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Richard Christy Hit Factory Tour

Richard Christy of Charred Walls of the Damned gives fans an inside look at the Hit Factory Criteria in Miami while recorded drums for the second Charred Walls of the Damned album, "Cold Winds on Timeless Days".

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Mick Obrien 20 февраля 2016 года в 15:05 1
And BTW... Have Sal and Richard finally consummated their love? Those two were so queer on Howard Stern. Wow!
dborbs 23 апреля 2018 года в 15:07 0
it's my faaaaavorite studio..
Anders Haave 09 августа 2015 года в 13:49 0
I need to know what snare that is?!
John Bathory 15 октября 2017 года в 01:25 0
Gayest band name ever. Pretty crummy band also. :( whatever
k5lta 12 февраля 2013 года в 13:19 0
Is Sal coming along?
BeardedDanishViking 30 декабря 2012 года в 16:17 0
Did Christy lose weight?? He looks really lean now :o
LickeyWebster 10 апреля 2012 года в 02:05 0
I hear his voice and think of the Crotchduster record.
Michael Mutant 28 ноября 2011 года в 04:45 0
i have so much respect for richard, hes talented & funny
readonly999 18 октября 2011 года в 18:25 0
@MetalBladeRecords Then you've done a great job promoting the video to metal drummers. But most regular metalheads read blogs like MetalSucks (which actually sent me here. harro, suckalos!), TNOTB, IO, tons more out there, and of course, Facebook (I'm not on it). I probably seem annoying, but I'm doing this with the best possible intent.
Metal Blade Records 18 октября 2011 года в 16:01 0
@readonly999 We had a clip premiere on the Modern Drummer website. We promoted the hell out of it.
readonly999 14 октября 2011 года в 22:43 0
@MetalBladeRecords No need to be ironic, label-dude. While I haven't seen the clips in question (haven't seen them promoted anywhere, btw), I've seen many videos of good drummers track their stuff. And while they give you an eyeful of the monster behind the kit , it almost never means the exact performance ends up on the album. I'm glad Richard and the band are obviously getting excellent production for the cd, way to go!
Metal Blade Records 14 октября 2011 года в 22:05 1
@readonly999 That's one of the reasons we posted videos of Richard playing full takes of some of the songs on the record. He was so well rehearsed that he finished all twelve songs in just two days. Thanks for taking the time to watch these videos!
readonly999 14 октября 2011 года в 19:44 0
@MetalBladeRecords great news. eating my words back ;)
Metal Blade Records 14 октября 2011 года в 19:37 0
@readonly999 The only replaced sounds on the drum tracks were the bass drums. Toms and snare are all 100% Richard Christy.
readonly999 14 октября 2011 года в 19:18 0
Douchebag modern metal engineer meme:

Records drums in huge-ass shiney verby room - Sample replaces them
verbaledge 14 октября 2011 года в 02:22 0
korbel...only the best
TheOmegaeyes 13 октября 2011 года в 14:03 1
Christy's one of the most under rated drummers in metal, glad to see he's active in a band again. What's the philosophy behind strapping a snare drum to the front of the bass drum?
Antonio Rogel 12 октября 2011 года в 20:22 0
metalocalypsis t shirt /,,/ yeeeeee
MetalDeth777 12 октября 2011 года в 19:53 0
hahaha at 2:15 i screamed "HI MARK!!!" hahaha
Jahoko 11 октября 2011 года в 23:53 0
decadent! :D classic