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Lindsey Stirling

Опубликовано 21 июля 2020 года
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Thank You for 100 Videos and 3 Billion Views!

Watch the full String Sessions playlist here: Listen to the String Sessions podcast here: ...


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Walter Fletcher 21 июля 2020 года в 05:00 1170
I think I speak for everyone when I say, thank YOU for 100 videos and the 3 billion views were our pleasure.
isaac hernandez 30 июля 2020 года в 03:08
we all love how great she is at what she does she is just so amazing
Michael G 28 июля 2020 года в 02:40
What he said
Owen Keenan 26 июля 2020 года в 19:26
this is the best comment I've seen in a longtime
Persephone official 26 июля 2020 года в 08:49
Analucia Piminchumo Ruiz 25 июля 2020 года в 20:00
TheNightWolf 21 июля 2020 года в 22:06 43
When AGT says your not good enough and you prove them wrong ROYALLY
As a Halo fan, a avid gamer and a basshead. You're songs are phenomenal!
NAYLA ! I WANT SЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! 25 июля 2020 года в 15:30
Roman Romanich 22 июля 2020 года в 19:55 26
Underground was pretty cool,but Artemis was a masterpiece.
LaObeja Negra 30 июля 2020 года в 05:58
Crystalized & The Arena are only 2 of my top faves..
But she's just Amazing & they are all great!
Owen Keenan 29 июля 2020 года в 21:17
okay but seeing and hearing master of tides for the first time is something that can't be recreated
Arlyn Alfaro 27 июля 2020 года в 22:17
Pooh I forgot they are allllll of the songs masterpieces worth loads
Arlyn Alfaro 27 июля 2020 года в 22:16
Ma favorites are first Artemis then prism then underground
CoolPerson290 25 июля 2020 года в 15:56
They're both masterpieces!
Elizabeth Stought 21 июля 2020 года в 19:05 62
Oh my goodness. Watching all of these videos was like reliving the past several years of my life. I have such big associations with all of these songs to different times in my life. Most of these I tried to play on my own violin and have spend countless hours trying to dance and be like you. Lindsey, your music has had such a big impact on my life. There were times when I listened to nothing else. Thank you for being you and for sharing your music with us all. It has impacted us more than you know ❤️
500 Subscribers without video 25 июля 2020 года в 10:26 39

Lindsey Stirling : making everyone’s quarantine a billion times better

Im very close to my goal, pls help
Real Studio Life 28 июля 2020 года в 02:13
Ugh - you are what is so phony about social media
Bellatrix Lestrange 27 июля 2020 года в 19:15
umm... you have 78 subscribers. I hope you meet your goal though!!!
Mammonocalypse 21 июля 2020 года в 05:17 521
You songs are a huge part of my life. 90% of the songs i street perform with on my electric violin are your songs! I will absolutely never forget the day you came up to me at the Pike Place Market while i was playing Crystallize. That is one of the BIGGEST moments that has ever happened to me, and you gave me such motivation, encouragement, and inspiration. Thank you so much for everything. I could honestly write an essay to you, but I'm gonna keep it short and straight to the point. Thank you for changing my life! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
srijan sao 22 июля 2020 года в 04:32
@Lindsey Stirling I like ur songs and m with u
Mammonocalypse 22 июля 2020 года в 01:55
@Leigh Saunderson I have the full details of that experience in the description of my video. just copy and paste Mammonocalypse Urgent and you'll find the video and it also has the link to her instagram video!
Leigh Saunderson 22 июля 2020 года в 01:13
Oh wow!! That must have been amazing !!!
twodogs716 21 июля 2020 года в 22:35
@Lindsey Stirling and I love YOU!
not in any creepy way. but I DO!
MewTwiX_ 21 июля 2020 года в 19:05
@Lindsey Stirling My life was change by your music, thank you !!
Hiraghm 21 июля 2020 года в 19:07 9
Credit where credit is due:
The concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl in 2015 was one of the adventures of my life; I traveled 1200 miles to attend, walked across Santa Barbara to reach, and spent the night after the concert at the Goleta airport because I couldn't afford a 2nd night at a motel (I hadn't planned on needing one).
That concert introduced me to Olivia Somerlyn and "OXO".
One of the most treasured experiences of my life.

The Cedar Rapids concert was another adventure in which I traveled 900 miles, and was disappointed in the end because you'd had personal problems and had to cancel the very day of the concert. But it did give me the opportunity to lay to rest a few demons from my childhood.
You _very generously_ provided me with tickets to the Dallas concert, which both introduced me to The Federal Empire, and _amazed_ me with your stage production for "The Arena". And it only required a trip of 200 miles, this time.

