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Thy Art Is Murder drum play through video for "Dead Sun" with Nico Bronson of War From A Harlots Mouth.

Filmed & Edited by Savage Photo / Film

Nuclear Blast:

Record Stores:
Where’s The Metal:


"Dead Sun" comes from the Thy Art Is Murder album, Hate, out now worldwide


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Комментарии к видеоклипу

Josiah Toce 15 июня 2016 года в 04:47 94
I went to one of their shows... and this guy played the ENTIRE set with alcohol poisoning. Nailed all the fills even when throwing up - he's a metal god!
Evan Blake 05 января 2019 года в 23:22
+Dieser Name ist bereits vergeben Fortrie Same. Cheers.
Dieser Name ist bereits vergeben Fortrie 05 января 2019 года в 21:03
+Evan Blake
Im really happy the conversation ended so peacefully :)
Evan Blake 05 января 2019 года в 20:55
+Dieser Name ist bereits vergeben Fortrie Okay.
Dieser Name ist bereits vergeben Fortrie 05 января 2019 года в 20:24
+Evan Blake
You definetly have a point, i think its just a waste of time talking about this, because your argumentation makes way more sense and i just said the Definition :/
Evan Blake 05 января 2019 года в 19:19
+Dieser Name ist bereits vergeben Fortrie I think core is still very much metal. It sounds like metal, it started as metal, it's based on metal. Maybe Deathcore isn't Death Metal, but Core is metal. Concerts are metal, everything about it is metal.
LevitatorMusic 16 октября 2015 года в 20:23 644
future grandpas are going to be weird looking
Ferenc Weiland 03 октября 2018 года в 15:38
SLAMBO 31 августа 2018 года в 12:42
said your grandmother ???
Sarah Smith 04 августа 2018 года в 21:43
Forgot my old lady was logged in oops lmao
Sarah Smith 04 августа 2018 года в 21:42
Yeah we are 🤘🤘🤘✊🤘
Peze Music 31 мая 2018 года в 21:41
that would be a nice metal band name
Strychnine Animasola 05 февраля 2016 года в 05:52 285
That nike's shoes has run a million miles in 3:38 minutes!
brandon knight 06 апреля 2018 года в 13:24
@Strychnine Animasola: fuck yeah dude hes most deff twitching faster than 250 bpm
Mosher351 10 сентября 2016 года в 11:59
yucksuan 15 ноября 2014 года в 10:07 302
this guy reminds me of the tf2 scout
Rex M 14 ноября 2018 года в 08:50
Avery Watson 23 июля 2018 года в 02:16
yucksuan indeed
Jk Arts 24 декабря 2017 года в 04:04
Im runnin' circles around ya'
FlatOutEntertainment 30 мая 2017 года в 04:13
yucksuan BONK
Matt Heater 28 декабря 2015 года в 23:39 66
that finger control on those blast beats... oh my
Majestic Dragon 15 ноября 2017 года в 04:20
Matt Heater It barely looks like he's moving. He's fucking incredible
Kelflakk ! 05 сентября 2016 года в 05:28 99
prince light 04 мая 2017 года в 23:37
Skillsthatk1lls same lol
Skillsthatk1lls 04 октября 2016 года в 05:31
Kelflakk ! I was reading through the comments and came across this comment right as the pasrt came up in the song (right at the end) wtf lol
Adam Kilpatrick 27 мая 2015 года в 02:12 42
Such an angry little package of a drummer
Chu Tang Clan 15 октября 2016 года в 16:26 99
No sound at the begging...turn my speakers up a lot...I regret this.
slipknotA7X foREVer 22 сентября 2017 года в 02:23
Chu Tang Clan I wouldnt regret shiiiiiiiiiiit😂
Julien Helwin Drummer 07 ноября 2013 года в 18:37 8
well, he is for sure damn good but i would like to see and hear the same song with mics... and e kit plugged ... ;)
Sketchy Luke 05 апреля 2015 года в 14:49 80
Would be better if we could hear what he's actually playing instead of the pre-recorded drums.
TYRAN Official 02 июля 2018 года в 03:07
I Have loaded in, AND LOADED OUT for ''Thy Art Is Murder'' I also saw them perform live, and I can GUARANTEE that Lee's skillz lead up to all our expectations... Lee and the rest of the band are excellent performers, and I have a good ear... And they never missed a note live... NEVER HATE ON ''TAIM'' CUS THEY ARE AMEZING.
Eckinox 01 декабря 2017 года в 18:00
and he play triplets instead of classic 16Th ^^
Metalbirdrummer 02 июня 2016 года в 12:03
+Fur Coat
but yeah, you can't hear it xDD
Metalbirdrummer 02 июня 2016 года в 12:02
Those axis pedals have a thing called "Axis Percussion A-Electronic Kit" It is a trigger wich you can attach to an axis pedal, they are like little hammers placed in the spring upper piece that hit a small sensor. xDD Believe me I've used those triggers a couple of times.
Fur Coat 25 мая 2016 года в 15:00
