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Taken from the 2015 SYMPHONY X Album ’UNDERWORLD’. Get it here:
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’UNDERWORLD’ is out on July 24th worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records.

Video made by Tommy Antonini.

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Комментарии к видеоклипу

master3000gt 08 января 2017 года в 19:29 122
If only Dream Theater had that vocalist...
Dandramere 22 декабря 2018 года в 23:38
Dream Theater are aptly named as they put me right to sleep.
Filosofando Ando 09 декабря 2018 года в 02:58
if Dream Theatre had Kotipelto as Is singer... Holy S#@%t
Ari Hipeli 07 декабря 2018 года в 21:50
+Demonkiller123 For LaBrie to catch up? Hahaha, no, he will not do that. He only drags the band down, which has gone downhill for quite some time honestly. Symphony X keeps evolving while still being very enjoyable. To me, the warm up band has surpassed the main show.
Rist 11 ноября 2018 года в 14:23
If only Symphony X had Dream Theaters keyboard player is more like it.
Arthur Massot 26 октября 2018 года в 16:44
Blame sea food !
Mariah Thompson 04 июля 2016 года в 01:54 38
I'd love to get into this argument, but I already reached my youtube commenting quota defending Dream Theater's "The Astonishing". I"d likely just say all the same stuff here. Good music is good music and bands like DT and Symphony X likely don't care if you decide they aren't heavy enough, or prog enough. This song kicks ass.
Apostolos Farmakis 25 декабря 2018 года в 02:37
But we have to agree that james la brie sings like a donkey through a tube! like for real they could use a VOCALIST!
Vil Le 02 октября 2016 года в 08:41
I think The Astonishing was a great album. And i like this song too
KyleJPie10 20 июня 2015 года в 16:15 132
Good music, but not the SX I love. I miss the neoclassical prog.
Ari Hipeli 07 декабря 2018 года в 22:15
Oh my god what a conversation. I honestly didn't read it all but it hurts me to see how much right you both were
@KyleJPie10 and @Mr. Tucker. One thing about record sales, it's not that black and white. Their next album may sell very well, because of their previous albums. To me SX is such a legendary band I will listen to their next album no matter what. You can call them a sellout if you want but objectively speaking they keep on making killer albums. So what if the "genre" of the music is not the same throughout every album if the music is still as good as it is? Let the band do what they want. Overly attached fandom is the worst :)
Mastacko 25 26 ноября 2018 года в 07:11
Imagine calling Paradise Lost a generic album...
AiliceAryam 28 января 2018 года в 20:15
Well I just found out this band and I have to say I hate this sound, for me it sounds like some heavy metal- hard rock generic song... so I think I'll listen to their old stuff to see if I like it..
philosophy_hope 10 сентября 2017 года в 15:08
Rodrigo Cherem 05 июля 2017 года в 23:54
try live concerts
Paul Ozz 19 июня 2015 года в 18:26 12
Paul Ozz 22 марта 2016 года в 06:47
I uh yeah I don't frequent those forums so wtf
John H 22 марта 2016 года в 04:09
+Paul Ozz I was confused too, so I did a google search and found this from urban dictionary: "A miscer is a member of the misc section of the forums." So apparently he thinks he's seen you in those forums.
Paul Ozz 17 марта 2016 года в 15:46
Edwin 17 марта 2016 года в 10:32
you're a miscer paul?
David Hopper 28 апреля 2016 года в 06:07 18
I love you Symphony X. Y'all are too good for radio which sucks because we need more of you and less of Justin Bieber.
Matthew Butler 04 декабря 2016 года в 21:57
David Hopper fucking true as fuck
Andrea Portelli 19 июня 2015 года в 14:02 32
not your typical symphony x song, interesting :)
Andrea Portelli 22 июня 2015 года в 20:42
+Ramad Nazhif Yes indeed, in fact that is what I like about this song. It has several elements they had in previous song, but given a breath of fresh air. If you listen closely you can indeed notice connections to Paradise Lost and even When all is lost I think, but fresher :)
Sebax 19 июня 2015 года в 18:50
+cooliocaptin517 Lol dude thats the most epic part of the whole Symphony X history.
cooliocaptin517 19 июня 2015 года в 18:10
+Ramad Nazhif SO I'LL SAVOR THE DOWNFALL...of paradise
Ramad Nazhif 19 июня 2015 года в 17:13
+Portedrea paradise lost.
GuitarWholesale 19 июня 2015 года в 16:19
+Jason LovesPWD

Dude, this is one of their most cheesy songs, ironically you like it even though you said you've always found this band cheesy?
Mr. Tucker 22 июня 2015 года в 21:14 13
"Oh no! This song doesn't have the droning guitar/keyboard dueling solos of albums past! It must suck!" (one dimensional Symp. X fans stuck in the past).
