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Bon Jovi

Опубликовано 16 ноября 2013 года
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Jon Bon Jovi Acceptance Video — Eventful Billboard Fans Choice Awards


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Sonia Lopez Guita 18 ноября 2013 года в 22:12 5
It's not the same without Richie. Jon once said that his former manager was killing the band with the excesses of albums / tours in the 80s. Now, Jon has become Doc Mcghee. Sad.
Mark Fairlane 17 ноября 2013 года в 17:53 4
Without Sambora, there is nothing to celebrate.
XoxoGirlXoxo 16 ноября 2013 года в 15:49 3
That's rightttttttttttt!! Even without Richie, and you'll be number 1 forever! :)
Vanessa Ferreira Franco 16 ноября 2013 года в 17:19 3
i love you jon, 2013 was the best year o fmy live, cus i saw you!
Jesus Jimeno Perez 17 ноября 2013 года в 11:44 4
I MISS RICHIE. That is all.
Scott White 16 ноября 2013 года в 16:16 2
Everyone should stop fretting about Sambora and try reading the clues. HThere are pictures of him in the official 2014 calender, video of him still shown on screens at concerts, and the last we heard from JBJ was that he is still part of the band. Richie has taken time off to be with his daughter, it hasnt been ideal but family comes first. He has not been sacked, and he hasnt fell out with JBJ . He gave an interview last last month saying so. When he is ready, he will be back
Martha Alsip 16 ноября 2013 года в 15:12 2
I am your biggest fan in the world
I know everything about you but I don't know you at all
I really want to meet you sometime but you're so busy that you probably wont have time but will you think about it please
RtgLx 16 ноября 2013 года в 00:52 2
Thank YOU!! You deserve it all! I'm so proud and happy for you! Love and hugs from Portugal!! 
Pamela Olivares 16 ноября 2013 года в 18:42 3
I love him <3
Elena Rocker 17 ноября 2013 года в 11:00 3
Congratulations ! ^_^
Daniela Delgado 16 ноября 2013 года в 22:03 2
Love you so much
Thesteven80 16 ноября 2013 года в 10:00 1
Sono partito Dall Italia fino al new jersey coi miei risparmi sono venuto al soul kitchen ed era chiuso!! :-) ero a San siro e a Udine ho 33 anni e vi ascoltò Dall 85 ! Sei una brava persona, grazie di tutto
candy dunn 28 января 2014 года в 18:39 1
YAAAYYYY!! Congratulations to my all time favorite band for life :-D :-D   Love you guys <3
 I was so excited to see you guys in Tacoma, my first Bon Jovi show ever..  It was great, thank you! :-)
Ester Pereira 07 февраля 2014 года в 19:36 1
Hi man! You deserve award. You are the best. Congratulation for your band and your voice. I love you and I want see you again in Rio de Janeiro-Brasil, soon!!! Kisss
Nicolas Vanderseypen 19 ноября 2013 года в 08:16 1
No Richie, no Bon Jovi for me.
I can't even listen to their music these days (no pun intended).
Sad times :-/
Fernando Jimenez Baez 19 ноября 2013 года в 12:28 1
I'm with so many other BJ fans ... bring Richie back. Bon Jovi isn't Bon Jovi without him.
galvez yadhy 16 ноября 2013 года в 00:46 2
lovee youuuuuuuuuuuuuu... ¡¡
galvez yadhy 17 ноября 2013 года в 21:54
Andradehdserick 16 ноября 2013 года в 05:05 1
Come to ecuador Bon Jovi! !!!!!!!!!
Yezii Vera 16 ноября 2013 года в 18:39 1
Hi from Mexico!! I love you so much!!
Congrats!! <3
Anya Belomoina 27 ноября 2013 года в 18:27 1
Why do I cry everytime I watch a bon jovi video like this. Damb it
Julia Santner 16 ноября 2013 года в 07:34 1
Congratulation guys!!! You've earned it!
Chris Rabideau 16 ноября 2013 года в 00:31 1
Awesome!  Love you guys. :)
Kerstin Hiel 16 ноября 2013 года в 12:45 1
THANK YOU! Hope you keep coming back to Germany <3 love you forever!
juanisayuso 16 ноября 2013 года в 20:40 1
Congrats!! Love you forever
trulychloe 16 ноября 2013 года в 16:20 1
you guys rock!
Frida Svensson 16 ноября 2013 года в 17:37 1
Hortencia Lugo 16 ноября 2013 года в 06:05 1
yeah!!!!! :D
fabian elorza 16 ноября 2013 года в 01:53 0
no pude ir al recital una por lejos que queda de aqui otra que arriesgue al sorteo de las entredas en sitio  ticket bits y se las dieron aunas minas y siempreasi tod y me perdi y tenia una entrada pero no me alcanza el dinero para fin de mes llegar y no puede ir necesitaba 1000 pesos para ir no los tengo una lastima
John Baters 17 ноября 2013 года в 02:31 4
Great, now please bring Richie back.
Angel Rose 19 ноября 2013 года в 10:35 0
Congratulation all of the members of Bon Jovi!!  I believed that you will win!!
I miss Richie. But I think that the chance will not come to the life of human. I think his chance was then. Certainly, he had confused band and the other people and many fan. But I believe him to come back. Jon, you did very very good job!! And the other man of the band did very good job!! I know what you went through. Please holding on 1 more month to go!! I love you all!!
BoNJoViLuVR 16 ноября 2013 года в 07:37 0
*SCRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAMS* Wow~ What an Honour~ Congrats +Bon Jovi I had Conplete Confidience that Ya'll would Win~ The tour was err. IS (Seen it 3x) EXCELLENT! Such emotion, Magic, Wonder, Feeling and just Incredible Music - is what you've put into Every show. Thank You So Very Much - for 30 Years of KICK-ASS ROCK N ROLL! MUCH LOVE FROM ME - Crystal R. <3 <3 <3 <3
Heidi Barkow 16 ноября 2013 года в 16:45 0
Die Fand danken auch Jon für 30 Jahre tolle Songs-und noch viele Jahre und Erfolge-mit oder ohne Richie!!!
Heidi Barkow 16 ноября 2013 года в 17:05 0
Schreibfehler-ich meinte natürlich FANS!!!
Pablo Ruiz Fernandez 16 ноября 2013 года в 10:36 10
Congratulations... but i still miss Richie Sambora. the band is and sounds incomplete without him. Phil X is doing a great job, but the band without Sambora is feeling like its missing a piece of their soul, it feels very different. May God be with Richie, and God bless u all guys.
xlilshayneex 16 ноября 2013 года в 10:04 0
well done boys you put on a hell of a show on every tour and give it your absolute all ,it was to be expected that you'd win !! <3 BJ Forever!
Amanda Cross - Amanda's Captured Photography & Video 16 ноября 2013 года в 00:47 0
Well deserved as well! Thank you for being such a great band! Keep it up Jon and the rest of the band/crew. :)
Luka Brala 16 ноября 2013 года в 10:36 0
Thank you Jon,your music is perfect and tour is amazing!!! Thank you for show in Milano!
Mick Daly 20 ноября 2013 года в 10:40 0
It will never last..........30 years later. Bar gets raised every year!!
Migue Ugartechea 18 ноября 2013 года в 18:24 0
Mystery train: "Everything about him but don't know him at all" LOL
Barbara Reguin 24 января 2014 года в 17:30 0
is it me but does jon look like he lost weight??? his face is so thin!
Yo Soy Dacia 16 ноября 2013 года в 19:51 0
Yeah baby! Bon Jovi!
Federica Fumarola 16 ноября 2013 года в 06:23 0
Congrats guys! And Jon.. you're fantastic! ♥
Federica Fumarola 16 ноября 2013 года в 06:23 0
Congrats guys! And Jon.. you're fantastic! ♥
SYN LINK 03 декабря 2013 года в 14:00 0
23 years and still loves you...
Tiffany Coombs 17 ноября 2013 года в 17:06 0
congratulations. But still miss richie though
Vane Rosales 16 ноября 2013 года в 22:12 0
My love so cute baby i love you <3
Donovan Edwards 23 ноября 2013 года в 00:38 0
What About Now was also the worst album of their career.  Going #1 on Billboard by selling 100,000 copies in one week doesn't equate to a great album.  Hasn't even went gold [500,000 copies] in the US.