+Metalbirdrummer lol his kit isn't triggered. You would easily see them. You just literally can't hear what he's playing.
Finn Palmer 26 января 2014 года в 12:32 12
Lee is one of the finest drummers in the world.
Sam Parry 08 декабря 2013 года в 16:27 101
Would have been better if he was playing it live and we could hear the proper audio rather than just miming over the studio track. Sick song though!
Scarif Veteran 01 июня 2014 года в 13:37
Jeah but thats a drum play through you just see how he plays it while the real song is playing. But it looks pretty legit that he can pull this off live.
Endless Infamita 29 декабря 2013 года в 19:12
nice comment
DEATHASAURUSREX 10 ноября 2013 года в 16:32 13
Nike should sponsor this dude.
Filippo 24 октября 2016 года в 11:40 65
This is Deathcore, the rest of 90% are just false imitations.
Nehemiah Treviño 16 апреля 2018 года в 15:38
Lol this is such a biased comment.
Holy Brain Damage 25 января 2017 года в 16:43
it is, it is. but you were pointing it out as "The Only Right Opinion" so i thought i'd still comment.
To many fucking Metalheads are so ignorant and saying that only what they like is good music. That makes the community shit towards others and i try to correct them and make them show respect to other music tastes.
Moe Saber 25 января 2017 года в 16:37
+Holy Brain Damage
I understand that you don't agree with me however it's exactly as you said, an opinion. So lets just agree on that
Holy Brain Damage 25 января 2017 года в 16:35
you know that there is something called an opinion? and it seems like nobody agrees with yours. how does "it sounds like death metal which is what any deathcore band should sound like" make any sence..? I love Taim, but they are obviously not the best Deathcore band because there is no "Best". they all sound different and everybody has a different opinion.
Moe Saber 29 декабря 2016 года в 22:37
I like TAIM's lyrical theme more than Carnifex. Also Carnifex sounds more black-ish which is good, but TAIM is better. Carnifex comes in second IMO
Chris Rodriguez 10 ноября 2013 года в 18:48 16
Lee has been one of my favorite drummers since their first ep, I can see a vitek influence kinda. Liked his speed alot on the adversary but hate has bettter song structure.
whoretomychainsaw 22 февраля 2015 года в 04:08 13
So much intensity in such a small body
Mag Wence 13 ноября 2013 года в 07:44 4
We want more.....we want more..
Javla dod 28 октября 2015 года в 21:56 7
Nathan Vieira 27 августа 2014 года в 04:06 4
The outtro of that song is so beautiful. :'( It's hard to find beautiful metal that hits the spot for me. Well done my brothers!!
Big Fritz 22 января 2017 года в 07:20 4
in glad he uses those ear plugs. certain sessions make people go def especially in a small ass room.
pacxam11 20 февраля 2014 года в 09:37 18
Happy birthday Lee Stanton! Keep it real, brother! We love you. \M/
GuhBerry 03 декабря 2013 года в 05:31 2
Aversion Crown Shorts Hell yes.
IVAN MANN 19 мая 2016 года в 06:40 8
Cody Sampson 27 ноября 2016 года в 07:03
IVAN MANN yes dude yes
Phillip Clark 15 июля 2016 года в 01:23 31
seeing that Lee stanton is a municipal waste fan makes me happy tbh. :D
xScottishBeatdoonx 18 декабря 2016 года в 14:55
Louis Giannamore 15 июня 2014 года в 08:37 8
lets see casey cooper do this
rickhxc 22 сентября 2017 года в 17:26
and still he kinda makes fun of metal on one of his videos
Wanabi Lugazo 01 августа 2014 года в 06:22
He can't xD
Salvador Flores 16 октября 2014 года в 19:08 3
The key to playing music like this is patience, keep calm and just relax your mind and let the river of music flow
James Harris 28 апреля 2014 года в 00:21 17
The ghost beats at 1:44 are sick.
MrJonnyDex 14 июля 2014 года в 20:40
theyre ok, but his thorough triggering kind of defeats the purpose of a ghost note.
Peter Peterson 19 июня 2014 года в 13:26 4
Municipal Waste !! \m/
666 PARASITIC_MUTATION 666 05 февраля 2016 года в 01:57 4
how does he do that with one hand? I can't go that fast with one hand and DAMN hes good
Roy Robb 08 июля 2016 года в 20:26
No Balls 17 мая 2016 года в 21:27
+Daniel James Years of masturbating
Daniel James 18 апреля 2016 года в 03:42
+Joseph Harden I can but it doesn't look very pretty
666 PARASITIC_MUTATION 666 05 марта 2016 года в 16:58
Ok thanks bro
Fkin_Jules 13 февраля 2016 года в 12:43
Seach for: how to blast beat..
then practise :D
Panda RidesAgain 25 июня 2015 года в 19:45 2