Then there was the disaster that was the Tulsa Warmer in Winter concert (90 miles). I won't go into it except in its connection to where credit is due.

All my life I've been preached at how important it is to do for others. To, me this always smacked of self-aggrandizement and virtue-signaling ("look how good I am!"). Sometime shortly after the Santa Barbara concert, I'd had a very, very, low night. I was leaving work 1st thing in the morning, and the parking lot was full of birds. I saw two fighting over a scrap of paper, and my heart was moved. I went back inside and bought a loaf of french bread and spent 15 minutes feeding and talking to the birds. I remember saying, "Nobody goes hungry today!" I went home in high spirits for the first time in a long time.

This grew to "random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty". I would buy a box of candy canes and share them with whatever co-worker I happened upon. I would randomly buy drinks, coffee or meals for co-workers; occasionally I would pay for the meal for someone in line at McDonald's. I was making little over minimum wage at the time. I bought a bicycle for a co-worker's little boy, so she and her husband could afford to buy him the other presents he wanted. It... felt... great... Prior to watching your videos and attending your concerts, it would never have occurred to me to do these things for others.

The apex came with the Tulsa concert. You said there'd be a Toys for Tots drive at the concert; I talked my store manager into letting me shop at black friday prices over my lunch hour. I spent it in the toy department buying toys. I bought over $100 worth of toys, overflowing a shopping cart and had to force myself to stop because I wasn't going to be able to pay rent otherwise. Your examples of generosity had inspired me... and nobody told me that doing for others could fill oneself with such pure joy! That hour shopping, imagining the happiness I hoped to bring to kids I'd never know, was the highlight of the event for me.

When I got to the concert, I asked where I could put the toys. They indicated the next room. I had to make a long walk back to my car to get them, and was embarrassed by the stares I got as I hauled two bags full of toys to the reception desk. I looked at the people standing in line, dressed in casual clothes that would have cost me a week's pay, families of three and four, with VIP tickets... $1200 at least to attend the concert. And they'd brought one measly $3 or $5 Fisher-Price toy. I felt sorry for them, I really did.
The rest of the night was an absolute, miserable nightmare (I didn't even get to attend the concert or collect my snow globe). But it did represent the greatest extent to which you and your music had influenced me spiritually.

And for that I give you full credit and gratitude.
Keenan Waller 22 июля 2020 года в 15:16 13
Only 60 dislikes how could anybody dislike this amazing art
Naomi Reveles 30 июля 2020 года в 00:00
Gente que no sabe de musica chida da dislikes
Keenan Waller 26 июля 2020 года в 23:18
@Dave Hamer theres not 60 of them though
Dave Hamer 26 июля 2020 года в 23:15
AGT judges?
smoke301 25 июля 2020 года в 20:52
That's what I'm trying to figure out
Cheeky Leaks 21 июля 2020 года в 18:25 12
Remember when they said she sounded like chiken scratch, how the turn tables.
Rydal S 27 июля 2020 года в 16:41
"how the turn tables" 😂 Michael Scott
Hartono Saputra 25 июля 2020 года в 03:19 7
Lindsey, can you featuring with "fat rat". Maybe collaboration with him make you two awesome :') i hope so much
Hartono Saputra 28 июля 2020 года в 14:57
@Aurorya Thanks for your correction 😂😂. I'm just forgot it LOL
Aurorya 28 июля 2020 года в 14:49
It's "TheFatRat" and yes it would be great ! 😍
EV Pol 21 июля 2020 года в 13:53 265
"It's the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you."
Congratulations and thank you Lindsey.
You deserve the best ♥♥♥
Real Studio Life 22 июля 2020 года в 03:06
rasmasyean ok cool whatever, I just finished consuming some other chicks relentless positivity- I can’t handle anymore I’m gonna make a omelet and put maple syrup on it - You’re right Lindsey has a tumultuous hard luck story of the ages
rasmasyean 22 июля 2020 года в 02:58
@Real Studio Life Lindsey Stirling actually practically faced ridicule from the Masters like all her life. Her "radical" art-form was said to be impossible to accomplish and even unmarketable if she can pull it off compared to like traditional "Mozart-makeover type of perfection" or something like that I guess. She basically defied all the "pros" and slapped them in the face.