Mr. Tucker 24 июня 2015 года в 23:26
+Rubén Vera Gómez Sorry, I don't like the song DWoT, it's boring and long for the sake of being long with virtually no hook. But hey, I liked it when I was younger and impressed by such things. Regardless, nice response to an opinion that is the polar opposite of yours. This band is finally getting the attention they deserve because they're not catering to you. I'm a metal fan first and foremost, and their last three albums are their best to date and among the best out there in the scene.
Rubén Vera Gómez 23 июня 2015 года в 22:41
+Evans Martin And take your time writing something more elaborated and not just copy-pasting something you've written somewhere else. Troll
Rubén Vera Gómez 23 июня 2015 года в 21:07
+Evans Martin Well, if writing masterpieces such as The Odyssey, Divine Wings of Tragedy, Lady of the Snow, Church of the Machine and of course both Accolades isn't brilliant song writing then I don't know what you have listened to from this band.
Mr. Tucker 23 июня 2015 года в 16:07
+Rubén Vera Gómez Ahhh, there is no "progressive" in this song. That's why it's great! it's technical, heavy yet melodic, and very, very catchy with a great hook. See, this band is now a metal band with progressive/neoclassical elements, but metal first. They are fans of metal (Priest, Dio, Ozzy), and this is Symphony X's version of a classic, timeless formula that you call "selling out". Guess you're not a fan of heavy metal. They've become more popular because they've started focusing on song writing rather than arpeggios, and that's a good thing.
Rubén Vera Gómez 23 июня 2015 года в 15:59
Ok,whatever, sorry for being entitled to an opinion. My personal favourite is PL and the Symphony X's side I like the least is precisely the noodling one you're talking about and, as far as I remember, I haven't even mentioned. There is no progressive metal in this song, there is no emotion, just generic song-writing and lyrics and an attempt to bring back memories to the fans that were expecting something as good as PL but ended up being a rude mixture of what they were known for back in the DWOT era. They have become more popular not for being more straightforward but the taboo word for that euphemism, which is generic. And again, sorry if getting to know other people's opinion makes you butthurt, welcome to real life.
PD: SX is my favourite band, and if they want to change the direction they have been moving to is ok, just let me be a little bit judgamental with what I think is not the essence if their sound. Accolade II, PL, even a little bit of Nevermore. That's SX, not this.
Julio R 19 июня 2015 года в 13:54 92
"Sometimes i feel"
Wangba Ayekpam 01 сентября 2018 года в 23:19
Like screaming
Carolina Castaños 21 августа 2018 года в 13:26
Ohhhh ohhhh
Ridge Brown 11 ноября 2017 года в 11:17
Feels like there's nothing there just a empty stare
MassYak85 09 августа 2015 года в 23:32 33
Not a huge fan of the lyrics, a little cliche like others have said...but Russell Allen is amazing as always.
Denise Lisboa 15 декабря 2016 года в 02:05 23
first song I hear from them and WOW!! Awesome!
E O 08 февраля 2017 года в 01:26
I know!! This was the first song I ever heard from them too over a year ago and instantly I'm hooked.
Denise Lisboa 11 января 2017 года в 01:49
Thank you for the suggestion!! I really like that one ^^
rute mendes 10 января 2017 года в 16:03
"The Sacrifice" also absolutely fantastic
AARON FRANK Kingdomsgate 07 августа 2016 года в 04:31 3
The best words i have heard them write .Because i can relate this song is my favourite.Queensrych wrote some favourites but this song really shakes me .Outstanding!!!!
Puny Poppy 21 июля 2016 года в 07:05 65
How about people you stop fighting over stupid things. This song is stellar by any means and let's just enjoy!
Felipe Hildebrand 22 июля 2016 года в 01:06
Hell Yeah!
Danilocsb 19 июня 2015 года в 15:21 23
please , back to neoclassical origins , that is the essence of the band
Gunnar 02 июня 2017 года в 13:16
Andrew Harris key word here is crap. Malmstein just shows off. its boring.
Andrew Harris 26 декабря 2015 года в 00:50
Listen to Yngwie if you want the same mindless shred crap over and over again.
Max Perez 07 ноября 2015 года в 02:42
+Arnold Paréel the best album is the divine wings of tragedy.
Arnold Paréel 29 августа 2015 года в 08:48
+Danilo Celestino They won't do the same again and again, fortunately for our ears and their mind ! "The Divine Wings of Tragedy" is unique, still their best album to me but "Underworld" might be their best one since 1997 ! "The New Mythology" is great too...Think that the next one will be number...X ! I am glad that they propose different things as I am to listen to them since 18 years now. Great band all along the way.
PestilenceProductions 20 июня 2015 года в 14:13
+Danilo Celestino Completely agree but we need to accept for them to evolve
Moonsorrow 23 июня 2015 года в 19:10 5
People claiming this isn't Symphony X clearly haven't listened to any of their albums. They have at least one ballad like this on every album. Either way, this isn't my favorite song but it is still enjoyable.
