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Опубликовано 21 июля 2007 года
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Official Teaser for Prometherion by Behemoth
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Gospel969 24 декабря 2018 года в 01:46 0
so the pictures are from the "At The Left Hand Ov Dog" song or there was the intention to be a music video for Prometherion???
Rod Como No 04 мая 2013 года в 02:07 0
I`m teased, now what?
luis gutierrez 10 июня 2011 года в 01:12 0
@CaRRRnage south american? cavalera conspiracy or what?
Hunter 22 мая 2011 года в 21:56 0
@CaRRRnage Because most of the american youth listens to all of that rap and pop shit now... ):

It's annoying being the only kid in your entire high school that listens to this.
mo weed 25 января 2011 года в 21:34 0
Trahall Silvereye 24 октября 2010 года в 20:49 0
friggingbomb88 14 октября 2010 года в 15:43 0
fucking short teaser
Jakub Mezynski 18 июля 2010 года в 06:31 0
fuck off
EvidenceFragmentary 15 июля 2010 года в 22:16 0
@Immortalgrim this is true brother
EvidenceFragmentary 02 июля 2010 года в 15:53 0
@Apollo2304 LMFAO i can understand your upset but cmon man...canada and the US have some of the best bands in metal EVER so does south america and europe but as a respectable canadian who knows metal i have to declare shannanigans on your statement :P Darkstorm? try Cryptopsy
EvidenceFragmentary 02 июля 2010 года в 15:45 0
What a fail for people who dont know the US metal scene lol they have more than enough bands that rival those of europe or anywhere else other than in black metal so yeah thats tru enough... but for other genres the US is at the forefront as much as anybody else! im not american haha just saying they have some amazing bands i could list alot
Kaliyamusic 19 декабря 2009 года в 19:56 0
hey, we're Kaliya. Check out the songs on the page if you like this video. You might dig it. Thanks!
Bal Sac 20 марта 2008 года в 23:45 0
fuck you dirty immigrant
aquarianAtila 20 марта 2008 года в 20:23 0
hola como va?
bueno graCias por defenderme che.
no que mierda les pasa a estos giles que andan por youtube , siempre andan molestando, insultando viste..

que mierda les pasa?
aquarianAtila 24 января 2008 года в 23:42 0
que es esto?


re loco!
me hace acordar al video de "la llamada"

aguante behemoth!
Turtl.0 21 декабря 2007 года в 06:43 0
yeah take your teenage angst somewhere else
Little Yu-Gi 16 декабря 2007 года в 00:17 0
Don't get it
Frekiwont 26 октября 2007 года в 15:19 0
Can anyone fuckin put the complete video on the web?

I try to saw it on mtv but that shit said that for copyright crap they cannot show the video outside the fuckin US...

Upload the video to this web please!
Patyk 21 октября 2007 года в 12:05 0
25 oct on headbangersblog mtv com
29 oct on youtube and myspace
info from official behemoth site :D
amoan 17 октября 2007 года в 23:40 0
Halloween most likely....
edmaster44 16 октября 2007 года в 22:42 0
omFG when is this comming out!!
droglii 12 октября 2007 года в 09:47 0
In this month
John Cathcart 12 октября 2007 года в 03:54 0
Apothis 11 октября 2007 года в 23:09 0
why not libertherme, or inner sanctum :(
darklordofstuff 11 октября 2007 года в 22:11 0
Dimmu failz.