Also, iirc I may have heard Devin Supertramp (her ex bf) mention in NYC that she threw whole piggy bank into the first concert. Sorta like a make or break conviction to her craft to move forward...or not. This girl's life story is about taking risk. It's a character and belief in herself that few possess. And those who are competent and persistent enough to pull it off, really redefines what we see.
Real Studio Life 21 июля 2020 года в 23:40
Lindsey Stirling what exactly did you risk ? (We can still love your music, in spit of the fact that you have been programmed and managed since your childhood) - but let’s be honest...what ‘risk’ have you ever undertaken...perhaps banishment from your creepy polygamist cult?
EV Pol 21 июля 2020 года в 19:19
Oh thank you so much !!!
rasmasyean 21 июля 2020 года в 18:23
Wow! That's a perfect descriptions of her initial journey. That's how historical people have changed the world and the way everyone sees it.
nairbvel 21 июля 2020 года в 18:59 7
When I open the dictionary, I usually find your picture under "Inspiration." Thank you, Lindsey. :-)
4loops43 28 июля 2020 года в 04:07 2
You know you’ve hit the big league when “the muppets” get involved!
Jane Ann 26 июля 2020 года в 21:51 2
The band Amaranthe just said in their comic con livestream they would love to do a collaboration with you, and thier fans went crazy for it! Your style would be perfect with theirs, look them up!
Riccardo Campanella 21 июля 2020 года в 22:13 3
Been around since spontaneous me, I was in high school back then. I can say I grew up with your music, and I am grateful for this.
Keep up the good work!!
Austin Jseamless2013 21 июля 2020 года в 21:23 3
I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, never stop being you and doing what you think is right🤗
John Williamson 23 июля 2020 года в 09:40 2
Been a hooked fan ever since I heard crystallize.
SKULLX SK 21 июля 2020 года в 22:48 4
The title should be - " top 100 songs by Lindsey Stirling"
"100 best songs of Lindsey Stirling"
Gina Payne 30 июля 2020 года в 01:00 0
I have been so hooked since a friend introduced me to Shatter Me. Now I can’t wait to have Between Twilight played when I get the chance to walk down the aisle!! Thank you for being true you Linds!!!
asolanara 21 июля 2020 года в 21:09 5
As an emerging artist myself, Lindsey has helped me find inspiration as well as comfort in my field. The amount of respect I have for Lindsey as an artist, as well as a person of faith, is what helps me to be able to continue on each day. Thank you Lindsey!
jeremy isbell 24 июля 2020 года в 03:27 4
When a violinist becomes a rockstar...I accidently stumbled upon you on youtube and was blown away.
Destination Abound 21 июля 2020 года в 18:37 2
My favorite song of Lindsey's was roundtable rival until I heard the upside
Nachyn Mongush 21 июля 2020 года в 18:30 2
Бесподобная Линдси! 😍 💞 😘 Ты вдохновляешь своей музыкой! 🎶🎻🎧
ramjb 21 июля 2020 года в 17:40 116
Uhhhh description is wrong... it should read...

"This is what huge talent, incredible persistance, refusal to give up and lots and lots and lots and even more lots of hard work looks like"

There. Corrected it for you.
Real Studio Life 28 июля 2020 года в 03:10
Stephi ‘...oh my god...I’m totally buggin...’ (this quote is probably before your time - but still appropriate)
Stephi 25 июля 2020 года в 18:16
@Real Studio Life Maybe not racial oppression, but she certainly struggled through the consecutive losses of her father and best friend, was raised in a modest household which could only afford half violin lessons, was told she would never make it on reality TV, and carved herself a place in the intersection of violin and dance. Just because she may not have struggled harder than other performers to get to where she is now, does not mean she has not overcome many obstacles of her own.
ffestivelizzie 22 июля 2020 года в 01:30
Real Studio Life || As I said before, do not judge a strong woman be her looks, and her cover.
Real Studio Life 22 июля 2020 года в 01:27
ffestivelizzie her personally biography filled with family tragedy, substance abuse, racial oppression, became famous on reality tv and Youtube...not exactly a story of adversity like say...Janis Joplin, Bessie Smith, Billie’t be ignorant - I still love her music and videos - but don’t act like her story is the ‘overcoming adversity’ garbage storyline - because it is not
ffestivelizzie 22 июля 2020 года в 00:44
Real Studio Life || Clearly you haven’t seen Lindsey in action, my friend. You’re sorely mistaken. Do not judge a strong woman by her looks, and her cover. 😏
VlogsPaper 22 июля 2020 года в 00:50 7
Michał Rogoziński 21 июля 2020 года в 19:23 1
That was just wonderful experience. When I first discovered your music it made me so happy. The first song that I ever listen to was "Shatter me". It brings me so much joy and I felt like someone finally understand me and what I have gone through. I'm so happy for you. Keep it up. You helped so many people by giving them joy. I LOVE your music with all my heart 😻💕.
Charvi D 22 июля 2020 года в 14:15 2
"Star's need darkness to Shine"
Congratulations Lindsey! I have idolized you since the beginning and will continue to. I admire your happy attitude and kindness. I hope that one day, everyone can feel the magic and joy your music brings me!! :D I went through a (very very very) mild depression because of quarantine a couple of weeks ago, mainly because I felt so lonely and sad. But your music restored my cheerful personality! I just want to say, THANK YOU! Thank you for the joy you instilled in me. Keep being the amazing you!
You deserve the best! <333 Hoping I can attend one of your concerts on my b-day! :DD

