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Trace Adkins RAW- Barney

Trace Adkins gives his opinion on Barney the purple dinosaur.

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Pam Knowles 16 января 2019 года в 05:15 0
Awesome, I bet the girls think they have the coolest Daddy😘
Stachia Thurmond 15 апреля 2018 года в 07:20 0
Nothing like telling the truth. Love you big guy.
Brian wilson 19 ноября 2010 года в 00:44 0
alot of my friends like hig shit musical 3 2 its a stupid movie i live in hig school musical hell, its awsome tht he's not afraid to tell th e truth of what he thinks on TV he's awsome
VictoryFire88 09 октября 2010 года в 18:11 0
High school musical is stupid. Barney was the shit though. But now they made him darker... wtf?
dyallon 23 сентября 2010 года в 15:02 0
I was wearing a Scooby-Do sweatshirt the day I met Trace. As he stood there with his arm around me (while my sister was taking our picture), he whispered in my ear that he hated that dog. Every time he thought he was going to get to sleep late, his girls turned on Scooby...full volume!
odelfin12 11 сентября 2009 года в 02:17 0
Trace, add me to the hunting party. Let's take the darn dinosaur down! LOL! I made a rhyme using his intro song, pity is in Spanish, y'all probably would laugh, lol.
Just_Me02 29 января 2009 года в 12:58 0
Lol "high school musical hell." I love this guy.
richhec07 31 декабря 2008 года в 02:46 0
trace te felicito por lo bonito que canta
kreeper88 17 августа 2008 года в 17:06 0
Oh man to damn funny down with the freakin dinosour
Kimmy G 05 апреля 2008 года в 03:36 0
lol "High School Musical HELL"
Steve Jeffrey 14 марта 2008 года в 01:37 0
OMG - You're awesome!!! Kick that Brits butt on Apprentice!!!!!
Heather 25 января 2008 года в 21:13 0
Cute :)

My kid is into Barney right now and I could just kick myself for letting him even watch that danged show. Now it's Barney? J.J.? all the time in my house (we don't say BJ for obvious reasons)
Scott Marsh 31 декабря 2007 года в 20:56 0
Kyozoku Kyokyokuu 04 декабря 2007 года в 00:13 0
Can I help kill Barney? lol
Brenda Winslow 13 ноября 2007 года в 00:33 0
I LOVE it!! You're so funny and SO damn sexy!! Can't wait to hear that new CD!