Joo Koo 20 июня 2015 года в 09:41 4
kind of divine wings of tragedy melody 3:20
Fanny's World 19 июня 2015 года в 15:10 2
OMG, This Song Is Perfect !
Sim Higgins 16 августа 2016 года в 15:47 2
saw these guys at bloodstock open air festival and they were incredible!
metallicamad 17 августа 2016 года в 20:18
Yeah they were awesome! one of my highlights of the weekend.
Rodrigo Galaz 19 июня 2015 года в 16:40 53
Right in the feels. Can't wait to buy new album
Morfy 04 августа 2016 года в 17:52
+Zachary Blatt The album itself or the vinyls? The album is again a newer era Sym-x album, some really cool songs and riffage but just not my favorite stuff... The vinyls are all very nice! Good quality. Only they forgot to number the sides so you have no idea which side you're putting on.
Zachary Blatt 01 августа 2016 года в 15:11
+Morfy how does it sound?
Anastasia Filippova 15 марта 2016 года в 06:01
+Rodrigo Galaz Best music isn't it, best kept secret.
Rodrigo Galaz 22 июня 2015 года в 12:35
lol awesome!!
Morfy 20 июня 2015 года в 16:51
+Rodrigo Galaz Bought a recordplayer recently so I pre-ordered the vinyls! It's all gonna be so pretty
Rubén Vera Gómez 20 июня 2015 года в 16:11 3
Nuclear Blast, you're just ruining every thing Symphony X were meant to be. Thanks for making Metal just another business world instead of an emotion-driven one.
smoothcode 29 декабря 2018 года в 19:54
In Vegas
corypheaus 07 декабря 2015 года в 18:57
Still a very good, low-cliche song
Vitaliy Antonuk 22 июня 2015 года в 21:02
+Rubén Vera Gómez Damn, you're right
AceofMetal 22 июня 2015 года в 19:29 9
Kind of lost my faith in progressive metal after the latest releases from Dream Theater and Fates Warning... but this got me curious again
Omair Sheikh 29 сентября 2015 года в 03:30
+gravitybongo Yeah I guess to a certain extent, but I was hoping for more from SW. I wish he does a new No-Man record, that ought to be interesting, although it probably won't happen soon. With regards to DT yeah its either that their intention is to please the newer fans, or that they've just run out of interesting ideas.

From what I've heard of Jorn, he seems to be more in the traditional cheesy aspect of heavy metal, but then I haven't listened to much. Thanks for the recommendation. He was great on Ark's second album though.

For quality modern prog metal we have bands like Leprous, Pain of Salvation (hopefully they release an album by next year), Fates Warning, etc. There are a lot of cool new prog bands that are willing to experiment, which is also great.
gravitybongo 29 сентября 2015 года в 01:35
I'm not arguing that HCE was revolutionary but like I said the tracks sounded inspired and passionate and that's good enough for me, where as I can't say that about Dream Theater they sound like they're losing their inspiration as well as their creativity...anyway if you like heavier stuff you might like some of Jorn Lande's stuff like "blacksong" and "the world I see" he's also been in several bands worth checking out if you like prog metal.
Omair Sheikh 29 сентября 2015 года в 01:10
+gravitybongo He doesn't need to reinvent the wheel but at least bring SOME new ideas. His first 2 solo albums weren't revolutionary, but they were diverse and had loads of character. The next two, not so much. I enjoyed Perfect Life and was hoping there'd be more electronic elements and weird stuff. Dream Theater lost their way after Octavarium. They're regurgitation central now, kind of like Symphony X
gravitybongo 29 сентября 2015 года в 01:06
Well no musician can reinvent the wheel, Hand Cannot Erase wasn't the most creative thing ever but most of the tracks sounded genuinely inspired especially Perfect Life and Happy Returns.  But I agree with yall about Dream Theater they're starting to lose me, and Train of Thought is one of my favorite albums of all time
Omair Sheikh 29 сентября 2015 года в 00:59
+gravitybongo He brought little new to the table with that album. I still think his first 2 are his best
Mizz Matrix 04 июля 2015 года в 21:38 2
Love the melody, especially the riff, but the lyrics are.. meh..
Hugh Tiley 20 июня 2015 года в 08:07 2
Well they may have taken 4-5 years to release their last few albums, though they've certainly made it worth the wait and it sounds like "Underworld" will be no exception. The production sounds great, especially the crisp acoustic guitar at the beginning!
Borja Sánchez Larrañaga 20 февраля 2016 года в 13:07 10
Maravillosa canción. Todo el disco es genial. El viernes que viene les veo en Bilbao!
Dado Simic 19 июня 2015 года в 20:28 10
Lame trendy lyrical video and generic ballad.Hm..Well time to listen V and Odyssey once again and pray better next time.