Anyways...Why Prometherion? Why not a Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa video!?
Grefve Von Boegroeff 08 октября 2007 года в 16:13 0
FUCK! can't they just release it? I've been waiting for so fucking long!
Grefve Von Boegroeff 04 октября 2007 года в 18:23 0
hir hir, At least they stand for something good, anti-religion, and I totaly agree, although I like Dimmu as well. But I don't think Shagrath is a satanist, just look at chrome division..
Vanessa Prasad 03 октября 2007 года в 09:57 0
Does anyone know when this comes out?
John Cathcart 28 сентября 2007 года в 03:16 0
WHEN DOES THIS COME OUT?!?!?!?!?! it looks so awesome
Michelle Lobb 13 сентября 2007 года в 22:02 0
thats about it. if something gets me rlly mad then ill start arguing but i was just saying. kindof like a btw thing
Michelle Lobb 12 сентября 2007 года в 22:35 0
haha. the only reason i have a youtube is cuz i see arguements on alot of vids and i wanted to say somethin.
atkm2891 09 сентября 2007 года в 21:34 0
no way, sventevith is a black metal classic, but their newer stuff is awesome 2.
PiterAzarath 04 сентября 2007 года в 08:20 0
When do you finally want to release that clip?
Narcoma 30 августа 2007 года в 11:54 0
That's an interpretation. It should be any band's goal to tour as much and as often they can. ;) But hey, I guess we're just talking about a triviality. Metalheads, and in particular Extreme Metalheads should not fight themselves. You didn't like their latest album(s), fine, tastes differ. :-)
Narcoma 29 августа 2007 года в 13:40 0
Media whores lawl. Ever thought about the label's merchandise? I don't think it was Nergals idea to appear on every second metal poster.
Narcoma 28 августа 2007 года в 15:09 0
Of course you can demand the best. But best at what? That's what I mean. If best for you only means technical skill, ok. For me it means that the music itself should be good (as far as the sound, songwriting etc. are concerned). That's a difference. And yeah, I've never said that Behemoth is the best DM band in the world. ;) I just don't like people condemning them because they're becoming famous. That's what your opinion seemed to be like.
Michelle Lobb 27 августа 2007 года в 00:47 0
you both like behemoth. you both agree that they are an extreme metal band. lets leave it at that. im glad you two didnt smack talk each other and had something smart to say
Narcoma 26 августа 2007 года в 21:17 0
In terms of technical skill, maybe. I won't argue about things that I can't really judge due to my lack of knowledge about some instruments (I doubt you can judge 'em all). But music is just music, not a science. The sound of it should affect you and not what it is in comparison to similar artists in terms of, you know, numbers. Keep that in mind.
Narcoma 25 августа 2007 года в 21:23 0
Seriously dude, I've been listening to DM and BM for ages and I am able to differentiate between a good, but low produced album and a plain shit album. So don't try to argue that way, not going to work. ;) You should get over fact that these 'certainties which take not much to see/hear' are just representing your opinion and nothing else.
Narcoma 25 августа 2007 года в 18:37 0
And maybe everything you do is judging a band by its trve- and kvltness. You're not the first devoted black metal guy who condemns Behemoth because of their swift from BM to DM. I mean, mentioning the quality thing is pretty much of a hint, since i haven't even said something about the quality. you mostly listen to bm, and i mostly listen to dm. so this argument comes naturally, i guess. nevertheless, the point is, behemoth didn't change their style in order to become more famous.
Narcoma 25 августа 2007 года в 13:46 0
I know old Behemoth. And I can fairly say that they were not better back then. They got more technical and definitely more brutal, which I like. And apart from that, since Black Metal is far more famous than Death Metal (so at least in Europe) why should they shift their music in the way they did then, if they were just interested in fame? The trend you are describing fits for bands like Dimmu or Cradle, but, listening to The Apostasy, I cannot notice anything like that happening to Behemoth.
Narcoma 25 августа 2007 года в 08:05 0
Haha, yeah, but he has been doing this when they still were black metal as well. ;)
and, dunno, i still don't get why you people can't stop arguing about the fame issue. i mean, they produce good music -> they sell. what's the matter? they haven't gotten any softer or "mainstream" music-wise.
Slimhorse 23 августа 2007 года в 14:30 0
all i know is that the blast beats are fast and brutal and thats good enough for me...i could care less if the band makes it onto TRL just as long as their sound stays in extreme music.
Kentirir 20 августа 2007 года в 13:44 0
The Apostasy is the best fucking album of the year! I love their style, its so fucking brutal! Emo? Go and fuck yourself, if an emo have heard this, he would cut hes ears of! And btw, im not gay, but i think nergal and orion are hunks! Mainstream? No, i dont think they are trying to only sell theyr music, they love what they are doing they just upgradet them self to better musicans and have found their own style!
droglii 18 августа 2007 года в 22:08 0
UntLich to sold out they must change subgenre to melodic death metal or power metal, because if you look how many they sold copies (about 100.000 by 16 years is not much).
Mainstream only means well-known just like Morbid Angel,Nile,Death,Zyklon,Krisiun,Opeth,Napalm Death,Suffocation,Vader etc.
Mainstream means popular music in own circles.
rockstedi 18 августа 2007 года в 17:00 0
Well yes, they are in the mainstream, for good reason. They have progressively gotten better throughout the years. I've been a fan since the black metal days, and like any good band they progressed and evolved. Just so happens that the mainstream likes what Behemoth is doing. Still though, there aren't many bands that really sound like they do.
Behemoth 09 августа 2007 года в 01:13 2
Check out the MySpace page for a new trailer.
xBodominjarvi 06 августа 2007 года в 00:18 0
I can't wait to see the video!!!
Rhadamanthus 30 июля 2007 года в 08:54 0
Slimhorse 28 июля 2007 года в 00:34 0
they should have kept the director from the conquer all and slaves shall serve videos. this looks like cradle of filth shit
Steve Dobbs 25 июля 2007 года в 03:38 0
when does the video release?
Piotr Wrobel 24 июля 2007 года в 00:07 0
Im gonna see them tommorrow!!!!!!!!!\m/^O^\m/
lexagon 22 июля 2007 года в 22:57 0
I hope they make a video of Be Without Fear od Libertheme
spacem00se 22 июля 2007 года в 12:36 0
Looks nice
Piotr Petrus 22 июля 2007 года в 11:08 0
we need more!
seraphel616 22 июля 2007 года в 09:41 0
Dobre... Godne Behemotha
eisVind 21 июля 2007 года в 16:31 0
Unholy Shit!!! That was freakin' weird!

To everyone, who still hasn't bought 'The Apostasy' yet, I only can recommend that masterpiece to you. It's great, short but great.
Kheryon 21 июля 2007 года в 14:13 0
I'll buy this album... I'll buy this album...

The video will be like APOCALYPSIS!!!!!!

Behemoth are still the best
Chuloloc 21 июля 2007 года в 11:57 0
Augustus Rex 21 июля 2007 года в 06:25 0

I made some videos of the band!
Andrew Grande 21 июля 2007 года в 05:45 0
A bit creepy...but still fucking cool as hell! BEHEMOTH FTW!