(BTW, LOVE your expressions xDD)
Relaxation Valley 29 июля 2020 года в 20:25 0
This Made me really sad seeing this i have watched her for a very long time i love her music i'm just so proud of her of what she has accomplished
Joanna Suchon Violin 21 июля 2020 года в 17:34 190
Isn´t it a FACT: Does Lindsey ever take a break from being a legend?
Bryce Armstrong 26 июля 2020 года в 23:15
I think she took a break for about 10 months... y'know right before she was born.
Jack 23 июля 2020 года в 23:32
Would you want her to?
Elly Awesome 21 июля 2020 года в 22:51
Doubt it!
Uhohhotdog Gaming 21 июля 2020 года в 22:37
A question isn’t a fact
Ayana Duncan 21 июля 2020 года в 22:06
Hermione Granger 31 июля 2020 года в 04:59 0
The nostalgia! Amazing to see how far you’ve come Lindsey! Everyday I’m inspired to keep practicing violin by you❤️
Sarah Daryana Sierra Ariza 29 июля 2020 года в 12:44 1
Lindsey is a clear example that if you set your mind to something, and you don't rest until you get it, you achieve anything. You are my inspiration Lindsey !!!!
communityband1 21 июля 2020 года в 18:21 2
Congratulations! Whenever I get frustrated with the progress on some of my own big ideas, your story reminds me to keep believing in myself and work hard. I also remember your father's story in this regard and how it teaches us that even when things don't turn out quite like we hope or expect, the effort that we put in is still rewarded in many other ways.
Yuuga GD 22 июля 2020 года в 20:04 2
I love you, greetings from México🇲🇽congrats!!!!!!
hi hooman i am a snake 22 июля 2020 года в 03:09 1
I can't believe I'm your fan for this long, I meat it feel like just yesterday when I first discovered you through Phantom of the opera, and you is the first artis ever that make me know how much music can impact in my life, thank you so much for everything, for being such an amazing person who allways with me and I love you so much.
Owen Keenan 29 июля 2020 года в 21:24 0
Lindsey is the type of person who sticks around one place for like a minute and it's suddenly the happiest place in the world
Brandon Rice 21 июля 2020 года в 20:38 1
Ever since discovering you back in my middle school days of 2014, I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart for literally everything you do! From making these amazing videos to your motivational personality, you have changed my life in regards to playing the violin!! I’m now a sophomore at Western Carolina University playing electric violin in the Pride of the Mountains marching band because of you!! I’m so so so happy and proud to see all of the success you have made over these years and I can’t wait to see you make more! You’ll forever me my favorite idol to look up too. Really hope we can meet one day! 🥺 Rock on Lindsey! ❤️🤟🏾
Ricardo Arriola 30 июля 2020 года в 20:10 0
I absolutely cannot and will not imagine this life without you and your music. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all♥️🌹
Kassandra Dequilla-Enriquez 21 июля 2020 года в 17:46 89
Did anyone else got goosebumps while watching or is it just me?
DaBlondDude 25 июля 2020 года в 20:22
At a number of points. Memories, washes and waves of feelings as well.
Hohen heim 25 июля 2020 года в 14:07
no just you
LAL7887 24 июля 2020 года в 13:21
A J Somebody 24 июля 2020 года в 01:57
And cried
Joe Jeff 23 июля 2020 года в 15:08
Dude yeah at shatter me something broke inside of me.
Enfy's Green 30 июля 2020 года в 14:09 0
you where laught at on live tv and then you proved they where the ones who did nit know how good your music was i wish i could here what those judjes know thing of what thy tald you on that day
AFunkyHypnoCat 21 июля 2020 года в 20:31 1
This was one of the first channels I began to thoroughly follow, I remember seeing shadows and being like woooooow! Your story is awesome Lindsey, thanks so much for the videos and you deserve the views! ^^
Yalvaro 21 июля 2020 года в 22:01 3
Wow 100 videos!!! Spectacular ... go for the next 100!... thank you!!!
NEILAND 21 июля 2020 года в 20:53 2
You have come a very long way my lady! 💫 You inspired me to follow my YouTube dream, dancing and film making career! 🔥 I have uploaded 77 videos and recieved 15M views! I will never forget the days where my dancing skills were around 3 months and I was practicing and dancing to crystalize back in 2013! 🙏
CoasterStrings 21 июля 2020 года в 04:39 116
I’m interested, share your first Lindsey video you ever saw below! Mine was “Elements”!
Rachel England 31 июля 2020 года в 00:12
@Lindsey Stirling I didn't find out about you until 2017, but I was so amazed and so excited when I did. You and your music have greatly influenced my vision for my life. I'm not exactly sure how to say this, but my Dad is always telling me that it doesn't matter how hard the spiritual forces of this world are pushing against you. Your gift will always make a place for you; and I think God led me to your music to show me a good example of that.
Miléna 29 июля 2020 года в 12:24
Mine was "thrift shop" with tyler ward ! :3
djduchesskay 28 июля 2020 года в 18:12
Crystallize, before it went viral ❤️
Karthik R 28 июля 2020 года в 11:29
buckylovesplums_ 27 июля 2020 года в 02:37
Eirik P. 21 июля 2020 года в 23:53 1
I remember when you where on AGT and I found you on you-tube it was awesome. You always gave me a smile. Crystallize got me hooked on your music. I know I have listened to it over 500 times. I got your Christmas vinyl and the day after Thanksgiving your album does not turn off. If i'm working on home work First Light is put on repeat. Artemis is a great album the day pre orders started I didn't have to think about it. It needed to be mine. Your music got me throw so many had times. Thank you for the amazing years of music and heart felt moments. Thank You Lindsey Stirling <3 <3
Paulkiks 31 июля 2020 года в 02:22 0
I would LOVE to see you play here in B.C. Canada....and so would so many others.
Cheers to your hard work and overcoming the downs.
A loyal fan in Canada, Paul.
Genmist 21 июля 2020 года в 22:32 2
Each of your videos have inspired me in their own way, with you and your music I can live my dream, that dream that one day will come true. You have taught me so much with each of your songs that I have no way of expressing thanks. You are my role model, you are the one who has helped me find my passion and the path I must follow. If I am ever successful, I will be fully grateful to you. Congratulations for your work!
Cardinal Thunder 22 июля 2020 года в 18:27 1
Been following you since Crystallize. ❤️ You deserve alllll the hearts. Thank you for doing what you do. You are one of the legends of this time. In 2120 somebody will be looking up your name on the internet and be reading your wiki page and wishing they'd got to meet you. You're that type of person. The kind of person who's mark on this earth will last for centuries.
Vultur 23 июля 2020 года в 08:48 1
I found you 8-9 years ago through an animation on Newgrounds called 'The Guardian' and have been following you since then.
Thank you for all your amazing music and videos through all these years.
Unicorn Lover 29 июля 2020 года в 16:41 0
Thank you for everything! I’m one of the million people who you’ve inspired and changed my life forever. I met you last year and I didn’t even say a word because you meant so much. Everything from your music to you! So a big thank you Lindsey from Ebba! :-)
Bryce Andrew Music 21 июля 2020 года в 20:01 1
Since I’m 20 years old and I’ve been watching your channel since I was around 13, all of these videos feel like a part of my childhood and they’re so meaningful and special to me. They’ve changed my life. This is the best compilation ever!
Twilight Psyché 21 июля 2020 года в 18:44 1
Hi Lindsey!