Damn thats brutal. Makes me wanna drive.
tEtrahalF 25 апреля 2018 года в 18:21
The reply got more likes than the comment
Ethan Boyd 23 октября 2015 года в 11:43
+Panda RidesAgain
''I can't wait to DRIVE !!!"
Jared AKA BANG HER GUTTER 20 февраля 2014 года в 02:41 10
Been following Lee's drumming since the EP. He just keeps getting better and more focused its great.
Danny Vargas 07 ноября 2013 года в 17:17 2
Does he use Axis with Ekits?????
Robin Boogaard 11 ноября 2013 года в 21:26
Derek Roddy Signature models.
David Stoker 15 ноября 2013 года в 12:58 2
Jonas Wellingham 10 ноября 2013 года в 10:00 1
When'd Lee change to Istanbul cymbals? He was still using Sabians when I saw TAIM a few months ago in the UK.
peniku8 12 июля 2014 года в 23:44 4
I see absolutely no point in making a drum playthrough without the actual audio of what he is doing, this looks just embarrassing.
Sheila GRR 14 ноября 2013 года в 08:27 3
William Henegar 19 марта 2014 года в 21:14 8
Two things: I find that face that he makes when he's playing 16th notes on the snare really funny for some reason. And is it just me, or does one of his gauges look bigger than the other?
William Henegar 10 сентября 2014 года в 21:26
Well, that makes sense then. I was just wondering if I was seeing things or something
Emmanuel Montano 10 сентября 2014 года в 02:36
You're all wrong. Lol. I've seen this guy before. He used to only have one of his ears stretched, which is the big one. The little one used to not be stretched at all. Now, I think they're the same size if you look at their newest videos.
They Neverbloom 28 июня 2014 года в 01:03
I believe it's due to a blowout in said ear. In this case, you'll want to downsize to maintain what's left of your ear.
Vincent 07 июня 2014 года в 15:57
nah i think that the wooden one is just one with heavy concave, because you cant see any skin around it, because ive seen interviews and stuff and his gauges are same size :)
Mitchell Watters 12 мая 2014 года в 01:51
it's because it is. In some live videos and pictures of the dude on like tumblr and stuff he only wears one. so i'm thinking he might of just downsized one ear.
Gezrick Newall 21 января 2014 года в 23:50 1
Would have been nice to hear whether you can actually play this without drum triggers. I mean, if you'd just set up a few microphones then maybe we could have pretended...
Thomas Linville 26 июня 2016 года в 05:02 3
These guys have been one of my favorite deathcore bands lately. As a drummer I love watching just the drummer tear it up. Aussies bringing the pain!! Thanks!
uchiigatana 08 ноября 2013 года в 08:30 1
Any song off the Adversary is 200x times better at showing off Lee's skills
Robert Fangmeyer 07 ноября 2013 года в 19:22 1
How about a play through where the song isn't hiding the sound of his playing?
wolfgang osorio 21 февраля 2014 года в 06:59 1
Derek Smith 14 ноября 2013 года в 21:19 1
dude is stupid good, great song as well
Dolf Lombard 03 июня 2014 года в 12:36 1
I don't believe in a word these guys sing. But man, this is some good metal!
Rui Carneiro 08 ноября 2013 года в 12:21 4
Easy stuff... said no one ever.
Pyrobeasts Almelo 28 марта 2018 года в 10:40 1
Bando de Hominho 08 ноября 2013 года в 15:19 9
just epic drummer! very awesome man! I'm your fan!!!
kamN 21 ноября 2013 года в 21:56 1
Retardus 04 февраля 2015 года в 19:11 6
I really like your songs but you can only listen to one just because every song sounds the same xD
Brennen Copeland 02 мая 2015 года в 14:03
As blood runs black sounds the same a lot too so i only listen to a few songs of them
Mr Hobo 18 февраля 2015 года в 13:18
That's exactly how I feel about disturbed, don't get me wrong, I love them, just the style is the same throughout almost all of them
Jeremy Dodge 03 января 2014 года в 19:13 1
He makes this look so easy
Sun Mastodon 18 июня 2014 года в 10:20 1
Municipal Waste \m/
Sebastian techchannel 04 октября 2014 года в 16:10 25
I want to see Aaron kitcher cover this
Thomas Booker 21 апреля 2017 года в 16:03
Sebastian techchannel I want to see Lars Ulrich cover this
BiRDiE 31 мая 2018 года в 06:05 1
What drums are they?
zoe velador 29 апреля 2015 года в 00:24 4
That municipal waste shirt~
adam aguilera 23 декабря 2015 года в 22:17
Dat Calvin Klein underwear
Frost Byte 11 декабря 2015 года в 07:26
dem Nike shoes
simon surname 08 июня 2015 года в 19:40
+zoe velador that aversions crown shorts *~*