]-〉ΣΔ†]-[ 19 июня 2015 года в 22:09 3
Nice, with the way Romeo plays that acoustic and Pinnela changed the setting of his keyboard to piano. It really does sound like Communion and the Oracle.They weren't kidding when they said this album sounded like there older stuff while still mixing the heavy sounds of Paradise Lost and Iconoclast.  It's a great mix.
MaximumPayne12 20 июня 2015 года в 02:48 8
I liked 'Nevermore' a lot better (even if it's a different style as well) and not beacuse it's a metal fast paced song, it's just this one hasn't really anything strong or new to offer... It sounds like a thousand songs I've listened from many other random bands, I mean it's a nice song but nothing unforgettable like the songs from their older albums. Where's the mystical breaks? the keyboard solos? the neoclassical/symphonic riffs and arrangements? let alone the progressiveness...
Jørgen Sivertsen 26 ноября 2016 года в 11:07 4
The lyrics are so full of cliches I can't help but wonder if they are making fun of someone.
Brett Charles 02 июля 2015 года в 22:36 4
I know I'm going to get shit on for this but I agree with the people who say they sold out…this isn't symphony x- this is five 40+ year old men trying to make as much money as they can before they burn out and retire. The only thing that confuses me is that they must have known that prog is not a genre to make money in (thats why I stopped playing as money meant too much to me and I knew I'd never make enough in such a genre) I'm a die hard symphony x fan and will continue to be so... but if i wanted to listen to something catchy I'd listen to Michael Jackson (who I also love)… THIS MUSIC IS NO LONGER INSTRUMENTAL OR TECHNICAL like it once was.

 If any of the band members are reading this- please go back to your roots and your long term fans such as myself will thank you for it… its okay to ride this out and make a few extra bucks- totally understandable, hell I'd do the same… but now that you've gained a new fan base- satisfy your old as well.. its the best of both worlds… release one or two more albums like this (granted I haven't heard the rest of the album as it hasn't been released yet) and you'll start to piss off your old fans.
dreapard extroes 10 июля 2016 года в 09:32 8
one of the best bands in the world. no doubt.
Cindy Jiménez Fallas 19 июня 2015 года в 16:43 2
Amazing!! I can´t wait to listen the entire album
TheBertforce 19 июня 2015 года в 13:52 2
This is total 80's Power Ballad status.=/
Sungeon Dynth 19 июня 2015 года в 16:19 3
Beautiful. Love that this band keeps progressing.
Zsolt Pasztor 29 ноября 2016 года в 03:08 2
Meaningful words, excellent vocal. This is SYMPHONY X !
marvinzimmermann_music 19 июня 2015 года в 14:02 1
Oohhhh my god this is so awesome!!! Symphony X- Love forever!
Rik Nel 27 июня 2015 года в 12:29 5
they could make an entire Album of songs like this , and I would be happy.
Pete Hawthorne 19 июня 2015 года в 18:36 8
That solo!
Pete Hawthorne 19 июня 2015 года в 19:19
So tasteful, wonderful musicianship & fretwork!
Sebax 19 июня 2015 года в 18:58
+Pete Hawthorne I know right? Michael has brought more feeling into his solos, he have changed in a good way this album, love the 2 solos I've listened so far in the only songs revealed.
Alan Carlos 19 июня 2015 года в 13:38 17
Omg. New album is coming
Derrick Dorry 21 июня 2015 года в 11:52 2
I love Symphony X, but this shit is so pedestrian and generic. I'm going to go and listen to V. I had high hopes for this release :(
Chaotic Harmony 20 июня 2015 года в 03:29 2
yeah ¡¡¡
I can hear the old symphony x in this song , 
really great song ¡¡¡
sofo tzim 20 июня 2015 года в 01:36 7
nice song but seems so different again. too simple for Symphony X and bit too easy and safe (do I dare to say commercial?). Don't get me wrong but when you have heard songs like when all is lost, paradise lost, or sacrifice this song doesn't come even close by those standards.
ultrawow65 19 июня 2015 года в 16:47 12
The lack of your old sophisticated Progressive Metal, with dark never-cliche lyrics, really makes it hard for me to like your new things. I could still swallow Iconoclast, but this is really bad...I feel like you are no longer "Symphony X", but "Ex Symphony"...
Mr. Tucker 22 июня 2015 года в 20:03
+ultrawow65 And I'm thrilled they are no longer boxed in by "neoclassical" metal.
Derrick Dorry 21 июня 2015 года в 11:54
Nail. On. Head.
PestilenceProductions 20 июня 2015 года в 13:44
+ultrawow65 Singles are like that. They try to make it as appealing to everyone so it attracts new fans.
Gnubbolo Nu'Bolo 19 июня 2015 года в 23:14
+ultrawow65 who cares
kordax mint 19 июня 2015 года в 19:14
+Sebax there are other 9 songs on this album, one of them is Nevermore which sucks too, lol, and completely matches ultrawows description.