I just wanted to say.... thank YOU for everything !!! 😁 I've discovered you a few years ago, and I immediately feel in love with your music, the mixt between violon and electro.... it's so great and special, I just love that style of music !! I went to one of your concert (on the Artemis tour) and it was the best concert I've ever seen in my life! You're just so talented (playing music, dancing... I was sooo amazed and touched by your performances with Mark on Dancing with the Stars!!! 🥺) You really are a great person, and you really deserve all these views and subscribers ❤️
I really wish you the best, and hope that you will always continue to do what you love in life!😊

Yeah, I thinks that's pretty much all I wanted to say! 😊
Thanks again, take care, and don't forget that we all love you too! ❤️
Dan Does All-sorts 21 июля 2020 года в 06:17 59
Been here since 10k subs. I’d confidently say a billion of those views are from me. And I’ll give you another billion. Thank you for all your beautiful music.
Modern Buddha 22 июля 2020 года в 02:35
I’d like to second this notion. I work with the public and during my shifts taking care of customers, I usually have your music playing in the background. The people who haven’t heard you before are drawn to the variety of genres you play, just as I was and still am. Thank you for 100 music videos and I (and my customers) can’t wait for more.
Dan Does All-sorts 21 июля 2020 года в 22:31
Lindsey Stirling my pleasure 💛
Lindsey Stirling 21 июля 2020 года в 07:52
Haha well thanks for sticking with me through it all
DethniteAtticus 22 июля 2020 года в 20:39 1
I rember when your first album came out. Still have it. I've always loved your music and dancing. Keep up the amazing work. You make INCREDIBLE art
Смайл 21 июля 2020 года в 18:28 6
Линдси ты прекрасна! Очаровательна! Восхитительна!!! Спасибо за твой труд! Ты делаешь этот мир лучше!!! Ты великолепна!!!!
Paula Arguedas 22 июля 2020 года в 01:35 1
Eres increíble 😍 alto talento ❤
just phelba 21 июля 2020 года в 20:56 3
Hey Linds, you might never see this but: Thank you so much for being such a great part of my life. I know about you since 1 1/2 years, but when I watched literally all of your videos within a week I really felt with you because I kinda watched your journey in short, you know...
You really saved my life because 1 1/2 years ago I was shortly before ending my life. But you, your music, your story and all the love and energy you are sending in the world, helped me so much to fight against my depressions and today I can say that I won against my Depression. They are still coming back some days but I also got so much love in the Stirlingitescommunity and I have met so many new friends ❤️
So thank you so much❤️❤️❤️
Shawn Chong-Lee 21 июля 2020 года в 04:54 70
oh m gggggg I remember my first concert and how lindsey’s music changed my life😭😭😭
Shawn Chong-Lee 21 июля 2020 года в 13:54
Lindsey liked my comment; IM HOLLERING 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ we love you lindsey!!!
Elaine Walls 22 июля 2020 года в 20:57 1
Thank YOU for transporting me away to a magical land where I can forget all my troubles. ❤
Maya 30 июля 2020 года в 18:06 0
Only Derek should do every her choreography. Period.
Dan inca cast 31 июля 2020 года в 23:50 0
Spontaneous me fue la melodía que hizo que empezara a seguir a Lindsey, It aint me hizo que me quede, y todas las demás canciones me hicieron disfrutar más de las melodías del violín. Te adoro Lindsey!!! :D
Windell A. Manansala 26 июля 2020 года в 09:34 1
This are my memories of you!, I almost forgot you😢, But, You posted another video!😊
Johnny K 21 июля 2020 года в 17:15 26
This nostalgia hit me like a TRAIN. Thank you for doing what you do and never giving up. I honestly can’t picture my life without you and your music being an influence on me since I was a kid. We love you Lindsey!
Kieran 30 июля 2020 года в 12:04 0
I love you for your music, for your perseverance, for your talent...but I especially love you for being the giving person you are and for being as unique as you are. Never change, Lindsey. Please.
jeffrey thomas 28 июля 2020 года в 04:12 2
'Cus you're awesome!
Michelle Kolb 21 июля 2020 года в 22:51 1
