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CARNIFEX — World War X: About Album Artwork (OFFICIAL INTERVIEW)

Scott Ian Lewis of CARNIFEX discusses working with Blake Armstrong on the artwork for the seventh studio album, WORLD WAR X, out August 2nd via Nuclear Blast. Order at Subscribe to Nuclear Blast: / Subscribe to Carnifex:

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World War X was produced by CARNIFEX and Jason Suecof (DEATH ANGEL, CHELSEA GRIN, JOB FOR A COWBOY). The album was recorded and mixed by Jason at AudioHammer Studio in Sanford, Florida. Vocals for the album were tracked by Mick Kenney (ANAAL NATHRAKH, BLEEDING THROUGH) at The Barracks Studio in Huntington Beach, CA. The album artwork was created by Blake Armstrong.

World War X Track Listing:
1. World War X
2. Visions Of The End
3. This Infernal Darkness
4. Eyes Of The Executioner
5. No Light Shall Save Us (featuring Alissa White-Gluz)
6. All Roads Lead To Hell (featuring Angel Vivaldi)
7. Brushed By The Wings Of Demons
8. Hail Hellfire
9. By Shadows Thine Held

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Ксения Ковалевская 17 июля 2019 года в 16:19 11
Metal bands always have the best artwork. Especially the power metal bands or symphonic metal bands. Bands like Avantasia.
Aris Panagiotopoulos 17 июля 2019 года в 16:29 6
You can tell that Carnifex have gone above and beyond for this album in every way, from the cover, the various merch bundles, the collaboration with Alissa, the songs themselves. The attention to detail is clear to see,. I’m confident that the album will worth all this effort.
Derek Buchanan 17 июля 2019 года в 16:09 4
The album cover looks badass. I can’t wait for the new album to come out. 😃🤘🏻
Taylor Kolias 17 июля 2019 года в 16:05 2
I can't wait for this album! CARNIFEX forever!!!!!
King Jann Lee Disturbed66 17 июля 2019 года в 17:12 0
They need to tune 🎶 down the background music my phone speaks can handle so much volume limited is 90% 😬☠️🖤
Scotty W 17 июля 2019 года в 23:13 0
This album is going to be special.. mark my words
Born To Lead 17 июля 2019 года в 17:03 0
I can’t wait for this album dude! I’ve been listening to Carnifex since 07 when they were playing at a place called The Seven Venue in Douglasville, GA and they tore that place apart! Haha.

(It was a Christian venue although a lot of metal bands that played there that weren’t Christian, ex: Whitechapel). I always knew that these dudes were something special to the metal community and they wouldn’t fizzle out like a lot of bands do....and look at the fellas now! Seeing this band grow into the well oiled machine that it is today is truly amazing. I can’t wait to see them live again, bring on the tour ASAP!
Sancho Panzo 17 июля 2019 года в 16:39 1
Until I feel nothing - best artwork. This album sounds awesome, can’t wait)
MaximilElon Mus 17 июля 2019 года в 16:41
You just like staring at those undead tits.
Businessman 17 июля 2019 года в 16:30 0
It’s alright but I much prefer godmachine’s stuff
Andy H 17 июля 2019 года в 16:31 2
The music sounds sick dudes.
EYEROK Harlequin 17 июля 2019 года в 17:14 1
Best cover to date
JEsterCW 17 июля 2019 года в 16:16 0