Alucard 18 октября 2016 года в 05:32 4
One of the few lyric videos that actually has emotion
MattSD Pell 19 июня 2015 года в 18:01 29
Very good song.

But, again, this is not Symphony X.
Diego Lema Olt 20 октября 2017 года в 16:18
MattSD Pell Maybe you are expecting the same product year by year.. this is a brilliant ballad with a stellar armonic and melody, isn't just a simple ballad.. got a lot of work.. isn't "forced"
BroCo_SC 27 апреля 2017 года в 00:22
Go sue them because of the illegal name then
Ob 1 15 августа 2015 года в 17:58
+MattSD PellNo, this is better than Symphony X
The Sexy Blond Guy 12 июля 2015 года в 22:04
+MattSD Pell I don't see how you can't like this song. Go listen to their second album.
MaximumPayne12 05 июля 2015 года в 08:30
+Evans Martin Thank God, finally another person that is able to realize Circus Maximus is nothing more but a lame SX/DT ripoff.
Natale Gallo 15 января 2018 года в 23:52 1
I really like this song...sounds great
cybrfc 20 апреля 2017 года в 05:15 2
MattSD Pell 13 июня 2017 года в 22:06 2
When I listen to Symphony X after Paradise Lost:
"Sometimes I feel...feel like there's nothing there"
Mastacko 25 10 ноября 2018 года в 04:24
Iconoclast wasnt too bad. But i agree that Paradise Lost is their best album
MetalForTheMasses 18 декабря 2017 года в 16:41
Clever :D
When All is Lost, Swansong, Charon, Legend and the bonustracks from Iconoclast are still good though.
JL CREATIONS 01 ноября 2018 года в 00:24 1
A work of art! Symphony X is a unique band. Michael Romeo have a great creativity!
Vinícius Thomasi 19 июня 2015 года в 16:27 1
Wooow... wasn´t expecting that! Really impressed. Really liked the song. And what about the tree of life??? And the Rose-Cross on the cover of the album???
I'm curious! =D
Pierino Calesini 19 июня 2015 года в 22:40 2
3.40 Divine Wings... ???? Love it, absolutely <3
Igor Freitas 26 июня 2015 года в 02:10 4
Better than Nevermore, but... I really hope they are saving the killer stuff for the official release. The 2 songs released so far are... too streamlined, I don't know... "comercial songs", perhaps. Songs that are easy to hear and that don't break any new grounds.
David Rivano Orrego 14 июля 2015 года в 23:02
+Igor Freitas
Totally, although this song is far better from Nevermore, is still like you said, something a little bit streamlined or even commercial sometimes, depends on the personal taste and strictness to call a thing that way. I would like to think the best is on the release still coming, but I don't know, it sounds just like a hope without sustain. In my personal opinion they did a pretty nice job even on paradise lost, the heavy thing is very well achieved, but the way they used heaviness in Iconoclast was an exaggeration, too much shallow for my taste. I'm a personal fan of the earlier sound and the balance they reached from Divine wings of tragedy until The odyssey and even Paradise Lost. I don't know, that "DWOT and PL mix" doesn't excite me so much, cause it sounds just like what it seems to me the failure these last years: to use formulas, in this case a mixed one, even though those are really good works. I really hope to be wrong about what comes, because Symphony X is able to create classic and timeless tunes, but it really seems to happen always the same. Musicians lost ambitious or stick to what they already know for different reasons.
Igor Freitas 03 июля 2015 года в 14:00
+silver stone Some people had early access to the album in order to write reviews, take a look at the link below... I personally just want what they've promised: a mix between The Odyssey and Paradise Lost. Unfortunately that's not what i've seen so far, but I hope I can be positively surprised at the end :)
silver 03 июля 2015 года в 08:50
lol ...i trust u man:)) ..wts ur expectations for the album?will we get another divine wings or not?
Igor Freitas 03 июля 2015 года в 01:09
fuck me, I'm a mind reader!
silver 02 июля 2015 года в 23:00
+Igor Freitas fuck you its like u were reading my mind...what the fuck
John Barnett 30 августа 2015 года в 19:30 2
Nerver herd of Symphony X. A friend of mine sent me this link. Hell Yehaa. Great stuff. I'll need to get some of this music for my Mp3 player for work. I work 12hr shifts driving Forklift. Your really need killer music to keep you going..... Great stuff. I'll be looking up your other stuff...
Metal Gamer 30 января 2016 года в 05:13
+John Barnett If you want a tip for another band as well, try out Angra, and start with the Temple of Shadows album.
Andrew Harris 16 января 2016 года в 14:30
+Sigmund Huesitos Don't get me wrong, I prefer the stuff from Divine wings of tragedy through V the new mythology suite, but their recent stuff is awesome too.
DogEatGod 26 декабря 2015 года в 04:33
+Andrew Harris indeed. They sound much better on they last albums. heavier, and the growls and agressive voices are a plus in my book.