Thank YOU, Lindsey! Your music saved me so many times in the last ten years. I know whenever I need inspiration to keep going all I have to do is pull up your songs and things get better in my world. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us!
Cornu Gael 21 июля 2020 года в 21:18 5
"Dream your life in color, it's the secret of happiness"
We are your colors of any country for a very long time,
You are our happiness,
Thanks Lindsey ;)
June ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! 26OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! 28 июля 2020 года в 07:15
CoolPerson290 21 июля 2020 года в 04:44 22
Who else thinks Phelba should make a reappearance sometime?
E- Turtledove 21 июля 2020 года в 11:58
Same. Loved that goofball
FloralCaribou 11 21 июля 2020 года в 06:26
Been missing that crazy haha
Patrick15a | Regenerate your Life! 25 июля 2020 года в 21:31 3
I watch your Videos since Sep 2012 you published Elements <3
IsaArt 22 июля 2020 года в 19:37 1
Te adoro Lindsey!! Tu musica me llega al alma, me pone la piel de gallina, me emociona!!! Y por sobretodo siempre me inspira para dibujar!! Gracias por tanto💖
Marcos Blanc 21 июля 2020 года в 22:24 1
I recently bought a violin inspired by your songs / covers, you make a great part of my life, thanks for inspiring and creating such great music, you are my example to follow. and I expect 100 more videos from you. you are an amazing person and i can't believe i met you in person. love you.
Maartje Van Straaten 22 июля 2020 года в 07:39 1
We all can agree this: Lindsey you are a great person, you entertain us with your great music and videos. Thank you so much!!!
Eriel AGS 21 июля 2020 года в 17:15 14
Who is the best?
Like: Lindsey
Comment: Lindsey
Ignore: Lindsey
CoolPerson290 25 июля 2020 года в 16:03
Rane Peavy 21 июля 2020 года в 17:15
Isabella Minor 21 июля 2020 года в 22:43 1
The feels! 😢🥰This was so, so beautiful Lindsey! it so lovely to see how you have grown! I am looking forward to seeing much much more from you! 🤗😍
LaurenLiddel 21 июля 2020 года в 19:39 1
When will you release a dvd compilation? ^__^* <3
Filou 30 июля 2020 года в 08:21 0
The best in 43. <3 <3 <3
Dragoness 21 июля 2020 года в 22:13 1
Probably been here watching since around Elements or Skyrim! My orchestra teacher in 7th grade would show us your videos to keep our class inspired! I was hooked, soon saw and met you in St Louis at the Pagaeant 2013, what an awesome incredible show. Then in high school learning electric violin and alternative styles and classical, street playing with Crystallize and others, performing Shatter Me for the choir pop concert. It's safe to say you've kept me inspired through the years, and to inspire me taking private lessons! I'm now a junior in college studying music business. Keep working hard girl, you're so awesome.
Anna Opal 21 июля 2020 года в 17:45 31
It's amazing how some artists change dramatically throughout the years, when they're completely different now compared to their beginnings. Here we obviously have different qualities and scale of productions but every video has the same feeling where you know it's Lindsey's and that's really amazing ❤
Thank you Lindsey for your work, your music and being you throughout the years. Your music helps me in hard times and I'm always going to be grateful for that ❤
Susana Sanchez 22 июля 2020 года в 17:31 0
I discovered you when a friend of mine sent me your version of "We found love" and followed you all those years. You were my inspiration to keep playing the violin (though it's been a long time since the last time I played it for my job). I'll have to restart it again!!
Papa Hershel 21 июля 2020 года в 21:54 1
Actually brought me to tears. Congrats Lindsey! Here's to another great chapter ^-^ Much love from Canada 🇨🇦
The Phoenix-Feathered Raven 28 июля 2020 года в 08:52 0
I've been a fan for seven years and hearing your music always takes me back to the days when I discovered it. I remember them so fondly like they were a honeymoon phase! Thank you so much for doing what you do!
Mehmet 23 июля 2020 года в 22:32 0
Thank you for your masterpiece: „Til the light goes out“ it helped me to get in a good mood in very difficult times. I hear it every day now.