Aleks Ulmer 24 сентября 2016 года в 04:54 6
LOVE those snare ghost notes 1:40 - 1:52
Albert Jensen 10 января 2018 года в 20:51
Aleks Ulmer “ghost notes”
Vincent Schmitz 11 ноября 2013 года в 21:37 1
BiRDiE 24 августа 2017 года в 07:53 1
+Thy Art Is Murder How do you guys get your snare and tombs to sound like that?
Jack Higgins 17 июля 2014 года в 05:09 1
I think Lee has a million copies of that same Municipal Waste tank since he wears the same one to every single concert and interview - hopefully he has many or he washes that one daily. Badass drumming regardless of his clothing situation.
Nick Taylor 02 марта 2014 года в 19:47 3
Anyone else bob their head from :57 to 1:02 haha I always do and don't realize it:)
Nicky Taylor 25 апреля 2014 года в 02:50
I love when I bob my head and don't realize it haha
Alex Mills 24 апреля 2014 года в 19:15
Hell yes, best bit ahah
Xaviguitar 18 16 ноября 2016 года в 15:01 2
francesco paoli (fleshgod) and lee best hiperblast drummers men
Biggreeneyedcat 02 декабря 2017 года в 16:17 1
Just found this guy. He's an amazing drummer!!!!
Alexander Boyd 05 апреля 2016 года в 02:31 2
Can you post a video of Lee Stanton Playing Immolation?
Avery Blue Manibusan 17 апреля 2016 года в 22:47
Njord 14 сентября 2014 года в 19:49 1
this is NOT Nico Bronson of War From A Harlots Mouth!!! This is Lee Stanton of Thy Art Is Murder itself...
Njord 06 августа 2016 года в 22:33
oh ok my bad :P
Matt Healey 16 сентября 2014 года в 20:30
Nico Bronson is the guy who features and sings in the song thats what they ment
SLA VKO 12 февраля 2015 года в 22:23 7
No microphones or triggers.....
Sketchy Luke 05 апреля 2015 года в 14:57
yeeh, makes the video a bit on the pointless side to be honest
HenriquePM 25 июля 2014 года в 05:40 1
Awesome DRUM Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = D
Nicho Insertlastnamehere 19 декабря 2014 года в 01:40 1
Lee Stanton is a phenomenal drummer
Joshua Taranto 28 ноября 2016 года в 09:30 1
never knew he was Heels Up kind of guy
Beanie Sandals 03 января 2015 года в 04:56 2
that 1:45 drum lick is too sick when paired with such brutality. im in tears
Luke Geiger 18 августа 2015 года в 16:20
Same dude😭
Beanie Sandals 03 января 2015 года в 04:58
(Strike fear in the hearts of the children of God)
Matthew Robertson 03 января 2014 года в 10:32 2
Eat a burger.
Jason Nicholson 13 августа 2014 года в 01:03 6
Pointless in my opinion not even worth watching as this is totally mimed and I know that its a 'play through' but in some parts he isn't even playing the correct blasts like the marching blast in recording it was done on a different snare and in this he just his the side of the snare. Plus I didn't some some of the blasts of double kick even in time as it seems in the bomb\hammer blasts the kick was doing sexatuplet strokes whis the left hand was doing 16ths
To be honest I didn't see and point in this 'play through' what so ever.
Seb Schaber 30 января 2015 года в 03:04
I've seen them live 3 times now and he can play everything he's written, scared the hell out of me at first...
Llano Bergman 25 января 2015 года в 19:19
+IMF98 - just saw the video at Koko, good performance indeed. I'm 100% shure they're programmed, just as all the other bands in this genre (Boris The Blade, Aversions Crown Signal The Firing Squad,...) all great albums but you'd have to be a grade A drummer to play that shit :)
Islam Falmi 25 января 2015 года в 14:31
I used to think that as well.. But then i watched more of the live performances and realised he cant play that well.. You should watch the reign of darkness live at koko show on youtube.. That performance is one of the few that was perfect. You know, I won't be surprised if the drums are actually programmed all along.. Still love this band though. One of my favorite bands +Llano Bergman
Llano Bergman 25 января 2015 года в 14:22
If he didn't mime it, it wouldn't sound very good. Sorry to say it, I love their music but saw them live and his drumming was so sloppy! A year later I saw them again cause I thought that he probably had a bad day or was tired of touring but it was just the same. He really can't play his own music.
Levi Kosters 19 января 2015 года в 15:19
Props to you for noticing. I didn't even see it except for the footwork.
Nora Hope 14 сентября 2016 года в 09:34 1
Stanton is a beast
TheGazman 09 августа 2016 года в 09:52 1
Are those hearings aids?