Andrew Harris 26 декабря 2015 года в 00:48
+Brasker It becomes more predictable once you've listened to it a billion times
Brasker 24 декабря 2015 года в 18:32
+Sigmund Huesitos
Because, compared to the ones mentioned: 1) I find the lyrics more cringe-worthy 2) The music is more predictable 3) Heavy guitar takes too much protagonism throughout 4) I prefer Allen's clean vocals instead of his shouts and growls
Carl Lindquist 19 июня 2015 года в 21:39 1
Sounds amazing! Very excited for the new album! Russell is the man!! :)
Diego Lema Olt 20 октября 2017 года в 16:03 1
Pedro Bilé 22 июня 2015 года в 19:57 1
Bela balada...!!!!!
Aguardo ansiosamente este álbum...
Já tive o privilégio de os ver ao vivo, alto performance em 2012 Almada...(Lisboa)....pena o som não estar melhor, alguma distorção a mais a prejudicar os solos, por vezes imperceptiveis....
Instrumental Song 03 августа 2016 года в 13:12 2
amazing song!!!
Rory Corcoran 19 июня 2015 года в 14:57 5
This is fantastic; and is another perfect addition to one of the greatest collections of ballads in metal. Classic Symphony X through and through, especially in the second half.
sswanny1 03 июля 2015 года в 16:12 1
Great guitar solo!!!  As always he never disappoints!!!
lawmaker22 19 июня 2015 года в 15:54 1
wow!! great power ballad, go Symphony X.thank you for making geat music!
alexey asfeav 29 августа 2016 года в 13:41 6
gamw thn fwnh sou re Russell
Αλεξανδρος περγιαλης 27 сентября 2016 года в 15:05
brendt perry 05 января 2018 года в 11:11 1
Russel is simply amazing!
Stephen Lella 19 июня 2015 года в 16:29 1
Great tune that truly showcases Sir Russ and his tremendous vocals!
Sebax 19 июня 2015 года в 19:21 46
For the Symphony X Fans: I don't know if you've noticed some connections in the artwork of this video and some from the older album artworks. If you see in 4:08 the girl with the flower, is the same as the girl with the flower in the Paradise Lost album artwork, and the same as the girl in the The Divine Wings of Tragedy album artwork. Curious... What does this mean?
Dharth Vader 12 августа 2018 года в 21:02
There is a sign with the letter D next to the girl. Is it for Dante, who wrote inferno? If so is it Beatrice, his love?
Gunnar 02 июня 2017 года в 13:13
Sebax Nevermore mentions the sea of lies and the Divine wings of tragedy. I do t know what it means though.
Daniel Hansson 27 мая 2017 года в 07:22
I remember hearing MJR saying that there are many callbacks to earlier SX stuff on this album!
At 3:35 the clean guitar uses the same chords and picking as in "divine wings". However it's altered a bit. (the same part was also used in the outro of "revelation", but if the key of D# instead of D).
I've noticed a couple of solo parts, and a few lyrical lines too, such as "sea of lies" in "Nevermore".
zeppelin20 24 ноября 2015 года в 01:32
+Paul Nowakowski Literally exactly what I was thinking, just makes me want to listen to Accolade lol.
HaxorViper 24 октября 2015 года в 19:57
+Joseph Machon Also on Orpheus in the Underworld. I think some of the songs, such as the ballads, sound like they are based on other parts of Dante's Divine Comedy (Purgatorio and Paradiso), just because they make me think of Beatrice. 
InsaneFoolish 19 июня 2015 года в 17:06 7
ormai mi sembrano un plagio di loro stessi, è comunque più piacevole di iconoclast, daje
InsaneFoolish 14 июля 2015 года в 14:51
d'accordo al 100%
loutiscrive 14 июля 2015 года в 07:08
+InsaneFoolish A me sembra appunto un pezzo modesto, che dal minuto 3.21 saccheggia a piene mani a The Divine Wings of Tragedy la canzone. Direi che hanno fatto il compitino, nulla di piu'. IMHO.
David Iannuzzi 09 июля 2015 года в 12:36
+Angelo massimo Sai che c'è.. il problema è che sono rimasto troppo scottato quando, sia nel caso di DT che di ADToE, andai tutto contento a comprare il disco e rimasi nel primo caso completamente deluso e nel secondo parzialmente.
Ammetto di essere un po troppo duro e critico nei loro confronti e mi rendo conto che ADToE possa essere un album abbastanza valido come dici tu con anche capolavori come Breaking All Illusions.. ma DT veramente ,dopo averlo ascoltato una decina di volte, non riesco proprio a digerirlo.. a me da l'impressione di un album scritto di corsa e senza ispirazione solamente per fare un po di soldini.