Just a person who appreciate your great work. 😊
Steph 21 июля 2020 года в 08:36 44
For me it started with AGT ☺ in 2010.. then you disappeared for a while & I thought 'I wonder what happened to her after the Semis?'. In early 2012 I found your YT channel & I was so happy you weren't giving up! You music really helped & motivated me while recovering for 5 long months after a difficult lung transplant surgery. I'm doing great & celebrated 3 years post double lung transplant on May 22nd this year. Barnes Jewish Hospital in St Louis saved my life ♥. I've been very fortunate to see you 3 times in St Louis (and met you once back in 2013 on tour for your first album) Congrats on 100 videos & 3 BILLION views!!! 😀. I'll see you next year in August back in St Louis & looking forward to giving you a big hug again.
ArT BeBlaZiken 21 июля 2020 года в 17:36
Great story! Sorry you had to go through a double transplant lung surgery. That's rough. My dad's girlfriend had to have half of her liver removed, because it was cancerous. In 2018. She's okay now. But at the time it was really scary, cause she had a severe infection. And the doctors weren't sure if she was going to pull through. Though I'm happy she did pull through. I'm glad listening to Lindsey Sterling helped you out in that difficult time of your life!
Ingrid balmaceda 24 июля 2020 года в 21:26 2
don't get carried away by the bad comments keep on bein the best i want to be like you . 🤗
Helloitsme 22 июля 2020 года в 10:20 1
Proud follower since 2012! Keep doing what makes you happy Lindsey, your talent and love for your art is inspiring♥️ All the best!!
Loopy Longplays 22 июля 2020 года в 11:38 1
First video I watched of yours was all the back in 2012 Crystallize, I was in High School back then. Was amazed how great it was, and how great and unique your music is. For some reason your latest video Between Twilight kinda gives me Nostalgia not sure why. I look forward to more songs. Thank you for your hard work.
Jeff Fernandes 22 июля 2020 года в 12:14 1
Still waiting for the day you're playing a Doctor Who madley.
NATALIA ANDREA LOPEZ MUÑOZ 21 июля 2020 года в 13:01 38
Hello, I love Lindsey Stirling, you inspired me to play the violin, when I was 5 years old I listened to your music, I'm from Colombia, I had to use the translator a few times. I love your songs never stopped listening to them. I sometimes try to play the violin like you but I have never been able
Juan David Cepeda 21 июля 2020 года в 20:55
I am from Colombia too!!! And i've been following lindsey since 2012 when I first heard crystalize, and even managed to go to one of her concerts here in Bogota (i remember the one that she was going to give on march but the pandemic started and she had to cancel it). i've been playing the violin for almost my entire life, and she has been a model to follow and has inspired me to keep going throughout the hard times. Thank you Lindsey!
Isaul Felix Choquevillca Quisbert 21 июля 2020 года в 23:07 1
22 this was the first video of yours that I saw on TV and from there I like your style and your way of playing the violin, you are great
Ali Ahmed 21 июля 2020 года в 22:35 0
I've always had a problem with expressing emotions through words so I'll just leave this comment with I love you work, I am inspired by how far you've come and to put on my role model to meet someday and say these words