If so that's pretty damn hardcore!
Chiseled Messiah 30 августа 2016 года в 18:00
So in a way yes
Chiseled Messiah 30 августа 2016 года в 18:00
In ear monitors my guy
the99exit99channel 08 ноября 2016 года в 20:30 1
More MediaBoy13 21 ноября 2016 года в 03:36
the99exit99channel ayeee
Jon Carter 12 января 2014 года в 21:37 1
Next Slipknot drummer?
SheshehangEngden/Nepal 07 января 2017 года в 03:36 1
such a insane drummer- I wish him good health to keep up with his mad skills-
Sam Cherry 26 января 2015 года в 12:29 1
1:44 missed ghost note lol fake
Rawr XD 01 декабря 2017 года в 05:33
I hope that you realize this isn’t the actual audio of him playing, this is the released, mixed, and mastered track.
Sean Tucker 17 июня 2014 года в 08:53 1
RyanMcCurdyDrums 23 января 2015 года в 04:01 1
Who's the screamer at 2:30? They don't say they feature someone but it also really doesn't sound like CJ
xTHIRDHORSEMANx 09 апреля 2015 года в 00:20
It does say featuring on the video description.
RyanMcCurdyDrums 26 января 2015 года в 23:10
+TakkiFucki Oh sweet, thanks dude!
TakkiFucki 26 января 2015 года в 10:25
Its Nico Bronson of War from a harlots mouth (WFAHM) ;)
Rui Carneiro 24 января 2015 года в 18:04
I just thinking the same!
juan luis 123 12 декабря 2016 года в 07:36 1
Its a strange position of feet.
Rawr XD 17 января 2017 года в 22:16
juan luis 123 Actually that's an extremely common foot technique.
Sam Parker 15 сентября 2014 года в 19:23 1
This is completely pointless but what shoes is he wearing please?
Jonathan Lau 24 сентября 2014 года в 04:06
nike free runs
Jerad Scharrer 16 августа 2016 года в 20:34 1
I know it takes alot of endurance to play like this, but it's just speed and talentless to me. No groove or complicated complex drum parts, I can't get into it.
Jerad Scharrer 17 января 2017 года в 22:24
Se7en That is an incorrect percentage, there are an extreme number of drummers in this genre that are not about only speed.
Rawr XD 17 января 2017 года в 22:19
Jerad Scharrer Good point. But your claim would also mean like 98% of Death metal drummers have no talent.
Jerad Scharrer 09 января 2017 года в 12:47
Se7en When the comment section wasn't disabled for the video. I swear people just aren't intelligent with the questions they ask sometimes. You don't post something on a community forum and not expect comments.
Rawr XD 09 января 2017 года в 04:52
Jerad Scharrer Okay but when did I ask?
Jerad Scharrer 14 декабря 2016 года в 04:40
BurnThePope There was truth to my comments, and someone with a different opinion then yours doesn't make them a douche bag. That actual definition of that term I'm not going to get involved in lol, but hey I guess I'm the only educated one here.
Luemm3l 06 ноября 2014 года в 10:55 2
Everytime I see him I wanna invite him to a burger or something because he's so skinny... and that's coming from also a skinny person like me :D  Solid drumming, really envious of the cool kid
Dino Lencina 23 декабря 2018 года в 16:34 0
Que bueno que es este tipo la concha de mi hermana
Jordanalwaysandforev 13 сентября 2018 года в 02:32 0
"Dead Sun"