Già che ci siamo vorrei fare un'osservazione sul suono del rullante (e della batteria in generale) di DT.. vi invito ad ascoltare l'intro di The Bigger Picture e a fare caso al rullante.. forse volevano fare un disco Techno :D 
ale laera 09 июля 2015 года в 12:18
+David Iannuzzi Il punto é che non si tratta di lavoro mediocre o osceno, il punto é che a te non piacciono per via dell'ovvio declino progressivo nel tempo di... ogni gruppo. In realtà i dischi sono ancora abbastanza validi, e fidati che è così, semplicemente tu non riesci ad accettarli perché da un gruppo cosí ti aspetteresti di meglio. E in effetti su ció non posso che darti ragione.
David Iannuzzi 09 июля 2015 года в 12:07
Ah vabbè ecco spiegato il motivo dei nostri pareri così contrastanti.. io li ho conosciuti con Images and Words, Awake, A Change of Seasons ecc ed è per questo che non riesco a digerire assolutamente le nuove produzioni.. e per nuove intendo a Dramatic Turn of Events e Dream Theater. Di A Dramatic Turn mi piacciono solamente On the Back of Angels e Breaking All Illusions, di Dream Theater invece non salvo assolutamente nulla, per me, è un album povero e triste. Comunque tutto questo per dire che anche i Symphony X li ho conosciuti ed amati con i primi album ma sono riuscito lo stesso ad apprezzare tantissimo Iconoclast visto che stiamo parlando di un lavoro veramente di qualità, cosa che Dream Theater dei Dream Theater non è. Concludo dicendo che sono felice per te se pensi che siano ancora in grado di scrivere bei pezzi, io di sicuro non comprerò più un loro album buttando i consueti 17 euro per poi ritrovarmi un lavoro mediocre/osceno tra le mani.
Draugh | Original Music 19 июня 2015 года в 17:51 1
I just listened to the intro and already knew that it will be a good song
ᚹᚱᛁᛇᛖ 19 июня 2015 года в 17:55 1
Not what I expected but awesome nevertheless.
José Luis Pérez 13 января 2017 года в 14:12 1
Great song! Somebody knows the program to make this video?
prettyhatemachine 02 февраля 2017 года в 02:50 2
My beast..I was listening to this earlier today ❤️❤️😂 are so my twin flame
prettyhatemachine 02 февраля 2017 года в 03:22
I just unliked so I could relike,haha
Solas 06 ноября 2016 года в 13:14 3
I accidently heard this on the radio. One of the best discoveries in some time now.
TheMarceloRocker1 11 июля 2015 года в 02:05 1
Great song!
Giuseppe Meluccio 20 июня 2015 года в 21:12 1
Suvvia, lo ammettono tanto chiaramente e amorevolmente: "I've come undone", "Mi sono esaurito"; esaurita la vivacità, esaurita l'originalità, esaurita quella geniale essenza che ha reso i Symphony X una band unica con album come V e The Odyssey. Ed è evidente dalle lyrics vuote e dimenticabili di questa ballata, per non parlare del tema (un cliché) e i riff da autoplagio; per quanto struggente sia il ritornello, mi auguro vivamente che Underworld possa offrire molto di più!
Brendan BRIENT 19 июня 2015 года в 16:00 2
Rik Nel 28 июня 2015 года в 16:55 5
you can tell this band is influenced by the mighty KANSAS. and that's a good thing.
Aleatoriac 03 июля 2015 года в 16:37
+Rick Neal Kansas *IS* mighty yes! About 5 years ago we had a "bring music to work" day of sorts and I brought Symphony X's "The Odyssey" - only played the title track. Everybody said "reminds me of Kansas" when Russel was clean, anyway ;D. Just to be a little mean I played them a bit of "Domination" from "Paradise Lost" and they couldn't believe it was the same band.
YaroSz. 18 июля 2016 года в 22:46 2
...szarpie, dobrze szarpie😊
SeigneurBaal 19 июня 2015 года в 13:58 8
Back to the root ..yeah baby yeah
TheCyberMantis 21 июня 2015 года в 02:18 22
Okay, everyone is waiting for the ROB LUNDGREN version of this one!   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
TheCyberMantis 05 июля 2015 года в 03:33
+Limesak Rob is great, no doubt.
Steven Briquette 02 июля 2015 года в 18:20
+TheCyberMantis Haha, Sir Allen did great on this one. But +Rob Lundgren Live Vocals  was incredible on Nevermore ! :D
Vitaliy Antonuk 01 июля 2015 года в 19:17
+eduardje3 yes I will wait
eduardje3 01 июля 2015 года в 19:14
+Vitaliy Antonuk You can also try learn it by ear. or waiting months for a tab.
Vitaliy Antonuk 22 июня 2015 года в 20:48
+TheCyberMantis If someone can make the tabs on this song I will make the instrumental and he will make a cover does anyone know the man who can make tabs?