Thank you for being the greatest version of yourself
Tamalita May 30 июля 2020 года в 15:31 0
Congratulations! Amazing!! Phenomenal!!
Christopher Sant 22 июля 2020 года в 23:58 1
Well done! We're so very proud of you and all that you've learned over those 100 videos. Keep up the excellent work, and thank you!
Monkey D. Luffy 21 июля 2020 года в 21:34 2
You deserved it! :3
Izzy Rice 28 июля 2020 года в 15:57 0
I've been watching her since I was a kid. I'm so happy to see her succeed and put out beautiful art into my adulthood.
Darrell Conwell 22 июля 2020 года в 13:41 1
Thank you for posting this one. How did I lose out on so many of them after the 60th or so? One may need a timeline to go along with the 100 videos.
ncode03 31 июля 2020 года в 16:17 0
Some of these brought good memories. Goosebumps all the way
暗闇 深雪BlackStyxx 21 июля 2020 года в 16:33 25
I remember finding you through Crystallise when I was going through some tough times during school (depression, insomnia, a suicide attempt), and through all the years, your songs have always been such a huge inspiration for me (Song of the Caged Bird has always been the one that resonated with me so much) and I just really want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me give life another chance :)

And I hope everyone is staying safe and relatively happy
ArT BeBlaZiken 21 июля 2020 года в 17:54
Hey sorry, you went through such tough times in school. With depression and suicide attempt, etc. That sucks. I know you don't know me. But a few years ago, when I was in high school. I got bullied A lot and I had a really abusive step-dad. It wasn't great all around. I didn't try to commit suicide or anything like that. But I tried to runaway a few times. Just so I could get away from all that. It never stayed that way though. I always had to come back. Lindsey Sterling really helped me in tough times. The shadow and crystallize songs especially. Anyway that was a long time ago. I don't live with my parents anymore. And things are great! I just find it insteresting how much Lindsey songs can touch people. From all over! And I'm glad it touched you like it touched my heart. 💝
Anthony Layton 21 июля 2020 года в 21:11 1
Thank you for sharing your immense talent! Enjoyed the look back, and what you have been up to lately, and looking forward to what the future holds!
kithsiri weerasingha 22 июля 2020 года в 02:09 1
You & Your Violin make me happy. Crystallize , Artemis , Elements ⬅️ My FAVORITE! YOU ARE AMAZING LINDSEY 🤩 like a Fire 🔥🔥
David Lee 30 июля 2020 года в 10:22 0
Congratulations, Lindsey! :D :D
David Sweetman 21 июля 2020 года в 23:00 1
hi lindsey, absaloutly love your music, im just wondering what's the name of the song thats playing over guardian at 10:13