Possessed he wanders your empty mind
Forcing the hand of the puppet to move
Hatred unleashed upon the earth
From the inside of you

Treacherous hands hide the face of sadness
Asphyxiated with the noose of jealousy
The claws of betrayal
The mother of morality is the father of fear

Supreme deceiver
The hidden engineer
My passage to the creator sewn in wasted flesh
Blind hypocrites operate in cold blood
You are the carriers of the apocalypse

Strike fear into the hearts of the children of god
Show them the hell that awaits below

Burn their symbols of hope
Let their faith rest in ash

Possessed he wanders your empty mind
Forcing the hand of the puppet to move
Hatred unleashed upon the earth
From the inside of you

Supreme deceiver
The hidden engineer
My passage to the creator sewn in wasted flesh
The claws of betrayal
The mother of morality is the father of fear

Collapse into a dead sun
Under the tides swept into oblivion
My halo hung around my neck like the rope of the fallen
Walls caving in i have been crushed by my isolation

The burden of a mind
Deprives of its own volition
I cant wait to die

The weight of the world but the world would not wait
For my salvation
I cant wait to die
Suade shoes 17 марта 2017 года в 13:12 0
Awesome song but the thing that killed me was some of the lyrics. "I can't wait to die" and "The weight of the world" I mean come on dudes. That sentence has been used and ripped off for decades and used by some cheesy fucking music lol. Think a little more the lyrics seem thoughtless.
DrPepper776 06 ноября 2018 года в 03:42 0
I really appreciate the drum skill and I love deathcore, but I just hate the thematics around the genre. You can have a deathcore sound without all the satanic and death fethishes
Tor Øksendal 29 марта 2017 года в 08:54 0
I have a feeling that if you go around listening to and singing along with these lyrics, the worst things possible will happen to you... I guess I'd better head over to he bright side, that is August Burns Red / Killswitch Engage... :)
dreamtheaterz28 24 ноября 2013 года в 14:04 0
I was told to come listen to this band, and then kill myself, since apparently my band isnt "real metal." I'm not slitting my wrists anytime soon, however, since I dont see why this is any more metal than anything else. If anything, its pretty generic considering what is currently popular in metal these days....That being said, this guy is a very solid drummer.
D34thFr34K 03 августа 2014 года в 06:51 0
Cold~blooded drummer. Twas sick ! Too bad the band is bit underrated. I love Thy Art is Murder. \m/
D34thFr34K 03 августа 2014 года в 06:51 0
Cold~blooded drummer. Twas sick ! Too bad the band is bit underrated. I love Thy Art is Murder. \m/
cosmicseaa 06 августа 2014 года в 10:33 0
clean as hell, I think some varied riffing and more intricate drumming would really benefit taim. I'm not a big fan (irrelevant) but he's a very solid drummer and this band has yet to see it's full potential sitting in it's present state as a hxc br00tal kid band. Underestimated, reminds me of Black Dahlia..
Daksh Tripathi 12 октября 2018 года в 16:12 0
Did anybody notice that he doesn't use the swiveling motion while he plays double bass?
Just ask yourself what if he does?
TheOneblackened 07 ноября 2013 года в 18:33 0
Surprised to see two kick drums and not a double pedal like almost everyone else uses. Also, props on the big distance between the beater and the head.
Tanner Cruse 26 августа 2016 года в 03:06 0
The noise gate on those cymbals is too damn high! haha
冷月亮 01 апреля 2017 года в 01:28 0
They use the same rhythms in every song. Their songs are so predictable
Betty Swallsack 08 ноября 2013 года в 05:41 0
There needs to be a Q&A. His blast beats are just something else. At least for me.
Brutal Stipes 15 апреля 2016 года в 17:14 0
nice set up man..would-be. honored if you checked out my site.just a big fan bro!!!
Str8EdgeProductions 03 января 2014 года в 19:58 0
I always imagined you using the heel-toe technique. Guess not lol, still awesome! 
tonyhawklp 03 марта 2018 года в 14:48 0
как же он ебошит
Evan Blake 23 августа 2018 года в 07:10 0
Damn. How have this dude's feet not melted?