hijos de la gran putisima madre
j_lil 18 февраля 2017 года в 07:30 2
FF fan from way back, but just heard this tonight. Chills all over and tears in my eyes because this is so classically badass.
Lady 07 августа 2015 года в 15:55 2
w00t! awesome video!
factory 17 августа 2015 года в 07:41 4
One of Fear Factory's best songs not cause of the music video but because of It's Structure such a refreshing track Makes me a proud fan!! Long live FEAR FACTORY!!! Genexus is just Excellent!
DarkerDevotee 13 июля 2016 года в 00:22 2
2:30 Unwell beaver, Have a lunch!
Lindsay Catling 07 сентября 2016 года в 21:03
What is heard cannot be unheard!
cris harvey 29 декабря 2018 года в 06:46 1
es lo mas asombros hijles ql de las uta madres weno pal pene ojala sea cierto
Lee Barker 09 августа 2015 года в 21:17 2
Just bought this on i-tunes. Fans need to do the same. Actually buy the album and support the band!
M is for Movie 13 мая 2017 года в 21:19 2
For all the "dislikes" on this video...@$!# Yourself!!
50 rnd 09 сентября 2017 года в 04:32 2
The world asked for Fear Factory to come back....They did!!!
Evin Paauwe 09 августа 2015 года в 13:31 2
I'm just discovering this band. They are so perfect.
Thrash and melody wrapped in an awesome cyber/industrial sound and appearance.
Ignorance Isn't Bliss 08 января 2017 года в 08:30 2
AWESOME!!! Where does one get the source video for such a thing
MadHatter1337 11 августа 2015 года в 21:11 2
I LOVE this album! Blade Runner references everywhere on it!
Matthew Shellman 08 сентября 2016 года в 16:05 6
Machine Head
Thanks Kevin Maloney 02 октября 2016 года в 22:39
The best..
Keith Naranjo 14 января 2018 года в 17:36 1
I'm so glad I stumbled upon this video while traveling down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos a few months ago. Fear Factory is now one of my favorite bands for sure
Andrew Burley 09 ноября 2016 года в 18:36 2
i cant get enough of this song!!!!! LOVE IT
KingLich 10 января 2018 года в 08:51 1
I will never break
Or suffer your hate
Flowing through my veins
Dielectric strength
jason glanzman 01 марта 2018 года в 04:51 1
I’ve been listening to these guys growing up it’s awesome seeing how their style changes thru out the years always seems to amaze me I play guitar and this is the style I love to play and learn from fear factory is badass thank you for the music guys you dudes are awesome
Drive off a cliff 19 ноября 2017 года в 07:33 1
This reminds me of the new Doom soundtrack, just the instrumental of this would fit amazing.
Christian Cb 10 декабря 2016 года в 04:18 1
Me encanta esta banda apesar de hacer solo metal industrial tien una mescla de todo algo de dead metal grind core hardcore y trash muy buena anda estado unidencences lo maximo...
MobileDecay 08 ноября 2016 года в 05:20 1
Every song basically sounds the same but I can listen to every album back to back and love it. Lol.
thezztop666 22 августа 2015 года в 21:23 2
Fear Factory is back!!! \m/
Psykrom 10 августа 2015 года в 20:52 1
Fear Factory should really show up at the "summer breeze" event in "Dinkelsbühl/Germany", it's not that far from their gig in London today ;-)
I. J.Huremoviczh 24 марта 2017 года в 16:38 1
I fucking love this band from ever since.... even one day when they stop playing im gonna remaster every song from each album,and hopefully give it away to my son one day !
Iyla Black 23 января 2016 года в 02:30 1
I met the band back in 98 after opening for Rob Zombie. I had never
heard of them, but after their set I wished that they were the main act.
I couldn't believe how tight the band was, unbelievable. I met them
after the show, all very kind and humble, and they handed out a CD
single <3
Richard Foff 08 августа 2015 года в 01:48 6
This album is among my 3 favorites by FF now including Demanufacture and Obsolete!
Lost Khajiit 04 декабря 2018 года в 02:11 1
I just wish Burton could still sing live.
PixelReviver 04 октября 2015 года в 21:59 1
nothing beats their Demanufacture/Obsolete style of music, but this is still great. I feel as if I'm the only one who thought Digimortal was good. God I hate metal elitists.
Verónica Darrell 27 апреля 2017 года в 19:51 1
This song has that classic FF epicness and in your face attitude, songwriting is full on emotions & honesty, how I love this guys!!!!
Cody 26 сентября 2017 года в 14:52 1
i miss these guys on soundtracks
Steven Shurak 21 августа 2016 года в 19:48 2
one of the greatest bands out there.
Giulio Strammiello 21 августа 2016 года в 18:37 3
this speed is not human!
Giulio Strammiello 27 октября 2016 года в 11:42
I'm not used anymore
Giulio Strammiello 27 октября 2016 года в 11:39
For me is very fast..yeah actually I don't listen much metal
Assdafflabaff 27 октября 2016 года в 11:20
This isn't even fast man... You must not listen to much metal.
Dozer Roman 09 сентября 2016 года в 03:11
The percussion...the speed and technique are not human
Ёжик Александрович 26 октября 2017 года в 07:28 1
The drummer is very good, like everyone else!
Zoe Kavanagh 07 августа 2015 года в 16:57 1
About friggin time! FF are back to form! New album is up there with Demanufacture and Obsolete!
The machine is regenerated!
Cool video!
M.L. Crow 03 июня 2018 года в 12:07 1
"Future machines will be human, even if they aren't biological." - Ray Kurzweil
Lord Xenomorph 09 августа 2017 года в 04:32 1
Alien vs. Predator vs. Terminator battleground metal
Eldron Reis 15 октября 2016 года в 21:08 1
veryyyveryyyyy cooll crazy magnific this band... i remember whenn i had 12 years old but they are better than never
Nicolas Brossier 07 сентября 2017 года в 10:17 1
Oh yeah ! That's the FF I desperatly wanted to experience again !
caeg8925 05 октября 2017 года в 16:37 1
This sounds like a westler entrance.
Blitz FromBehind 06 сентября 2016 года в 06:20 1
If you ever wondered how a V12 works, the vid explains it quite well :'D
Luçifer Forçe 23 июня 2017 года в 02:57 1
this band is my True God before i die my only wish is to meet burton c bell my hero 😭
David Jenson 21 сентября 2017 года в 20:55 1
Heavy song! Nice jam. :)
Charlie Blankenship 27 мая 2017 года в 00:33 2
fear factory rules
Bourbonfueled Radcunt 16 августа 2015 года в 09:00 1
Does Tony Campos have a mouth? A mystery for the ages....
Crisis Battlesuit 24 сентября 2016 года в 21:09 1
This is almost on the level of Resurrection with the way this song is structured and I love it.
Lucas Borges 02 сентября 2015 года в 12:39 1
Is it just me or does this video remind anyone else of Unreal Tournament maps?