Juan Duarte 04 апреля 2016 года в 06:15 1
mi banda favorita...
twas brillig 07 июля 2017 года в 10:13 1
What a gorgeous voice!!
silver 02 июля 2015 года в 23:01 1
FAKE..this is not symphony x
David Alisson 02 сентября 2015 года в 01:43 1
cara essa musica é do caralho
Tyler Thomas 20 июня 2015 года в 04:29 1
Love the solo,  and acoustic  as always Romeo . But the lyrics are way too cheesy for how mellow this song is.  Still can't wait for the album though.
Kees van Schijndel 20 июня 2015 года в 12:50 2
Great song, way better than the first. Symphony x is evolving into a more prog heavy metal than symphonic prog. Maybe change their name into Progressive X :P
Felice Zingarelli 20 июня 2015 года в 07:59 1
i love you
First Last 19 июня 2015 года в 21:34 1
Cool mid-pacer verging on ballad.  I hear some 'Cemetery Gates'-era Anselmo-style singing in the mix 0:33-0:40.  Love the dynamic mid section with great mellow moments and cool synth/acoustic guitar interplay 3:20-4:00.  Parts of this new album are reminding me of "V-New Mythology Suite".
Rafael Duarte 19 июня 2015 года в 16:30 3
symphony x on Radio ?!?!?
Kako Sales 19 июня 2015 года в 19:31
+Rafael Duarte Thought the same here. As long as Paradise Lost (the song) is an amazing ballad, it's not as radio-friendly as this one. But this is still a great song. That solo...
Rogerio09@GMAIL.COM Messias 13 сентября 2018 года в 00:02 1
Um dos melhores vocalistas do metal
Kenneth Alan 20 июня 2015 года в 05:23 2
I love how when the word "unseen" is sung, that you can't really see the word on the very clever!!!
Andres Hermosilla 19 июня 2015 года в 19:21 1
Good song but i dont like the choice like first single (or second lyrics video). Maybe that is the choice of nuclear blast. But is a bad one, clearly this is not how the album is gonna sound.
Fatal Delay 20 июня 2015 года в 04:11 1
On this song and the previous one released (Nevermore), Russell seems to have greater vocal control than he's displayed before - very smooth.  Amazing to hear such a top-notch vocalist getting even better!  Kudos to him!  This album is going to be EPIC!!
Feigsfar 12 ноября 2015 года в 05:33 1
I adore this band, but I WISH they were how they used to be, but just a modern version. I miss the nerdy dark fantasy edge they had..
Mino Randria 22 августа 2015 года в 16:36 1
Anders KA 19 июня 2015 года в 16:15 1
Wasn't too impressed by the previous single. I found this a lot more *interesting*. Russel's voice sounds great here, solo is good and the keyboards got a lot more room this time. I like it!
Marcos Shenobill 19 июня 2015 года в 17:16 2
Shahar Luxenburg 19 июля 2015 года в 16:13 1
Wow.. This is just so uninspiring, what the hack happened to that band? from the complex riffs and melodies of Divine Wings and V - to this modern mainstream pop song in a heavier suite.. can you honestly compare "candlelight fantasia" to this awful excuse of a.. what the heck this thing is anyway? What a shame, first Dream Theater with the worst decision ever made of kicking their only creative member and now Symphony X, I mean.. after the disaster that Iconoclast was I wasn't expecting much, but at least a step in the right direction, not.. this pathetic excuse for a prog metal band.. sad day indeed.
Luke Weber 08 августа 2015 года в 02:04
+Shahar Luxenburg For a start, I'm going to respect your opinion. But if we're going to be realistic, this is a step in the right direction. Iconoclast was not original at all, they tried to give a futuristic vibe with that one, and that really wasn't like their original stuff with all the mythical beasts and stories they told in the Odyssey. While this isn't at all like the Odyssey, I feel like I'm listening to good old Symphony X here, and they aren't trying to change the unique sound that they had to begin with.
c0vesturchannul 24 июля 2015 года в 17:57
+Shahar Luxenburg Check out the album though. My favorite song from the album is uploaded to my channel.
Alex Alx 19 июня 2015 года в 16:34 1
YEEAH! Great!
Trollstank 21 ноября 2016 года в 03:21 1
truly is absurd how hard it is to find any info on Jason Rullo's gear (especially cymbal setup). and also that theres still no bloody sumphony x dvd after 20+ years..
Thorsten Ilk 19 июня 2015 года в 18:29 1
In my opinion absolutly a Symphony X song in the style of "Paradise lost". Love it!
Antoine Cortis 18 августа 2016 года в 22:07 1
Madness 19 июня 2015 года в 19:05 1
This reminds me of Paradise Lost which just so happens to be my favorite Symphony X song. Sounds promising enough.
Ocean Sage 21 июня 2015 года в 21:52 2
Amazing singing and guitar solo!
Ben Shabtai 19 июня 2015 года в 19:20 1
I find it kind of funny how each and every frame on this lyrics video has better graphics than the actual album cover.