How about making a real hard rock album like New Jersey or KTF???
Fede Brown 14 декабря 2013 года в 13:13
Album sales has declined for EVERYONE!! When do you see artists selling 10 million albums worldwide? That model doesn't exist anymore... The Circle did well and it only sold over 3 million worldwide... WAN wasn't a successful album, maybe because it had an awful first single and the band didn't even put out a 3rd single, so they didn't care much about it... It did well at the beginning 'cause it's a Bon Jovi album, but sales decline quick in these days's environment.
emilyrose987 16 ноября 2013 года в 12:30 0
jon sei un mito;)
sikupyte s 17 ноября 2013 года в 11:08 0
Rachel Meaney 17 ноября 2013 года в 02:25 0
Richie hasn't been in this tour, Phil X has with Jon, David & Tico and look they Won the no we don't need Richie at all.
Sara Martos Sanchez 17 ноября 2013 года в 02:33
So what you are saying is that you don't care who is in the band as long as they are winning awards? Even if Jon fires David and Tico but he wins another award it's ok? Perhaps then you are Jon Bon Jovi and NOT a Bon Jovi fan!

I don't like seeing an originally 5-member band becoming a 3-member band! Or to put it better a" Jon Bon Jovi and employees" band! Also please don't forget that we don't know if Richie left or if he was fired! And even if he left we don't know the reasons! So you can't say that Richie left because he doesn't care about the band or the fans! WE DON'T KNOW WHY HE LEFT!And one more thing! I have always been a Jon's girl! But I also love the band! And I want to see THIS band again.
Fede Brown 14 декабря 2013 года в 13:17 0
Well deserved award!! Especially the ones of Top Tour, Top Draw, Top Management!! They kick ass!! There aren't a lot of artists than can do THAT!! Top #1 Tour of the year WORLDWIDE! You've got the Stones, Bruce, Paul, Roger, Madonna and U2!! Bon Jovi belongs to a really elite group of big names in the Touring industry and that's because of the hard work and the dedication!! You didn't turn your back on us, and we didn't turn our back on you either... the result is all this successful in a very difficult World Tour!! See you again in a couple years, I'll be waiting for you in Argentina! Bon Jovi Forever!!! 
Ale Borzas Castro 16 ноября 2013 года в 15:06 3
I would be much happier to hear that Richie is back than that you got the award! It just isn't the same.
Nefeli metalhead999 16 ноября 2013 года в 15:16
I'm happy with the award of course, but I should say that I agree with your opinion. Sometimes when I see Bon Jovi pictures without Richie I feel like something is missing
Gayla Loyd 23 октября 2018 года в 23:52 0
melshane23 16 ноября 2013 года в 06:19 0
That is soooo Cool & Awesome!! Congrats guys!! :)   Love ALL your songs! :D
Joel Padilla 22 ноября 2013 года в 23:46 0
Bon Jovi still kicking ass.  No surprise.  One of the best song writers of our time.
Daniela Cuadros Sánchez 10 декабря 2013 года в 05:39
They're the best together!!, Jon and Richie!!